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22 YR Old Virgin Gets A Grooming Makeover | Ep.3

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Text Comments (3033)
MUHAMMAD ARSHAD (17 hours ago)
Didn't know Jose was a piece of cocky coc*
Who else is waiting for those girls who didnt like his haircut Ass well 😂 ?.
SYFICO • (1 day ago)
Can I get a poll down here about glasses. More specifically, your opinion about them:
freddy 123 (1 day ago)
Plot twist: his name is _Virgin_
Mitchelle Tiro (1 day ago)
He just met the Manly of Manly
Rafa2Fly (2 days ago)
Not Gonna Lie He Was Getting Insulted But, He does look Hella Fresh Now.
Joseph Johnson (3 days ago)
These comments too sensitive. He’s just giving bro advice.
Brayden Donnelly (3 days ago)
Why does it matter if he's a virgin. That's rude and disrespectful
zdrenkaTV (3 days ago)
Do Hudsen and main deliver to Denmark
Etharene (3 days ago)
5:46 "i was gonna say your girlfriend probably uses this, but thats why were here" bro wtf
Ali G (4 days ago)
Lol josé is so full of himself, talk about an ego
Mortal Yx (5 days ago)
I feel bad for this guy
Aidan Bond (5 days ago)
Jose is a bitch yeo
Byron Mungcal (6 days ago)
luka doncic?
Dazdarovski (6 days ago)
So people with glasses are ugly right...
ALY MAHMOUD (6 days ago)
My man is being an asshole all the video 😂😂
Dovid Kuessous (7 days ago)
Way too cocky for an ugly ass insecure lookin dude. Ma man the type to get rejected by every girl in the club lmfao
Joel Foy (7 days ago)
Do a video on anxiety disorder.
Mike Perez (8 days ago)
Actor or not. This isn’t hating on this man. It’s tough love that will set his confidence levels higher to be able to advance himself better towards females. The look is way better and is a teachable aspect to a possible kid someday.. some people take notes
Tony Tiger (9 days ago)
Guy being the barber: wow bro you look like Ryan gosling. Ryan gosling: mother F****r dont ever compare with that 69 Looking mother F****r!!
Liam E (9 days ago)
Adolfo Aguayo (11 days ago)
I usted to live in the US. My parents brought me to live to Mexico when I was 9 years old now I'm studying to become a language teacher, you don't know Jose how I like your videos and how they have helped me to learn expressions and vocabulary to talk to girls as you know they don't teach you that at school. Love your videos and keep on with the great work you inspire me every day to be like you.
Scott Guzman (11 days ago)
What’s the hair dryer called and the brush?
ѕтαяѕ вσу (11 days ago)
7:39 haha
Xoë Suejung (12 days ago)
Lol this made me NOT want to buy anything you're selling because your energy was SO off-putting and way too aggressive.
Sam Kim (12 days ago)
Fashion for fat boy please
Zayed Abdurahman (12 days ago)
Bro tell us the types of faces with their haircut Watch the video at 3:23
CV (13 days ago)
So a guy and a douche; walk into a barber shop!
I wanna know what song is in the background
Rose Royale (15 days ago)
5:50 why you do that dude like that😂
max raptor 347 (15 days ago)
The virgin part is so unnecessary but Ii 😂
SSJR Dude (16 days ago)
I only get haircuts at salons
willburd bath (16 days ago)
y’all all hating on jose even tho he clearly helped out the guy in the end. stop being a bunch of pussies pls
Leon Saputra Boersma (17 days ago)
Bet he likes the title
Jamaal Hopwood (17 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 he only washes his face once a week !!lol how nasty😂😂
les leslie (17 days ago)
its all fake no one would act like that in real life it is all for views
Pineapple La Soviet (17 days ago)
a hair product i would recommend would be Fifth Sample by BluMaan very great hold, low shine, good all around, goes for 25$ for a 3.7 oz can. ( about the size of your fist)
Rico Walters (17 days ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to give the barber hair tips
Bobby Lobby (18 days ago)
Who do feel on top of the world when you get a good cut 👍👍
Devil Come by (19 days ago)
They Insult that man like price of garbage
Sean Slevin (19 days ago)
0.56 that voice crack tho 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Ryan king (19 days ago)
I get my haircut once a year, and your telling me I need to get it cut every few week
Chun Li (20 days ago)
This some toxic masculinity.
Rome Remetio (20 days ago)
I'm finding it hard to believe that this guys a virgin
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' (20 days ago)
Why you had to tell everyone hes a virgin
Eternally Darkened (20 days ago)
Hes so cute?? He didnt need a makeover
Shawn Pereira (21 days ago)
How does he look like Ryan gosling?
jacky huang (21 days ago)
Appearances don’t hide a ugly ass personality smh
Sharven Hubbard (21 days ago)
Damn why did you have to add "virgin"😂 Is it that bad to be a virgin at that age
SinBk11 (21 days ago)
U should do skippy next
Okman (21 days ago)
Dior savage or isan laurent
K1ROX (21 days ago)
U gotta rmbr although he was insulted it was in his benefit and he got free shit and if he didnt want to be in the vid he woulda said no.
Ivan B (22 days ago)
1:26 looks AWESOME enough! :D
Prixiit (22 days ago)
I personally liked his haircut before, now he looks like a typical boy idk
LuisOlisan (22 days ago)
You should do like a show here on YT about men’s makeover, People love that stuff.
Don't like this guy, ur only alpha if you have fought a bear
noneCS ' (22 days ago)
Dude, you terrefied him lmao
Amadeusz Nadera (22 days ago)
i know its an act but you are starting to be kinda douche man 😞
BananensaftTV (22 days ago)
Step 1: Buy an expensive watch.
Gone With Jon (22 days ago)
Man I saw your girls expression when she smelled the Dior... went and bought it the next day... was not let down at all. Awesome info my dude
Gone With Jon (8 days ago)
@Juan gomez the bottom of my bottle has both of those words on it. I got it at Ulta in the mens fragrance area
Juan gomez (8 days ago)
Which did you buy toilette or parfum
David Ho (22 days ago)
Did you have to put the word 'virgin' in the title of this video?
Roamer Cruz (22 days ago)
Girls notice the small stuff Asian guys: 0_0
Johnnie Watson (22 days ago)
This makes me motivated 😅
Joe Luis (22 days ago)
22? With the long hair he looked like he was 17 and a possible quarterback football player; now he’s 22 with the look he’s got, but ain’t matter if he a virgin, he’ll get there 🤷🏽‍♂️
zoe skye (23 days ago)
this guy is highkey really cute
Treylynne Gatlin (23 days ago)
Jose you have to work on a little bit more stuf2f for African American especially in the hair department
Standgrounding (23 days ago)
Loved that video please make me over
Lisa Marie (23 days ago)
He's gonna have quite a lot best friends after this...
Weritnite (23 days ago)
Is youtube trying to tell me that I will be a virgin at 22
Siim Tulev (23 days ago)
2 or 3 weeks. Please... I am 21 and i've been only twice in my whole time :D
OMEGA X (23 days ago)
Can I be next?
Ion Bara (23 days ago)
9:07 - classic barber's trick do the after photo in better conditions than the before one. half of his "geeky" looks is given by the glasses which are not there in the after photo. lightning is crap in the first one. let's just push a modern look which does not fit him down his throw together with 100$ worth of crap to get to the 4M and make everyone look alike
Ion Bara (23 days ago)
he has a wide forehead as I do and this "modern" haircut simply does not fit him. look at 03:07 When I look like that makes me look like a mushroom. am I the only one who find this bad looking in a weird way. loook at the barber's head sides angle and the guy angle. I haven't yet met a barber in over 3 countries who can handle such a haircut without being mainstream and ruining the looks just for fashion's sake
M0NSTI (23 days ago)
I feel like him being a virgin has nothing to do with his look its his personality, maybe he does want to be a virgin lol
Parker HP (23 days ago)
Nobody: Jose: we gave this complete fucking loser a makeover
Deadpoolpunk13 Slugger (23 days ago)
We needa flippin hook up. Im lookin like a kid jammed in a candy dispenser right now
chesthorrr (23 days ago)
IM AN ADULT VIRGIN, wookie wokiee
Josie Leonard (23 days ago)
Ok this video rly irritated me. He looked so uncomfortable every time you said “the girls are gonna love that” This was was straight up a video of you humiliating him just to promote your brand. Not cool man.
R-Ray Nhish (23 days ago)
Hudson gel thingy? I must get that. Seems like the axe commercial but different
Woah _ (23 days ago)
What if I’m too unattractive to look attractive 😔😭
Zayda Norris (23 days ago)
You don’t need to change your look to get a girl
No Saints (23 days ago)
Lou Jr. (24 days ago)
Jose lowkey voice cracks so much
Alexander Lohmann (24 days ago)
Sp9rited Okay (24 days ago)
He was so awkward or was it just me
LAKSHAY MEHTA (24 days ago)
6:19 Eyebraoo😂
b milligan_01 (24 days ago)
Sorry but I feel like this series is fake af!
Robin Costa (24 days ago)
Dude how to add volume to thin hair Make titorual on best hairstyle for fine thin hair type
Robin Costa (24 days ago)
Speachless bro completely change
Naldo 10 T.V (24 days ago)
He look kind of Leonardo DiCaprio with the different haircut and no glasses
JustMe MSP (24 days ago)
plot twist: he's gay
Steve Dunn (25 days ago)
I've done everything you recommended in This video and I still have no girlfriend
Audri Rose (25 days ago)
He looks youngggg but adorable asf before AND after
_Midnight (25 days ago)
Does anyone realize there’s 2 part 3’s?
BAD_Galeana25 (25 days ago)
Bet he can’t even see the difference
Matthew De la luz (25 days ago)
In the beginning of the series the white guy was a 2 and Jose was a 10 and by the end of this series the white guy was a 11
Aaro9n (25 days ago)
Jose change your approach. The way your approaching this is like you are not trying to help him but instead want to make fun of him. Your looking to boost his confidence by roasting him throughout the whole video.. kind of counterintuitive if you ask anyone. Do better.
Justachannel (25 days ago)
Plot twist : my mans gay
Leafy C11 (25 days ago)
I cut my hair every 6 months
Tidalcaribou (25 days ago)
This guy is a cunt he thinks he is some big sex god and amazing at dressing himself bro he probably a virgin himself 😂

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