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LoL Math - 100% Critical Strike Chance

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Text Comments (2310)
i miss this
Taha Abdo (2 months ago)
same lol
Very nice
Ro Wilson (1 year ago)
Glenn Quagmire (1 year ago)
Ok, so this is for people checking out this video in season 7. This is still correct. Ignore the people stating hur dur you no take attack speed into account. As of now, getting the three of the attacks speed/ crit items will actually lower your dps though making it more reliable. Did the maths, average dps of an 80% IE build vs a what would be 110% crit build is 600 dps higher. As for getting 100% crit through IE, 2 of the 30% crit items, essence reaver and BT or Dominics regard, compare it to getting IE, 2 crit items, BT and dominic, no ER. The ER build does more damage but has to choose between life steal and armour pen. Life steal means you can 1 v 1 more easily, but lord dominics means you can actually harm tanks. The 80% crit build is picked more often since while you won't crit as often, you won't be struggling with sustain or find yourself banging your head on a tank hoping you kill it before the concussion sets in. Long story short, a balanced build will probably give you more success unless your whole team can peel for you.
MacTookie (2 years ago)
In addition to not accounting for attack speed, if each build was maxed out with more damage items, the 100% crit build would scale more and end up doing more average damage per hit - even with just one more bloodthirster. So including attack speed, it would end up doing fuckloads more dps than a lower crit build. This video was pretty poorly thought out tbh.
Luc Duclos (2 years ago)
It seems Yasuo didn't exist at this time XD
Littled 1000 (2 years ago)
i main ashe
High Octane (2 years ago)
show in gameplay <?
Sean e (2 years ago)
or get %55 from runes so that u can have both pros
MrWax (2 years ago)
yasuo' passive is double his crit, so infinity edge and statikk shiv is 50% and the double is 100% easy win,
Ranold (2 years ago)
Yasuo wasn't released when this video came out, in S4, shiv/ie gave 90% crit on yasuo
Joshua Santos (2 years ago)
(Season 6) adr buwild Rapid Firecannon Statikk shiv Infinity edge Boots of choice Essence Reaver Lifesteal or any essential item /NOT FOR SQUISHY CHAMPIONS\ = unless you have a tanky support or you're vayne.
Joshua Santos (2 years ago)
+NoR3m0rs3 No, they both explode, longer range + fork lightning.
A9 (2 years ago)
+Joshua Santos Burst with one while the other one is charging, then use the other one once charged, you know, stagger the bursts
Joshua Santos (2 years ago)
+NoR3m0rs3 I don't get what you mean
A9 (2 years ago)
+Joshua Santos Can you stagger the bursts?
Joshua Santos (2 years ago)
+Dale Crane I always do it, still works  You can do rpc and statikk together, but the damage doesn't stack, just the range and the fork lightning, let's not forget that rpc works on turrets, my point is, you can have 60% crit rate when buying those two,
BigSky Theroy (2 years ago)
The bloodthirstier also gives health sustain to stay in lane. critical & speed are nice but life steal is better.
My Name (2 years ago)
5 infinity edges. Fuck you.
My Name (2 years ago)
I know, was kappa'ing
CodmatterK (2 years ago)
This is a very old video. All of the items in the video have been modified
Ryan Cozy is (2 years ago)
I like the video you made must be hard to do with all that math you had to do but I see a little problem here not the math no that was perfect but for ashe she only had 4 items for the 100% critical strike she could have bought the bloodthirster with another item she can do way more damage but you were putting it at 4 to 3 items for critical strikes and damage so good job on the video.
vini castro (2 years ago)
+Ryan Cozy is if you want max damage and 100% crit chance you just go 5 infinity edge xD
Ryan Cozy is (2 years ago)
+vini castro ok that makes sense now thanks.
vini castro (2 years ago)
+Ryan Cozy is he's talking about gold usage too, that's why he only uses 4 items instead of 5 or 6
I'm Not Mirr (2 years ago)
But i heard all video that you are assuming. So you cant actually make a biased observation based on assumptions and "possible" theories
DemonVTEC (2 years ago)
Executioner's calling isn't there now. What is the alt item now?
Maurice (2 years ago)
Or you could just play Yasuo while still having enough room for 2 pure ad items and another defensive of choice.
typhoonfire8 (3 years ago)
This was very useful! Thanks
SlipperyBream (3 years ago)
I usually go full crit + speed with Fiora
SlipperyBream (2 years ago)
+Joshua Santos Ah dont matter I dont play no more anyway, since they got rid of team builder the games shit again lol
Joshua Santos (2 years ago)
+SlipperyBream No Do 45% cdr for new fiora xd
Grren (3 years ago)
yaasouo, nuff said
prod. lil alby (2 years ago)
Yasuo didnt come up in 2012, and IE gave you 25% crit back then
Cody Vurro (3 years ago)
I think you should update this video case BT no longer gives atk dmg for kills but gives a shield for just auto attacking and executioners calling no longer exists. The crit items are IE, PD, Static shiv, tri force, and youmuu's Plus there is a new support item that gives your adc 50% crit chance. And a thornmail will cancel out any flat ad cause it returns 30% of the dmg back.
Asa Timmons (3 years ago)
could you do a video for crit chance but with yasuo?
ECG YoungOne (3 years ago)
can we get an update for this?
Toshi Brands (3 years ago)
Great video, but im still gonna build 100% crit gangplank despite the conclusion 😁.
Interstellar stalk (3 years ago)
Can you remake the video for how much the game has updated?
François Rigodanzo (3 years ago)
In this video u are showing the average damage of ashe with 2 differents build. But u dont take in count the attack speed. First build make a average of 442 damage per hit. First build will be call (1) Second build make a average of 567 damage per hit. Second build will be call (2) Ashe lvl 18 have a base speed of 1.131 (1) give +100% speed, so the speed of ashe equal 2,.262 (1.131 x (100%+100%)) (2) give +50% speed, so the speed of ashe equal 1.697 (1.131 x 1.5) So on 60sec u make 135.7 attack (1) and 101.8 attack (2). Ps: i know make 135.7 attack isnt possible but its theory. (1) U will make 59 979.4 (442 * 135.7) damage on 60sec. That mean every sec u make 999 damage (59 979.4 / 60 or 442 * 2.262) (2) U will make 57 798 (567.76 * 101.8) damage on 60sec. That mean every sec u make 963 damage (57 798 /60 or 567.76 * 1.697). If i follow u, build (2) make more damage but in my conclusion build (1) make more.
Red (3 years ago)
Attack speed ahh
Leon Wunsch (3 years ago)
u forgot that crit ashe as way more attackspeed ..
supermiXXer2 (3 years ago)
crit ashe with this build has more attackspeed but bloodthirster ashe has one more itemslot left
Eric Nicholl (3 years ago)
You also didn't take attack speed I to account
Salt Machine (3 years ago)
but there is one space left if you put boots there
Scaper474 (3 years ago)
but also take to account that because the ash has an extra phantom dancer that she has more attack speed to the correct way to judge which one does more damage would be to see which ash does the most damage in 100 secs
Jaysus Chrahst. (3 years ago)
Or just use Yasuo.
Eärendil theBright (3 years ago)
People need to stop talking about att speed, the video uses examples where 100 auto attacks are used, which has absolutely nothing to do with att speed. Its not talking about a rate, Its just a straight number.
Arek Wonti (3 years ago)
You forget that with 100% crit chance you also have much more attack speed which means you will reach that 100 attacks faster that with BT
Nuke Ducky (3 years ago)
you are fast ah 100% crit chance MEANS 100 % CRIT CHANCE
Rovic Asunio (3 years ago)
Tianfeng Yuan (3 years ago)
As = More dps SOOOOOOO... Bitch redo de calculations and a champion will still have enough for a 32 AD via items.... bish wat
ECG YoungOne (3 years ago)
he didn't do dps. he did damage after 100 autos. even if you have more attack speed the damage is right. as can get to 100 autos faster. but that doesn't matter in this calculation
Davi Braid (3 years ago)
You didn't take to account the superior attack speed
aliasbrush2 (3 years ago)
Aside from this not factoring in the extra attack speed from the second PD, (which is a lot!), the whole equation changes as soon as you add another damage item, which you would probably have before building a second PD. 100% crit chance is gonna be much better with IE *and* BT than 55% crit chance with IE and 2xBTs.
Kozzy Bay (3 years ago)
I play Ashe in ranked(diamond division), with infinity edge,static,trinity force(instead of boots,phantom dancer,last whisper and the last item is whatever u feel that fitsb etter,I usually buy bloothister.So you have a total of 90% critical chance with this build,more than 400 movement speed(without boots), 2.0 attack speed and 380 damage with the bloodthister.You always crit and plus your q you have a slow+trinity makes you unkillable and invisible.Tell me what you think about it.
paleguy (3 years ago)
this video is so flawed. you have to compare DPS not damage for X attacks
Vj (3 years ago)
.... Forgot to add her base damage at lvl 18
Kyle Nguyen (3 years ago)
Best crit build: Play Yasuo with Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, then get a shit ton of AD. Done.
Pantelis Foutrakis (3 years ago)
let me tell you somehtink but im not 100% sure about it . u cant have cs more than 85%
Yuki Eirian (3 years ago)
Actually, its perfectly possible to max out critical chance. That being said, most adcs have a lifesteal, crit, as, armor pen, boots, and defense item to round out their builds. While its possible for you to switch out defense for another crit item, missing out on boots, armor pen, or lifesteal by adding in two is too much to lose. Best possible build would be BotRK/BT, Tri/PD/SS/YG, IE, BG, LW, and another crit item you didnt pick, but that would still rely entirely on your lifesteal item for survivability.
TQG Desire (3 years ago)
Or I.E. and Phantom Dancer on yasuo + bloodthirster and the 32 AD
nick00580 (3 years ago)
Since some items are updated i think this is the best to get 100% Crit, not more no less. -Buy your boots and 5 infinity edges so you will have: 400 AD. -4 infinity edges and stattik shiv: 320 AD -avarice blade, 2 phantom dancers and infinity edge so you got 80 AD.
Nikita S (3 years ago)
But Yasuo doesn't need all those items
Ray (3 years ago)
And with Yasuo ?
Andrew Wang (3 years ago)
Yes, this arguably makes a stronger case for an item set that has the higher expected value. But it should also address how each person's appetite for risk might be different. A more meaningful analysis would estimate the rough average # of shots taken per champion in an enemy engagement instead of the 100 shots. So the question then is whether a person would want to run the risk of 45% non-crit damage, at only 38% of maximum potential damage number when he/she only shoots ~10 times in an engagement. It's an social economics question - would you want to take a 1% chance at $1,000,000? Or a 100% chance at $10,000? (these extremes are for illustrative purposes).
victor grado (3 years ago)
this is old as fuck
Joao Coelho (3 years ago)
Your maths are so wrong..
1k subs no uploads? (3 years ago)
i do 1400ad
Svein Ove Imsland (3 years ago)
Eragon Silvr (3 years ago)
but...but...but.. attack speed? more dps? the 100 shots from the crit build take less time to get in 100 shots since ashes base atk speed at 18 is ~1.1 the dmg build will take around one minute to get in those 100 shots because with the bonus atk speed being 50% 1.1 * .5 = .55 then + 1.1 = 1.65atk speed 100/1.65 = ~60 seconds. with the 2 pd you have +100% atk speed. thaat puts you at 2.42 atk/sec. This build will then be able to achieve 100 shots in 41 seconds. Additionally is you take the ~20sec difference between the build and add it on to the crit build you can get in ~48 more basic attacks in which would be an additional 21,216 dmg in putting the total dmg in one minute with the crit build at 65,416 dmg. In the same amount of time the normal build only dished out ~56,776 Tl;Dr Crit build dps: 1090/sec, Normal build: 946/sec you could 2 hit a squishy XD
Eragon Silvr (2 years ago)
+jake lee If you're against a mundo who builds 4.5k hp then you should be building a bork not runaan's and bt. Actually I think I would almost always go for a bork over bt in the new tank meta because of the kiting potential the active gives, the health shred, and the lifesteal+atk speed.
jake lee (3 years ago)
+Eragon Silvr in stead of the executioners blade i go for another ie, and then sell boots and buy a ruans hurricane and a blood thirster to keep some life steal, for the most part tanks don't know what hit them till you see a mundo that builds fucking thorn mail and 4.5k health
Kristian V not 5 (3 years ago)
+Eragon Silvr This was counted per hit, not per second. But still if you hit more than 55% of crits with bt you have the advantage even in dps...
Salt Machine (3 years ago)
+Eragon Silvr gj
Jean Charles Hubert (3 years ago)
You forgot attack speed.. All these maths means nothing without attack speed.
D1gital Cuts (3 years ago)
Just Yasuo.
Shadow You (3 years ago)
Why did you make this video?  Were you trying to prove something, other than having a shitty build for Critical Strike is bad?
rapterpm20 (3 years ago)
I wouldn't count number of hits but number of hits per seconds for 20 seconds THEN count the damage. But I still can still see why you would count number of hits.just opinion not insulting or judging
Mombei (3 years ago)
BT nerfs.
I Am Jungler (3 years ago)
hmm u forgot that the crit chance ashe will have more attack speed.
edgelord (3 years ago)
I don't really think going 100% crit chance is a truly serious build. Things like Crit Yasuo, Critplank and Crittlesticks seem more like fuck-around-and-crit-people builds than viable options. Unless you're playing ARAM.
João Coutinho (3 years ago)
+William Ingman It's not, because most of your damage comes from your poison, and your poison doesn't stack, it only refreshes, so there's little benefit in repeatedly attacking your target until the poison is over. If you want attack speed get Nashor's Tooth, it gives almost the same attack speed and also gives AP, CDR and more on-hit damage. Runaan's Hurricane is not entirely abysmal on Teemo. but considering it only gives attack speed and hitting more targets, and having Rylai's, Void Staff, Rabadon's, Sorcerer's Shoes, Nashor's, Liandry's or even Lich Bane or Iceborn Gauntlet as options, Runaan's is an awful item. I'd even buy Rod of Ages, Zhonya's or even Abyssal Scepter on Teemo before going Runaan's.
edgelord (3 years ago)
+João Coutinho Runaan's on Teemo is decent with good ap and points in e.
João Coutinho (3 years ago)
+Cortagon Runaan's Hurricane is never a good build on anyone except Kayle. Not even Kalista. She can get much better items in a slot. You're probably right. Double PD+IE is probably better for duelling, although I still find IE+PD+SS better for team fighting since you can proc that SS passive quite often on enemies that are out of range. I've had SS kill champions through a minion wave often enough to want it on my build most of the time.
João Coutinho (3 years ago)
+Cortagon It is. The Phantom Dancer is much better than the Statikk Shiv, if I were to ever buy one in detriment of the other I would go for the PD, any day of the week. However, an optimum final crit build should include a piece of each, not two PDs, because if you get a duplicate of each you're just wasting the PD's unique passive on the second item. Also, don't forget that the SS's initial burst can crit AND it deals MAGIC damage, so against oponents who build massive amounts of armour to counter an AD heavy champion it will deal HUGE aounts of damage. IE+PD+SS+YG = 90% crit chance, 250% crit damage, movement through units, 250 magic damage across 4 targets, 20 armour penetration, 10% CDR, 110 AD and a 40% AS and 20% MS active steroid. Add a BT/LW and the Berserker's Greaves (replace with Zephyr if the game goes on for long enough) and you'll just shred teamfights However, as a second/third item I would indeed go for the PD instead of the SS. It gives much better dueling potential. Late game, though, buy one of each. Currently, buying duplicates of the same item is ALWAYS a bad idea.
João Coutinho (3 years ago)
+Cortagon Never buy the same item twice, I can't believe the amount of people who do that. IE+PD+SS gives 75% crit chance plus the SS's initial burst, much better than double PD+IE.
SuperZakaru (3 years ago)
yeah ashe would get like 150 attacks with 2 phantoms in the same time the ashe with only 1 and a bt would do 100 attacks.. this math was done by a retard
Peter Xiong (3 years ago)
zeke snails (3 years ago)
runes though
sote77 (3 years ago)
Mechanics,Mechanics everywhere
Saabir (3 years ago)
buy al crit items with the blood thirster on top 
Bobby Sherman (3 years ago)
Btw fuck defense items, if I'm going adc, THEN IM FUCKING GOING ADC
Maxer13 (2 years ago)
+ScarletMusicz Depends. Some people go full AD.
ScarletMusicz (2 years ago)
+Bobby Sherman ye, and then die and entire team lost
Eärendil theBright (3 years ago)
+Bobby Sherman so noob
Bobby Sherman (3 years ago)
Infinity edge Static shivv Beserker's greaves Blood thirster Phantom dancer Last whisperer May not be the best build but you get 75% crit strike and a lot of damage. It's fun as fuck
Kanton Miller (3 years ago)
Just get 4 infinity edges, a blood thirster, and a runaans if your ranged, replacing one of your infinity edges with a phantom dancer and a ravenous hydra if you're melee lol
Itachi Uchiha (3 years ago)
4x infinity????
Tsukuyomi27 (3 years ago)
AA ADC's like Ashe really rely heavily on attack speed too, so although usually buy two attack speed items, something like Phantom Dancer + Shiv would make sense on her.  Obviously your example is a bit moot with BT's rework and all.  
Kyle Reaume (3 years ago)
Just go 4 infinty edges and and a bt and everyone's happy
Gurung (3 years ago)
Spaghetti & MeatBalls (3 years ago)
stacic siv, phantom dancer, infinity edge, blade of the ruined king and some att speed boots now thats what i'd do
Despair1992 (3 years ago)
ok, 10+% more damage with BF, but phantom gives 50% aspd)
oOoGUO Tang (3 years ago)
4 infinity edge
heavydaays (3 years ago)
you need to ask yourself can you even get 100 attacks in before you kill the enemy your after? Its more like 4-10 hits so I still cant tell what's better.
Laraso (3 years ago)
At level 1, Soraka takes over 200 autoattacks to kill a turret.
Jacob Wade (3 years ago)
Heres something you didn't realize. You aren't making use of the 5th/6th Item slot. Build 2x IE, 1 Statik, 1 PD, 1 BT. extra 240 ad. (runes/Masteries not included) so 170+240=410. 410*2.6=1066. Now with this build you get 100% CC. so out of 100 autos you deal: [(410*2.6)*100]=106.6k damage. My build would beat both of yours.
simkeee09 (3 years ago)
so clever of u with that my build is better then yours, go look at the date of the video then add ur, at that time none existing items (or now changed), to the play. 
Faisal Ghazzawi (3 years ago)
you forgot about multiple other factors. you are a mere lol math apprentice. you need to learn more before approaching this topic. you also forget that the other build gives her movement speed. meaning she has faster motion. another factor to consider is how long a fight lasts. getting critical strikes 100% will ensure a fight to end faster in her favor. if ash throws 50 basic attacks in one fight, 100 % crit ash wins. 
Leong Kit Chan (3 years ago)
Ashe passive grant 100%crit
Ryan Liu (3 years ago)
you can do all this or just play Yasuo with his passive which grants you 2x the critical strike chance
simkeee09 (3 years ago)
play yasuo in 2012 :D did u even check the date of the video things change
Franku kek (3 years ago)
2,INFINITY EDGE, 1. Phantom dancer, 1 Shiv, 1 bloodthurster and 1,greaves = full crit with tons of dmg, attack speed and life steal.
Aly Soliman (3 years ago)
+Ackelope lol if they add 80 dmg to the Phantom Dancer stats, this item would be worth like 6000 gold
Ackelope (3 years ago)
Not 2 Infinity Edge. It costs a LOT, it's passive is unique and therefore doesn't stack, and it only gives 20% crit anyway. There are better choices.
Marlith (3 years ago)
well unless your a fucking Tryndamer. 100 rage gives you 35% crit chance.
WiseJack (3 years ago)
You forgot the DPS from gaining attackspeed. This video is invalid.
Toshiro Rodriguez (3 years ago)
you forget to put the attack speed, if ashe has a second phantom she would attack faster, but again, the bloodT would give her vampirism soo... it was worth to say
Jankoekepannekoek (3 years ago)
what about the sword of the devine? this video is really outdated
Matthew Nellans (3 years ago)
Then Yasuo came along.
leonavis (3 years ago)
just play trynda. ;)
PCAiN (3 years ago)
but when u mad this in 1 minute, the bloodthirster ashe will lose, because of the attackspeed in phantomdancer
Bl ack (3 years ago)
2 Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer Statikk Shiv Dildo Rope = 100% crit chance
Ackelope (3 years ago)
Ugh, people need to stop buying 2 Infinity Edges.... It's so expensive, it's passive is unique, and it doesn't give enough crit chance and AD to be worth 3800 without the passive IMO. A better choice would probably be like Youmuu's Ghostblade o Tri Force or something. Won't max out your crit chance, but you'll crit like 90% of the time, which is good enough. Also, the active on Youmuu's can be REALLY nice sometimes.
Damien Quinton (3 years ago)
Lol even if you have 100% crit strike chance, it isnt 100% chance to crit, its like 99%. Statikk shiv + IE should be 110% chance to crit on Yasuo, however there are times when i dont crit, because 100% isnt 100% its 99.
anton hillblom (3 years ago)
+Matthew Nellans is that with his  passive... and runes?
Get-Boomed-On (3 years ago)
+Matthew Nellans runes????
dj m (3 years ago)
+Matthew Nellans study lol hard cuz runes
Matthew Nellans (3 years ago)
Statikk Shiv = 20% Crit Chance Infinity Edge = 25% Crit Chance Total = 45% Crit Chance Apply Yasuo's Passive = 90% Critical Strike Chance Study hard for that math test, boy. You're gonna need all the help you can get.
Tonghi Zeul (3 years ago)
and why cant you have this build:infinity, bloodthirster, 2 phantoms and an executioner?
Matthew Nellans (3 years ago)
Because then you are sacrificing either berserker's greaves or last whisper. You can't give up movement speed or armor pen. Ever. Ever. EVER
fuck off (3 years ago)
The next numbers he needs to show are the increases in dmg if both builds then bought a LW. The crit built would show a greater increase in dmg than the former, hence the late game power of crits. Second, you really shouldnt have chosen ashe as the example champion. She has the HIGHEST base attack speed scaling. Attack speed is found multiplicitly from base AS and %AS, Therefore %attack speed effects her dps more than on any other adc.
Lolicage (3 years ago)
it's easier, and less of an argument bait, if you use crit power potential rather than "after 100 hypothetical attacks". for example, normal crits w/o infinite edge deal 100% bonus damage (100% normal + 100% crit bonus). with 1% crit chance, you crit 1% of the time, for double damage or for mathematical calculation you deal 1% more damage overall. 55% crit chance would be 55% more damage as long as crit bonus is the same. in case of infinity edge + lethality, you deal (100% + 160%) meaning 1% of crit is 1.6% more damage 55% crit chance would be 88% more damage with the PD and lethality bonuses. it's effectively the same formula, but leaves less room for the "attack speed" argument or the "you'll never sit there and get 100 auto attacks in a row" or the "but it's RNG, so it might be less chance to crit than that" and you also avoid those counter arguments which generate shitstorms. the maths are all the same, but you leave out anything related to "luck" out of it. ironic considering the nature of crits. if you program games with crit stats, this is generally how you should be looking at the stat. attack speed is also similar, 2 attacks in the space of 1 means 100% more damage, but attack speed is also not a passive stat like crit is, and must be weighed more critically to include how many targets are normally available (for example : when wave clearing, attack speed affects last hitting) and in between actions like animation resetting with items or skills (tiamat and poppy's Q come to mind) you also need to consider that some spells benefit from crit and not attack speed (alpha strike, arcane shot, etc.)
Holy Kron (3 years ago)
god my brain hurts
Leo Kingler (3 years ago)
what a nerd! pfffffff
Volke (3 years ago)
Lol this is old but its sooooo dumb, how can you NOT take into account atk speed???????
ShieldNSpear (3 years ago)
Your concluding statement may be misleading to some. I'll summarize it better: Balance your stats, the game is in fact coded properly in that there are no secret builds that are absurdly powerful. Balance your stats, because AD/Crit/Attackspeed all stack additively with themselves, but exponentially with each other. The only exception to this are AD champions who focus more on abilities, what I like to call an "AD Caster", in which case attack speed and crit are not as valuable because they are not applied to most abilities. A few good examples of an AD Caster would be Riven, Renekton, and to some extent, Sivir. Building pure AD/Armorpen Sivir is actually quite brutal! 1500 dmg Q ftw!
Ackelope (3 years ago)
I'd say Ezreal would be another AD caster. His Q is probably the main source if his dmg. However, he can still scale well with some attack speed, due to his passive, and on-hit effects, because his Q applies them. Overall he's probably my favorite ADC.
Timo (3 years ago)
sorry but this is complete bullshit. who'd build executioners calling? and why dont you take attackspeed into account? what if you pick youmuu's instead of executioners calling? also you're only calculating the damage after buying exactly these items. how does it scale into lategame? you're definitely NOT proving that bloodthirster (not even the 100AD version) is superior to a hundred percent crit. you're only proving that you dont think about what you're talking.

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