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5 Secrets To BOOST Your Confidence | How To Be MORE Confident TODAY!

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Text Comments (2873)
NCR veteran (1 day ago)
Buckle up mate
Qasim Farid (2 days ago)
I love you and your advice bro, it doesn't mean i am GAY, LOVE from Pakistan.
Foxy Girl (4 days ago)
Me: I'm clinically depressed Him: get rid of negative people Also me: well may as well die then.... But hey I'll give it a try
Rabia Basri (4 days ago)
Thank you... I wanna tell you something that is You look alike bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan :).
Black G (5 days ago)
Why is the A in alpha lower cased and the M abbreviated.
Kenny Lim (6 days ago)
5:30 for someone that just want to know the 5 different secret to boost your confidence.
ISaac Adkins (8 days ago)
The problem is how to keep people arround me and how to be cool at treating people
hi (9 days ago)
I get nervous around my crush
AwesomeAmber Gaming (9 days ago)
How do I get rid of my sister WITHOUT killing her?? This is just a joke btw!
ISaac Adkins (8 days ago)
Take her to *ALABAMA*
Geofclavz Official (10 days ago)
I totally love your advice especially rule No. 5, You really have a beautiful heart and I admire you for that.
Geofclavz Official (10 days ago)
You've flattered me when you said I have a "Beautiful Brain" thanks haha
TechnoBoy Some (10 days ago)
What to do when your parents are always negative about you
FOX Force 5 (11 days ago)
This is actually a great set of tips, contrasted to most other videos. I was surprised because I almost clicked off.
100pjp001 (11 days ago)
Never had much confidence to begin with most of my life and now hardly any especially when I was out of work for over 3 years that really finished me off. Been back at work since 2013 but just haven't been the same since. I go out with friends but I mostly struggle in groups. Too self conscious, afraid I'll say something to humiliate myself. Because I actually did used to humiliate myself by saying dumb stuff, I wasn't the sharpest tool and people at school were heartless and would humiliate me on front of groups too. So I've never been truly free to express myself in front of people always have that fear factor of how I look and how I sound to others. Just constantly trapped and never happy with life now. Feel very little joy in a lot of things. I don't know if this video will help me or if anything can help me out of this psychological prison I've been in for far too long now. I do go to the gym maybe not every day, I do pay compliments sometimes, I do half the things this video says already but think it's something engrained in my DNA because my grandad on my dad's side was like that too. So I am really lost, tips advice please anything will do. Thanks..
Mukbang BISS (12 days ago)
What's that black dot thingy on his right eye
Įmmä Ävøcädø (15 days ago)
Not like good nasty bad nasty like get the Frick away from me 😂 YASSSSS SLAYYYY BITCH 😂
Njabulo V. Hadebe (15 days ago)
Best piece of advise I have ever heard. Simple straight forward and ridiculously genuine. I love this video let me subscribe
Branch Family (15 days ago)
Hilarious thx this helped
Sonic Gamer (15 days ago)
I did do something good for my body daily (40 sit up with 15 push ups twice a day (80 sit ups with 30 push ups daily) , but why don't I feel better? Let me tell you my problem: STRESS with my homework
Roland Soós (17 days ago)
Is jerking off counts as something good for my body?
I lost my confidence and people started calling me dumb!
Sara (18 days ago)
Just because you are trash, it does not mean you cannot do great things. It is called a garbage CAN, not a garbage CANNOT.
Neil O Connor (19 days ago)
I cant get rid of negative people if there in my school
Roland Soós (17 days ago)
Fuck 'em😂😂😥
Nat Brooks (20 days ago)
My teacher says I need more self worth...heh..I’ll go away now..
shafiq khawaja (21 days ago)
Tejas Vyas (21 days ago)
Love u
Rutger Wiersum (21 days ago)
Thank you, great video man! Really usefull stuff!
Ovęd Mejia (23 days ago)
Amen to this ......I came to look for self confidence....now I feel confident 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
****** (23 days ago)
2.55 to 3.05 ahaah Ahah 😂 😆🤣 so funny :D but it’s actually true !!!
Fed Tech Info (26 days ago)
Negative cancerous people 🤣
The Notorious (26 days ago)
Actually better than I thought
Joe Evans (27 days ago)
Thanks man looking for a new job now
ImFunny (28 days ago)
I failed on step 1 because I have no confidence to talk to them
ImFunny (28 days ago)
The first step should be to give a shit and have willpower
s4lty (28 days ago)
Every time i give a compliment, people think i am being sarcastic💀
Arexel Adams (1 month ago)
Do things you respect and support.
Zedeye (1 month ago)
K I feel like I'm more confident now and less confodent at the same time
D Nation (1 month ago)
This guy could sell me anything
ravi ravi (1 month ago)
Ur videos are helpful
allie grey (1 month ago)
"Cut negative people out of your life" - well i can't just push my whole family (exept my mom) out of my life they life with me and i'm still a teenager
Dwight Mcclary (1 month ago)
Number 6 and the most important one probably is know how to fight, if u don't then people gonna bully u and all that bad shit that makes u like a little bitch when u try to say or do something
how about if im the negative person
Anthony Espe (1 month ago)
Thanks bro. It helps alot . More power and blessing .
Kike Rosas (1 month ago)
Slick ad transition
urmom (1 month ago)
Not like GOOD nastay like bad nastay like get the FREAK AWAY FROM ME nastay
The Inner-Net (1 month ago)
Bailee Spivey (1 month ago)
Smh when ur mother is the only the real negative person in my life
ISaac Adkins (8 days ago)
Me either She has depression and a severe case, she yells all the time making me wanna kill myself just to not hear her
Melak Osman (1 month ago)
Have had the worst day every one thinks I’m annoying no one wants to be friends I hate this
Jazzy Chen (1 month ago)
My house is not yet build but aleast I was BUILDING UP MY CONFIDENTS
Duy Nguyen (1 month ago)
6th: Use drug => 100% confidence
Danny Boi (1 month ago)
I used to be confident and happy. Then I moved schools and my “friends” wanted nothing more to do with me.
It's not Im/pol/ssible (1 month ago)
Hello my fellow anxious friends
Mai Vũ (1 month ago)
love your videos
Madhura Binekar (1 month ago)
It was very helpful.. Thank you so much...you're amazing
Muhammad Abdullah (1 month ago)
Thanks for the three secrets.
Furmston Family (1 month ago)
this is issue to me now and its big deal to me now too that I don't had fucking confidence the way I talk to someone or in my work I always shy give me an idea please please to have a confidence In my fucking self. anyway I just learn how to say bad words is just this month,,  I think this help me to make more confedence im really really shy but I just pretend it until now that I am not
Shxrtie Edits (1 month ago)
I used to worship myself in the confidential way, due to toxic people, I don't even talk to my friends' friend's. Although that, im nice to them, (to the toxic people) and I hate myself for that. I just want to snap at them, but I don't have the courage since im *scared* of them.
Miriam L. (1 month ago)
I like you! I like your fun but serious way of delivering this message. This applies to men and women - So thsnks for that! I fully agree with every point but want to say that negative people can take you down -passively. I mean if someone ignores a decent person, they hurt that person. Steer clear of those passive agressive types. Thanks for this short, impactful meassage. You've given realistic recommendations. Awesome but not intimidating! ☺
Anbors (1 month ago)
When i started 7 grade my confident dropped
Ariette (1 month ago)
*Does one push up and gives up
6 art (1 month ago)
What if I say a nice thing to the guy I really dont like?
Omar (1 month ago)
mother f****** went from "be better as a person" to a shameless sponsor.
Dhiraj Kumar (1 month ago)
Very nice information thanks. U r one of the best.. I am saying it confidently.
Kenzie Brock (1 month ago)
Instead of a youtuber he should be a car commercial person😂
Matas Švieseired (1 month ago)
Does he have elf ears?
what's wrong with your left eye??
what's wrong with your left eye??
goofy woofy (1 month ago)
Ricky Shawn (1 month ago)
@jupiter NO
Anthony boxer Ward (1 month ago)
Great video bro 👍
Ricky Shawn (1 month ago)
The ellen degenerous of YouTube
F.F. Aurnob (1 month ago)
the fifth key!
Boy Man (1 month ago)
Did anyone else get that president campaign commercial?
fady sobhy (1 month ago)
You are very good lookin , beautiful and attractive, you should be so confident ,but I liked ur advice
fady sobhy (1 month ago)
What if my confidence problem related to something is my face that make me always non confident, I have the biggest eye brows which make me always feeling bad about my face and my appeal
JON MICHAEL (1 month ago)
My own family fucked up my confidence. I'm the youngest. I'm learning how to be confident. Thanks alpha.
Delara Khatun (1 month ago)
What if you are the negative person? I can't get away from my negative thoughts
iwannadie * (1 month ago)
Get a girlfriend
MrSourPickle (1 month ago)
Pretend everyone is in their underwear
All Over youtube (1 month ago)
Buddy u just bring my heart out if the chest awesome man
Harry Doherty (1 month ago)
I cant eliminate negative people because i am the negative person 😩
Vi Vo (1 month ago)
eliminate negative mind out of you brain
Andy Armor (2 months ago)
Omg sick!! this video was made on my Birthday which is July 25th bro
themetal2001 (2 months ago)
So if someone close to you like a friend or family member got depressed for any reason, get rid of them ! I don't agree at all
Lala Wadekar (2 months ago)
But what if that negative people is our family
Abush Shebo (2 months ago)
that sponsored content came outa nowhere LOL
2GO0D Pubgm (2 months ago)
Stop watching porn guys
It’s Elaina (2 months ago)
Your positive voice honesty makes me more positive idk it just does
Andrew Downey (1 month ago)
His positive energy is contagious.
xxlCortez (2 months ago)
Getting rid of negative people is hard when theyre your neigbours. You have be crazy rich the move around until you get positive environment.
+xxlCortez Made a note of that, thanks for the feedback my friend
xxlCortez (1 month ago)
+Confidence Coaching with Gwun I think that subject would deserve a video of its own.
+xxlCortez It can certainly be challenging, yet there are many real world situations where we're 'stuck' dealing with assholes (work, family, etc.) and can't leave or get rid of them for different reasons. In those cases, changing the way we view them, the situation, and ourselves in that situation is really the only option to change the experience. I actually find difficult people fascinating because it's an opportunity to practice patience, nonjudgement, and working with my own triggers. I've found this to be a much more effective mindset that's skyrocketed my confidence, knowing that I can be with very difficult people and not be pulled in to engaging emotionally with them. Much love.
xxlCortez (2 months ago)
+Confidence Coaching with Gwun Well, I don't know how it's possible as if it would be, we wouldn't need to get rid of such people.
+xxlCortez Can't argue with that. Unfortunately we can't always control what others do or how they behave. It then falls to us to change our response to the them in order to find happiness
tanif zahid (2 months ago)
Love you brother
Javier Llanos (2 months ago)
Alpha M is my secret dad
Tomoe Yukishiro (2 months ago)
I was very confident before but when my co workers calling me badnicknames everytime i was losing a bit
What would it take to ignore their words?
TheDede508 (2 months ago)
what if your whole family is negative?
That's always a challenging situation, however, you can make your own positivity louder than there negativity
Bitches From The Ghetto (2 months ago)
I feel like I’m just mildly depressed
How do you want to feel?
Cha Ris Se (2 months ago)
Wow thank you❤
Leticia Monelli (2 months ago)
Loved this! Thank you. This is useful for women as well as men!
cute potato (2 months ago)
thank you for helping me
Doublevanoz (2 months ago)
I want to speedball with this guy
Console Gaming (2 months ago)
#1 don't search this up
Nathan McKenzie (2 months ago)
Littrely everyone I know is negative except from 1 person...
Society has conditioned most people to only talk about their fears and worries. You can be a positive light and role model for everyone else in your life!
Jotaro Kujo (2 months ago)
Well Sucks for me i guess
Deenath Mathesh (2 months ago)

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