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Cure Seborrheic Dermatitis Subliminal *REQUESTED*

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This was far more urgent *VERY POWERFUL* Someone's life was on the line so I had put the rest of requests aside for now. Results take from 2 weeks to 6 months Relax and visualize your desired outcome This a cure for a skin disorder! I didn't have time to make a good thumbnail then my light went out as I was uploading this
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Text Comments (47)
laura (22 hours ago)
Is it permanent?
Gui MV (2 months ago)
NEKOO I HAVE CRONIC DERMATIES SEBOREICS IN HAIR CAN YOU DO A SUBLIMINAL CURE DERMATIES SEBOREIC+REMOVR DANDRUFF HAIR -CURE DERMATITES SEBOREICS FOREVER -REMOVE DANDRUFF HAIR FOREVER -remove oil face/scalp/hair -cure scalp hair inflamation -decrease to zero inflamation levels -blok the dandruff to any forms -regenerate new health scalp folicules -have smooth health scalp without any scars -remove excessive sebaceous glands -Remove all big pores -stop itching face /hair/scalp -remove oil face/hair/scalp -remove any allergies/dermatites forever -people adimres compliment your beautiful hair -be supeer fotogenic/videogenic -atract smooth health face/hair/scalp -people adimeres your beauty always can you?? CURE ALL DERMATITES FACE ESPECIALLY HAIR SCALP REMOVE INFLAMATION remove big pores remove oil in hair face and scalp regenerate new scalp folicules oil free scalp and face forever never get dandruff and any dermatites or allergies anymore its will help a lot can you??
Gui MV (2 months ago)
Subliminal Neko Subliminal Neko hope you do and put all this topics i listed together repair all face hair scalp inflamation oil free healing can you do a grow taller height series?? First can be for grow giant legs?? like this: GROW TALLER LEGS+ OPEN YOUR GROWTH PLATES +CURE ANY LEGS PAIN/FADIGUE -grow your height legs fast -grow taller supeer fast -grow legs bone height fast -reopen all growth plathes -growth regenerate all cartilages -reduce all body inflamation -have muscle toned legs -prevent/banish legs pain/fadigue -prevent banish calfs pain/fadigue -cure fascites plantar -regenerate all foot ankles feet knees -cure osteoartrhits knees -have stronger knees like a rockk -can walk hours without foot pain/fadigue -can do any sports without any pain/fadigue -have super taller erect posture -Grow taller everyday -grow height a lot when sleeping -produces 10x HGH levels -pleople adimires your beauty -feel protected to be taller -people respect and compliment your tallest like grow toned muscle legs grow AT LEAST 4 5 inches just in your legs grow taller + cure any legs foot knees calfs feet pain fadigue l cure fascite plantar any tendonitis any pain cure pain everyday do any walk and sports without pain cure osteoartrhits knees that knees are soo affected focus more knees legs foot ones have all inferior menbres super recovery and growth fast
Subliminal Neko (2 months ago)
I have a beauty project coming in 6 variations, it's not gonna be that long when it comes around, skin disorders won't be a problem
Gui MV (2 months ago)
Subliminal Neko i have this cronic dissease suffering soo much itching scalp inflamation scars seboreic scars on scalp cronic dandruff everyday face and scalp cronic oil pimples acne and scars in face due seboreic and excess of cronic sebo oil REMOVE SCALP INFLAMATION FOREVER REMOVE DERMATITES SEBOREIC FOREVER REMOVE OIL SEBO FOREVER REMOVE CELLULITE/STRENCH MARKS FOREVER HEAL SCAP INFLAMATION EVERYDAY HEALING REMOVE OIL SEBO FACE/HAIR/SCALP EVERYDAY REMOVAL SMOOTH HEALTH FACE/SKIN/SCALP and if you put all this be videogenuc/photogenic people admires compliments your beauty remove the strech marks celluites too remove oil free everyday i will wait this subliminal can you? hope will help a lot people thanks neko
Subliminal Neko (2 months ago)
I can do it soon, I've been busy and something about that coincidentally skin disorders was one of them
Woah Oh (2 months ago)
I need this badly 😭😭😭 my skin is becoming terrible and makes me insecure and bc of it i cant enjoy my youth to the fullest and i stay wearing my hoodie at school UGHH the struggle is real but i rlly believe in subliminals nd i hope to get results vv soon q.q and for those who also suffer from this bc ik it sucks so much 😭😞😓
Wali Ahmed (3 months ago)
Are headphones necessary?
Woah Oh (3 months ago)
Wali Ahmed they are recommended but you can listen without them
Raven (6 months ago)
I have this under my nose. It once spread but I cured it, but a majority of my family had this, particularly under the nose so Im hoping this will help reduce mind. Im sorry for all you have it worse!
Raven (4 months ago)
@Chanel A. Creams prescribed from my doc and sensitive face mosturizer
Chanel A. (4 months ago)
Chanel A. (4 months ago)
Raven how did u cute it?
Gossip Gurlll (9 months ago)
Does this clear skin too??❤️
jackie igor (10 months ago)
Skin Subliminal? doesn't this work for oily dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis of scalp? PLEASE HELP
Subliminal Neko (10 months ago)
it also includes the scalp, don't worry, I did everything
jackie igor (10 months ago)
So, can you please make one for seborrheic dermatitis of scalp ???
Subliminal Neko (10 months ago)
that is the point of it
•Crystal Abi Rose• (11 months ago)
Sorry but I have some questions: How many other subliminals can I listen with this one ?? Xx My hands are really messed up and I can barely hold my phone because of contact dermatitis, so how long do you think it will take to get full results?? Xx - Thank you, Abigail Xx
Katniss Everdeen (7 months ago)
@INA ANI you can use a booster
INA ANI (7 months ago)
Why not a forced one, 2 weeks a 6m is too long!!
•Crystal Abi Rose• (10 months ago)
Subliminal Neko Thank you so much Xx
Subliminal Neko (11 months ago)
between, 2 weeks to 6 months
Gossip Gurlll (11 months ago)
Does this include eyebrows as well since my skin is flaking causing hairs to fall out?Please answer❤️
Katniss Everdeen (1 month ago)
@Subliminal Neko what are the affirmations
Gossip Gurlll (10 months ago)
Subliminal Neko (11 months ago)
affirmations should be in the comments I believe
Alicia (1 year ago)
How does this help Seborrheic dermatitis?
Woah Oh (2 months ago)
Alicia im not sure but i think its involves with LOA and ur belief and faith to subliminals as well as science but it works, just believe that it does bc then u can manifest what u desire by just listening !!! If im wrong pls correct me but this from what ik
Preslav Ivanov (1 year ago)
how many times can listen this !? and thank you i also have SD 2 years and i so happy for this :)
Gui MV (2 months ago)
Preslav Ivanov you have cronic seboreic dermatites scalp inflamation?? any results with?? how much time on this?
Preslav Ivanov (1 year ago)
thank you
Visual Dreamer (1 year ago)
I guess like 1 hour per day or a little less
king subliminal (1 year ago)
What's he's gmail?
leek gamer 02 (1 year ago)
I see the comment, i hope he gets better
leek gamer 02 (1 year ago)
Mod mojo same
Mod mojo (1 year ago)
all my blessings to go that dude
okashi neko (1 year ago)
Who's life is on the line?
Katniss Everdeen (1 month ago)
@Subliminal Neko you didn't add the affirmations in the comments
Subliminal Neko (1 year ago)
The one who requested it. This skin condition was actually pretty bad and serious This person has had it for 2 years and the treatment probably didn't work, so he requested me to help
〇Junko Chan〇 (1 year ago)
Um sorry if I'm bothering you or anything but are requests closed or open? I tried emailing you a request and it said the email is inactive or that my message was marked as spam (probably cuz I sent an image ) but I'm just wondering
okashi neko (1 year ago)
Subliminal Neko lol oke
Subliminal Neko (1 year ago)
I'll take the request anyway (Can't say no to a loli)
okashi neko (1 year ago)
Subliminal Neko wait Whaaaaaaaaaaat
okashi neko (1 year ago)
Lil Loli it's probably open but he's pretty busy with requests and this is (kinda) in a first come - first serve basis.
〇Junko Chan〇 (1 year ago)
Subliminal Neko I was hoping to make it unlisted since it is kind of personal but I don't want to trouble you with more requests (I didn't see that you were perfecting older ones and that'll probably take awhile so I can wait)

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