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SHOPPING IN HARAJUKU // JAPAN SHOPPING HAUL // WEGO // CHUU // JAPAN HAUL AND TRY ON All items & timestamps listed below!!! My Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/prettypastelplease GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED!! I'll update with the winners soon! Skip ahead to a tour of Takeshita Street: 46:05 I'm so excited about this Harajuku vlog! I loved visiting Takeshita Street on my recent trip to Japan - I grabbed a few adorable items from Wego, Wego Loves Chuu and Pink Latte, as well as from a K Fashion store called Girl Crush. Everything is kawaii, pastel, aesthetic, pink and cute, and I think you'll love it! I’m wearing this top and skirt at the start of the video: Top: http://shrsl.com/xvlb Skirt: http://shrsl.com/xvlc Items Mentioned: Wego Pepsi Top 12:02 https://gocart.jp/ap/item/i/A0GC0000CIIV?colvar=U42 Balloon Sleeve Top 21:22 (I couldn’t find the exact top online, but these are similar) http://shrsl.com/yxlc http://shrsl.com/yxle Lace Top 26:01 Pink Latte Blue & Pink Stripe Top 28:40 https://flagshop.jp/fs/shop/g/gR047NR0302FS_r22066/ Pink Latte Denim Skirt 30:00 & 38:50 https://flagshop.jp/fs/shop/g/gR045WV0201FS_r22066/ Pink Latte Fishnet Heart Jeans 31:07 & 44:00 https://flagshop.jp/fs/shop/g/gR045WT0102FS_r22066/ I also found similar jeans here: http://shrsl.com/yxkc Strawberry Top 34:40 https://gocart.jp/ap/item/i/A0GC0000D9MW This is also similar http://shrsl.com/z161 White Skirts 35:21 (I couldn’t find the exact same skirts online, but the below are similar) http://shrsl.com/yxln http://shrsl.com/z15l Blue Checkered Skirt 37:30 (I couldn’t find the exact same skirt online, but the below are similar) http://shrsl.com/z1cs http://shrsl.com/z1cx http://shrsl.com/z16i The Rainbow Turtleneck Everyone Asks Me About https://goo.gl/UjPX13 Platform Shoes 46:58 (I couldn’t find the same shoes online, but these styles are really cute!) http://shrsl.com/z1b8 http://shrsl.com/z1bb http://shrsl.com/z1be Etude House Makeup 48:18 http://shrsl.com/z15j Great comment left by xkawaiiaurax: "So for those wondering about Bodyline I know wayy too much about them xD Bodyline is a store well known for cheap cosplay and Lolita fashion. They have an online website where you can order and have it shipped to you, wherever you may live (https://www.bodylinetokyo.co.jp/?lang=en). Bodyline is very well known for being so diverse in sizing, both shoes and clothes alike. With the whole thing of not allowing you to try on things, most of or even all Lolita stores will not let you try on the clothes; purely because they are so expensive and difficult to make. Bodyline is definitely one of those stores that only really sells costume-y clothes or medium quality Lolita dresses, I have owned several dresses and pairs of shoes from them over the course of 5 years and they are well made and decent quality for the price. However if you aren't looking for Lolita styled clothes or seifukus your next best bet for pastel fashion is Listen Flavour. Although Listen Flavour only caters up to a AUS/UK 14-16, their store is located on the street on the right, right before you exit Takeshita Street. I know there are a few other plus sized brands around Japan but I'm unsure of where they're located. Being plus sized should never dishearten you from going shopping in Japan because even though all the sizing over there is much smaller than western sizing, I am almost certain that if you look hard enough, you can find something" Some of the above links are affiliate links - you can tell because they have “shrsl” written in the URL. The items won’t cost you any more, but if you use these links, it will help me buy top quality almonds for Archie!
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Text Comments (4761)
Kyra Akers (28 minutes ago)
Pe.p si mist stoooooop
Gina Rossetti (18 hours ago)
I don't know why people would complain about your bird? I love Archie ❤️
Abigai l (1 day ago)
💕💕💕💕phone case would be great 💕💕💕
Leah Keane (1 day ago)
Omg Alex you have now just made me obsessed with kawaii and now I want to go to Harajuku. Btw only started watching your channel a week ago love your videos and of course Archie is just so cute and funny to watch.
Diana Galvez (1 day ago)
Archie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ absolutely love him!!!
Abbey Hamilton (2 days ago)
I don’t get how people hate the bird I MEAN ITS ARCHIE HE DEFINITELY IS MY FAV BIRD
Unagi san (3 days ago)
There is a adorable clothing line for chubby girls called "Punyus" in Japan. It's harajuku style and so cute!!
David Spittal (3 days ago)
I love Archie soooo much😚😚❤💙
Kirstie Chapman (5 days ago)
Kick the Bird 🦜🦜🦜
Katerina F (5 days ago)
worth 105 u paid 40
Roller Skate (5 days ago)
Hiiiiiiiii I want the holo band aids
PMSM3x1burrit0 (6 days ago)
iPhone 6,7,8 all fit in the same cases.
Laura Fisher (7 days ago)
Best YouTube creator ever. I'm so glad I found you! You seem so genuine and generally not as OTT as many other youtubers. You are also very informative about things that matter 💜 well done Alex and Archie "The bird stays!" We need some cute merch please xx
Meghan Sydney (7 days ago)
can I have those boots I don't got social media
Sally Hardan (8 days ago)
Omg can I get the shoes for $5 please
Bethaluner Star (8 days ago)
Did you go to the Pokemon Center?
Lucy Emilie (9 days ago)
50 100
Claire Jones (9 days ago)
I was an AU12 in japan and I couldn't find clothes anywhere
avaorchid (9 days ago)
Somehow it bothers me more that they have larger sizes but will not let a person try them on...Its almost like they are saying larger people will hurt the clothes or worse. Idk what I do know is it is probably MORE crushing to a large person to buy something go all the way home only for it to not fit and now they took your money too than to simply not have anything available
Yukio-San (10 days ago)
This is why you live in Japan.
ZomBiE_TraSh (10 days ago)
man i wish i wouldve seen this in May. i wouldve loved those boots!
Meri Dickey (11 days ago)
All the pastel yellow in the shops. 😭😍💛
Rylynne Sidney (11 days ago)
100$ she paid 60$
Koselill (12 days ago)
Lol I actually like the hair tucked because it makes it easier to see how the shirts look
Susie's Toy Chest (12 days ago)
May I please have the pink boots they are so cute!😍
Wendullie (13 days ago)
Please record a video about your weight loss Way and story 🙏
Miryana del valle (13 days ago)
Who would not like Archie he is adorable
Crazy friend Please (13 days ago)
I Said 150 dollars🤨😂
Crazy friend Please (13 days ago)
In dutch wc is toilet😅
Nati Cat (13 days ago)
I did not realise this was an hour ——— wow
Emily Bell (13 days ago)
Wait what shoe size r u that no shoe fitted ?
Bailey Gentry (13 days ago)
I have this cloud pants
Kim McKinstry (13 days ago)
the botts are a 7 in us. I'm a 7.5 but can I please have the boots I do not have an Instagram account but do have snap chat, please. I love Archie sorry if i spelt Archie wrong but love the vids
Kim McKinstry (13 days ago)
the bots are worth $63 and cost $97 in American money. whaast 5 bucks they are sooo pretty
Ella 439 (13 days ago)
I’m from Canada 🇨🇦
Girl Girl (14 days ago)
When I was little I was sitting in the park with my cousins and a Japanese couple came and gave me some peaches because I’m blond. 👧🏼
Lyla’s Vlogs (14 days ago)
worth $60 Paid $20
Lyla’s Vlogs (14 days ago)
what?!?!?!?! 5 dollars?!?!
Lyla’s Vlogs (14 days ago)
6+ is the same size as 7+
Mi Max (14 days ago)
sorry im late, Im a new subscriber! I love ur bird! How old is he?
Omgggg, I went to that shopping district before, and it is stuffffed to death. Did you see/try the large rainbow pastel cotton candy?
Yuki 88 (15 days ago)
First time ever I’ve sat down and watched an hour long YouTube video without fast forwarding! Love your videos
King 52 (16 days ago)
Nothing fit you not fitted or fited
James Clegg (16 days ago)
I bet it's too late, but just in case: I'd like to win the socks and my instagram username is little.lovely.howell
Eke Khademi (16 days ago)
lmaoooo I'm literally wearing a bodyline set while watching this, what a coincidence!
brooke cherry (17 days ago)
i saw those shoes and almost died at how beautiful they were! Only £5???? Thats amazing!! And they are my size too, damn im so sad im watching this late 😪
Céline Neko (19 days ago)
Where can we find a low price place to shop in Japan ? :3 Any cheap shops to recommand?
Denisa Mandiuc (19 days ago)
I want
Namit Kapoor (20 days ago)
Can I get the the unicorn coin purse
TCat (20 days ago)
the boots
Ærtic Girl (20 days ago)
Meee I am a size 4 I need those boooots I am the_arig_page Ik its a random name but ye
Ærtic Girl (20 days ago)
30 and payed 50
Pyper Ensminger (21 days ago)
I want the unicorn pursw
Pippa Rothermel (21 days ago)
I love how this video ends 😂
Pippa Rothermel (21 days ago)
Boots worth: 80 paid 50?
Admiral nilla (21 days ago)
$70 is my first guess. . . . .what?!?!?!?! $5!!!!!! Omg.💀
Lovely Lysh (22 days ago)
Love ur channel, love Archie but everytime u said “fitted me” instead of “fit me” I died a little inside lol
L V (23 days ago)
Your bird is soooo cuteeee
I got those makeup brushes and they are great
Squish swish bish
Xhen Ty (23 days ago)
I want your phone case ! 💕 yieh ! I also love pink a lot im in japan right now hehe i have iphone 7
Mary Dayton (23 days ago)
I stumbled upon you in the list suggestions on someone else I watch. I was instantly in love with you and Archie because Archie reminds me of one of my dad's favorite movies(that made him cry) Paulie. don't let anyone tell you, you need to change anything about you or what you present in your video's. Those negative Ppl are just insecure within themselves. I love your videos, keep doing you darling!
jadyn smith (24 days ago)
whats up
jessica carr (24 days ago)
My instergam name is animegirljess66
jessica carr (24 days ago)
Can i please have the boots if i win the giveway
Molbe4r_ Is the name (24 days ago)
Worth: 50-60usd Paid:150usd
Molbe4r_ Is the name (24 days ago)
Wow 5dollars🤭
Nyam Enkhbaatar (26 days ago)
i put on your videos while i m studying. i really love them!
Becca c (27 days ago)
So you paid ¥3321.60 For the Pepsi shirt? It looks soft
I WASN'T READY for the I don't feel so good part 💔😭
usernamemaybe (1 month ago)
I tried those potato chips, the sweet potato version! They were so nice tasting. I tried so many nice things I wanna go back so badly :c
usernamemaybe (1 month ago)
Calzedonia is an italian brand it's expensive here too but not THAT expensive xD like maybe 7/8 dollars for those short socks not 15/20 in japan I noticed that western brands like Bershka were also more expensive than in my country. Also those Anello backpacks were everywhere and I bought two while I got tired of my kanken and gave it away
Cassandra Mondazzi (1 month ago)
How did you learn Japanese? I want to visit Japan one day but I'm having a hard time learning the language
bodang (1 month ago)
I am obsessed with those pants!!
Kk Meowy (1 month ago)
DaBunne (1 month ago)
26:00 that shirt isn't "off the shoulder"... it's "boat neck" I tihnk is the term they use for that shape <3
DaBunne (1 month ago)
Lost Opportunity: "UnicOIn Purse"....
DaBunne (1 month ago)
are you and Cristine Friends?? if not... then this needs to be corrected.
YANDUN STEPHANIE (1 month ago)
maybe 60 dollars
jaz zle (1 month ago)
they are worth 100$ edit: WHAT
jaz zle (1 month ago)
I'm so mad that I'm too late for the giveaway right now
Night Goddess (1 month ago)
Ohhhhhh I really want them they will fit me the shoes
Ymalay (1 month ago)
when she has problems to find cases for her iphone 7 plus but she is luckier than me...bc apparently Samsung galaxy j7 prime doesn't exist in then world wojdnbcvowdrnvcbwed
Night Goddess (1 month ago)
Yay I’m glad that there is ones for size 16
Night Goddess (1 month ago)
Omg I want that phone caseeeeeeeee
chloe lee (1 month ago)
HOLY MOLY WHAT 5$$$$$$$$$$ WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!
chloe lee (1 month ago)
worth: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Money:300$
BlackRabbit Animations (1 month ago)
Worth 90, paid 75... . . . . . 5$....
sexually aroused rat (1 month ago)
Damn I wish that place existed were I live :((
Becca (1 month ago)
Pause at 28:57 lol she a DEMON I love you PPP❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
marika oakley (1 month ago)
I once bought a bracelet that said "I feel about you"
Mariah (1 month ago)
Worth $40 you paid $80 Edit: woah
Amalia Rosa (1 month ago)
Do that video were you diy old close
Love Everything (1 month ago)
Me: H- Her: and I kinda wish I bought tha- OH and I forgot about this! I wish I bought that.... Wow and those keychains, I wish I got one. I'm kinda sad now and- oh! that bag and those shoes I-
Amanda G (1 month ago)
How much money did you bring the first times you went compared to about how much you brought this last time?
gotica (1 month ago)
Swede here. Just dropping in to tell you: fjällräven was founded in 1960 so i think they where first. Luff u!!
neu dae (1 month ago)
your "before" weight is like... my "goal" weight... too bad I still won't be able to shop in Japan even after loosing a ton of weight lol
Rei de la Panza Ki 3 (1 month ago)
I’m a 22! Mexican shoes sizes! Hahaha My mom is 23 but unfortunately she wouldn’t wear those boots. But I can wear them with many socks :)
Charlotte Brackenbury (1 month ago)
crazychickiedee28 never find size 1 shoe look like adult shoes not childrens
Charlotte Brackenbury (1 month ago)
you look gr8 as you are
Sophie Hine (1 month ago)
I love your voice and the way you speak. I sometimes watch your videos in bed till I fall asleep. Will you consider making asmr video? You can use all the pastel stuff you own in it I guess.
Emilie_ kinnear (1 month ago)
19:53 you can also get that from amazon for cheaper

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