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How To Draw Anime Girl Face [Slow Narrated Tutorial] [No Timelapse]

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This video turned out to be 23 min long. One of the reasons is because I did not add any timelapse, so you guys can see exactly how I draw every line. Tell me what you think about such a video. If you have not noticed already, I have switched studio, which is why my last videos have been much brighter than my older videos. And for this video, I have added another light source, and the paper is therefore even whiter.
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Text Comments (7950)
Nightly Heaven (4 hours ago)
This helped a lot!!!!
Jamie Millsaps (5 hours ago)
F off
Alexa Rodriguez (7 hours ago)
I think I’m about to become the best artist of the class thank you!
11super obsessed11 (11 hours ago)
Guy: Ok so you draw a circle Me:ok ok (Draws a circle) Me:I think this is actually kinda good yassss (Looks at his circle) *OH*
LenDory i (14 hours ago)
She looks like a trap, because he with no chest)))
Dan Satora (21 hours ago)
Blya i cant draw basic circl
Jessica Ash (23 hours ago)
Very useful. Will be using this in the future.
SomeMouse is Here (1 day ago)
Dude why always drawing the head first geez I can’t even draw
Angela McCause (1 day ago)
That's a really good drawing
Kyouya San (1 day ago)
I haven't drawn about 3 months 😟 Sorry guys... I failed but now I can't draw good than before. Lesson: Your skills would be back as usual and you have to start all over again to recieve those skills again.
J Williams (1 day ago)
I still managed to do worse on my second attempt to draw this.
Akira Smith (1 day ago)
daniel I (1 day ago)
thank you for your help here love that
Black cat XD (1 day ago)
And I can even draw a straight line...
Jarod Chamberlain (2 days ago)
I’m one step closer to drawing my own hentai
yeetskirt 222 (2 days ago)
thank you ! you teached me how to draw my first anime character
Jose Maria Garcia (2 days ago)
Him:I forgot to to add clothes to her Me:I don't see why that would be necessary... I'm sorry... 😂😭😓
Luna The Hybird (3 days ago)
It took me 9 hours to draw a circle
Allison Marshall (3 days ago)
This vid helped so much
ItzBonBonzie (3 days ago)
Thanks soo much My drawing is now perfect Your the best
marilyn dzati (3 days ago)
98% of the comments- I cant draw a circle. 2% of the comments- random
Kissansilmäsumu :O (3 days ago)
Everyone in the comments: I can't draw a circle or the other eye, they always turn into potatoes im saddd Me: just sketch the circle and look at the other eye while drawing it, to draw them it takes some practice.. (Sorry everyone XD)
“How to draw anime good” Me:ok seems cool “Draw a circle” Me:Welp I failed bye! XD who relates
Sprinkles & Rainbows (5 days ago)
awesome😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 i did this in tyhe cumputetr
Frangkiu GD (5 days ago)
Emmy Tomboy (6 days ago)
Myn looks like Michael Jackson.. help
Shadow Unknown (6 days ago)
How to draw a anime girl 1. Find a cute anime girl on google 2. Print it 3. Show it to your friend or keep it
Vanessa Z. (6 days ago)
my eyes are not so good.....ugly....
Sofia B.B. (6 days ago)
friends : omg how do you draw circles so well??? me : *hides tracer* ...heh heh... practice... yep, definitely practice...
Sofia B.B. (6 days ago)
How big are the eyes supposed to be..?
Sofia B.B. (6 days ago)
*looks all over the place for something circle-looking to use for tracing*
Undaily Noodle (6 days ago)
I made the head too big, tried to fix it but it looked it got smashed
Jacqueline Damian (7 days ago)
My drawing use to be great but now it turns out bad since I stopped drawing in 2-3 months. Now I'm fustrated of myself probably God grounded me for doing such bad problems.
Ts Artist (7 days ago)
This is where I started. I drew this and thought of it as a masterpiece. Looking back? They both suck. This is an amazing start for everyone, you may think yours sucks, and it might, but I have learned so many more techniques over the couple of years I’ve been doing art, all starting with anime tutorials. So, if you’re reading this, and think yours sucks, keep going. It may only take a year or two and then you’ll notice change.
Galaxy Queen :D (7 days ago)
This is too hard!
Aneth Perez (8 days ago)
The first time I did this it was hard but good l don't know about this one... lol
Brookethewolf (8 days ago)
“Draw a smile” Me : **messes up with smile and makes mistakes** NOOOoOo
Carl Santos (8 days ago)
When your a naruto fan drawing an anime I always end up making a sharingan that looks like an apple with dots
Gacha Lunar!! (8 days ago)
I try and I cri evevrytim
Zuzana Straková (8 days ago)
You have talent for this. AWSOME draw! 😍
MyArtLife :3 (8 days ago)
Tbh i came for the eyes ;-;
SubdueCS Jopax (8 days ago)
4 me this vid helped me how to draw better hair for sure!
Porn (9 days ago)
She’s flat
•Its Sparky Wolf• (9 days ago)
-Claps- mhm totally slow motion
Bubble Llama (9 days ago)
Wow I’m surprised for my first time I think I did AMAZING *realizes I’m looking at the video. looks at my own paper that has a bunch of scribbles on it Oh
Radhika Gupta (9 days ago)
“Draw a circle” Me: Okay... An eternity later Me: Finally a circle!!! “Now draw a straight line” Me: (slams the notebook on the floor)
Galaxy Moon (9 days ago)
Mine turned out a boy....
Mãd Giřl (10 days ago)
After this video I hate the art🔪😢😭
Mãd Giřl (7 days ago)
+Ashely Powell-Stowers np😿💔
Ashely Powell-Stowers (7 days ago)
I'm so soooooo sorry you feel that way
ifrnks (10 days ago)
How to draw eyes: You can’t it’s literally impossible to make them even
Say4 What (10 days ago)
Me: Nah I don’t need the video, I just need the thumbnail
Mai Quibod (11 days ago)
Thank youuuuuu
Stupid Films (11 days ago)
Eyes look like pokeball lmao
pick2kyrie 11 (11 days ago)
Lol thanks im a pro now at my middle school they like my drawings thanks so much!
Currupted Unknown (11 days ago)
I can't do it it's to hard
I used a circle tool for this....
プロMixOfEveryonePro (11 days ago)
I hope i can draw tutorial *JUST* *MONIKA* *SPEEDDRAWPAINT*
Mika Lines (12 days ago)
What you expect it to look like: 22:46 (in vid) Reality: 🥔
P Pip (12 days ago)
I give up on life
Louisa Patrick (12 days ago)
after watching this my drawing of an anime girl didn't look like one of my usual drawings it looked like a proper artist did it! u should try drawing something like this it will turn out amazing!! :D
Harry Daniel (13 days ago)
Tutorial guy : First draw a circle Me: huh do you think im a joke you...circle for first step tssk... 3 minutes later Me: ok...yeah 21 years life and now im realise i cant even draw a circle..should i quit?😂😂
Olivia_ Pie (13 days ago)
Me when I see my drawing compared to his 10:14
Overall, this was probably the best anime tutorial I've ever watched. Thank you for helping out with my drawing skills. I liked how you didn't speed up the video so I had time to catch up with you. In addition, you gave useful tips on how to generally draw anime throughout the video. Also, why do people keep walking into your room?
Life With Dezarey (14 days ago)
I messed up but...
Life With Dezarey (14 days ago)
Twinkle twinkle little stars WHY IS DRAWING AN EYE SO HARD! Up above the word so high i quit drawing a FRICKIN EYE !
MonsterLPS 1058 (14 days ago)
Taco (14 days ago)
His circle O My circle :O
Mwmn Mrwan (14 days ago)
ياااااي كتير حلوة❤🤗
Texas Gamer (15 days ago)
Ashley AGL (15 days ago)
This helped A LOT with my Rachel Gardner Drawing From "Angels of Death" THX SO MUCH IM TOTALLY SUB!!
Jseed61 Dude (15 days ago)
Everything i had ok but the hair.. i was in trouble lol
Kadyn Gibby (15 days ago)
Kadyn Gibby (15 days ago)
He used a pencil all along I used pin
STUDIO ZACHARIAH (15 days ago)
Amazing work !! You can browse the channel for slow tutorial videos.
Payton rainbow (15 days ago)
today i am going to draw manga
Galaxy Gacha Life (16 days ago)
At this point i want to die
sheena brown (16 days ago)
*IM DONE* i wish i could draw like that but i cant... Ugh..
Llama Playzz (16 days ago)
Tries to draw eyes 1 hour later Ends up with a circle
Irmantas Blazgys (16 days ago)
that jawline is hardest thing to draw ....
Pinky Girl29 (16 days ago)
JOHN BUCHANAN (16 days ago)
12 hours later yes im finished with 1 ieye oh wait there's a mother wt :(
JOHN BUCHANAN (16 days ago)
his eyes look so good and my looks awfle
JOHN BUCHANAN (16 days ago)
cycles are easy
why is he good at drawing but what about us our head look like a smash potato i was about to draw when i draw circle, hand,finger,nose,eyes,hair,legs,.. yep preatty affaul well i give up 24 years later me:mhmm... i should try again...... nah i'm old now,plus i'm terrible at drawing anyway maybe i should try again *standing and grab some things* ... *shocked* look at beloww! me:oww.. my back! it hurts *sob-sob*
NnA Gaming (17 days ago)
Need a good artist to sketch out some characters of mine hmu
Potato Juice (17 days ago)
I wanna draw an anime Tony Stark
Lijaqueen Jena (17 days ago)
These are so beautiful ideas to be a artist.
Sara Anna Tv (18 days ago)
He went way too fast and I paused it but it still came out like poop
X._.xmariah Hope (19 days ago)
Him: *so first, draw a circle!* Me: *okay...easy enough! I can do this!* Me: *draws a good circle* Also me: *thinks circle is bad so erases it* Me: *trys again* *and again* *and again* *and again* Me: *I should have stuck with my first CIRCLE! AHAHHH!* Me: *gives up on face and moves to hair* Me: **stuggles** Me: *AUGHHH IM DONE!* Me: **rips paper** Me: *starts crying cuz I realize I'm so usless and I suck!!* !True story! 😭😂
#Princess Jennax (19 days ago)
Mine looks like sh-- compared to yours
Jimmy Sox (19 days ago)
the hair, the god damned hair
putri dian (19 days ago)
I'm using pen to draw
Ellie ze Cat (20 days ago)
It looks like Ruan li
ROBLOXIAN (20 days ago)
Greg L (20 days ago)
How to become a artist. Step 1, you see a anime picture step 2, you try to draw it step 3, cry so hard and hit yourself and maybe curse at yourself step 4, get even more depressed step 5, give up and admit you cant draw...
Aurora Randall (21 days ago)
thank you
Kelis Ramos (21 days ago)
Wow ur so good at drawing
XxŁìghtśxX 111 (21 days ago)
This is not slow narrated
Zero Two (21 days ago)
It's so useful thanks for this video
Itz_midnight star (21 days ago)
me without the tutorial and by myself I would take days trying to draw something like this then ending up like a mutated potato
Delilah Lovelace (22 days ago)
I heard my babe likes this soooooooooooooo im watching it!!

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