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LIFESTEAL ONLY Mundo gets 4 Honors for carrying Gold Elo (Vampire Challenge)

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Vampire Challenge (Part 1- Mundo)
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Text Comments (257)
trmplays (9 months ago)
1 like = 1 finished series
Yogg (9 months ago)
Diamond Garen rushes Shen... Imagine taking 350 and throwing it out of the window, that's it
14th Noah (9 months ago)
1 like 1 another glacier video you mean
BlueSky (9 months ago)
no (9 months ago)
the video has likes tho
14th Noah (9 months ago)
More like 1 like 1 promise 1 not doing it 😂
gamer for fun (3 months ago)
its iron elo
A Jhintleman (4 months ago)
This is not true vampire build. Where's the Fleet Footwork and Bloodline Legend? :3 Also no Visage :/ that would give way more lifesteal than BorK.
Hexodus (4 months ago)
It seems like a typical pornhub video title
Gabe Newell (5 months ago)
Isn't this that rain guy
Mehmed Duman (5 months ago)
It only works in bronze and iron. So get only plays in low ranks
Bradyo (5 months ago)
Flip your camera in editing ;)
ya boi (5 months ago)
posture 100
Bugi LOL (6 months ago)
You start 7900 series but never finish/continue a single one. i know im late
BinarySecond (6 months ago)
Hey I remember when this guy was relevant!
jjaapp18 (8 months ago)
Cringey that he adds "-arino" to certain words. Time to grow out of that habit.
jjaapp18 (8 months ago)
Why do you only own those champs? Why don't you own them all?
irlrp (8 months ago)
7:56 use Hydra maybe ?
Johannes Nuutinen (8 months ago)
What patch is this mundo does not have any kind of ad scaling is 8.16
Ryan Kehoe (8 months ago)
that inhib tower you could have ran into the fountain without being touched by anyone
Corum (8 months ago)
Sheen Garen is actually his highest DPS / Win rate build, TF steraks and then full tank is the best scaling option for Garen. And actually the sheen purchase over phage priority is fine too, but he's playing the 1 v 1 wrong every time by extending the trade. Also when your e was down all he needed to do was Q R you and you'd be dead, instead he delayed the chase long enough with his Q active that you managed to get E up. If Garen was a better player he definitely would of beaten you in that fight.
Markus (8 months ago)
I think you should have went botrk earlier just for the as plus The active for reaching ppl. Otherwise, very impressive. I m a plat IV jglmain, would love to See you do this on my elo
Peregrine Savage (9 months ago)
what lifesteal do the boots give you? Gold mmr LMFAO
ok ? (9 months ago)
Why is there an ahegao Mundo in the thumbnail
butthole mcgee (9 months ago)
Why are Gold elo NA players so fucking trash?
Dr Jeckyl (9 months ago)
"We're gonna pick champs that have AD scaling" Proceeds to pick the champion with no AD scaling lmao
Elias (9 months ago)
7:30 doesn't silence stop spawning Herold?
Omar Abrahem (8 months ago)
It does
Elias (9 months ago)
Are you this guy out of the memes, who sits in class and who pressures a lot of blood in his head veins?
mrzoro105 (9 months ago)
ahri has ad scaling
Uff Uff (9 months ago)
tbh u lost the challange .... " u buy ONLY lifesteal items " boots are not a lifesteal item yikes
Smarre (9 months ago)
I go trinity on garen vs mundo and win lane every time
Mountain King WC:III (9 months ago)
Man you loose this challenge only lifesteal items you bought boots
Mojżesz (9 months ago)
lol thats usuless
Erik (9 months ago)
Audio was a bit quiet
B Will (9 months ago)
Did the herald flash?
Keima Katsuragi (9 months ago)
Someone played this at my game and went like 0/8 in like 15 mins then proceeded to complain about not being tanky enough, WTF!??
Blake Carr (9 months ago)
Why didn't u level a point in W? Doesn't it give u like 30ad?
Uzun Versiyon (9 months ago)
Tipini silkeyim
Tyler 1 (9 months ago)
Rainman, wassup my boy?
kazoo man (9 months ago)
can someone link me the outro wallpaper
FurredReich (9 months ago)
that is the face of a teemo player, a face of a psycho
Psy__Guy __ (9 months ago)
No lifesteal boots?! WTF
Eon Max (9 months ago)
Been carrying bronze silver and almost gold with mundo
Tadej Bračko (9 months ago)
ur cleansing and qssing made me puke
The Zwei (9 months ago)
Pradeep Magar (9 months ago)
Bull shit he could have gotten the first kill, this is fake, he probably let u get the first kill
Vladimir (9 months ago)
Use ur QSS
SmokeMyShrooms (9 months ago)
lol he says in gold elo and he playing unranked with clealense and exaust on mundo.. wow never seen this before i feel click baited
Hxcci (9 months ago)
U cant even sidestep one fcking ability lel.
The Moon (9 months ago)
Ahegao mundo skin when?
darkyy (9 months ago)
you can cleanse silences btw
Vektrous (9 months ago)
That garen brain dead jeez hella bad
Andreas Zick (9 months ago)
dude you always use your ultimate for nothing and then when you need it you die xd
Whoopedy Doo Dooders (9 months ago)
Full lifesteal build is berserker's greaves. Not any boots you want. Withchoclickbaitingazzzzzzzzzz
Eugene Ip (9 months ago)
a retired retarded pro player that no one cares anymore lmao
Marcus Christofferse (9 months ago)
Use your fucking actives man wtf....
thomas berhaupt (9 months ago)
around 750. if he Qs u, stops herald, he gets chunked, u cant dive because he can kite around the tower and ur not tanky. if u dont dive, he regens via passive. bad herald spawn was bad.
Isa and his Coffee (9 months ago)
Have you ever tried Spirit Visage Soraka
Skiffy Joes (9 months ago)
cant cleanse ignite...only works on cc effects yer?
Onmanrz (9 months ago)
this is just a clickbait video... lifesteal only??? you bought a boots that doesnt have a lifesteal.....
Evil BanKai (9 months ago)
mundo thirsty af
ahmedhood1 (9 months ago)
man ,,, those not even silvers...
Stick Pleasant (9 months ago)
if you're gonna play lifesteal mundo again, I recommend only taking 1-2 levels on W max.
lord goyim (9 months ago)
wow yourt channel is so dead
DarkArrowHD (9 months ago)
u're playing so bad even tho u had nothing to do its terrible
stefan marinkovic (9 months ago)
i dont want to be an asshole but you said that you would use only champions that scale with ad...none of mundos ability scale with ad
Ash Buxton (9 months ago)
Surely cleanse his silence at least once lol
James Watson (9 months ago)
"The only champions I'm choosing, are ones that have some type of AD scaling"..... chooses Mundo.... Who's Q, E, and R all scale from Health and his W scales from AP.... Really??????
Youtube_Lex (9 months ago)
How you get all these account lvl 30 and 0 masteries
james merges (9 months ago)
first off, i wanna say i love you trm. Second... Why were you surprised that that was gold 5? LOL Gold 5 is basically silver and silver is just as bad as bronze most of the time
Leng Taing (9 months ago)
You lowkey look like the dude with a veiny ass head meme
Hybrid YasuhiroAkadashi (9 months ago)
aliomort (9 months ago)
Games FTW (9 months ago)
Eong Foster (9 months ago)
Building a team for a 5v5 LoL tournament. Looking for players that are Plat+ or gold if you have a good champion pool and mechanics. Tournament is on 8/11 and 8/12 and their is a $200 prizes pool. If u interested msg me on discord at TXC Deadman#3216 BTW Rainman if u do it and we win i will give u like half the prize pool
Mandangas (9 months ago)
You seem to have problems finishing things. Seek help Rainman.
John Reeves (9 months ago)
sick challenge
Eggplant. (9 months ago)
I'm not gay.
Nicolis De Bartolo (9 months ago)
Love this challenge ahaha, you did a fuck ton of dmg as mundo doe
HowToBadass Durden (9 months ago)
RIP this channel. Was fun
kallel aziz (9 months ago)
can you go back to play wow aigian plz your contant in wow classic is so good
Daniel Damn (9 months ago)
Trm is the thirstiest boi alive
Tiagocf2 (9 months ago)
Does Hextec Piston and Spirit Visage count as lifesteal? You should consider buying it
Jordan Neville (9 months ago)
Wukong on your team and you didn't dodge? who are you and what have you done with TheRainMan??
Mario (9 months ago)
Are u the guy from L9 discord that gave me advice =D?
Trm pls go janna top for next and i do a subscribe
vlogs.ck.go (9 months ago)
U never used w
Constantin (9 months ago)
That’s a riot account right?
EL TRUCO (9 months ago)
14:29 lmao
Raygenbowgen (9 months ago)
10:14 you have clense and qss, yeah, lets just die.
Stevie B (9 months ago)
I was the 1000th like!
John Paul (9 months ago)
I use to be stuck in gold before i quit. Clearly im trash. Thx for the self esteem boost
Billy Garcia (9 months ago)
You could main Mundo, I’d enjoy that as much as the Teemo days. Lol
bengi (9 months ago)
Nice bought account xDDDDDDD
Zerum (9 months ago)
Gold is just the shinny bronce
ChuckTheDuck (9 months ago)
If you do finish this series don’t be all nelly Nancy pls like look how bad my build is yada yada yada. We get it’s not optimal but your kinda beating a dead horse and also it’s just more fun if you like oh look I healed 500 hp off a minnion this is fun
Flart POOP (9 months ago)
Could I get the source from the Dr.Mundo art in the thumbnail? EDIT: lol thanks for the heart dude love your content, keep it up
KY Zhu (9 months ago)
Gold is the new bronze
A Sense (9 months ago)
KY Zhu Nah homie Plat elo is the new bronze bracket, absolute aids to play in.
Arkardu (9 months ago)
At this point, I think you can build Mundo any way you want and still kick ass. Full lifesteal Mundo, Phantom Dancer only Mundo. Lehtality Mundo. It all seems to get the job done.
paul wim (9 months ago)
*New series* again
Duolingo Owl (9 months ago)
For the true challenge, you should play vladimir. I don’t care if u said only ad scaling, you must do vladimir :D
やまだ 剣士 (8 months ago)
I want to try that right now x'D but cba tbh
Ocean Surgeon (8 months ago)
+iShadow DeviSiras ew sounds like its going to be cancer late game
iShadow DeviSiras (9 months ago)
Take it to the next level, grab gathering storm and overgrowth as well as grasp. Vlad's Q heal scales on hp and ap.
kms myself (9 months ago)
Blank And Nothing he’s not a vampires, he’s a hemomancer REEEEE
thomaa5 (9 months ago)
How does he get so many different accounts?
bengi (9 months ago)
reliable websites, that give lifetime warranty, and have 10k BE at least each along with 20 champs
Aceus Films (9 months ago)
u can buy lvl 25-26 for 5$ on playerauctions.com
gsdsgsg dsddg (9 months ago)
25 and 10? bruh.. some websites sells them for 3 dollars lol
我爱你我爱你 (9 months ago)
i sell them for 5-10$ lol
bengi (9 months ago)
thomaa5 u can buy them level 30 for $25 usd
Jake Pryde (9 months ago)
lol that post game chat tho
Rickenewyork (9 months ago)
Gold 5? Shit i might go back to league then.
kevin (9 months ago)
did the herald flash at 8:02 LOL...

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