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LoL Balanced Runes Tutorial AD & AP

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This is just a small tutorial on balanced rune pages for Ad, ap and tanks. First time doing a video like this was rather nervous and I am aware I was speaking a little fast but i hope i can help some LoL players out. music http://soundcloud.com/gabbeh song:Ethics - Jag kommer (Remix) by Gabbeh
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Text Comments (24)
Mozel Chowdhurry (3 years ago)
George G (4 years ago)
Can't understand a word your saying with background noise you dunce.
MultiSuperfunny (5 years ago)
are these runes still good?
varlock05 (5 years ago)
@TrixiesTuts Update plz xD
Rei (5 years ago)
sadly no but i will be redoing anew in depth video soon!"
John Smith (5 years ago)
It was near impossible to hear you, music was to loud with to many words and you spoke to softly. this annoyed the hell out of me
Master Yoda (5 years ago)
Swedish song
Adolf Hitler (5 years ago)
Svensk låt :D 
Adolf Hitler (5 years ago)
@Gustav Karlsson Men jag är närmare!
Oddster (5 years ago)
Jag kommer, jag kommer, jag kommer, jag kommer. Jag är nästan där! :D
tmott (5 years ago)
add oAeohh if you guys wanna play!
The Dolap (5 years ago)
cant find the armor pen 1.7 is it still in the game all i can find is 1.28 :'( and yes im in tier 3
ANG JAIWEI (6 years ago)
u did not show wat the blue runes should be
Pally Trainer (6 years ago)
Whats up with thw video glitching?
Jacob Koodarappally (6 years ago)
Gaming101 (6 years ago)
Dude, is it good for dealing damage? like for jax or katarina or kennen for example?
D3w10n (6 years ago)
Only video that has really good amount of likes so I will guess you know what you are doing... ... and ofc I will swear at you every time I lose match xD
YEET (6 years ago)
i had 13k ip and wasted them on most of the wrong runes, i only wish i had seen this video earlier :(
Aito (6 years ago)
Its a swedish song in the back ground
Cadin Van de Venter (6 years ago)
Its how damage is calculated % is calculated over flat damage or something like that. I read it on one of the items I use forget which one though x.x might have just been that one item
Rei (6 years ago)
Im British, taste for Swedish music tho!
Rei (6 years ago)
Flat means a set amount that does not change, aka stuff that does not scale, and non flat is scaling stuff that scales from level 1 to 18
Rei (6 years ago)
Welcome mate im gonna try and sort it out and get more videos up soon
Jeff Horton (6 years ago)
helped me understand runes a bit more, need to turn your mic up a bit more or music down a bit, thank you for the video!

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