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SHOPPING IN HARAJUKU // JAPAN SHOPPING HAUL // WEGO // CHUU // JAPAN HAUL AND TRY ON All items & timestamps listed below!!! My Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/prettypastelplease GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED!! I'll update with the winners soon! Skip ahead to a tour of Takeshita Street: 46:05 I'm so excited about this Harajuku vlog! I loved visiting Takeshita Street on my recent trip to Japan - I grabbed a few adorable items from Wego, Wego Loves Chuu and Pink Latte, as well as from a K Fashion store called Girl Crush. Everything is kawaii, pastel, aesthetic, pink and cute, and I think you'll love it! I’m wearing this top and skirt at the start of the video: Top: http://shrsl.com/xvlb Skirt: http://shrsl.com/xvlc Items Mentioned: Wego Pepsi Top 12:02 https://gocart.jp/ap/item/i/A0GC0000CIIV?colvar=U42 Balloon Sleeve Top 21:22 (I couldn’t find the exact top online, but these are similar) http://shrsl.com/yxlc http://shrsl.com/yxle Lace Top 26:01 Pink Latte Blue & Pink Stripe Top 28:40 https://flagshop.jp/fs/shop/g/gR047NR0302FS_r22066/ Pink Latte Denim Skirt 30:00 & 38:50 https://flagshop.jp/fs/shop/g/gR045WV0201FS_r22066/ Pink Latte Fishnet Heart Jeans 31:07 & 44:00 https://flagshop.jp/fs/shop/g/gR045WT0102FS_r22066/ I also found similar jeans here: http://shrsl.com/yxkc Strawberry Top 34:40 https://gocart.jp/ap/item/i/A0GC0000D9MW This is also similar http://shrsl.com/z161 White Skirts 35:21 (I couldn’t find the exact same skirts online, but the below are similar) http://shrsl.com/yxln http://shrsl.com/z15l Blue Checkered Skirt 37:30 (I couldn’t find the exact same skirt online, but the below are similar) http://shrsl.com/z1cs http://shrsl.com/z1cx http://shrsl.com/z16i The Rainbow Turtleneck Everyone Asks Me About https://goo.gl/UjPX13 Platform Shoes 46:58 (I couldn’t find the same shoes online, but these styles are really cute!) http://shrsl.com/z1b8 http://shrsl.com/z1bb http://shrsl.com/z1be Etude House Makeup 48:18 http://shrsl.com/z15j Great comment left by xkawaiiaurax: "So for those wondering about Bodyline I know wayy too much about them xD Bodyline is a store well known for cheap cosplay and Lolita fashion. They have an online website where you can order and have it shipped to you, wherever you may live (https://www.bodylinetokyo.co.jp/?lang=en). Bodyline is very well known for being so diverse in sizing, both shoes and clothes alike. With the whole thing of not allowing you to try on things, most of or even all Lolita stores will not let you try on the clothes; purely because they are so expensive and difficult to make. Bodyline is definitely one of those stores that only really sells costume-y clothes or medium quality Lolita dresses, I have owned several dresses and pairs of shoes from them over the course of 5 years and they are well made and decent quality for the price. However if you aren't looking for Lolita styled clothes or seifukus your next best bet for pastel fashion is Listen Flavour. Although Listen Flavour only caters up to a AUS/UK 14-16, their store is located on the street on the right, right before you exit Takeshita Street. I know there are a few other plus sized brands around Japan but I'm unsure of where they're located. Being plus sized should never dishearten you from going shopping in Japan because even though all the sizing over there is much smaller than western sizing, I am almost certain that if you look hard enough, you can find something" Some of the above links are affiliate links - you can tell because they have “shrsl” written in the URL. The items won’t cost you any more, but if you use these links, it will help me buy top quality almonds for Archie!
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Adelina Dobrete (6 hours ago)
Hey! Can you maybe do a video on your weight loss journey? Thanks
Candy miko (10 hours ago)
I want the boots and bandaids ;< insta:@sweetcandiedcherries
Aeurius (14 hours ago)
T_T you’re story makes me so scared to go to Japan,,, I’m quite a big gal and I can’t fit into some stores, even in the West!! Pls share more of your story,, I think I’d really help ppl like me💕💕
Hannah Bisson (16 hours ago)
The boots are so cute ❤️❤️ Im size 6 hannah9510 is my instagram
Clarissa Chic (1 day ago)
How did you loose the weight? Because I love your videos so much and think to myself “I could never do this, I couldn’t wear any of these clothes, it would never fit me” it’s nice to know you can empathize with that
KatietheLady (1 day ago)
kinda want Alex to try the "curly girl method" thats going around on youtube
Nancy 28 (1 day ago)
I just love the small pun you made „squish squish Bish „
I’m telling you if I was rich and If I was confident any of that stuff would fit me I would go ham on everything. Edit: and I will say I love that you added that tidbit about feeling isolated when it came to k and i fashion when I came to sizes because I am kinda plus size and it always hurts when I’m looking on places like yes style or chuu and everything is only small or one size and that can be disheartening to love a style and really want to create outfits and buy clothes in that style and none of it is really geared towards you so it’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one that feel that way. I will say I did take the plunge and buy 2 one size hoodies in a jstyle kinda fashion so let’s see how that goes.
10:51 wait wait wait your telling me you can get a pack of pins for $5.00 the cheapest I ever paid for just 1 enamel pin was 8 bucks!!!
Dylan Dominowski (3 days ago)
200 dollers
Angela Stiffler (4 days ago)
I have small feet, boots please.
Angela Stiffler (4 days ago)
Mako token_ (5 days ago)
O my God fake Pockets 🤣😤
Serena Scherer (5 days ago)
I know this is a comment on an old video, but I know you have the black belt with the love heart buckle and like a hanging little love heart. I hope you pair that with those pants, it would look really cute!
//fuck // (8 days ago)
idk all this shit from japan really just flares up my girly side omg
Muna Almansoori (8 days ago)
Mia Hansen (9 days ago)
Pretty sure you figured it out already (description) but for anyone else wondering, Esther is from Chuu. :) I would super LOVE it if you did a Chuu only haul! Check out Something Sweet, they have discounts on some Chuu items.
Lost Valentine (15 days ago)
am i the only one thinking she looks kinda... anorexic?
Brittany Boehning (15 days ago)
You probs don't have the iPhone 7 plus anymore, but iPhone 6, 7, and 8 + are all the same and can fit. Same with the regular 6, 7, and 8.
Lilith Seigman (19 days ago)
she went to the home of menharachan. i’m jealous
Hydration Station C: (21 days ago)
The boots are worth- $100-130 (aud) She paid- $200-250 oh
lilacmoon6 (22 days ago)
I'm guessing the boots are worth $50-60, but you paid $100 for them. That, or you somehow got a really good deal. However I doubt it. WHAT THE HELL??? FIVE DOLLARS???
liliana isaacs (24 days ago)
Only realised half way through that it was an hour long.😅😅
Snazzy Queen Hayden (24 days ago)
*gets popcorn* I need to watch something and hour long to waste time so this was perfect. I want to go to Japan so I'm super jealous.
Isla Hinton (24 days ago)
Who else thinks Alex would be a perfect kindergarten teacher
Bella Burgos (25 days ago)
I love the shoes
MoMo Tea (25 days ago)
6,7,and 8 plus all have the same size case
100% Boy Tears (25 days ago)
Omg I own that same Pepsi shirt from WEGO but I got the baby blue one cause they didn't have the pink one in my size :(
Erin (25 days ago)
I was 100% ready to accept that those boots were a few hundred dollars....
Barış Oğuz (26 days ago)
the amount of work done on this video :oooooo you deserve a million views on this. This is highly educational wow
Alia Marshall (26 days ago)
katcake (27 days ago)
I was thinking 70$ but I thought you probably got them for 40$
suzanne nottelling (28 days ago)
An iPhone 6s Plus case fits a iPhone 7a plus lol so you could of bought what ever case you wanted lol. You should of asked someone. P.s you could of used the pillow on the plain to go to sleep so it would of been good for you to buy
Anna Waytray (28 days ago)
that asmr moment when she taps her nails on the boxes <3
sam wettstein (28 days ago)
I love your video s
Peach Flavored (29 days ago)
I want to be smiley no matter when. Same.
TSprong (29 days ago)
23 is in cm so you can just trace your foot and measure the heel to the most out sticking toe. that is how many cm your foot is.
sophie adams (30 days ago)
Can u do a chuu or sthsweet haul?
sweetandcynical (30 days ago)
thank you for addressing the sizes, i'm beyond keen to save for Japan but the sizing definitely put me off my shopping dreams
socky docky (1 month ago)
you should do a boogzel haul 💝💖💓
Silverhaunter (1 month ago)
I love how she has to just toss him gently to get him off
Silverhaunter (1 month ago)
HER COMMENT: “But my pull out game is weak” OMG
Ava Shanor (1 month ago)
Crystal Gem (1 month ago)
Did someone notice his girl in 9:55 she totally looked like Lisa from Blackpink
NinjaBang (1 month ago)
Hello! Im new here but I love all your try-on vids. I noticed in this vid and another one that you used to be a size 16 but now are a size 6? And if it’s not too personal to ask, how did you lose weight? And how long did that take? I ask because I’m currently trying to lose weight myself. If it’s too personal, I respect that. Or if you’ve mentioned it in a previous video would you mind linking it?
Crystal Croft (1 month ago)
I've been binge watching your videos. Your so positive and I need that in my life right now and I love all the beautiful colors you wear and that's in your room. I love you even more for telling us a little bit about what you went through. Would you mind one day making a video of your journey. It would mean a lot to so many of us. Love you and Archie💚🐦
Casey Watkins (1 month ago)
I love the pink boots. I'm a size 6 lol. I always wear mostly black but since I've started watching you videos. I've found stuff that I really like that's not black. My Instagram name is casey_yarberry92
Sahara Shabee (1 month ago)
Might be a little late but I’ve just stumbled across your channel. Kmart have animal slippers just like the bunny ones they might not now but I have a bunny pair and a polar bear pair they also have unicorn ones
I have 3 Shibas. One is named Kitsune 🦊🐕🐕
Annette Famulari (1 month ago)
I Absolutely adore Archie! I have a Cockatoo and she loves Archie! What type of parrot is he? More Archie.
Hannah Ellis (1 month ago)
Worth: my kidney/ paid: 70 US dollars *after hearing answer* Sits on ground dead with shock.
Tracey Hurrey (1 month ago)
You really suit your hair down, you have gorgeous hair, nice to see you showing it off.
Mizuki 259 (1 month ago)
I should be packing for my trip to Japan tomorrow but for some reason I’m rewatching this video instead. Your going to Harajuku! Pack now, buy impulsively later. Your not going to bye the list you’ve made anyway.
rissa lung (1 month ago)
at least 100 us dollars for the shoes
rissa lung (1 month ago)
Amity Banhidi (1 month ago)
100 played 30
Ashlea Brown (1 month ago)
OMG please what store was the first one you took a video in??? I need that white shirt with cats piled on top of each other!! :(
alissa baseman (1 month ago)
pink latte is a store catered towards teens/kids so thats why their sizes run small😊
Isabella Germano (1 month ago)
Could you please do a video on your weight loss!? That is phenomenal the amount of weight you lost!
Easter Morgan (1 month ago)
I could never fit in Asia sized clothes. I am totally bigger while being shorter. at least I know where I might go if I ever am able to leave the States
FlyingOktopi (1 month ago)
WhAT? Who was complaining?? Archie's the cutest ever :(
Kelcie Dent (1 month ago)
My first time going to Japan last year, I wore size 28 jeans (US sizes). Just imagine that. =v=
Invisibleivy (1 month ago)
I have small feet!
Trisha Smurf (1 month ago)
i love your bird shnsktfvh,nvkytdhfarhsx,hgx
jayy-jay anderson (1 month ago)
Hahaa the ending! Cx
Bethaline Leal (1 month ago)
Pink boots I think they are worth $45 American Dollars Wow $5 good deal
Zoe Olsen (1 month ago)
I’m in LOVE with Korean fashion.
Erikka G (1 month ago)
"squish squish bish" omg lol <3
Sarah (1 month ago)
I'm not a fan of pastels, I am way overweight so could never wear what you wear or shop where you shop... But you are just so sweet and engaging and Archie is hilarious. I found you about a week ago and have just been binging all your videos.
Nina Groeneveld (1 month ago)
O no that pair of boots are still tooooooo big for me ;-;
Eito (1 month ago)
Boots Worth- $30 Paid- $40 ( $5 .. well heck didn't expect that )
Raven (1 month ago)
You should do a haul of all green items/ items Archie would like
Hillmidget (1 month ago)
Im am quite small wome in all respects in comparsion to my country. And when i was in my teens i had quite similar experinces when it came to shoping. Nothing was my length. Or fited well tk the body.im rather small chested and so many tops and dresses are made with space for boobs but when your small its just a even wierder looking empty space. I use to hate shoping. And would cry when i tried to try clothes on. These days i work abit harder to find the pices that make me feel buatiful <3
Erin Louise (1 month ago)
This is so cute
starrybts (1 month ago)
what are those simple tshirts with food on it called? im absolutely in love with those.
Melodie Hutchins (1 month ago)
show us your luis shoes !!
Presley Dawn (1 month ago)
I want the boots so bad I’m a size 6!!!😂😂
ManaFan (1 month ago)
Ive looked everywhere for that sushi hoodie online....I want it so bad! 😱
Claire Chung (1 month ago)
20:30 eyy i have that cherry top! bought it in korea
Ellie Drew (1 month ago)
lmao we literally said bepis at the same time
FrickenDweeb (1 month ago)
The mint debate, in my opinion, stems from there being both spearmint and cool mint, causing some people to think more of a blueish color as being mint.
Gabrielle Cornford (1 month ago)
omg i love the boots i love your videos too @gabriellerosecornford
Gabrielle Cornford (1 month ago)
80 bucks for the boots
Gabrielle Cornford (1 month ago)
7 plus and 8 plus fit the same btw xxxx
Foxxx (1 month ago)
when you say rilakkuma but the picture you put up was korilakkuma ;-;
Foxxx (1 month ago)
also mother garden is a toy brand that sells different things, i think the ones that were being advertised were mother garden squishies
Eden Atlas (1 month ago)
36:50 I have those same socks and I bought them on wish 😂
phenomenalwoman6111 (1 month ago)
1:00:16 I'm loving the light ASMR. PLEASE do a "I tried doing ASMR" video. You would be great at it!! 💖
Dorothy Stanwood (1 month ago)
I also have a 7 plus :( lol
Sasha Deskoska (1 month ago)
Sasha Deskoska (1 month ago)
I’m not from Australia or America.. I’m from Macedonia 🇲🇰 and it rlly sucks no jokes.. my whole family hates it here
Those socks are goals! @my.name.is.emma.just.emma
Erynn Heggan (1 month ago)
$60, $150
Erynn Heggan (1 month ago)
WHAT $5?!?!?!?!?!! That is the deal to end all deals
xX_Kawaii_Neko_Xx (1 month ago)
Acdc rag i love them so much
RX500 Android (1 month ago)
Now I'm dying to go to Japan
Ansie Scossa (1 month ago)
I love ur bird
Ansie Scossa (1 month ago)
The boots must be 150$
Kai (1 month ago)
I wanted that wish shirt i bought one but it wad a bad purchus I don’t trust wish. but would be great if someone who has bought one sent me a link to it
Just Call Me Annie (1 month ago)
Thank you for the real talk. Beautiful moment.
Just Call Me Annie (1 month ago)
Definitely mint! 👍
Just Call Me Annie (1 month ago)
LOVED the tour!!!! Great job filming & editing!
Just Call Me Annie (1 month ago)
Omg! I need to go to WEGO!

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