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She Got Kissed Through CPR! 😏

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Text Comments (648)
Anime Sensei (10 months ago)
Ani Destiny (3 months ago)
Anime Sensei cute
Raphaell Gaming (3 months ago)
@Justin Y. thicc
Raphaell Gaming (3 months ago)
munching cherry (4 months ago)
@Justin Y. I knew Justin y would not be that cringe worthy thank lord ur a fake
Keine Ahnung (5 months ago)
nice fake [email protected] Y.
ino cheese (7 hours ago)
X striker (8 hours ago)
Where's the other girls?
Capslock Gaming (9 hours ago)
Phew, when I see that CPR is done wrong...
jedd adora (10 hours ago)
Sauce pls
crimson chunk (6 hours ago)
Ali Genderuwo (17 hours ago)
That's funny, i used to let my body floating when swiming and making my friends worried
Osu Iro (1 day ago)
This Anime was soo good i highly recommend you watching this.
0:23 me when I got some motivation 1:03 I give up
Noob Sandwich (1 day ago)
That's called rescue breathing, not CPR...
Hooman Mohammadi (4 days ago)
I didn’t get it, how he overwrite ?
Sappy-Seaman (4 days ago)
Wendy Pfeffer-Kun
Miok Kim (29 days ago)
I ship it😏
Thano Car Sans (2 months ago)
how cute <3
Call me Shraq (2 months ago)
Her reason: I don't want to get wet.... Actual reason: perverted men want to watch her in swimm suit and let her drown
Mystic (2 months ago)
Are there more anime with art style like this
Saiph (2 months ago)
all girls are best girls fight me
Samudio喜び (2 months ago)
When she got drowned i see myself in her😂
Alteon _TV (2 months ago)
Welp time to watch it
Blu Flare (2 months ago)
Sky Lion69 (2 months ago)
Just press the chest 30 times and then give them air through the mouth
LanxForxenZpawn (2 months ago)
And that kids.... Is how i met your neighbor...
Moonwolf Zhang (2 months ago)
No chest compression? Damn... Well, at least he made her pregnant, so it’s worth! That’s how it works in anime world!
Moonwolf Zhang (2 months ago)
Nice body Kategaw- Sorry wrong anime Wait- actually.... This is the right anime I’m searching for!
NITSUA SAN (2 months ago)
I thou it was gonna be like the sandlot sense
Anime Lover (2 months ago)
What is the title of this anime
Ex Ezekiel (2 months ago)
1:47 and the thumbnail....what the f*** the girl have an adams apple
Elite Gamerz2 (2 months ago)
This isnt thw normal Roman e you watch im just saying
DT_relk YT (2 months ago)
Pro Sniper Diamond (2 months ago)
Am I the only person who notices that she was able to put her feets in the water but still drowned?
samydodsgmaingros ph (2 months ago)
My niga
遠山カナ (2 months ago)
Xx Rëd Ōwł xX (2 months ago)
You know You don't start with a Kiss right? Even My 10 Year Old Sister Knows that
Dude (2 months ago)
Saving a life is what matters most.
meme KGB (2 months ago)
*fizzing radio noises* Incoming transmission from the KGB: Comrades we need your help you must tell us the name of this anime Thanks the KGB
Kill Deathanator (2 months ago)
is this season 2???
rhyan labola (2 months ago)
Shidō Kun (2 months ago)
No season 2 :(
joshua capinpin (2 months ago)
what is the title of this anime?
Unknown User (2 months ago)
S Ruzzy (2 months ago)
Omg kawaiii
na -kun (2 months ago)
Where my hentai ? Ask me.
GalacticGaming Ki (2 months ago)
Lol I know how it feels I did this in real life I'm the only one who know how to CPR
MashaHao (2 months ago)
Anime GX
MashaHao (2 months ago)
Anime mont
Kieran Spike (3 months ago)
It is stupid how a lot of people think CPR is kissing because it's lip to lip. It's passing air.
Imersiion (2 months ago)
Kieran Spike for real
VR Scoopelin (3 months ago)
Those bois are damn so thirsty
AMV HIT (3 months ago)
Special Topic: How did you guys publish an anime video on youtube without getting banned by the copyright or without getting copyright strike? -Please help me guys I want to share the anime that I've watched too... Thanks in advance
Mxt_ FORTNITE (3 months ago)
Which anime is this?????
Hitman Reborn (3 months ago)
That's so embarrassing to me
Muhammad Hakim samudera (3 months ago)
go 100.000 subs
Ar_tY (3 months ago)
You weebs always ruining happy moments with your perverted god danm comments. May I remind you HE JUST SAVED A LIFE!
Ar_tY (3 months ago)
Yo chill I get it the anime made it that way
The Anime Fenix (3 months ago)
That boys is how you do CPR remember to control your "SON" down there
VegitoUltimate (3 months ago)
0:59 i can't even arm pull that well and im glad Im better at swimming than someone! Oh wait... she's fictional 😭😭😭
Sutikno 2601 (3 months ago)
Anime :oreshura
Letho of Gulet (3 months ago)
カナチン (3 months ago)
鼻抑えろ、鼻! 息もれるだろ。
DerBlaue (3 months ago)
Love it that almost any Anime gets CPR wrong.
DarkChicken (3 months ago)
Yo wat anime
syntax error (3 months ago)
What anime?
Legendoid Rome (3 months ago)
Did eita just score 10 points
Loyard Jensen (3 months ago)
what anime?
Anime Obsession (3 months ago)
Good opportunity for him(im jealous)
ItsRayleigh x (3 months ago)
0:59 never knew they had me in there.
Ibrahim Moussi (3 months ago)
Chance happens to me : 0.0%
Vlek (3 months ago)
why is everyone surprised he gave CPR he is saving a life, not saving a kiss you horny motherfuckers
AxelPlayz RDM (3 months ago)
Hridoy Paul (3 months ago)
Wait how did he overwrote the KISS...
*shoves tongue down throat* Kinda made myself laugh
Yeet 1 (2 days ago)
@Vlad Draghici he's planning to become a doctor, I'm sure he is lol
Vlad Draghici (3 months ago)
@WilDAllu YouTube he isnt even doing cpr, just kisses her lol
WilDAllu YouTube (3 months ago)
Don’t mind me just giving someone CPR
Ugnius Vainutis (3 months ago)
Wat is this anime name
Miss Beelzebub (3 months ago)
It's Ruru's voice
OPS- random numbers (3 months ago)
PunsForever Meow22 (3 months ago)
Which anime is this
༒ (3 months ago)
Aprovecho el bug
No Offense (3 months ago)
0:31 *WTF* ?
Sahil Pethe (2 months ago)
@Mr.FuhrerAndGas his balls exploded trying to process all the information he was seeing
Mr.FuhrerAndGas (3 months ago)
They probably recorded it during no nut November.
ShqtteredDreams (3 months ago)
what if she did that intentionally
ShqtteredDreams (3 months ago)
I see He is A man of culture
Binary Playz (3 months ago)
You... I like you
Ta ko (3 months ago)
AntonioJuliosPiz (3 months ago)
What is it name ?
Tps Wasgone (3 months ago)
Episode ?
Catrina Siri (3 months ago)
Gød _ Gustavo (3 months ago)
Quem e brasileiro loli,hentai deixa o like
Daleberto (3 months ago)
Her: I don't like getting wet. Him: What a waste. Me: I feel ya bro!!!
Jay King (3 months ago)
It looked like she was actually swimming at first
Victory Saber (3 months ago)
I simply loved oreshura. This anime music was playlist adding worthy. It had something for everyone. The loli neighbor you rooted for, the nutty child hood friend who wants marriage, a left field love interest, and a psycho chic. Some bikini fan service. It really is a nice harem comedy. Like oniai or saekano.
Seraph Guardian (3 months ago)
As an Emergency Medical Technician in training with certifications in Basic Life Support I have a few comments about CPR: 0:31 First of all this horny bastard just went into Psychogenic Shock, commonly known as fainting. Yeah you don't wanna lose consciousness in a pool let's just leave it at that. 1:24 When determining the need for CPR you do not wanna waste time; EMTs have a saying "Time is Brain," meaning every second you waste you're increasing the risk of brain damage. When assessing if someone needs CPR you check for breathing and a pulse, if the patient has a pulse, but it not breathing you only need to provide Rescue Breaths which appears to be the case here. However if the patient in question has no pulse, you need to immediately start chest compressions. That means using both straight arms to push into the chest about 2 inches just below the mid sternum. You compress hard, fast, and continously at a tempo similar to that of the songs "Staying Alive" or "Another One Bites the Dust." You are manually pumping their heart for them, it's important to also allow full chest recoil. With a 2nd person every 30 compressions you can stop chest pause to administer 2 rescue breaths (or simply continously do chest compressions until professions come to relieve you) watching for visible chest rise, do not give more than that. 1:45 I have to commend the people who made this anime because this is called the Head Tilt Chin Life maneuver and is used in Basic Life Support to maintain a proper airway in patients with no suspected spine injury. Thank you for reading this, you may have just gained the knowledge to save someone's life. I hope this helps you or somebody you know in the future.
FX DEXTERCAT (3 months ago)
Anime names pls?
エドコタス 俺の彼女と幼なじみが修羅場すぎる ですよー
Joshua Zigs (3 months ago)
My PP cant hold out much longer
M. uta (3 months ago)
たぁく (3 months ago)
うおおおおぉぉ (うおおおぉぉじゃねぇよwwwww)
みく! (3 months ago)
めんとす (3 months ago)
ラム様大好き 俺の彼女と幼馴染が修羅場すぎる
Batang30'S PH (3 months ago)
what kind of swim is that 🤣
ZhengGodZ (3 months ago)
Why masuzu's sound is similar to miku nakano? Or maybe i mistake...

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