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How to Make PIZZA - My Tips and Secrets (VEGAN)

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I show you how to make the perfect pizza. How to make a delicious crust and what vegan cheese to use. Tips and secrets to making my best pizzas. Our E-Book here http://full.sc/1aixyfO Patreon: http://bit.ly/SupportTVZ Apparel: http://bit.ly/1j4YZnZ Miyoko's Cheese http://miyokoskitchen.com Discount Code: SmokinZombie Shirt I'm Wearing by: https://tamerlainefarm.org Follow us INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/theveganzombie Subscribe to The Vegan Zombie http://youtube.com/zombiegate 2nd Channel https://www.youtube.com/theveganzombie2 FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/theveganzombie TWITTER http://twitter.com/theveganzombie OUR WEBSITE http://theveganzombie.com/ YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/zombiegate
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Text Comments (230)
Jocelyn Hridaya (6 hours ago)
Do you have an oil-free pizza recipe, now that you're eating wfpbno? I'm doing mostly no oil, too.
Irah Salerius (1 month ago)
I go to strong hearts all the time.
Koneko Yagami (1 month ago)
I hope that coupon code is still good. I'm craving the black ash flavor. I can't find a store that carries that flavor in the Detroit metro area. 🖤💜🖤💜💜
vegan enthusiast (1 month ago)
Thanks for the recipe! Can't wait to try this i'll definitely be using your coupon code
Roksanda Kosmajac (1 month ago)
All Purpose Flour should not be BLEACHED flour....Pls. be careful, we in Europe only use Unbleached + Organic is best.
funkyfresca (1 month ago)
but what did you do with the other dough ball? lol can you save it in the fridge? am i an idiot for being confused? lol
Zoo Sue (2 months ago)
Looks amazing! I can’t find vegan cheese in the UK that I like yet, so I make a thick soya milk béchamel with tapioca flour for stretchiness and season with nooch and bouillon powder, that works okay.
Orin Noco (2 months ago)
I laughed so hard when your dog made it's appearance! LOL!
KELSEY THERESA (2 months ago)
That's my dog 😂😂😂
Jenni Valentine (3 months ago)
i've been wondering how to get around that problem with the miyoko mozz. good call mang.
vegan wildfire (3 months ago)
Can we talk about the huge pizza box on top of your fridge?! Lol 🍕❤🍕❤🍕❤🍕❤🤘
oneloveonebeing (3 months ago)
that everything bagel touch wow
insanity54 (3 months ago)
Is that an error at 2:24? "2 cups all purpose flour, and one cup of bread flour" but only one cup of each was shown being put in the mix?
Roksanda Kosmajac (4 months ago)
blownaway viewer (4 months ago)
Who are the "Zombies"?
Tammy Martin (4 months ago)
Looks so yummy
scraggle cat (5 months ago)
psst * regular pizza dough normally dosn't have animal products already so most recipes should work just fine * ill just go lol
jokeybob (5 months ago)
Isn't all sugar vegan?
Falyn Henry (5 months ago)
Okay, i cannot get enough of your recipes! It is so nice to see other things besides salads and smoothie bowls! I love it!!! Thank you!!!
Wujeeta (5 months ago)
And thus my dream of a vegan garlic bread pizza has a foundation
irishguy13 (5 months ago)
I didn't need the kneading joke, but the music was amazing.
MYRA Willams (6 months ago)
Love the video. Wondering how to make it with begals??
TheStefif (6 months ago)
Wow! You're quite the pizza expert. Impressive!!!
Vitality Juicery (6 months ago)
Meme_6 (6 months ago)
It looks amazing
Abigail (6 months ago)
I bought Mikoyo’s mozzarella and was sadly disappointed. It was oily when put in the oven, and refused to fully melt. I was really disappointed considering all the rave reviews I heard about it. I guess I got a bad batch?
Texasmama11 (7 months ago)
This is really good! I’m sharing with all my friends and family! Thanks for posting.
Susan Hoppe (7 months ago)
Ok, the left over dough, refrigerate or freeze? I am a solo so making much smaller pizzas, but would like to freeze other balls. Is that OK and how long?
ISpyLexi (7 months ago)
I made this crust and it didnt taste vegan or "healthy" at all I love this recipe and would feel comfortable feeding it to others I learned so much thanks! As far as cooking the pizza dough I precooked it a little less than halfway done then dressed it...it cooked so perfectly... I wish I could attach a picture
mina (7 months ago)
here’s the recipe if anyone wanted it: preheat oven to 430 degrees fahrenheit ingredients: 1 packet dry active yeast 1 cup warm water 2 tablespoons of sugar 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon of agave 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast 1 teaspoon sea salt 3 cups all-purpose flour (or 1 cup bread flour, 2 cups all-purpose flour) steps: add 1 cup warm water to bowl then add 1 packet dry active yeast to bowl add 2 tablespoons of sugar to bowl whisk ingredients together let ingredients sit for about 5 minutes until it bubbles add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, agave, and nutritional yeast add 1 teaspoon sea salt add 3 cups of all-purpose flour (one at a time) or one cup bread flour, two cups all-purpose and mix with a wooden spoon take out of bowl when still a little floury and knead for at least 5-10 minutes if it sticks, use a little bit more flour cut dough in half pour in a little olive oil in bowl and set one of the balls of dough in the bowl to rise cover with a damp towel and set in microwave to rise for 30 minutes (DO NOT TURN MICROWAVE ON) take out dough and punch down and knead a little more, making sure to get air bubbles out let rise one more time for 30 minutes more put a little flour down on the bottom and on the top work from the outside in, making sure to get all the air bubbles out press down with fingers repeatedly to get air bubbles out form crust by pinching your index finger against the inside of the dough and your hand against the outside now, use your knuckles to gently stretch out the dough place sauce on top of pizza using a ladle and add desired toppings set pizza in oven for 10-15 minutes (FOR FLAVORFUL CRUST) add some sauce to a little bit of water mix well with a brush add a little oil or agave if desired take pizza out halfway through cooking and add sauce to crust and desired seasonings (sesame seeds, everything bagel seasoning, etc.) NOTES: if the top of your pizza is done but the bottom isn’t, you can take the pizza tin out and let pizza cook on its own
anna carolina (3 months ago)
Susan Hoppe (7 months ago)
thanks Mina, Well done. 😍
mina (7 months ago)
also, side note, thanks for the recipe Chris ! i'm gonna use it tonight w some violife cheese i recently ordered bc of your video about them (:
Joe Grech (7 months ago)
Tried this trick to lift the dough and sort of stretch it thin but never succeeded. It tears in hundred places ugh!
Rebecca Faullin (7 months ago)
Amazing video! Thank you.
spellthemagicword (7 months ago)
LOL at the kneading joke haha xD I find you so sexy! Damn!
Susan Hoppe (7 months ago)
Thanks for walking us through this, you rock Chris. As a single I would cut it smaller and make a 10" or three. Must better than the instructions on the mixes.
Tori Goeringer (8 months ago)
Yo!!! Wegmans!
evi1pau1 (8 months ago)
Great video, thanks man. Gluten free just use gram flour aka chickpea flour. Peas.
Jenna Hirth (8 months ago)
I was sitting here thinking, "Man, I wish he would do a gluten-free recipe." and then the next second of the video you said that you would. I think I'm a psychic! lol
Tawnya Luke (8 months ago)
Sounds like Roscoe could use a nail trim! What a good looking pizza! Thanks!
Everything Animals (8 months ago)
Does the agave nectar and sugar not make the dough sweet?
mina (6 months ago)
sorry for the late response !! it does not at all
Cheroux Delight (8 months ago)
I don't consider flour as Vegan...
bgtubber (6 months ago)
How so?
artemis2666 (8 months ago)
Hinterfragen! (8 months ago)
"Make sure you use vegan sugar.." I am like wtf, since when sugar is not vegan in the forst place? What kind of sugar sources do you guys have in America that this is actually necessary to state?
thehungryveg (7 months ago)
Refined sugar in America is usually filtered through bone char.
Alyssa Mello (8 months ago)
"That's my dog"
Ibn Muhammad (8 months ago)
Great recipe! For kneading you could also use the no-kned method by Jim Lahey, which is basically letting the dough ferment out (not in the fridge) for about 18 hours to create gluten.
aroogooy123 (8 months ago)
I love your lisp. you are so cute
C TN (8 months ago)
I'm in love😍 with those guns, Indy, and that pizza! 😄 looks so good! Gonna try it!
Amy D. (8 months ago)
This was SO good except the dough really needed a tsp of salt; the taste was a bit flat. This is my new favorite recipe!
Brooklyn Hudson (8 months ago)
Making this tonight. I'll tag you on Instagram with pix. Fingers crossed!
Jaleen Cadena (8 months ago)
Can you do it with a buttery crust .? Like the one dominos does? And do you have to do it halfway?
Castaway (8 months ago)
Whatever happened to the other guy? Was he your brother?
Annie Honeycomb (8 months ago)
You didn’t knead it enough. And it needs you. Omg love.
thefamilymixx (8 months ago)
I made this dough precisely last night. Can I just say this is the best pizza handsdown I have ever made. The dough was perfectly thin & crispy. I consider myself a wonderful pizza maker but you just pushed me to the next level. Make this dough people it's phenomenal!!
PracticingVegan (8 months ago)
Hey Chris! Just wanted to let you know we payed homage to you and this pizza video. We thought it would be cool to make our first Vegan YouTube video with one of your recipes since we love your channel and you gotta give props to one of the 1st vegan YouTube channels. We’ve got a lot of “practicing” to do, but we’re hoping to make you proud one day 😉 Hope you enjoy our first attempt! Here’s a link: https://youtu.be/hbVxLoyA7DQ
Pam McKinnis (8 months ago)
if you were going to just make a bread loaf with this how long would you leave it in the oven?
JE Hoyes (8 months ago)
I know how to make a perfect pizza but I still liked watching you make yours. You get a thumbs up for the cooking-whilst-hairy advice.
Katherine Heiss (8 months ago)
you should have classes
Rolando Cordero (8 months ago)
If you had to take a guess, what'd be the best result solution making this refined flour free? Just 1:1 ratio with whole wheat flour?
Gisselle Marie (8 months ago)
Indy wants pizza too!! Looks delicious Chris! Definitely going to make this!
CT Mom (8 months ago)
I use a bread machine, due to arthritis, to make my pizza and bread doughs. Works great. An altrenative to jarred sauce is to take tomato sauce/puree and add a pinch of salt, sugar, onion and garlic powders along with some dried Italian herbs. Quick and easy
LeLe W (8 months ago)
i loved when the dog crashed the pizza party!
Kasey Estella (8 months ago)
is your dog vegan?
Linda wang (8 months ago)
Great, had to watch a KFC commercial too
Linda wang (8 months ago)
I got a rib ad in the middle of this, wtf YouTube... pizza looks great btw
Tim Durden (8 months ago)
WEGMANS family :)
Puggleatlaw (9 months ago)
💚🍕 💚
Gorden Wood (9 months ago)
I just heard on the news about canned dog food recalls they got the drugs in them that can put animals to sleep the same stuff that vets uses.
Gorden Wood (9 months ago)
The Vegan Zombie Well I hope ppl will be careful on what their feeding their pets cause those animals to me are almost human..
The Vegan Zombie (9 months ago)
Gorden Wood yeah that’s why I’ve always fed my dog a premium vegan food. Vdog.
Alien She (9 months ago)
Hey vegan zombie can you review ‘hungry roots’?
Mayana J Clifton (9 months ago)
Tammy Tahir (9 months ago)
That pizza looks AMAZING!!!
Beth Hendrycks (9 months ago)
Gosh you crack me up. Lol. Hopefully my pizza turns out!!! Thanks for teaching!
TheaDragonSpirit (9 months ago)
Damn it dude, you cut their heart in to pieces.
TheaDragonSpirit (9 months ago)
I make tomato ketchup using 400ml of passata and 3 tablespoons date syrup, sometimes I add teaspoon of lemon juice too. I read in 'How Not to Die' Cook Book about making a date syrup. I adapted it slightly, but it's it's very similar to the original recipe. What I do is I soak dates in hot water for an hour, using enough hot water to cover the dates. Then I blend the dates. I then add a few table spoons of flax seeds, just to thicken it up a little, and give it more fibre and plus sneak in flex seeds. In the how not to die recipe he uses a teaspoon of pureed lemons with the skin removed. He uses the Lemon Puree in some of his recipes, you could just add lemon juice if you had that. I use this syrup to sweeten everything I need sweetening when it comes to cooking and baking. Better than sugar. I use to go through a lot of hassle to dehydrate dates, but the syrup way is a lot lot easier. I recommend checking out the 'How Not to Die' Cook Book if you want to be really healthy, and you can adapt the recipes and get ideas to make the food taste more how you prefer. :)
23DeftonesFan (9 months ago)
That looks nice and tasty!!! Happy belated Valentine's Day!!! ❤️🍕
#highcarbnerd (9 months ago)
What happened to John?
Karen Belaire (9 months ago)
Indy knows the pizza is done your making he’s mouth water .
Yvonne Behrens (9 months ago)
I used to use lukewarm water with yeast but, after a few times of having the water be too cool to activate the yeast, I started using steaming hot tap water - hotter than I can stand to touch - and the yeast works fine. Haven't killed any yet. I guess those little suckers are tougher than we've all been led to believe. 8-D
LaDene J (9 months ago)
You look great in that shirt!!
The Vegan Zombie (9 months ago)
LaDene J Thanks! From Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary.
AlexAxby (9 months ago)
Since you specified that the flour was non GMO, I just wanted to let you know that there is no GMO wheat. If the non GMO version costs more, you can save money and just buy the regular flour.
The Vegan Zombie (9 months ago)
It's just regular flour that happens to be non gmo and people always ask so I just read the labels out loud.
AlexAxby (9 months ago)
The Vegan Zombie I meant get one that isn't labeled "non GMO", since it usually costs more. There is no point to spend more on non GMO flour when GMO wheat doesn't exist.
The Vegan Zombie (9 months ago)
autumnsylver they both are. And they are regular flour.. the other is bread flour.
HealthiDani S (9 months ago)
“That’s my dog” omg cutest moment hahaha
SHAUNA GRAY (9 months ago)
Dude. That looks delicious! ♥️👌🏼
iluvmaruku (9 months ago)
Can I replace bread flour with AP flour and vital wheat gluten? What's the ratio like?
The Vegan Zombie (9 months ago)
iluvmaruku you can replace it with AP flour. But we aren’t trying to make seitan.
X X (9 months ago)
💜 that was done so beautifully , thank you 🎊
X X (9 months ago)
Vegan Tina (9 months ago)
When you turned it into a heart ♥️ I felt so much love for my vegan husband. Do you have a vegan significant other in your life ?
The Vegan Zombie (9 months ago)
I walk alone.
Wendy F (9 months ago)
Do you think your top for freezing the mozzarella for an hour and shredding it would work for homemade mozzarella? Like this for example? https://youtu.be/jE5ikbujGas
Wendy F (9 months ago)
The Vegan Zombie thanks!!!
The Vegan Zombie (9 months ago)
You might have to freeze it a little longer. It's pretty much the same as Miyoko's cheese. https://youtu.be/OT535mx6A5I?t=263
Wendy F (9 months ago)
The Vegan Vulcan (9 months ago)
That is one handsome pizza.
Hailey Bakes (9 months ago)
Samuel Manero (9 months ago)
hey found this sick new video for vegans! https://youtu.be/wtyyX8pj9ik
Vegan Dumpweed (9 months ago)
Indy just needed a drink LOL...
Rainbowdragon88 (9 months ago)
dang your dog does it again very adorable, looks like an awesome recipe, well done
Mary Morrison (9 months ago)
Omg will you marry me?
Fru-Gal (9 months ago)
Better "by hand" anyway. Really glad you made this, bc the crust & pizza makings before were separate videos.
The Vegan Zombie (9 months ago)
Yeah and we have a few of them. But now I can just reference this video.
Fru-Gal (9 months ago)
YES, this! Yay, I was one of the people who wanted to know. THANK YOU. We eat pizza damn near everyday--it's healthy!
surfing hobo (9 months ago)
feels dumb you made your own base then used a jar tomato sauce
The Vegan Zombie (9 months ago)
Yeah it was really dumb. But would've made the video even longer. Already made homemade sauce video. But super dumb.
tamcon72 (9 months ago)
The crust is the most important part.
TheNecrohazard (9 months ago)
For anyone wondering, Walmart does carry nutritional yeast! So it shouldn't be too difficult to find. :D
M. Well (9 months ago)
Damn! That looks good!!
Susan Miller (9 months ago)
I wrote all the steps down. I havn't had great results with my vegan pizza dough thus far. None of the recipes I followed were this specific. I am going to try again. Thank you and Indy the pup for bringing pizza back into our lives.
scraggle cat (5 months ago)
most regular recipes are vegan
PB is Life (9 months ago)
13:34 "that's my dog" lol
Jessica Thompson (9 months ago)
Yum! I'm going to make this pizza tomorrow night :)

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