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5 Secrets To BOOST Your Confidence | How To Be MORE Confident TODAY!

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Moses Etsabo (5 hours ago)
I totally agree with this man 100%, I watched his video few weeks back and started practicing exactly what he said, now my confidence is becoming more and more strong. I believe in few days coming I will be a totally different person.
person below is gay (7 hours ago)
Confidence doesnt get you girls stop please
M Discoverer (9 hours ago)
I watch this channel to develop my mind and soul
Mubashir E Jawad (13 hours ago)
Your cars name confedent ??
NIGHTMARE8877 (19 hours ago)
Number 6 - drink alcohol
Lady Charlemange (1 day ago)
I may not be a dude, but this was powerful! 🤛
Anthony Jimenez (2 days ago)
Smoke meth, when all look in the mirror u'll fell like Superman... Then u'll life will come crashing down but that's later. Worry about now
Denis G. (2 days ago)
I have confidence but my Financial is down
Nightwing G. (2 days ago)
Eliminate negative people* loads rifle*
NotAd3n (2 days ago)
My problem is that I think to much and I also don’t have confidence. I can only be around one friend and be 100% and have a great time. Of course that one friend is my best friend and pretty much my only friend and he’s a good person. I’m surrounded by rude people everyday and it’s weird. I can easily talk to people it’s just that I don’t know *how* to act like myself and I can only act my true self around this one friend. It’s like I act like a completely different person to everyone except my friend. When I act like this to the other people, I feel rude and this is not how I want to act but it’s like I’m being forced and have no control over it. If anyone can help would be appreciated (I’m a 7th grade boy)
ABARTH ABARTH (3 days ago)
Well atleast ive got 3 of them right!
SargeCP (3 days ago)
Once puberty hit bam my confidence went straight down!
Roy Smith (4 days ago)
Hi, my name is Roy i had a pretty terrible credit score, that was before i met [email protected], he helped me with my credit score and now i cant even believe it! If you need anything you should reach him.......Instagram @rotridgej or through E-Mail [email protected] Make sure you tell him Roy sent you!
Roy Smith (4 days ago)
Hi, my name is Roy i had a pretty terrible credit score, that was before i met [email protected], he helped me with my credit score and now i cant even believe it! If you need anything you should reach him.......Instagram @rotridgej or through E-Mail [email protected] Make sure you tell him Roy sent you!
Roy Smith (4 days ago)
Hi, my name is Roy i had a pretty terrible credit score, that was before i met [email protected], he helped me with my credit score and now i cant even believe it! If you need anything you should reach him.......Instagram @rotridgej or through E-Mail [email protected] Make sure you tell him Roy sent you!
Roy Smith (4 days ago)
Hi, my name is Roy i had a pretty terrible credit score, that was before i met [email protected], he helped me with my credit score and now i cant even believe it! If you need anything you should reach him.......Instagram @rotridgej or through E-Mail [email protected] Make sure you tell him Roy sent you!
Roy Smith (4 days ago)
Hi, my name is Roy i had a pretty terrible credit score, that was before i met [email protected], he helped me with my credit score and now i cant even believe it! If you need anything you should reach him.......Instagram @rotridgej or through E-Mail [email protected] Make sure you tell him Roy sent you!
Roy Smith (4 days ago)
Hi, my name is Roy i had a pretty terrible credit score, that was before i met [email protected], he helped me with my credit score and now i cant even believe it! If you need anything you should reach him.......Instagram @rotridgej or through E-Mail [email protected] Make sure you tell him Roy sent you!
Coxy (4 days ago)
I need help in the comments guys
Helping Hearts AJ (4 days ago)
I’ve been getting cyber bullied constantly with dislikes mean comments and other I lost my confidence in youtube as well I’m trying to start anew but my old friends keep nagging me and hating me please help :(
AMAZER (4 days ago)
Sneaky bastard 😏😏😏
Anmol Singh (5 days ago)
Alpha you know what I really like if you would become a Hollywood actor.
StillGoing 13 (6 days ago)
I’m confident around boys but not around girls, I don’t get it.
Carter Marrero (6 days ago)
I take suboxone to boost my confidence
Jordan Croswell (7 days ago)
hi my name is jordan, i’m 16 years old and i’m in 11th grade. track season is coming up and i’m kinda scared of trying it out. and i’m also scared to talk to girls in person, like go up to them. can anyone help?
Kla 404 (8 days ago)
JudahMac13 (10 days ago)
How am I supposed to get rid of negative people when Im only 15 and and can't drive? ITS GONNA BE A PROCESS!
Daniel Pakbonyan (11 days ago)
Daniel Pakbonyan (11 days ago)
JaXa GAME (12 days ago)
But all my friends are all energy vampires.
Gamer 69 (12 days ago)
Half way through watching this video i paused it went to do the 7min ab b workout then learned the meaning of a couple word i didn't know , now i feel a lot better about myself . THANK YOU ARON !!! you help a 16y old man shape himself as a person with every video
Cayden Whitt (12 days ago)
Just got this new Lamborghini here. But you know I like more than Lamborghini’s: 3:11
Athira Sajeesh (13 days ago)
good job
Nichith CN VEVO (16 days ago)
I have been working out at the gym for about 2 yrs now, btw Iam 16 and my self confidence is in the trash area.....
I'd be curious to know, in what areas of your life are you feeling low self-confidence?
Eleazar calderon (18 days ago)
Strange, ever since I was a kid I was very confident I talked to alot of girls, and had many many friends, i was liked so much. Everything went downhill since i went to 4th grade, i was experiencing insecurities and being know as the weird kid, that didn't talk. Everything had too do with how i grew up though, i was emotional abused by my parents my whole life, saw them fighting, and as the more I knew more clearly about how life worked I grew into a person who was an outcast, ed ven right now it's been since 2017 since I graduated highschool, and I have yet to get a job or start college. I've been so afraid of people judging me because lots actually do judge me alot for some reason. I've been violent with my family and I rarely talk to anyone. I have no friends now and ive been suicidal. I honestly dont know what happened growing up. If my life would have been normal I would be so full of life, confident wise. I dont know what happened to me. I feel like I was betrayed the people who use to care for me, but as the more anxious I grew, the more I hid from everyone
You're certainly not alone and quite often, seemingly 'trivial' experiences (ex. being teased, punished) can be internalized as trauma that cause us to create beliefs around what judgement from others will mean about us. I went through a similar transition in primary school, starting off super confident, but eventually developing severe social anxiety that manifested a related chronic pain condition for several years. Once I was able to break through this for myself, the feeling of freedom was incredible and I decided that I would coach people around confidence to allow them to experience that same sense of taking their power back. Hang in there my friend, you'll get through this.
Areee Ash (18 days ago)
Umm these tips are for becoming a gentleman... How do i become a gentlewoman?
Boau (19 days ago)
Yes you brain gets more efficient when you are around intelligent people
Tejal Savla (19 days ago)
Loved ur video...love ur style of tokin
JimKim Gaming (19 days ago)
Zedeye (20 days ago)
it seems like I used to have more confidence
I'm curious, what changed?
Matt D (22 days ago)
TyTy glock_Yt_LIVE (23 days ago)
Dude this really fucking helped me 5 out of five
Maria Mejia (24 days ago)
Love your videos. :)
Maybe Harvey (24 days ago)
The thing is everyone is negative other then 30 people who I’m alright with
It’s Zaria Baloo (24 days ago)
Why did he only Say Gentlemen??? What about the ladies?
Liam dabrowski (24 days ago)
i do all this and i still can't talk to girls
Liam dabrowski (18 days ago)
+Confidence Coaching with Gwun what do you mean bro?
I'm curious, what seems to be the biggest block there?
June Woods (26 days ago)
the only thing decrease my confidence is my teeth. I don't have perfect teeth. I lose one😄
REACT MEDIA (27 days ago)
Daniel D. (28 days ago)
It might just be me but it’s hard to get rid of negative people
Aqi_momo (29 days ago)
So I should leave school?
Paper Boi (29 days ago)
I can activate my confident mode easily but i cannot sustain it. And today i asked my crush to take a pic with me she said “yeah but how about later?” And I said “yeah sure” moments later the schools dismissed and all of a sudden my confidence juice just drained out of me idk why
schoorinna (1 month ago)
My problem is, that I'm a positive person, I want to change something in our world, I want to do something to help people, I want to join the army and get better every day. 99% of the people at my class are against me, because I say what I think, so I ended up getting pushed down every time and my self esteem is probably very low.
Trixxy Trixx (1 month ago)
I am sooo socially awkward and I don't wamt to be.Everybody tells me that I should just talk to people and hang out but It's not that simple for me and I hate it...
What I'm hearing you say is that if someone has preferences that are different from yours, that makes your own likes/dislikes 'stupid' -- how true is that?
Trixxy Trixx (8 days ago)
+Confidence Coaching with Gwun Well I might say sometging that the others think its stupid.For example I don't like something but the others love it or something like this
What makes you think being different will offend people?
Trixxy Trixx (8 days ago)
+Confidence Coaching with Gwun Id really know.I usually have so much different opinions and act so differently than other people do that I just came to the conclusion that I'm weird
I apologize for the late reply, I've been experiencing problems with youtube notifications recently. One thing that stands out to me is that you described yourself as "crazy" and that what you say is "strange" -- for anyone seeing themselves and their words/actions as such, it's understandable that you would be worried about offending others! Where did you get that belief about yourself from?
1:12 yeah i have like 2 in my class
crigeme (1 month ago)
no need to yell, im right here chill
russell E (1 month ago)
Don't shout mate
Matthew Rutcosky (1 month ago)
Try to find the pretty face 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 can’t find it well that’s because YOU are the pretty face have a nice day
frankkz lucaz (1 month ago)
Confidence is within a person everyone should hav confidence regrdless not bcuz u say
Jarrett Williams (1 month ago)
I thought he was dick then he said I had nice shoes 😂💀
Paramount Highlights (1 month ago)
but im asian and my teeth crooked af and im scared to smile and talk because i used to and still get comments of small eyes teeth and just saying your asian shut up.
C_R_U_SHER (1 month ago)
Stream confident by demi lovato
Robert Lakay (1 month ago)
Great video, especially the tip about the shoes.
fella nonymous (1 month ago)
But what if negative people being good at u and then keep being negative when u accept them?
Charley Vee (1 month ago)
A7ibAllah (1 month ago)
Secret number 1: always have a shaved chest.
Steven Goldman (1 month ago)
I like this guy😁
Securebyjl (1 month ago)
We absolutely love this message! We want everyone to be confident and #secure in themselves 💕
Rajiv Singh (1 month ago)
Very awesome video sir
Predawnmonkey23 (1 month ago)
Bi-cultural Misfit (1 month ago)
If yall need help with speaking confidence then check this out. I work mostly with speaking, and fluency improvement. https://youtu.be/jekWrg1QIGw
Wild- Energy (1 month ago)
I realised that when you look confident people automatically treat you more carefully
Hamze Abdi (1 month ago)
I will sub just for this vid
_MaybeDuck (1 month ago)
if yall want to skip the audible stuff it 4:51
James Burns (1 month ago)
I love how he shoehorns ads into his videos, excellent stuff. It flows very well. 👍🏻👍🏻
Pat Aherne (1 month ago)
How so we know when someone is negative? DUH!
Kani Mozhi (1 month ago)
So so much effort put in Incredible 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Gurdeep Sekhon (1 month ago)
Good job
Nausheen Siddiqui (1 month ago)
how can i remove negative peoples from my life?
Rare Wolf (1 month ago)
nothing feels better then a new haircut but my mom never takes me to go get one so i have to ride my bike for 2 hours each time i want one
Rare Wolf (1 month ago)
not trying to be rude at all but whats in your eye is it like a smaller pupil
pradeep putchakayala (1 month ago)
Thanks for that
Mira Sukkari (1 month ago)
What should I do if I’m not finding good friends
cuellar4500 (1 month ago)
I will give it a shot
Nothingfunny (1 month ago)
Space Zup (1 month ago)
Guys you really are all amazing !
Ominous Blast (1 month ago)
"2. Compliment others " What if I'm to shy so thats why I looked up confidence boosts.
Ethel Chan (1 month ago)
But what if my best friend is the negative person....
Ben Johnson (1 month ago)
Eating ribs all the time; it wouldn't be too bad.
Joy Masilela (1 month ago)
I like how you present and love the earrings on you.
Abubakar Khawaja (1 month ago)
can I have those keys at least
maurice schwiertz (2 months ago)
Thanks Mister
Success Mindset (2 months ago)
Awesome tips! Another helpful tip for boosting your confidence is to step outside your comfort zone.. Although this one can be hard for most people the feeling you get when willingly facing your fears and doing something new is like no other!
sbarnett37tiger Barnes (2 months ago)
Looks like I need to eliminate myself from my life.
BetcoTime (2 months ago)
1:21 how can I find a new dad??
dont Know (2 months ago)
Ghost Of A Robot (2 months ago)
Hey! I'm a girl but i found your videos through my boyfriend and quite a few have helped me out. I'm still working on my confidence... Years of bullying will do that to you. But you make it seem so much easier. P.S. I'm not sure if you've gotten this before, but you really favor Frank Grillo :)
MLP Boba (2 months ago)
The Negative person I want to get rid of.......I am too scared to tell her to not talk to me or just stay away from me
maria mistretta (2 months ago)
Trust is not proof of love. it's also part of confident.
Narcissist Hunter (2 months ago)
YOu are a good speaker.
Joshua Carvajal (2 months ago)
I’m amazed this cracker has followers when we know he’s truly a beta...😅 We ain’t even hating but it’s bananas when we see thru the ugly duckling that stayed awkwardly normal...🤣😂🤣😂

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