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How to Sell on Amazon | BEST Amazon Sales Videos

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Amazon Sales Videos creates your Amazon Product's Video for the Amazon Sales Page. https://www.amazonsalesvideos.com/ Hire Rebecca Brand Productions to create your Amazing Amazon Sales Videos today. Rebecca Brand Productions is a leading expert in creating videos that are placed on Amazon product pages below the photographs of products to inspire sales. Amazon sales videos are created that show off products, highlight key sales features and benefits, and get the viewer to press the add to cart button on the sales page. The videos are created by the Amazon seller sending samples of the product to our Santa Barbara production company. From there, we do all the research, videography, editing, scripting, casting and all that's involved to create a sparkling the video to inspire viewers to buy. Amazon Sales Videos produced by Rebecca Brand Productions are shot at scenic, breathtaking locations in Santa Barbara, California for gorgeous cinematography within the videos. Locations are chosen that best suit the product and casted with beautiful American actors and actresses that will best demonstrate and endorse the product. The expertise of Rebecca Brand, M.B.A. (UCLA) leads all videos. Rebecca oversees scripts, cinematography, editing, and casting - every step for a successful video that is guaranteed to client to be able to be uploaded under Amazon's strict product upload guidelines. Prices are affordable, the best prices in the world in the best location in the world in order to reach American audiences on Amazon. Contact Rebecca Brand Productions at: https://www.amazonsalesvideos.com/
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Text Comments (37)
Missy Trippe (1 month ago)
I’m looking forward to following your channel. New to YouTube, just subbed. Hope we can support one another!💕
Rebecca Brand (1 month ago)
I love your kind comment, thank you for your support on my channel Missy Trippe !
Noodles 1980 (2 months ago)
Go Rebecca go! Has anyone ever told you that your voice really makes the money juices flow! You got it girl! Haha fun!
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
ahwhh, so nice! Thank you Noodles 1980 My voice? Thank you!! Nice of you!!
Heavy Duty (2 months ago)
i luv amazon. i hardly go out to the store cuz online is a lot easier for me
King Youtube (2 months ago)
UCLA MBA! That's awesome that's my dream school!
nick john (2 months ago)
Mrs. Golden Gal (2 months ago)
do companies tell u what they want on their videos or do you just create for them-?
Flippin' Profit (2 months ago)
Congrats on 118k subs. I just hit 450 the other day.
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
ahwhh, so nice! Thank you Flippin' Profitm Good for you!! It's a tough road on Youtube , harder than ever so 450 is wonderful, good for you!
melissa olea (2 months ago)
If there's a product on amazon I see that doesn't have a vid I go to youtube to search a video about it. But it'd be so much better if they just had a video there to demonstrate it like ur doing.. that's neat!
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
Thank you for your comment melissa olea - so nice!
Richard Sorel (2 months ago)
Rebecca the only product I would ever buy is you...
Richard Sorel (2 months ago)
@Rebecca Brand I just sold my soul to the devil if he would give YOU to me for one week... so you can cook for me and make me fat. I'm waiting on the response. My fingers are crossed!
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
So sweet Richard, thank you!
Jane Arli (2 months ago)
HEY! Some of my friends have that rainbow sprinkler! I heard they got it from amazon that's so cool!
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
ahwhh, so nice! Thank you Jane Arli
petunas flowers (2 months ago)
Wow sooo many products! Do you get to follow up with these companies to see if their product sales go up?
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
I get rehired often, so that let's me know what I'm doing is working. They do not give me exact numbers, that is private to their companies, but I know it's working when they rehire me to make more videos.
StewMomma84 (2 months ago)
is there a time frame for how long the videos would be allowed/visible on the product page?
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
Do you mean length of video that Amazon allows? I suggest 60 seconds to 1:30 --- Remember: Audience Retention is KEY! You want to make it engaging from the beginning, get to the point, and wow the viewer to get them to ADD TO CART.
MBZ . Megan (2 months ago)
This makes a lot of sense! Question though! Which kind of videos work best for amazon products..??
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
The type of product will lead to the type of video. Simple gadgets shown in the room, place, outdoor, car, kitchen etc that they will be used in, with an unboxing can be very successful. Products that will require an assembly do well with assembly videos... Lifestyle products do great with a cast that shows a typical use, or end user of the product, the buyer demographic you are seeking for your product. Great question!
Nancy Stone (2 months ago)
I'm working on my small business but I honestly have no clue about video...this is good stuff 👍🏼
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
Good luck to you Nancy! Hard work pays off.
Lola Garcias (2 months ago)
Honestly, I'll look at amazon for a product but I'll be more intrigued to buy the ones that have video so i can actually see what it is
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
There is a lot of distrust with new buyers on Amazon, so you are with the savvy buyer pack, you are checking to make sure you are getting what you think you are by watching the videos, good for you!
Sally Winter (2 months ago)
Would a good video help my product on amazon? I'm trying to sell on Amazon now!
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
Absolutely. Yes. A good video highly increases sales. It makes sense. The higher the percentage of page views to purchases pushes the product higher in the search of Amazon. Sales videos are a tool for viewers/buyers to see the product in more dimensions than photos can provide. Also, my customers say that RETURNS are fewer because the buyer understands exactly what they will receive. The video with an unboxing component is highly effecting at reducing returns, as well as increasing sales.
crystal k (2 months ago)
These videos are amazing! Do the ratings of an amazon product page go up more with a video ?
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
Hi Crystal, videos are often the most important part of an Amazon page because of this: If a buyer on looking on Amazon is uncertain, and close to buying, the video can close the sale. The more sales a company has with a product, the higher up the search algorithm the page will go, and the more sales, the more reviews, and so on. The videos have to follow guidelines in order for Amazon to accept. Amazon is not great at communicating what's wrong with a video, so a company can loose WEEKS OR MONTHS OR YEARS of sales by having a non complying video. A product that does not launch well also can be affected forever on the algorithm of Amazon.
Halsey R (2 months ago)
You could sell icecubes to the Eskimos Rebecca. You should be on The Shopping Channel
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
You are so nice Halsey! Thank you for your nice comment!
Jen Hamilton (2 months ago)
This is great! Such a great variety of videos to make your sales!
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
Thank you for your comment Jen Hamilton - so nice!
Byron Chandler (2 months ago)
Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. You are the queen of cakes. You and Cookedbyjulie are my bestest, best friends. I love seeing your beautiful and adorable smile every single day. What would you do if you were to make no bake tropical fruit cheesecake? I love you so much, cutie pie. <3
Rebecca Brand (2 months ago)
You are so kind Byron!!! Tropical fruit cheesecake, oooh la la!!! I've made a no bake key lime pie, it's delicious!! I think I'd like one with real coconut milk!! Take care Byron!!!

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