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A Day In My Life: Living in Japan and Working for a Japanese company

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I'm working in Japan and this is just another normal day in my life. It's quite boring and I'm always busy. This video was a bit hard to make but I had fun making it! :) ラジオ体操 (Rajio Taisou) - Japanese Morning exercising: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS92XkVKM0Q More information below ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ ☆ Request a video that you want to watch: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQi7SxTrgCe6e3ULxTT8b8KuVRZwewO-EbfzB2AHWCPDGTNw/viewform ☆ Please subscribe if you want to know more about Japan! I'm uploading new video on Monday every week ♥ 毎週月曜日に新し動画をアップしましので、チャンネル登録してくださーい♥ Feel free to ask any question!!! ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ ☆ SNS ☆ ☞ Twitter: https://twitter.com/chillwithlinh ☞ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chillwithlinh/ ☞ Email: [email protected] ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ ♫ Music used in this video ♫ ☞ Joakim Karud - Make a Wish (w/ GurtyBeats) (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/VQfxcx9mH10 ☞ Ikson - Paradise (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music Video Link: https://youtu.be/glMhD3EU46k ☞ Ikson - Angel (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/mS0zHtJRroQ ☆ Icons used in this video ☆ ☞ Man in office desk / House / Desk / Speech bubble / thought bubble / checking attendance / musical notes / bell / human / raising hand silhouette / sun umbrella / stretching exercise / office material / stat / excel / question / box / mailing / translate / man working on a laptop from side view Icons made by Freepik (http://www.freepik.com) from Flaticon (https://www.flaticon.com) Licensed by Creative Commons 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) ☞ Japanese flag Icons made by Gregor Cresnar (https://www.flaticon.com/authors/gregor-cresnar) from Flaticon (https://www.flaticon.com) Licensed by Creative Commons 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) ☞ Office block Icons made by Vectors Market (https://www.flaticon.com/authors/vectors-market) from Flaticon (https://www.flaticon.com) Licensed by Creative Commons 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) ☞ Person walking / Food Icons made by Nikita Golubev (https://www.flaticon.com/authors/nikita-golubev) from Flaticon (https://www.flaticon.com) Licensed by Creative Commons 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) ☞ Megaphone Icons made by Prosymbols (https://www.flaticon.com/authors/prosymbols) from Flaticon (https://www.flaticon.com) Licensed by Creative Commons 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) ☞ Music notes Icons made by Darius Dan (https://www.flaticon.com/authors/darius-dan) from Flaticon (https://www.flaticon.com) Licensed by Creative Commons 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) ☞ Speech bubble Icons made by Iconnice (https://www.flaticon.com/authors/iconnice) from Flaticon (https://www.flaticon.com) Licensed by Creative Commons 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)
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Text Comments (2445)
anokhkishore (2 hours ago)
Maanneeeiii 🤑
iFiraga (6 hours ago)
Great video! Very informative
Tho Fi (12 hours ago)
Lot of waste of time on front of the mirror
Cat (19 hours ago)
This is.very2 knowledgeable thanks
Robert Anchondo (1 day ago)
I had a salary job but got laid off
Luis Garcia (1 day ago)
I love how you find happiness in the little things of life and you keep it simple and so clean and organized. Greetings from San Antonio Texas:)
Randy R (1 day ago)
nice video I got a question, do you go out with friends a would love to see what you do for fun ...! Thanks!!
Kim Fuck U (1 day ago)
Company anthem? I want that too! Hope your blood test was ok! Greetings from Switzerland.
ZIKA EZIAGULU (1 day ago)
No Morning baths ?😳
Null System (1 day ago)
頑張ってください. でも Selling online is made more money than youtube. You should try that.
vinayak shanbhag (1 day ago)
Hi , this is Vinayak from India Quite an honest portrayal of your work life. I really liked japanese companies work culture , morning routine before start a of work. Other than office and household chores, how do japanese spend time..
Licheng Shen (1 day ago)
Great video to share your daily life with us. Life is harsh but in good orders. 健康快乐!!
rotten apple (1 day ago)
how old are you??
Stefan Pigford (1 day ago)
Invite me some time soon. Send email when you get a some time off...lol
Stefan Pigford (1 day ago)
Dinner ready let's eat. Smells delicious 😋. Ok foot rub relax watch a movie...
Samm Y (2 days ago)
Your camera is great Linh. which kind is that?
Lou Arre (2 days ago)
First time watching your video and I love it. Ty for sharing 👏🦋
Yoshar (2 days ago)
I have same habit of watching YouTube videos while eating
A F (2 days ago)
😂 your shopping is exactly what my wife allways buys in austria. funfact: she is japanese 👍
MegaWhitemaster (2 days ago)
poor life in japan,greetings fromUS
Omair Siddiqui (2 days ago)
Very simple and informative video. Nice Job Linh!
nresolvedtension (2 days ago)
Here in turkey putting make up on is demanded too. But in istanbul you need to leave home at least 1 hour before the shift starts due to monstrous traffic jam.
Roshan Patra (2 days ago)
Very sweet Japanese day to day life
Hey, first time watching your videos, awesome to say the least. Greetings from Chile
Anonymous User (3 days ago)
Your English is perfect
yuzu (3 days ago)
Im a student and currently studying abroad. So i spend most of my time studying ot hanging with friends:)
Crazythen Her (3 days ago)
Honest and real cant wait to see more
Joc Joc (3 days ago)
Wow that thermos for your lunch tho. Makes so much more sense than Tupperware! I like those
tech nm (3 days ago)
I like how u appreciate your beauty after makeup saying" as you see nothing is changed"
Ilham m (3 days ago)
i love how you speak english and your voice :)
Bianca Mondejar (3 days ago)
Hey. Any advice for some 18 year old filipino like me who wants to work in Japan? I love Japan and its culture. First time to actually go to another country, well maybe in a few years...
khushbu merchant (3 days ago)
Hi. Just a question. If you have a full time job and then how do you create videos?
The 90s Kid K2 (3 days ago)
Santo Chowdhury (3 days ago)
Love your happy journey
kıvanç erakçora (4 days ago)
💗🌼👍🌺 greetings from Turkey
redlingx (4 days ago)
wow you’re BEAUTIFUL 😦 and so funny omg
Akira Ahu Maipi (4 days ago)
Stop wearing makeup and start investing in skin care instead!!!!
Abhishek (4 days ago)
6:35 : " My Cute Sponges ! " Actually, sharing them shows how かわいい (Cute) you're inside 🤗
Paramjit Maan (4 days ago)
You don't take bath in the morning???? Before going to office 🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄😯😯😯
Sonsuzadek Mokoko (4 days ago)
What a sad story :o(
Skyliner KKTX (4 days ago)
Any apartment tour?
Skyliner KKTX (4 days ago)
Hi your English is excellent
Sakura Chan (4 days ago)
Ohh i like how honest you are with your routine. I would probably wash my clothes the same way you did. From Philippines too 🌸
paprika (4 days ago)
Can you make video about hang out with your friends ?
Soni Negi (5 days ago)
I'm Indian never do make up so I cnt work in Japan... 🙂
Mich Mich (5 days ago)
After putting make-up ''as you can see nothing has changed''. Lol. 12:30? Girl, you better sleep earlier than that 😎
Nealu F (5 days ago)
I just found your channel and idk what it is but you are literally so genuine and sweet that I have to tell you I’m obsessed with watching!!! Please don’t stop
10101guy (5 days ago)
Interesting video about Japan’s life
Megan Whittington (5 days ago)
6.5 hours of sleep every night doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
sidebangs123 (2 days ago)
But she’s not cooking every night
Janice Coulson (5 days ago)
You don't get enough sleep!
Chi Nguyễn (5 days ago)
Rửa mặt thì buộc cái tóc lên nha má!
Chi Nguyễn (5 days ago)
Anh bị ốm làm sao mà đi thử máu á?
keppler 666 (5 days ago)
you are so neat..subbed
keppler 666 (5 days ago)
+Chill With Linh anytime 😀
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
haha thanks :D
Bryan A (5 days ago)
Thats really nice girl. Best of luck
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
Thankssss :D
Anita John (5 days ago)
Very nice video 👌👍😊 always wanted to know life of a typical Japanese please make more videos ☺👍
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
Thank you for watching! I will!! :)
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
I wish never take birth in poor family especially I should be in India. Because of India pm Narendra Modi so many people die he will illegally killing Muslims. He hate Muslims, once he took them to train and burn whole train but no police case on him. And he killed lot of Muslims small kids also but case . He recently released a bomblast terrorist . She kept bomb in 6 mosque. So many were died actually our PM is sico( A religious mental )
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
hmm... take care :( Life seems so tough for you... :( And thanks for sharing your routine with me...
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
I'm not able to pay my fees also and my company won't allow to study my family is so poor so I have spend money in home. Our rent 5500 power and water bill 600+50= 650 (5500+650-8000= 1850) for my sister study also I took loan for that I have to pay 500 a month.
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
If your topper also you will fail. If you rich and don't know a also you will pass . I felt so many times to sucide but myself I said it's not time to sucide you have to go out of this and try to do good for students but it's not possible in my life.
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
Mostly working students only because here education is not good in India, Telangana, Hyderabad. Here is good life for only rich here if your topper also you will fail . Specifically now my state pm is Chandrashekar rao Because of him I failed 3 times in my exam
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
Our company will get 50lakh (50,0000)to 1(10000000)crore for every week We will get as salary 8,000 only
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
General office timings 7:00 to 9:30 but for more work to extra money for full night's Actually we won't get sleep (I'm a graphic designer and hacker and developer ) main I will work in now office on only movies editing it paint ,comp,roto and somany now I didn't remember all names
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
If anyone birthday we all will gather at 9:30 and celebrate upto 10:15 . At evening 4pm tea break My work will finish at 9pm. Sometimes whole day or 7 days at that time we will stay in office only our office have all facilities to cook bath TV, WiFi .
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
Lunch at 1:00 to 1:15 with same telivision and comedy shows
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
At 8 :am breakfast 8:00-8:15 While having breakfast we watch Television some comedy shows then again get back to work at 8:15 and at 10:15 ofiice meating to discuss about work . (10:15-10:25) Back to work
mohammed moheen (6 days ago)
So.... Busy life. I will go work at 6:30am I will reach at 7:00am and work for one hour like checking today's projects and installation softwares patching it it's not bought by my company or if any urgent work like anyone left there work at night I will complete it.
synairesis (6 days ago)
0:12 something tells me she’s not doing what makes her soul happy
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
you're right. I was miserable with the previous job :D But that was the best thing I could do when I made this video. Now I have another job and a totally different life :D
Alexander G (6 days ago)
Nice video! Really enjoyed it My routine: Wake up, groan, snooze my alarm, go back to sleep. Repeat 3 times. Wake up, realise I'm going to be horribly late, go back to sleep anyway. Wake up, devise excuse in advance, roll over, grab whatever clothes are on the floor. Brush teeth, offset with three cups of coffee, drive 95mph down the motorway yelling at people. Work feverishly till 11am when my adrenaline wears off, drink more coffee. Eat garbage for lunch, reflect on poor life choices, watch YouTube. Work feverishly till 6:30, drive home in gridlock, play Breath of the Wild. Go out and smoke shisha, stay out far too late. Bed by 3am. Another productive and successful day.
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
hahahahahaha nice comment! really enjoyed it too hahaha..... Very productive! :D I laughed a lot at the groan part haha... It's so painful to wake up in the morning lol
Dominic Nguyen (6 days ago)
Em xem mà cứ nghĩ chị người nước nào xong mới thấy tên channel của chị hahaha
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
+Dominic Nguyen phong luc nay la o yokohama em, nen moi to nhu the chu bay gio o tokyo be xiu a :))))) giong chi kieu mix du cac the loai luon nen chang biet la giong nuoc nao nua :D
Dominic Nguyen (5 days ago)
Nhưng thực sự giọng tiếng anh của chị rất giống của người hàn vs trung quốc:) chị ở tokyo ạ, phòng to quá :(
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
nhin van giong nguoi Viet Nam ma em oi 😂😂
August Alducente (6 days ago)
Why did.you .mix the fabric conditioner with detergent
August Alducente (5 days ago)
+Chill With Linh i want to.live like that too
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
haha... I just did that when I was in university and found out that the clothes smell so good after that and I love it that way so yea... not sure if it's a good thing to do 😂
Indrani Choudhury (6 days ago)
You are so accomplished and independent. I am a working woman too, but not as efficient as you! My mom loved your routine! 😘
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
haha I'm like that sometimes too... It's pretty hard to try to cook haha :) Hope you'll be able to cook more :D
Indrani Choudhury (5 days ago)
+Chill With Linh I am just plain lazy! Keep ordering home delivery! But you have inspired me to cook again! :-) Thank you so much for replying!
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
haha say thanks to your mom for me! Thank you :) It's fine we all have our inefficient days haha...
M. Ferrucho (6 days ago)
Thank you to let us know how your day today. It looks pretty similar to my own days.
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
That's interesting to know! :D Thanks for watching :)
Tomas Kareiva (6 days ago)
Your life is f*****d up
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
no it's not :D
Srushti Sawant (6 days ago)
Lovely independent girl.
Chill With Linh (5 days ago)
thank you :)
Val Lup (6 days ago)
Fuck that s......t!
Freja FURTADO (6 days ago)
Wait wait why you dont take your shower?
Harshada Patil (6 days ago)
Hi... You are very hard working.. You do all the work yourself.. You inspired me a lot. Thanks for sharing your daily routine.
Chill With Linh (6 days ago)
Thank you for watching!! I'm glad I could be an inspiration for you somehow :D
Salomon Navarrette (6 days ago)
She’s really gorgeous :)
Chill With Linh (6 days ago)
thank you :)
ChristlLisl (7 days ago)
You have such a friendly and calming voice. Thank you for the inside into your work day. Is it true that you work EVERY day of the week? I'm from Germany and people take the weekend off unless they work in Services that are also available on weekends like health care, restaurants, hotels, shops ect. These professions part weekends among colleagues so everybody gets their fair share, the rest will have two days off during the week. Have a great week.
Chill With Linh (6 days ago)
Ah it's the same! I work only monday to friday! only people in services work on weekends... you too have a great week! :) Thanks for watching!
YBarhoom (7 days ago)
From Dubai liked your lifestyle
Chill With Linh (6 days ago)
Thank you!!
Hakkaishin Goku25 (7 days ago)
Atleast y’all have jobs.
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
aw :( ...
iyahn futol (7 days ago)
i like uu :)
sanjeev khabash (7 days ago)
Such exhausting routine 😒😒
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
yea it was...
K g (8 days ago)
Thank you for making this
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
thank you for watching! :)
Zanya Rahming (8 days ago)
Loved the video! I am definitely subscribing. I am from The Bahamas (in the caribbean) but I’m living in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) now 😊
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
Woww that's sooooo coool! I haven't been to Halifax before... but I saw that name very often when I was living in Canada!
Mistah J (8 days ago)
Are you Viet? My ex is named Linh and she is Viet.
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
Yes I'm Vietnamese :)
AtemusQueen (8 days ago)
Very busy life, I liked it though. I want to try your making my own food and taking it to work with me thats a better idea.
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
haha yea but sometimes it takes time and really inconvenient ...
Frank San Nicolas (8 days ago)
Your voice is very soothing and i feel i could have watched alot more of this :) Nice!
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
Yay I'm glad to know that :) ! Thanks ~
Sopnali Sopnali (8 days ago)
I really enjoyed ur blog.
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
thank you!!
sachin uchiha (8 days ago)
Everything well explained... Now, u have gotten new Subscriber... Just I hate that non-veg food
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
yea I cannot live without this kind of diet. I tried others but I figured out that only with this I feel mentally okay and healthy, I get really sick with other diet..
Me75 (8 days ago)
Just curious tho....no morning shower ?
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
It was winter so it's cold and I didn't sweat at all so I normally shower only in the evening @6:38
Icey Junior (9 days ago)
Don’t know why... I feel sad...
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
I was sad too haha
Watermelonhearts Vlog (9 days ago)
I loved this video thanks for sharing!
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
Thanks for watching <3
Rafael Goncalves (9 days ago)
I had this idea that work life in Japan wasn’t so great, because the work hours and etc, but 8:30 to 5:20 is not bad. Is it monday to friday or do you work on weekends too?
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
It depends on the company and the job itself. It's basically 8 hours without overtime when I was free. When I had more things to do it will be somewhere around 10-11 hours per day. We work only monday to friday. Weekends sometimes but really really rare in my case. Now I also work around 10-11 hours per day
Esteban Tia (9 days ago)
Super sweet! Thanx for sharing! 😍
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
Thanks for watching 😍 😍
sitaram kumar (9 days ago)
Love from India Ur home tour please
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
I had a home tour of this apartment alreadyyyy. I live somewhere else now but I haven't finished organizing yet haha... https://youtu.be/gG4RMLUEbO4
Sweety Singh (9 days ago)
When u took bath r u a dirty person
hot pepper (10 days ago)
No shower
John wayne (10 days ago)
You are lazy. Can't me live close with me
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
lol no...
phronesismeister (11 days ago)
You sound very kind and honest. I hope you enjoy living in Japan. I've lived in the US for my entire life and am really fascinated by how people live in other countries and cultures. All the best 😊😊
phronesismeister (7 days ago)
+Chill With Linh I'm glad to hear that you are well now! I hope you are able to visit the US someday. I'd really like to visit Japan...one of my friends went there recently and told me it was really incredible.
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
Thank you!! I had tough time at times but now life is treating me well here :) I feel comfortable in Japan! :D I'd love to visit US one day...
Vanilla Trinity (11 days ago)
Her accent is like Indian+Japanese .. Dont get me wrong 💁‍♀️ My bestfriend is Indian and i like how the way she speaks and her accent become my accent 🤣
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
🤣🤣 I didn't know I sound like that lol
Jeanette Dawson (11 days ago)
Aww great video,it's interesting so see how other people live thank you 😊
Chill With Linh (7 days ago)
thank you for watching 😊😊

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