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Taking A Bath With A Loli! 😝

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Text Comments (166)
Descend (3 days ago)
Did she just marry that loli what the
BUZ Z (4 days ago)
I dunno why ... but this gives me an existential crisis
Miroslava Kuznetsov (6 days ago)
As deceptive as doki doki literature club this one. prepare for things to get wacky
NDogg15 (14 days ago)
FRANK THE ONE CHOSEN (15 days ago)
Happy jail life
Kind Kool Kid (19 days ago)
That jar of candy looking really reminds me of Kobato 2:03 also 0:40
Drakkonus Frostburn (19 days ago)
*RED ALERT* Yuri Lolicon detected *BEGONE THOT* armed & ready!
Hi Im ???? (19 days ago)
Emenrei (19 days ago)
Love lolis wearing shirts.
F B I (20 days ago)
Gold Coin (20 days ago)
We’re all going to hell!
Axenide (20 days ago)
Guang Ming Ten (21 days ago)
FBI* open up FBI open up !!!
Kelfran Gt (21 days ago)
Well Shio, there is something called pressure. Pressure is how concentrated a force is. You can visualize this by killing. Killing someone using a knife would be easier than for example a spoon, because knifes are sharper, meaning there is less area on its tip. Because there is less area, the force is more concentrated on that area, making it easier to pass through and kill. Pressure can be formulated as F/A, which means the force every meters squared. You can see that if the Area is small (like a knife), the force will be divided less, hence higher pressure. Pressure goes to every direction, this is why you can get toothpaste out just by applying pressure on the back of its container. Pressure goes to every direction until it reaches the tip of the container and let the toothpaste go out. For objects with mass, the force in F/A can be imagined as weight. From Newton’s second law, force can be formulated as mass*acceleration = m*a, with acceleration being gravitational acceleration, often symbolized as g, which is around 9.8 on earth. F = m*a = m*g. If we replace this to the F/A formula we get mg/A. As we know, density is how much mass there is per unit volume. Density is always constant. Water has a density of 1 g/mL, meaning it has 1 gram of mass every 1 milliliters. Density is symbolized as ρ, mass is m, and volume is V. Because ρ = m/V, we can say that m = ρV Replacing m= ρV in the pressure formula, we get mg/A = ρVg/A. Because volume is just the length of an object cubed (L³) and area is length of an object squared (L²) we can say that: ρVg/A = ρgL³/L² = ρgL, usually L or length is symbolized as “h” meaning height/depth. From here, Shio, we can get that pressure = ρgh, or more specifically, since water tanks like we are in now has weight, we can say that water/hydraulic pressure is ρgh. If we were to submerge the rubber duck down, the hydraulic pressure below the duck would be higher than the hydraulic pressure above the duck. This is because hydraulic pressure = ρgh, and below the duck would have more depth (h) than above the duck. The ρ and the g is always constant so it doesn’t matter here, only the depth matters. Because of this difference of pressure, and because the pressure below is higher than the top. The pressure below the duck that is acting upwards (because pressure goes in every direction), will push the duck up, because the pressure above the duck (acting downwards) is less and is not able to make the duck stay submerged. Hence the duck will eventually float. The force making things float on water is the Archimedes force. Imagine a cube with side length L submerged in water. The depth above the cube would be h, and the depth below the cube would be h+L. The force can be derived as follows: Farchimedes = Fbelow - Fabove Farchimedes = P₂A₂ - P₁A₁ Fa = ρgh₂A₂ - ρgh₁A₁ Fa = ρg(h+L)(L²) - ρgh(L²) Fa = ρghL² + ρgL³ - ρghL² Fa = ρgL³ Fa = ρgV So the force pushing an object upwards is just the density of the fluid, multiplied by gravitational acceleration, multiplied by the volume submerged. Then why aren’t we floating? This is because we are too heavy for the force to make us float. You can carry me up on the water Shio, because the force helps you carry me up, but later when we finish taking a bathe, try lifting me up, you won’t be able to because the Farchimedes of air will be very small because the density of air is around 0.001225 g/mL, way lower than water’s 1 g/mL. :)
The Lightning Bug (21 days ago)
Romaric Pluchard (22 days ago)
Coach (22 days ago)
Well, that was still bad.
Mr. Fapman (22 days ago)
I am going to jail
MADMAN (23 days ago)
FBI open up
Jayson Torrino (23 days ago)
Da na (23 days ago)
sounds like higokumarus voice
rijal an nafi (23 days ago)
me : there is a someone hugging loli FBI : tell us where is him. we will arrest him me : but she is a girl FBI : ok.. it's legal.. me : what.....??
mingals POWER (23 days ago)
Nonononononono VERY MUCH YES
Conflo Ashton (23 days ago)
Oh jeez I've just got one helluva toothache! But Satou is right, Shio is so adorable, I think I need an insulin shot.
Guest Fighter 2018 (23 days ago)
Guest Fighter 2018 (23 days ago)
Fuck no
spacestationawsome (23 days ago)
NoobiousGoobious (23 days ago)
Taking a bath with a minor
EsahcAndFriends (23 days ago)
Imma cry now
Fawn Dust (24 days ago)
Satou's eyes are scary even in dere mode.
PEEPS HERE (24 days ago)
This is just a sweet thing *smiles*
Lasse Nielsen (25 days ago)
you got me in trouble... was it worth it??? .... not rly ;-; and now im in jail
Dark horse (25 days ago)
Well you know what this mean WERE ALL GOING TO JAIL SCATTER XD
Verified Account _/ (25 days ago)
It there a hentai of dis? Loljk de heck wrong with me 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Paul Hazel (25 days ago)
Ahhh if only I could come home to a Loli
Can we all focus that the pink haired girl is a fucking yandere
Sinbad of the 7 skies (25 days ago)
Awwwww... Their so cute together.
Vincent Cameron (25 days ago)
Valentino :D (25 days ago)
*And then the FBI, the CIA and the Interpol get in that house*
K-dron123 (25 days ago)
No woder she went yandere for her shes adorable
Aᴋɪᴋᴏ - Sᴀɴ (25 days ago)
Picaso Black (25 days ago)
...wait...so...she's in love with a kid? A little girl at that... 👀🤳 🚔
dab gamer (25 days ago)
my eyes are burning in hell
Oh Man (25 days ago)
1:15 We're all gonna go to jail
Firey Griefer (26 days ago)
Cupcake Juggernaut (26 days ago)
"Im setting the breaching charges"
Roman Centurion (25 days ago)
Time to make a new door
Thủy Nguyễn (26 days ago)
cute 10x
Shion (26 days ago)
Where is FBI when we need them
OMEGALUL CLAP (26 days ago)
Why i have a feeling that the kid going to die at the end?
Dark Angel (26 days ago)
I dont know if i should watch it people said its not that "happy"
Alex Horeic (26 days ago)
That's all about this anime, cute things and lolis
Kotnik007 (26 days ago)
Gummo Tey (26 days ago)
WTF is a Loli plz explain
Albro (26 days ago)
please tell me no one has hurt the kid
KaKiRi KenSaki (26 days ago)
She found this loli and she keep it she didn't even reported to the police
KaKiRi KenSaki (16 days ago)
xXDelta KillerXx lol wtf 😂😂
xXDelta KillerXx (23 days ago)
gg you're using my avatar
Jada Love (26 days ago)
Loli King (26 days ago)
She is cute but scary anime 😨
Allen Brylle Corpuz (26 days ago)
loli fuck, loli fuck
Sly Sinister (26 days ago)
wait..is this relationship legal? girl x loli?
Jada Love (26 days ago)
Sly Sinister that’s the least thing to worry about in this anime lol
先輩ダンテ (26 days ago)
Isaac miranda (26 days ago)
This was so nice it got rid of my headache
Dragon- Raider (26 days ago)
When I see a Loli I click When I see a cute loli bathing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Bobster Fagola (25 days ago)
*When you see me dialing FBI on your ass* you dun goof ma boi
Thư Minh (26 days ago)
She Loli but she cute
Its Chunchunmaru (26 days ago)
*M U S T P R O T E C C*
WSBZ01 (26 days ago)
Why is this crap allowed in Japan? I mean, there's some crowd of sick fucks that somehow enjoy this pedophile shit. Wow. And someone seriously took the time to add subtitles to this crap. There is a lot of incredible shit going on in this world.
DARK FLAME MASTER (26 days ago)
This whole anime is illegal
chuck norris (26 days ago)
Michael Young (26 days ago)
Time to ruin this pure child
Govin Lock (26 days ago)
1:21 crap, my boner become stiff.
DeadInside (26 days ago)
hol up
Miyamoto Shun Masaki (26 days ago)
Guilty King, Shu (26 days ago)
When i think that Angel don't exist, i was wrong...
Polish Filipino (26 days ago)
Guys remember to look out for the FBI
aw shio’s adorable
Kohina Hiruko (26 days ago)
*Bubble bubble*
Black_Lightning 1708 (26 days ago)
She's so cute must protect 😊
Alfredo Cea (27 days ago)
Little loli so cute! 😍🎈
CrossbyIsToasty (27 days ago)
Didn't even click on this video and the FBI were already here.
Evils295 (21 days ago)
Too late mate, im already in jail
André Edström (27 days ago)
AzaratMitrion Zintos (27 days ago)
Moshi moshi, keisatsu desu ka?
xancer47 (27 days ago)
So innocent so pure I’d be a shame if... Some one messed that shirt up eh?
Enchanted Tube (27 days ago)
this cured everybody's depression.
Srg Matrix (27 days ago)
I wish there was a story where this loli, so "innocent and pure" would be loved, then die. The story continues as someone tries to recover.
iyari alfonso (19 days ago)
Just wait
Srg Matrix (24 days ago)
+twitchy tacos This made me laugh so hard. Which anime are you talking about?
twitchy tacos (24 days ago)
I got some good news for you
IGledajSvojuSerijuI (27 days ago)
Srg Matrix jail.
MRA ARMY (27 days ago)
I feel the FBI coming
Magni Thorson (27 days ago)
Psycho_Senpai (27 days ago)
FBI where are you ?! no one was at the door so im asking :D
Koustav Sikder (27 days ago)
Happy lewd life
gungrave254 (28 days ago)
I have not watched this show..... But I feel dark vibes coming from it. I feel it in the night light.
DEMON SLAYER (21 days ago)
gungrave254 there's absolutely nothing dark about this anime but here's the name of it anyways Happy Sugar Life :D H-
Creedoo (23 days ago)
It's fucking black if we're talking about scale of darkness
Jada Love (26 days ago)
gungrave254 yes it’s dark
Fluffy Jackie (26 days ago)
Appolleros (26 days ago)
gungrave254 pretty much a shitshow
Sonicdash 8 (28 days ago)
sigh *ZIP* *takes out a phone and calls fbi* what did ya think i was doing?
Sonicdash 8 (22 days ago)
+Light Yagami nah fam you got A dirty mind
Light Yagami (22 days ago)
Fapping obviously 😂😂
Bobster Fagola (25 days ago)
*profuse sweating*
The brothers of death are watching over her.
nothing (29 days ago)
ok where the fuck is the FBI when you actually need them
Titans Clan (1 month ago)
Horror,shounen,drama i think
Angel R (26 days ago)
Angel R (26 days ago)
Sher 13 (1 month ago)
Nothing wrong with that am i right?😉
Artnite 2 (1 month ago)
This incest has no limits boi
Darth Sidious (1 month ago)
I can feel the power of the Dark Side...
Neet Channel (1 month ago)
Indo? Mampir sini
Lynizie - (1 month ago)
what happen if satou told shio about Archimedes things to shio ???
mr yukire Vermmillion (1 month ago)
Remember otaku friends lolis are for pating not fapping OK friends remember that and the FBI won't break into your house

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