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Students calling teachers by their first name! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment if you're a good student in school! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! Watch more REACTING TO Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjzSBgd8kSOWo-rseN6mLn3al5oX8INpz School Punishments That Went TOO Far https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0yVxRyhOE0 Ridiculous Things BANNED In Schools https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrF6dvAzjZI Hi I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload videos every single day! Follow me: Instagram: http://instagram.com/sssniperwolf Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sssniperwolf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sssniperwolf Calling Teachers By Their First Name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxug-mxz5uw SSSniperWolf https://www.youtube.com/SSSniperWolf
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chanbaek 048 (39 minutes ago)
In our school we sometimes called some of our teacher by their last name (without Mr/Ms) And they are cool with it😂 especially the male teachers, they really don’t care
Michael Desborough (7 hours ago)
I wonder if kids in my old school called the teachers by their last name. 😂
ali banuelos (14 hours ago)
I did that they said detanchen I was like you can't do that so I called am mom and she got me out of it :)
NintendoFangirl21 Ok? (15 hours ago)
This one time, one of the kids in my class asked the teacher, "Are you my friend?" and he said "I am not your friend. I am your teacher."
RandomPerson 2002 (16 hours ago)
My aunt is a teacher and she makes me call her Mrs
Ghostee Animations (18 hours ago)
I don't know her name , I honestly don't
daesha hill (21 hours ago)
North Star 😤
Ismaildarkgamer (1 day ago)
ShamuAquariums (1 day ago)
I’ve called a teacher “woman” once 😂
Inaya Ikram (1 day ago)
In Indonesia we call our teacher by their first names, but we have to call them 'Ibu ____' which is like Miss. Luckily, you don't have to worry about calling your teacher Mom, because Ibu also means Mom.
the four vlog (1 day ago)
Im friends with my teacher
Mala (1 day ago)
If I was. A teacher I would want my students to call me by my first name
In my school we are call our teachers by their first name and it's just akward when someone says 'good morning mrs. Middle/last name'
Jessie Animation (2 days ago)
In my country, we call our teachers by our first names xD Even nicknames! The students also have nicknames that the teachers call them lol
Razwana Zubair (2 days ago)
Teacher=sssniperwolf name:lia me: lia teacher:w hat did u just call me!?!
SomethingCool (3 days ago)
Once I had a really old substitute and he didn’t even tell us his last name HE TOLD US TO CALL HIM BY HIS FIRST NAME. Obviously I didn’t remember his name after two minutes but that was a weird day.
Patrice H (3 days ago)
That blk male teacher must be strick at home
Miel Schaefer (3 days ago)
When I was in fourthand fith grade our theater director had us call her by her first name (it was after school, she wasn't a teacher) but then in sixth grade she was my choir teacher and for the first month it was so difficult not to constantly call her Heather 😂
Simplicity * (3 days ago)
Late but if I ever become a teacher and one of my students call me by my first name I’d call them by their last name.
Abigail Decoria (4 days ago)
i learned my bus drivers name and hes fine with it
XxDarkWolfxX 1 (4 days ago)
I bring my phone and Pokemon cards to school.
ryan gauthier (4 days ago)
wait ur first name is sydney wow
NasarGaming Tv (4 days ago)
I called my teacher by his first name and he said don’t call me that I was like Ight fatty 😂
Haley Allen (4 days ago)
in elementary school every friday you could bring pokemon and trade em 😂
SakuraWolfGamer LOL (4 days ago)
I now know why u don't want to call ur teacher by their first name
ITZ Luna (5 days ago)
Man I’m not your friend Student ummok Man we have nothing in common Me well y’all were close y’all both are people y’all are both are Man
RedWolfAlpha 205 (5 days ago)
my teachers dont care about pokemon cards I had a whole deck the other day and was trading with friends and no teacher cared about them
Lachlan Hall (5 days ago)
I’m a savage
Mama Jojo (5 days ago)
Hell nah, is every secretary’s name Patty? Mine is.
Hope Harrison (5 days ago)
At my school thay call one of the teatchers Jerry
Abbycat/Abby Shiblom (5 days ago)
I hate when teachers call me abigail when they knkw I prefer abby
AlphaWolfe (5 days ago)
Pokemon cards were banned from my school :/
Allysa Souvanthong (6 days ago)
Some teachers call me miss i hate it
Sabrina Coy (6 days ago)
i have a question is paulas last name fritz if so she is my teacher right now
Duong Duong (6 days ago)
I’m a 4th grader and I said to my teacher “Hi Marcie Laing or Marcie what’s for homework?” And she said “You are going to college.”
THERACK22 (6 days ago)
why is your name this name???
THERACK22 (6 days ago)
the bean (7 days ago)
Sakuraplayz (7 days ago)
since I'm still early in school I'm allowed to call my teacher by her first name 😂
Gacha Puppy (7 days ago)
In the first day of school my teacher told us it's ok to call her by her first name
moonlight_ ninja (7 days ago)
me: hey sarah (my reading teachers name) sarah:....bish what me: (dieing inside) i said h-hey sarah sarah: WHO SAID YOU CAN CALL ME THAT??? me: no one...(giggleing) sarah: oh...ok its cool but...(but really she saying (stupid bish)
ii_ Mystxcal (8 days ago)
O accidentally called my my teacher mum
Rowena Austria (8 days ago)
I always call my teachers by their first name, and i did it since i began school. And i have never called them for mr og mrs..
isabelradio 232 (8 days ago)
In my school, we never call our teacher by miss or Mrs. We always call the, by their first names
The Ultima Wolf K.S (8 days ago)
we call them by there first name all the time because it's normal in Sweden
Cami Dunlap (8 days ago)
We call my teacher by his first name sometimes, he is super chill.
sweet potato (8 days ago)
I tried this on my homeroom teacher Samantha ( Mrs. Leonino) and OMG I can't explain to you how she acted on t was so funny 😂 LOL everyone strated laughing.
Kitty Kat (8 days ago)
I called my art teacher Rachelle (that’s her first name) and she was like “Oh hey, ‘Ms. Wells’ hows Life treating you”
Kayla M (8 days ago)
My teacher lets us call her by her first name
Annagames k (8 days ago)
So storytime one day my teacher got sick so another one of the teachers came to sub and he is a really cool guy and I am crazy over the Dolan twins and I have a post it note on my pencil bag that says eth and gray he walked behind me and said someone likes the Dolan twins and I frecked out and from that day froward I call him sister crites and we talk adout the Dolan twins I know I'm weird
Interview Reality TV (8 days ago)
One time I called me teacher mom bye accident and she said “oh so I adopting u know” HUH 😂😂
Elaina Gregory (8 days ago)
if I was a teacher then I would let them call me by my first name and not my last name I mean who would want to be called miss …….
pääskynen12 : (8 days ago)
We literally call all our teachers by their first names in Finland. I don't think I've ever called a teacher by their last name.. Sounds just weird.
Bodybuilding Fan (8 days ago)
I bring vape at school
CuteKatLover 2000 (9 days ago)
I have called my teacher by her first name all the time and she dose not care.
twixandlemon c (9 days ago)
In my school we call all the teachers by their first name and vice versa with the teachers to the students lol
Noe Lopez (9 days ago)
Hate the black instructor! He think too much of him self lol.
Steve Hunter (9 days ago)
Why do teachers get offended when u ask how old they r
Epic.Mrs.Epic (9 days ago)
😂😂 these are great! I once called a teacher by her first name because she said something to my mom because of my middle name. Her jaw dropped while my mom cracked up with the class & parents (Portfolio presentations day 😑)
I am naiii (9 days ago)
If I can’t call y’all teachers by your full name then don’t call me by my full government unless needed to.☺️
Miguel Abundis (9 days ago)
My teacher is CHING- CHING- CHONG so she all like " I'm not your friend!" Me: IM OK WITH THAT SO BI- Also one of my class mates was like" SONG KIM!!" Her thinks"BISH WAT YOU CALL ME!!!
Miguel Abundis (9 days ago)
My teacher says "I'm NOT your friend" Me: And no one wants to.
Aspen Smith (9 days ago)
Lia " Like i am Mr. Smith to you" Me - turns - "I am a Mrs''
Francisco Hernandez (9 days ago)
My cousin likes u
Winifred Plays (9 days ago)
One time I call my physics teacher by her first name and she made me run 10 LAPS
Minerva Scorpio (9 days ago)
Patty at 9:40 kinda sounds like Cardi B
Brianna Zuniga (9 days ago)
my favorite teacher lets me call him by his first name and whenever someone else that he doesn't like calls him by his first name he freaks out
Andrew Zapar (9 days ago)
That Sidney person reminds me of my 8th grade ela teacher ms galleger
Graeme Stevenson (9 days ago)
“Mrs can” lol😂😂
Lizzy Jenkins (9 days ago)
One of my old teachers said, Good Girl-i mean boy (she sometimes does that) And he said *dId YoU jUsT aSsUmE mY GeNdEr* and everybody started laughing We didn't learn anything in that class 😂😂😂😁😁😂😂😂
Sophie M (10 days ago)
In my school we call our teachefs by their first names
I'm Board (10 days ago)
At my friends school she can do that can do that she has so much freedom
MMGAMER50 (10 days ago)
Y they calling us by are 1st name if we can’t call them by their 1st name
mr. poopyhead (10 days ago)
at my school, we only call teachers by there first name, and if we have a sub they will say hi I am Mr. blah blah and we will tell them we go by first names
Mac and Cheese (10 days ago)
But teacher's calls us by are first name's
my old bus driver used to let us call him by his first name his name was john like why are the guys named john so chill about that xd
EVANGELINE PUPPY (11 days ago)
It’s funny how I met my dance teacher at my dance studio and there we call them by their first names and then when I started going to my current school she taught dance there too and I accidentally called her mrs Kendra instead of mrs Daly 😂
Fardowsa Jimaale (11 days ago)
I I L I Lo I Lov I Love I Love S I Love Ss I Love Sss I Love Sssn I Love Sssni I Love Sssnip I Love Sssnipe I Love Sssniper I Love SssniperW I Love SssniperWo I Love SssniperWol I Love SssniperWolf I Love SssniperWol I Love SssniperWo I Love SssniperW I Love Sssniper I Love Sssnipe I Love Sssnip I Love Sssni I Love Sssn I Love Sss I Love Ss I Love S I Lov I Lo I L I Sorry it's not original. And random person your awesome!
MindoriLemojs (11 days ago)
Addyson Crocker (12 days ago)
I called my teacher my mom
Siana Banana (13 days ago)
I think they don’t want people to know there I would want mine private to
Lora land (13 days ago)
Let the Pokemon cards go its been a very long time
Noe Jung (13 days ago)
I call my teacher by her first name. In my country you do that
Katie hellewell (13 days ago)
I've done this before and my teacher got pissed
Stephanie Brewer (13 days ago)
tacocats gacha (13 days ago)
i just dont get why the teacher can call me by my first name but we cant call them by theres imma tell my teacher to call me ms.thomas
Chase Rice (13 days ago)
My friend he call my teacher Mom I was dying 😂
Catqueen 2107 (14 days ago)
My Kindergarten teacher made us call her by her first name.
Kermit Da frog (14 days ago)
i call my teacher by his first name, he's 60, he has bad hearing, he doesnt care, xD
Kourtney pierce (14 days ago)
How our teacher calls us Mrs and then our first name but we are not allowed to call her her first name it is not fare like why can't call her her first name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilz MSP (14 days ago)
in my school we don’t even use the teachers names we just call then ‘miss’ or ‘sir’
TheStrangeWorldOfAva (14 days ago)
I sometimes call my 5th grade math teacher by her first name mainly because she is also my field hockey coach.
Alexandru Stancu (14 days ago)
Why are you screaming?
Giselle Rainbow (14 days ago)
I almost called my teacher mom. and she said are u writing about mom
Ethan Ortiz-aranda (14 days ago)
My teach chill she 58 and we call her by her first name she cool she cool
Amateur 1 (14 days ago)
Imagine if that resource officer told him to go away. Imagine if he was trying to tell him about a kid about to shoot up the school and just got told to leave. I agree that he shouldn’t call him by his first name but let them ask the question.
Lily Dash (14 days ago)
D Do Do y Do yo Do you Do you really think I'm going to waste my time on this.
ItzCookie Gacha (13 days ago)
Yea I do!
Zirob (14 days ago)
How can she have 15m followers wtf
jakson wills (14 days ago)
I would have said we’re not friends so don’t call me by my first name.
Micah Carey (14 days ago)
It's 'utmost,' not "upmost."

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