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How to Recover from Drunk Dialing or Drunk Texting

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Watch more Relationship Survival Guide videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/498260-How-to-Recover-from-Drunk-Dialing-or-Drunk-Texting So you woke up with a hangover and the horrifying realization that you called or texted someone in your intoxicated state. Here's how to fix your drunk dialing or texting disaster. Step 1: Take stock Take stock of the situation. If you drunk dialed a distant ex looking for a little somethin' somethin', just let it go. Calling back to apologize or explain won't improve the situation -- it will only make you look lamer. Tip Consider deleting ancient history from your phone. Step 2: Heal the anger To repair an angry lash out, write the victim a brief, heartfelt email apologizing for your ugly, slurred words. If you have bad blood to settle, suggest a sober meet-up to hash it out calmly. Step 3: Control damage at work If your drunken digits involved a work colleague, you've got some explaining to do. Grab them the next day you're in the office and casually say you're sorry. Throw in a white lie for good measure -- an event like a bachelor or bachelorette party or a reunion with old college friends can often serve as a passable drunk dialing excuse. Tip Make sure your lie can't easily be discredited. Step 4: Lie big-time If you drunk dialed or sent a drunk text to a current love interest, it's time for a real whopper. Tell them you were roofied, a friend stole your phone, aliens invaded your body -- the more extreme, the better. If you play your cards right (and your drunken message wasn't too obscene), they may laugh it off and give you another chance. Step 5: Get an app Protect yourself in the future with an app designed to deter drunk dials and drunk texts. There are ones that block you from using designated numbers for a set period of time; others that require a friend entering a password to override the block; and even breathalyzer apps that include drunk dialing and drunk texting lockdowns if you're over the limit. Of course, you could simply stay sober. But what fun would that be? Did You Know? 95 percent of cellphone owners surveyed admit to having drunk dialed.
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Text Comments (17)
cam12 cam12 (1 year ago)
I had this yesterday... I hate my life😂😂 i texted him i love you
Penguinssss (1 year ago)
Damn. Just drunk texted this girl I adore, who was my neighbor for a few years, just moved out and we got somewhat close. My drunken mind decided to tell her I could give her a better massage than they do in Thailand and that my fingers and tongue could do amazing things. My numbers been blocked for a few days now but I managed to call and apologize to her voicemail. I fkn hope she comes around but man... This Chinese girl is DIFFICULT. last thing she texted me was 'that's gross..' Then blocked me. She won't text or call me back to say not to talk to her again or anything. This is the worst, being left to hang like a dirty old pair of wet underwear on the line. I need closure!! Ugh!!
Chris Masson (3 years ago)
Well, this deserves more views.
SniffMehOle (4 years ago)
We should tell lies?!? Outstanding video! How about, learn how to drink responsibly so no one has to go through this BS.
Mr.weatherguy55 (6 years ago)
ahh i remember i was drunk texting called this girl sexy and i loved her boyfriend got pissed the rest is history
jess lauren (6 years ago)
this is very bad... lol dont do it
Jessica Port (7 years ago)
@shitflopgaymershow maybe the couldnt find anyone else to do the video. dont just to conclusions
Jessica Port (7 years ago)
@pat1981lux coming from someone who says "most stupid"
what? (7 years ago)
@AppleCutOut In certain cases it is. In drunk dialing cases for example it is not.
Kimber Bauer (7 years ago)
which app is it?
SkylacedSolace (7 years ago)
@pat1981lux You obviously cannot comprehend the true beauty of this masterpiece.
pat1981lux (7 years ago)
@SkylacedSolace This is the most stupid video I have ever seen.
gramps2matt (7 years ago)
"make sure your lie can't be discredited" WARNING it's the nature of the beast that seeing as how a lie is untruthful it CAN and WILL be discredited!!!
kay k (7 years ago)
"Of course ,you could simply stay sober, but what fun would that be." LOL. I'll drink to that! xP
Sahil Sharma (7 years ago)
I woupd just tell them I was fucked up and we woupd move on
SkylacedSolace (7 years ago)
This is the most informative and helpful video I have ever laid my eyes on.
Playpro5 (7 years ago)
frist but i dont drink i faked it

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