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SHOPPING IN HARAJUKU // JAPAN SHOPPING HAUL // WEGO // CHUU // JAPAN HAUL AND TRY ON All items & timestamps listed below!!! My Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/prettypastelplease GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED!! I'll update with the winners soon! Skip ahead to a tour of Takeshita Street: 46:05 I'm so excited about this Harajuku vlog! I loved visiting Takeshita Street on my recent trip to Japan - I grabbed a few adorable items from Wego, Wego Loves Chuu and Pink Latte, as well as from a K Fashion store called Girl Crush. Everything is kawaii, pastel, aesthetic, pink and cute, and I think you'll love it! I’m wearing this top and skirt at the start of the video: Top: http://shrsl.com/xvlb Skirt: http://shrsl.com/xvlc Items Mentioned: Wego Pepsi Top 12:02 https://gocart.jp/ap/item/i/A0GC0000CIIV?colvar=U42 Balloon Sleeve Top 21:22 (I couldn’t find the exact top online, but these are similar) http://shrsl.com/yxlc http://shrsl.com/yxle Lace Top 26:01 Pink Latte Blue & Pink Stripe Top 28:40 https://flagshop.jp/fs/shop/g/gR047NR0302FS_r22066/ Pink Latte Denim Skirt 30:00 & 38:50 https://flagshop.jp/fs/shop/g/gR045WV0201FS_r22066/ Pink Latte Fishnet Heart Jeans 31:07 & 44:00 https://flagshop.jp/fs/shop/g/gR045WT0102FS_r22066/ I also found similar jeans here: http://shrsl.com/yxkc Strawberry Top 34:40 https://gocart.jp/ap/item/i/A0GC0000D9MW This is also similar http://shrsl.com/z161 White Skirts 35:21 (I couldn’t find the exact same skirts online, but the below are similar) http://shrsl.com/yxln http://shrsl.com/z15l Blue Checkered Skirt 37:30 (I couldn’t find the exact same skirt online, but the below are similar) http://shrsl.com/z1cs http://shrsl.com/z1cx http://shrsl.com/z16i The Rainbow Turtleneck Everyone Asks Me About https://goo.gl/UjPX13 Platform Shoes 46:58 (I couldn’t find the same shoes online, but these styles are really cute!) http://shrsl.com/z1b8 http://shrsl.com/z1bb http://shrsl.com/z1be Etude House Makeup 48:18 http://shrsl.com/z15j Great comment left by xkawaiiaurax: "So for those wondering about Bodyline I know wayy too much about them xD Bodyline is a store well known for cheap cosplay and Lolita fashion. They have an online website where you can order and have it shipped to you, wherever you may live (https://www.bodylinetokyo.co.jp/?lang=en). Bodyline is very well known for being so diverse in sizing, both shoes and clothes alike. With the whole thing of not allowing you to try on things, most of or even all Lolita stores will not let you try on the clothes; purely because they are so expensive and difficult to make. Bodyline is definitely one of those stores that only really sells costume-y clothes or medium quality Lolita dresses, I have owned several dresses and pairs of shoes from them over the course of 5 years and they are well made and decent quality for the price. However if you aren't looking for Lolita styled clothes or seifukus your next best bet for pastel fashion is Listen Flavour. Although Listen Flavour only caters up to a AUS/UK 14-16, their store is located on the street on the right, right before you exit Takeshita Street. I know there are a few other plus sized brands around Japan but I'm unsure of where they're located. Being plus sized should never dishearten you from going shopping in Japan because even though all the sizing over there is much smaller than western sizing, I am almost certain that if you look hard enough, you can find something" Some of the above links are affiliate links - you can tell because they have “shrsl” written in the URL. The items won’t cost you any more, but if you use these links, it will help me buy top quality almonds for Archie!
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emo hoe (13 minutes ago)
Laura Beck (6 hours ago)
I am in love with all the Hello Kitty Pictures. I am a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty and it is great to see that I am not the only one!
Doodle Reviews (17 hours ago)
Haha..for those shoes I had 150 written down-
Dulce Carbajal (20 hours ago)
I just love your channel so much I always binge watch from time to time 😝
Becky LG (1 day ago)
That was so cute how the video ended lol. Reminds me of my husband I lol.
Armshi ! (1 day ago)
Hey I. Sorry if this is to random but maybe you’d like this so two years ago I moved to Hawaii and since hawaii has a Corentine process I had to rehome my 3 dogs so now I’m moving to Texas and guess what...................... I GET TO HAVE MY DOGGY BACK IN 3 WEEKS YAAAAAY
Star Peach (1 day ago)
kind of cheating because I know the brand haha (bodyline!) I reckon they're worth $30-$50 and you probably paid around that or $60-$70 WOW WHAT I'm assuming they were on sale hahaha
X XX (2 days ago)
Western stores used to offer significant discounts for imperfect clothing. Now there could be stains, buttons missing, a tear and if you’re lucky $3 would be taken off. Western stores seemed to have stop offering these discounts around 2010.
Jill Morris (3 days ago)
POCKETS!! 💖 (me too)
Jill Morris (3 days ago)
Your giveaway?! So cute! You are a true sweetheart 💕🌸
Blemm Chan (3 days ago)
I love her, but she says “fited” “nothing fited me”. It’s “nothing fit me”! Fit! Not fited!
Ëlîø (3 days ago)
I’m still only 14 and I’ve already started saving to go to Japan. I was never quite sure if I was going to find things that fitted me. So it really helped that you addressed that! I’ve always been a chubby kid so it looks like I’ll be working out for the next few years😂 the adorable dresses and all the Lolita really motivates me to lose weight
noni josephine (3 days ago)
omg i need those boots
Andrea Silva (4 days ago)
At 22:46 I adore you more! What you said got me💞 I can see your compassion and it is beautiful!
noni josephine (4 days ago)
The Blue Scoodaloo (5 days ago)
I sy the boots are 70$
Tiffany Gilmer (7 days ago)
Anything it's all so so cute
iiLemonator :D (8 days ago)
9:56 that persons got some sick moves
Asmralpaca (8 days ago)
i love the boots and they look my size!!!!! catface_2 love u and archie have a good one, cheers!
Asmralpaca (8 days ago)
worth 120 paid 5 dollars.......................OMG I WAS RIGHT I WAS JOKING!!!!!!! OMG
E KS (9 days ago)
thank you so much for this video, I loved everything about it!! the length, the editing, japan haul, your style, archie, you,... :D <3 I just found you and I love your personality and archie, you satisfy all my bird (birds are my favourite animals) and pastel cravings!!! I know it has been asked before, but would it be possible to do a video on your weightloss? When I first found you I was thinking at some point "wow, such a beautiful person, and such a beautiful body! I'll probably never fit into this or that, I wish I was as lucky as her blabla" and never would have guessed that you used to struggle with weight, the way I have all my life and still do. Hearing you mention your struggle has given me new hope and I would just love to hear your story, I think it would be really inspiring, you seem to be very healthy and happy now and that's what I (and others, apparently) want to be, and you're proof that it is possible. Either way, I totally subscribed and may or may have not binge watched all your videos today haha hope you have the most wonderful day and stay awesome, you two!! <3 (:
Brittany T (9 days ago)
IG is Brittany24x7 - anything but the phone case 😉🌈
Pannie Kat (10 days ago)
Every girl I have ever met has the same thing with pockets, it’s a never ending celebration when you find them.
esink (11 days ago)
There's also a shop that caters to plus size in shibuya 109 called punyus I believe!
Meowden (11 days ago)
Worth 200 (ish) for the boots? 💵💵 She paid 400 for the boots? 💴💴 WAIT WHAT?!?! 😱 I was not expecting that lol 💕💕
jackie mireles (13 days ago)
I want the boots
Hello my name is Deb. I have just recently started watching your channel within the past week or so. As a child from about the age of 3 till about 5 I lived in Okinawa. I remember going to a lot of the beautiful places. Although being such a small island there were quite a few parts that we got to go to. At that age I wasn't into fashion or makeup or all of the above a to z. And I was too busy playing in the sand with my sand buckets and my shovels. I am 53 years old I'll be 54 next month. I would love to be able to come out with a channel like yours but for older adults or shall I say seasoned adult LOL. I don't like calling myself old I'm getting there fast enough as it is. I figure if I live to be a hundred I still have a half a century left to go now that makes me feel old LOL. What suggestions could you give me that might help me start my own Channel only reviewing styles for my age. Physically I am 53 years old but mentally and emotionally I feel like I am still a young woman I feel like I lost my twenties and thirties somewhere along the road. LOL I guess you just wake up one day and all of a sudden things have changed dramatically. instead of being the one at the family picnic cooking all the food you're the one having to do minor prep work or if you know how to build a building you might be down to inspection. I've been on disability since 1995 when I had three pulmonary embolisms in my lungs. It's like a stroke that happens in your lungs instead of your brain. Then at the age of 43 I was involved in a car wreck that blew out three vertebrae in my neck and had to have emergency surgery 3 months later a man broke in my home and almost beat my son to death and ended up breaking my neck in the process of me trying to defend him so I was right back in for another emergency surgery true repair what had been damaged prior in the car wreck to the damage that doubled the amount that was already there. About a month later I was walking down the sidewalk close to my home and sometimes a sidewalk will lift up and grass will begin growing in between them what when that happens you can't see actually where the top of the sidewalk is and I barely stubbed my toe and blew out all four of the vertebrae that had been fixed and another three further down my neck. This time they had to use bone grafts off of my collar bones and my shoulder blades in order to build new vertebrae a to surround my spinal cord. with a lot of physical therapy and a lot of help I was able to make a fair come back I'll just say about 50% of what I had been before the surgeries. I lost my son 2 and 1/2 years ago and I pretty much gave up on life I sat in the chair for 18 months this spring something changed then I started feeling better from my depression and anxiety since my son's passing. I want so much to go on with my life but part of me is afraid to because I feel like I'm leaving for to him behind. And I know then I'm not leaving him behind he'll go everywhere with me in my heart if you have any suggestions please give me a shout thank you and God bless Deb
JosieLynn Hickey (14 days ago)
if u still have them shoes i would love them
JustChrystal (14 days ago)
When I saw this was one hour long I was like yessssssssss get in my basket (I know this was 4 months ago but I recently found her YouTube channel and fell in love with it)
please bring out some clothing merch and gifting goodies. can only find the pins
Wisteria Raven (15 days ago)
Boots: $50-$60 FIVE DOLLARS!?!?! seriously?! I WISH!!! I want those boots but not sure if i'd fit lol. Insta: RavenchildWisty <3 :3 Archie is such a pretty bird <3
Abbie Rose (16 days ago)
Can u do a video in how u lost weight?? X
Alexs Adventure (16 days ago)
100 dollars or 100 something Crap I hit enter
Alicia G (17 days ago)
worth: $150 paid: $5 WHAT THE HECK
Sheyenne Sayre (17 days ago)
6 adds.... Why.
ederra lover (17 days ago)
I am surprised when I went to harajuka. I by no means am petite or skiny and are definitely bigger weight wise than u and I found I a lot of clothes that fit me easily although I am very short. I think u may had bad luck cause u look to be similar in shape to other Japanese women I have seen
ederra lover (17 days ago)
But o also will say sizes did run small as most places didn't stock larger than a medium but i was able to fit that and I am fed on the chubbier side of healthy
لمى (17 days ago)
The boots probably worth at least 80 dollars Edit; never thought its 5$ 🤦🏻‍♀️
Olivia Charlton (19 days ago)
I would LOVE the boots @oliviacharlton.xx
Anna Carroll (19 days ago)
I’ve just started watching you, but I really adore you and Archie! Subscribed & followed on Instagram ♥️ (love heart)
panda sunflower (21 days ago)
Ok your accent is actually adorable💖💛🌻
Luisa Martina (21 days ago)
Please do a weight loss video
MrsBungle78 (22 days ago)
If I saw a scratch on my LV someone would most definitely suffer! Obviously, if I purchased it like that then I guess it’s nobody’s fault so the fam would be safe...ish😏😉
Petra Paulínyová (22 days ago)
I have a 8 plus 😢😰
Maranda Rodriguez (22 days ago)
Lilly bear (23 days ago)
I have had a lot of the same experiences with clothing but in the US, cause the sizes are to big and just could not find clothing I remember crying in the fitting room so I relat to that a lot
Polly Gustard (23 days ago)
i may be a bit late but please may i have the unicorn purse
Anna lucia jano (23 days ago)
I bought a phone case just like that from ali express it’s not that cute but I love it
Lili green (24 days ago)
hi, I wear a size 2 in American sizes, do you think I could fit those beautiful boots?
Miss Tippietoe (24 days ago)
Nicole Ktp (24 days ago)
I was kind of surprised when I saw Calzedonia in the video, we have this store in Greece too💕
shannon carr (24 days ago)
Love your bird, buut 6 commercials??
Myia Madden (25 days ago)
Super proud of you and how far you've come on your journey. You are absolutely gorgeous and you were back then as well. Be proud of your beauty
Madeleine Green (25 days ago)
oh. my. goshhhhhh. I want EVERYTHING in that sanrio store holy moly!!! kawaii HEAVEN
Ms Blossom (25 days ago)
Hi! I love love love your videos!!! Have you ever thought about doing a video of your Louis Vuitton bags?
Max bird (25 days ago)
I thought she paid like 670$ for those boots 😳
Skye Buist (25 days ago)
120 80
lumiore (26 days ago)
If you're still looking for platform shoes, try TUK. They have great clearance~ They're mostly "dark" but they have had pastels in the past. I own a pair of lavender and white that may be up your alley!
Cola Marie (26 days ago)
worth 80, paid 60?....holy cow!!! only 5!!?!
Dana Asad (26 days ago)
I think the boots worth like 130 dollars , I think she payed about 259
Meme Ali (27 days ago)
I have a iPhone 5+
Lou luvs shopping (27 days ago)
$30 I thought was worth. $5!!!!! Omg!
Katie (28 days ago)
I wish I didn't have monster feet those pink boots are a dream
Pineapple Queen (28 days ago)
I have small feet
Pineapple Queen (28 days ago)
I think the boots were worth 40 dollars /pounds I think you paid 60 for them Omg only 5 dollars wow
MJ 1700 (28 days ago)
I love that you say tartan
Nikita Jeanne (29 days ago)
I don‘t understand the people saying Archie is annoying Archie is the f*cking cutest and most adorable being ever aaaah
The boots, Worth: $50 Paid: $200
Queen of Awkwardness (30 days ago)
21:01 THATS MINT WHAT ELSE WOULD U CALL THAT!?! I’m from America and even we call that mint.
Misty Dixon (30 days ago)
Worth:100 dollars You Paid:150 dollars
Katie (30 days ago)
I’m so impressed that you use to be as big as I am and managed to lose all that weight. I’m currently between size 16 and 18 Australian. I’ve started trying to lose weight and I’m doing okay. But seeing how you’ve succeeded is really encouraging. Thank you
Kai Cafe (30 days ago)
Please don't collab with Wengie, don't do that to yourself
Squishy Delishy (1 month ago)
Archie:*climbs up clothes * Alex:Archie! Archie:what do you want!HUMAN! Alex:*gets phone out and films* Archie:screw you
Squishy Delishy (1 month ago)
Abigail Hill (1 month ago)
Phone case!!!! I followed u on insta
Melanie Procter (1 month ago)
Hi The boots are size 4.1/2 in uk 6 usa Melaniejp64 is my instergram and if I win I would like the headphones please. Love the skirts and strawberry shirt. I am on a diet I have lost over 1st 9lb so happy like you all the stuff I like just didn't look right I looked like a sack of potatoes. So I'm a size 14/16 So 12/14 it depends on cut. And I fell a lot happier with myself. 😀😍💖🐦
Alma Saon (1 month ago)
It's funny, I usually disagree with your idea of cheap, but for once, I'm disagreeing with your idea of expensive. $100 for a unique costume is nothing! I can easily spend double or even triple that for cosplay! My most expensive costume is just under $400!
Noemie Scott (1 month ago)
Shibuya 109 has Punyus which is a Japanese plus size retailer (Naomi Watanabe is awesome), also if you go to Disneyland/sea they often have larger sizes. :)
Mya Lore (1 month ago)
I wouldn’t mind winning any of them
imme872 (1 month ago)
I’m at the gym right now 🙃
Nani Clifton (1 month ago)
5 dollers she pays 10
Jet (1 month ago)
Simply Medieval (1 month ago)
Hi. About Kånken backpack. It is a Swedish brand and you almost pronounced it correctly. The å-letter in Kånken is pronounced as the o in the word concave so if i write it phonetically it is [concan] (like if you put together the first halfs of concave + and. :)
Izzy nicholls (1 month ago)
Why is Archi so entertaining ( by the way IF I could I would I would want to win the coin purse).
Emma Hansen (1 month ago)
i want those sockssssssss
Penny Evee (1 month ago)
What size does 40 & 41 shoes translate to in Australian women’s?
Honey Hushh (1 month ago)
Those sizes would be perfect for me. I'm so tiny! Lol
XlighterthanairX (1 month ago)
I've only started watching your channel in the past week, and to be honest I was really half and half from previous videos talking about skin on your thighs etc etc and I felt a bit weird being a bigger person and your figure is to die for. Finding out you have gone through such a dramatic weigh loss journey has really inspired me. Without being judgemental its just a personal issue of jealousy wishing to be "skinny" and having such awful feelings of never having clothes never fit me even in England. I am also sick of never finding clothes and cry getting dressed in the morning. Thank you for sharing your story. Love to you! You deserve to love yourself xo
XlighterthanairX (1 month ago)
Also i love Archie he matches the green of my hair
Clara Blyth (1 month ago)
Oh my goodness! this giveaway came out ages ago so I'm absolutely devastated because I just looked it up and the shoes are my size...
Alma Saon (1 month ago)
Same! I'm super disappointed; a giveaway finally has something I'm interested in _and_ that will fit me!
Boo Urns (1 month ago)
I love the Bird😱 so pretty.
Martin Rafter (1 month ago)
800 2000 OMG I thought they were this much😂🤣
Catamount *nope* (1 month ago)
I know this is an older video and I've seen every other ppp has made. But I had to comment here even if it's late 😂. Your talk about larger ppl is refreshing. You dont make anyone feel bad and point out places to shop. And your experiences I can relate to so much. A very heartfelt thank you ppp for that😘
Rainbow Unicorn (1 month ago)
It’s mint
Annie Yu (1 month ago)
May I perhaps ask how you lost the weight? I know this is a personal question that you seem to not be wishing to answer, but I just wanted to let you know that this video request would mean a lot to many of us 😊
Rainbow Unicorn (1 month ago)
I love finding YouTubers that I can relate too like I am from Australia 🇦🇺 and unicorns 🦄 are my life
Sammy Stroup (1 month ago)
worth 35$ paid 50$ 5$!!!!!
Beth Giersz (1 month ago)
She always says how she doesnt work out....how did she loose all the weight?? She went from a size 16 to a 6.....how do you do that without working out?? What is she eatting? Or not eatting.....I legit want to know...so I can do it too lol
Naomie Wells (1 month ago)
Can i have the shoes
Ellie Lissette (1 month ago)
How come she says “love hearts”?
Matthew The Neko Boy (1 month ago)
Worth 40 she probably payed 120 or some shit. Omfg 5 dollars?!

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