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LATEST BLAZERS FOR MEN 2019 ====================================== BEST LATEST BLAZERS FOR MEN PARTY, OCCASION, WEDDING ETC BEST OUTFIT IDEAS ====================================== Don't forget to like share comment and subscribe ====================================== Amazon ManQ Men's Blended Slim Fit Formal Blazer (BL-101-40-Blue) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01DF8Z148/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_vm5IBb2VWP0RT THEME Mens Notched Lapel Slub Suit (204158926_Grey_40) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07GFK9YWH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_sp5IBbHDBASG0 ====================================== https://youtu.be/ccwkjAd3MkA https://youtu.be/GnWL0mKJGkE https://youtu.be/KZ4yFVRspgE ====================================== Keywords Best suits for men 2018, Best occasion and party suit for men best suit for men, best suit for men for wedding, best pathani suit https://youtu.be/7FVMjvH7kh0 ====================================== Thanks for watching......... #Tinku_lodhi #Men_fashion's
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Text Comments (52)
Chottu Bhuinya (2 days ago)
Sazid Ali (3 days ago)
Awesome I will make it
AYK KHAN (8 days ago)
nice bro
SUBHAM SAHU (8 days ago)
Bhai insaan agar mota na ho to wo waise bhi handsome dikhta hi hai
SUBHAM SAHU mota aur body m bhot antar ha
Jme H (8 days ago)
What's with the Guys not wearing socks with a suit??? Personally, I don't like it and I don't like the tight pants/legging look. I just don't think it looks masculine.
Rahul Singh (13 days ago)
I am dark in skin color.which colour of suit look good on me
SUBHAM SAHU (8 days ago)
Light color
ravi kumar (8 days ago)
Gray, navy blue
Anjan Khim (15 days ago)
Thanks so much for design
Maxamed Deeq (20 days ago)
Contact plz where I can get these product let me know your contact & address plz??
Maxamed Deeq (20 days ago)
Ramzy Shifa (22 days ago)
We want to buy not to watch the pictures
Harsh Kamal (22 days ago)
Bhai mujhe bs ek chiz janna hai kya tum mujhe bta skte ho white shirt prince coller pe dark blue blazer kaisa rahega
Narayan Rao (23 days ago)
Badhiya collection
Tanvir Ali (23 days ago)
I don't understand why people keep on saying that #body is most important for this blazer,, bullshit, if u r happy with what type and size of body u have then u can carry anything easily, confidence matters not physic.... and for those who says body matters then I would say go get a life...... JazakhAllah khair
Tanvir Ali (21 days ago)
@Bhavesh Narawade thank dear and Eid khair Mubarak to u🌹
Bhavesh Narawade (21 days ago)
Rajesh Patel (23 days ago)
Maroon 😋😋😎
Praveen K (23 days ago)
I like to wear like this
Đoan Nguyễn (23 days ago)
All of models are perfect
Ye Dil Mange MORE (23 days ago)
Main personality hai .. personality shi hai to kuch bhi phn lo
Thảo Hoàng (23 days ago)
Chuẩn ok
FLOR NIETO (24 days ago)
Por que no modelan con camisa d colores también se vería muy bien....pero igual me gusta
Already in 2018 but nice ! 🙂
Betão da massa sc (24 days ago)
Roberto Brasil sc assistido agora primeiro vídeo
Balaji super (24 days ago)
ogie38 (25 days ago)
Guys.. stop wearing a belt when wearing a suit
Susanto Mahali (25 days ago)
I love party wear yar
Malik Noman (25 days ago)
So Nice 😍
PREETI Mottan (25 days ago)
Vikas Varma (27 days ago)
Mehar Muhammad (1 month ago)
In Sha Allah kabi hmm bi paynay gay
reality tv (12 days ago)
Bro ye chahiye ?
Bhai open men fitness normal body dikhao na bro
suman Kumar (9 days ago)
Hum dikhte Hain
husnain raza (28 days ago)
Indian village vs city comparison hi
Only Status 2018 (1 month ago)
NYC #onlystatus2018
Sandra Alphonse (1 month ago)
La classe absolue.
Chandan rock (1 month ago)
Thảo Hoàng (23 days ago)
Raju Sarkar (1 month ago)
Body is most important for this type blazer
Raju Sarkar (8 days ago)
@MAXIM, Holland Nederland yea
Amir Shikalgar (8 days ago)
Body is most important for this type blazer
Fit is most important, not the body, It must be suitable for the person. Not the suit but the person who should wear is the central point 🙂
You are very correct
ajay rawat (25 days ago)
Your wrong.
LoOk MaN (2 months ago)
Why cut head?
Barbhaya Meet (2 months ago)
Awesome 👌👌👌
Saurabh Singh (2 months ago)
Best.... video bro

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