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LUX vs KATARINA (MID) ~ KDA 14/0/3, Legendary ~ NA Diamond ~ Patch 8.13

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Watch Lux outplay Katarina in Diamond elo! Highlights of this replay include: Perfect KDA: 14/0/3, Killing spree: Legendary. Learn what runes to use, what items to build, understand how to lane, teamfight, and outplay your opponents as Lux. /// League of Legends high elo replay Thank you for watching! Did you learn something new? Share it in the comments! If you liked this video, please leave a thumbs up, if you disliked it, be sure to give me feedback in the comments, I read every single one. I appreciate your support! If you found this replay helpful and want to support me, feel free to donate: http://www.paypal.me/domisum |^|---|^|--- MATCH INFO ---|^|---|^| GAME TYPE: Ranked Solo/Duo 5v5 REGION: NA TIER: Diamond I SEASON: Season 8 PATCH: 8.13 (exact game version: MATCH HISTORY: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA/2813481004 |^|---|^|--- FOLLOWED SUMMONER ---|^|---|^| NAME: Saliva CHAMPION: Lux RANK: Diamond III OP.GG: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Saliva RUNES: SORCERY - Summon Aery, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, Scorch; PRECISION - Presence Of Mind, Coup De Grace |^|---|^|--- OPPONENT ---|^|---|^| NAME: BiancaChandon CHAMPION: Katarina RANK: Diamond I OP.GG: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=BiancaChandon RUNES: DOMINATION - Electrocute, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, Ingenious Hunter; PRECISION - Triumph, Coup De Grace |^|---|^|--- WATCH MORE ---|^|---|^| More replays of: Lux: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-TM5XNBRKzSNUbqC5E3NZF9yrQDzeLss Mid Season 8: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-TM5XNBRKzSKVz8zJxOz2IOtj9lTfCkO If OP.GG links don't work or show an entirely different summoner, the summoner is likely to have changed their name after the upload of this video. OP.GG links point to the summoner name, so when it is changed the link breaks. I am not one of the summoners playing in the matches uploaded to this channel, so I am unfortunately unable to answer questions about decisions made by the summoners in the game. Uploaded on 2018-06-27 13:27:06 (UTC); NA-2813481004; score: 43.1
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Text Comments (53)
Big Chungus (15 hours ago)
Saliva Anus
Hana Mao (1 month ago)
How did you get the diamond? You cannot even play as Lux.
Aybars Acar (2 months ago)
Katarina noob
Daniel Garcia Avila (2 months ago)
yu are a noob
Francisca Mendoza (3 months ago)
8:40 first Q Nice.
Takeshi Takiguchi (4 months ago)
I think he is just a Smurf who just playing with somebody worse than him. And he is proud of his skill by playing with a weaker opponent. Just disgusting. I wanna fight more weaker person ! lol
Ayşe Tekbaş (4 months ago)
Ayşe Tekbaş (4 months ago)
Skill shot is very very 😰🔫
World Music Press (4 months ago)
OMG Miss Kill very much
TheNinjaGuy (5 months ago)
19:59 Aatrox: OOF
ルノーマ (5 months ago)
This lux is too bad.
me x (5 months ago)
"Saliva Anus" uashushauhshuahsh
Ahri Gatto (5 months ago)
It's look like gold in ph. Always hanging out all in the mid.
loovee lux :) gj. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_NsW_ejFAc
Jack Kim (6 months ago)
Fucking noob game
Nav (6 months ago)
All those salty hardstucks in the comments made my day :P wave management was amazing coupled with her insane flash that won her the lane after the first blood
Jacob Waterhouse (6 months ago)
How is this person missing so many Q's
Fryderyk Chopin (6 months ago)
That lux is bad
oh no (6 months ago)
You do know how to farm really well and flash but the q , e and r u miss them a lot
Oh honey (6 months ago)
This is na dimaond ? lmao im bronze and avoid and play better no shade no tea
christine soubrier (6 months ago)
seeing the early game, she didn't deserve to win her lane, that's catastrophic
CormacThunderStar (6 months ago)
Ikr? Like boi use your e after kata used her q since that means she is forced to use aa's and easier to hit
Pink Ward (6 months ago)
İkiside mainim kimi tutcamki benn :'(
a a (6 months ago)
This is not d1 this cant be d1
poppy jungla (6 months ago)
La kata perdio toda la ventaja dsd que la nidalee le gankeo ya que habia usado la q lux, xd lo cual podia tirarse a esa vida
hiu fung cheung (6 months ago)
he outplayed that kat really hard !
rickie4730 (6 months ago)
This lux is garbage waste of ur money to get that skin u missed q so many times I practically died from watching this
+Mhicievi Luho tyy
Mhicievi Luho (6 months ago)
+Well Guess What Mimi We Did Lunar Empress Lux
What skin is it
iNojentha - its flammer (6 months ago)
O cara joga com o cu e tá no diamante. A prova que qualquer um que se diz "main lux" é um demente.
Madison Rachael (6 months ago)
my anxiety went from an 11 to a 201 early game jesus christ
Neko desu (6 months ago)
Lorde Kpong (4 months ago)
Joy Alsisto (6 months ago)
I love lux and my main character is lux xayah and katarina💜💜😊
Darlingg BRAH (6 months ago)
I don't care.
Büşra Meltem Bayram (6 months ago)
Wow this don't look like a diamond game to me but whatever
ghostscales (6 months ago)
its "NA" diamond so. to be expected tbh
Bianca Rodrigues (6 months ago)
my god hit a fucking q bro. that early game was awful
Andrea L e o v e (6 months ago)
La ulti de la cait ;v
Κατερίνα Ππ. (6 months ago)
at early game my eyes bleed so muchh
BOYET TUMANON (4 months ago)
Κατερίνα Ππ. Same lol
yuri0170_ (6 months ago)
I turned into Lee sin while watching lux's early game...send help.
LoL Tuber (7 months ago)
Well, she literally missed everything in early game :/
Hoàn Vũ (5 months ago)
this is litterally me went playing lux. maybe too much prediction.
Woojun Jeong (7 months ago)
허블렛 찡 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Daughter of the SEA (7 months ago)
That name wth
Dale Oberlin Ramirez (8 months ago)
That first blood tho
Randy Ramkissoon (8 months ago)
Jesus.... as a lux main this lux gave me anxiety 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Gj tho
MainMan81 (8 months ago)
that first kill is amazing.. i don't think it was just luck ! :P
けえええい (8 months ago)
RiP Hubblet
Phuong Nguyen Xuan (8 months ago)
Kara ad?
Scythe (8 months ago)
Any kat games

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