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Flight Attendants Reveal Secrets About Flying

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Text Comments (3032)
Don't Judge Me! (9 hours ago)
You have more subscribers than Little Mix
Paul Charles (1 day ago)
David Rogers (3 days ago)
as someone learning aircraft maintenance i disagree with the dirtiest part of the plane. good video though
jekabs marahovskis (5 days ago)
Is that girl asian? Or she just have really tight hair...
Cathy Miranda (5 days ago)
Omg, I drink the coffee. Not anymore. Thanks for sharing!!!!
Bangtan Bananas (7 days ago)
Where tf is the first class part??
yandere freak (7 days ago)
I’ve once saw a male flight attendant who looked like Daniel Radcliffe. All the flight attendants looked like they came out of the modelling agency
yandere freak (7 days ago)
I want to be a flight attendant now.
First class is the most deadly class in the plane, as it was tested with aerial scientists and test dummies.
Aichel Santos Mas (7 days ago)
The Asian chick was the same one from the fast food video Suspecious🤔
Max Max (7 days ago)
Thx for telling me this!(need to put of a lot of makeup for my next flight ✈️
Max Max (7 days ago)
Are these people going to get fired after this?
Katie Lajune (8 days ago)
Good to know:.. I don’t think I’ll ever fly though. Too scared .
WHATS VIRAL? (8 days ago)
That black shirt girl cannot be a FA. Too fat. She wont pass weight requirement in any airlines.
gg des (8 days ago)
Boleh aja, kalau di negara kita aja sih enggak boleh jadi FA.. Di sana mereka lebih open..mereka tidak melihat saiz badan tapi mereka melihat pada taraf kesihatan dan skill.. cube kamu lihat di youtube channel Flywithstella disitu dia menunjukkan rutin harian bekerjanya sebagai FA..
Cyndi Garcia (10 days ago)
I remember before me and my mom had boarded a plane we were getting food and the lady in front of us was short like a dollar or something on her food so my mom covered it and she turned out to be our flight attendant on our flight, we got free drinks and snacks, I’m pretty sure my mom also got wine, being nice and generous can definitely go a long way
degenerator r (11 days ago)
it would never occur to me to walk barefoot on a plance..what's wrong with those people D:
Mamie Shoemaker (11 days ago)
That coffee is so nasty 🤢
Lilo X Charlie (12 days ago)
Some of them: you will be banned The other: offer em a warm towel
Bananas Are Very Good (12 days ago)
Oh yeah! I remember I waited for like 15 minutes to buy a drink with no one in line, the guy gave me the coke, and said “I will charge you later” or something along the lines of that, he never came to do that.
Wow I should’ve know these videos were fake
Karla Trejo (13 days ago)
Omg it's Stella!!!
Oscar The Viking (13 days ago)
The Asian girl is also an fast-food employee ?????????????????
itschoechoe (13 days ago)
im studying to become a flight attendant and this just made me feel x10 more nervous for the future LOL
Von Legend (14 days ago)
Oh wow I will save a ton of money. I can just ask the flight attendant be like : " hey. Can I get a first class p.s. you looking snatched" Flight attendant: "sure BTW thank you" Easy pesy lemon squesy
Krissy Kreme (15 days ago)
I told my step mum about the first class seat and she freaken went to the flight attendant and asked and the lady said no and my step replied ohh because my daughter watched a vid about secrets flight attendants keep and I’m like I didn’t tell u to do it
Wolfy Junior (15 days ago)
One time when my flight was delayed and I was still a cute little innocent girl when we finally got on the plane and then we had to wait 2 more hours for it to take off, I had my giant stuffed animal seal with me and I reminded one of the really nice flight attendants of one of her kids so she gave me a whole box of free snacks that had like marshmallows and chips and stuff
Bobby Shek (15 days ago)
That gay one is SO CUTE - Can I date him already please? I’m a pilot
sauliha ibrahim (16 days ago)
The guy is so hot!
preskool (16 days ago)
Why the hell are you drinking the bathroom water
gg des (16 days ago)
The asian lady is super cute
Felipe Marquez (16 days ago)
0:10 I swear to god I saw this man in a gay porn I swear
Voident V3 (16 days ago)
Screw it getting Diet Coke now
Ummmmmmm heyyyyy what’s the mile high club?🙂
t e a (17 days ago)
I’m going on a plane tomorrow…
Seni Leni (17 days ago)
Why is the man reading from the paper aren't they supposed to KNOW thosz
pomegranat2000 (17 days ago)
I LOL'd with the "upgrade your life" remark from the super pretty attendant
Jor Di (17 days ago)
I don't believe this folks who'd interviewed!...they are not legit flight attendant! Some of them are in the baristas videos. It means, they are paid actors to do an interview!!!..
Mia Donahue (14 days ago)
They could've been baristas before they were flight attendants.
Riman Chowdhury (17 days ago)
Who came because of the thumbnail? I cringed so hard that I lost 5 years of my life.
Amy Marietta (18 days ago)
yahhssss this is so good haha
smokeweed (18 days ago)
*This whole video gave me good reason to be germaphobic.*
Justme (18 days ago)
Ur gay
Shelby Inman (18 days ago)
The real people who should reveal the "secrets about flying" are those pilots.
Christina Gibson (19 days ago)
At 3 10 yeah to make your life easier
nAmJoOn GoT JaMS (19 days ago)
so clearly if u wanna get everything ur way then 1. Look dam good. 2. Just do number one and done.
Andrew Kim (19 days ago)
The first guy flight attendant is HOT!
Amelia Pineside (19 days ago)
i threw up on the plain just before we landed o the GROUND
flor x (20 days ago)
Sorry I'm not drinking reg coke
LivPiggy (20 days ago)
Tanya Bashir (20 days ago)
These people r gonna get fired
Emilie the Ballerina (20 days ago)
anybody else have the ads on ur phone and say for this vid japan airlines came up and after i watch bartender reveals secrets and like a bar near me comes up im like illuminatiiii lol.
Demir Yidliri (20 days ago)
1:00 definitely said that because he is gay
MegaAkselerator (21 days ago)
The dude talking about rating people on how sexy they are. First of all,.. gross. AND if that was a straight guy talking about rating female passangers... my god he would get a reaction
Roxemmasupergirl (21 days ago)
I saw a airways commercial before the video started
Adam Dreyer (21 days ago)
That's not how mafia works
Green Sparkle (21 days ago)
My dad got first class with a regular ticket I was so confused
Bellatrix Silverly (22 days ago)
Never been on a plane before but this was an interesting video
Alexianna (22 days ago)
The coffee was all i drank😔
Adrian W. (22 days ago)
The gay flight attendant is always horny
Alexandra Zana (22 days ago)
Ok quick story: recently I flew on an intercontinental flight, and I had a basic economy ticket. I usually go to the airport looking like a hot mess (sweatpants, no makeup, bags under my eyes), but this time, I decided I felt like dressing up and looking put together (makeup, hair done, nice clothes). I was traveling alone, and I'm pretty young too (22), and right before boarding, a woman working for the airline company was walking around the benches we were all sitting on waiting to board and she was kind of looking at people. I smiled at her and didn't really think anything of it. Then, when boarding, my ticket got refused and I was told by the employees that it was because my ticket had gotten updated to business class! I was super happy but also very confused, because I was the only one that had happened to (I got into business plus, where there were like 7 seats, 6 of whom were taken by rich married couples). It got me thinking to who must've done that? Was it an accident? I'm really curious as to why my ticket got updated randomly. If anyone has an idea, let me know! I'm not complaining AT ALL, but I am just curious haha
editingpjm (23 days ago)
my older sister became a flight attendant so I’m 24/7 asking her questions lmfao
抖音人民Tik Tok (24 days ago)
Isn’t this the girl that’s from the fast food vid.... how does she work at two places, at the same time?
‘MURICA :/ (24 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Titanic Big boat (24 days ago)
elevator kid Hinds (25 days ago)
Yay stella is in this
blah blah blah blah (25 days ago)
Sub to pewdiepie!
Adrianna Marie (27 days ago)
*Wasn’t that one lady in the fast food vid as well*
Jeon jungkook (27 days ago)
ok let me be cute just for the first class
i regret resting my head on that nasty tray table now
Anthony Elms (27 days ago)
That's so unprofessional and mean for the flight attendants to be gossiping about passengers. I wouldn't want the flight attendants gossiping about me in the back of the plane. That guy and whoever he's gossiping with are horrible people and should be fired. And he would just let someone go to first class because " your really cute and we want you over here" like wtf
Lydia Kelchner (27 days ago)
*Student universe our flights are discounted* add
Next time I fly I’ll probably just get a can of Fanta
Rain Chicken (28 days ago)
Oh my goodness, I'm so scared of airplanes, but these people are super cute and funny.
Sophia Syzek (28 days ago)
My mom is allergic to cats, and my sister accidently brought a bag covered in cat hair. The flight attendant was so understanding
EllieShakey x (28 days ago)
That man is vile
Hilary Morrison (28 days ago)
ive barfed on a plane right near where the flight attendants are
emilynatanova (29 days ago)
For the people who are saying that Asain lady was in the fast food video, you did not read the title in the video since it said "*Former* Fast Food Employees..."
PizNey Works (29 days ago)
Why are all flight attendants like really hot ladies
Marlenie R. (29 days ago)
I just got off a plane last night
Selena Goudreault (29 days ago)
Still waiting for the secrets 😅
Mr. Jax (30 days ago)
Yeah stellar on this video
Lim Oungcheng (30 days ago)
after i knew that i feel unsecured going on board again
Kawai Keshi (30 days ago)
Dustin Mann (30 days ago)
Ha! I puked on a airplane floir once
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Young grain (30 days ago)
Uc. 9. .
Marueen Jung (30 days ago)
Hope i could get into 1st class next time i take another 1day and an 1hour plane ride from the US to Kenya :)
Officially HALIM (1 month ago)
I once accidentally clicked the emergency button in the toilet. Long story short I never been so scared in my life before.
Savannah Sarden (1 month ago)
*ok now I’ll just go to first class*
I don’t drink coffee on plane and before I step out I use to say goodbye and thanks for the kind service thru the whole flight 🥰👍🏻
K H (1 month ago)
Ain’t no fight is complete without a gay fight attendant lol
Rumpelforeskin (1 month ago)
Confirmed: All Stewards under 40 are gay. Been on may flights always thought it. Now this guy confirmed it.
MimiSter (1 month ago)
I remember me, my siblings, and my mom were flying to California. Me and my siblings wanted headphones, but this old guy offered to pay us headphones. I'm that person that does a good deed to a person back, you know neutrual feelings. Maybe this is why you should respect your elderlies. He even bought us 3 or 2 headphones. I miss him and wish him a good rest of his life. then I remember me and my siblings ears were dying then this woman gave us mints. That didn't help, but she was kind. The mints were good tho. Thhheeenn, I remember always getting nervous flushing the toilet in the labortory... cuz it was WAAAYYY too loud. Like I just summoned demons and Satan just popped out. At least I walk around the airplane with socks, cuz who tf goes to the airport with slippers?
fu rrys scare me (1 month ago)
*when the thumbnail is me when you take a picture and smile but you see the sun*
Pamela Johnson (1 month ago)
You all are hilarious! I'm a sweet passenger btw! :) lol
Just Saph (1 month ago)
im flying in a month so this was good to watch hahaha
Jes L. (1 month ago)
Yeah, I'm gonna bring wipes from now on.
Sarah Christensen (1 month ago)
The Asian is so cute
Elise Kalin (1 month ago)
Good to know that flight attendants judge what I look like
Jozey Jorz (1 month ago)
And tik tok at Jordan newbery 7
Jozey Jorz (1 month ago)
Follow me on Instagram at jordanpoulnewbery

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