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The Eyeglasses Guide, Part II: The Right Pair for Your Face & How to Buy

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Click here for our full guide on finding the right pair for your face shape: https://gentl.mn/eyeglasses-II Check out part I of our series, here: https://gentl.mn/2N0iWiR One reminder before we jump in today, you can find the first part of our guide on eyeglasses here in which we discussed a brief history of how glasses came to be and some different types of eyeglasses that are considered classics in menswear. #eyeglasses #notsponsored #gentlemansgazette So how do we determine what style of eyeglasses is right for you? Well, the first thing we should do is determine your face shape. The shape of your frames must play well with the shape of your face and as you might imagine, a pair of frames that looks good on one man might look completely out of place on another. To find out what shape you are, you will need more than just a mirror. Ideally, you'll also have handy a pencil and paper and someone to help you. To begin the measuring process, we'll start at the forehead measuring across from the widest point. Remember, don't wrap the tape measure around the curvature of your head. We're going to be measuring its dimensions as if it were a flat two-dimensional object since that's essentially how it's going to be seen when people are looking at you. The tape measure should only be touching one point on your head like a line tangent to a circle. Write down the number you measured for your forehead, it goes without saying that we'll be writing down all of these numbers so you can compare them at the end of the measuring process to determine your face shape. Next, move downward to measure your cheekbones and then move downwards still to measure your jawline at its widest point. Finally, measure the length of your face by taking the tape measure and placing it vertically, first at the top of your forehead by your hairline and then down to the bottom of your chin. To determine which face shape you have, look at the numbers you've got and compare them to the advice we're about to give for how to spot different face shapes. First, we'll talk about oblong faces which in general are longer than they are wide. For the most part, the measurements of your jawline, cheeks, and forehead will all be fairly similar for an oblong face shape. Smaller frames probably aren't going to do you justice instead you should be going for a larger frame with some thickness to it. Sharp angles and concise lines are going to add some definition to your soft facial features and give you a more masculine look. Next, we'll talk about heart-shaped faces. These are basically inverted triangles meaning that you have a smaller more pointed chin in comparison to your cheek and forehead measurements which are wider and roughly about the same. The best frames for you are going to be ones that even out your faces proportions so opt for rimless or semi-rimless frames that are thinner in nature. Next, we'll talk about square face. As you might well imagine, these are pretty much as long as they are wide and the edges of your face are probably going to be mostly straight up and down or straight across. In particular, at the jawline, you're probably going to notice concise sharp corners rather than a more rounded gradual edge. Since you have a distinctive and chiseled face with bold features, you're going to want round frames that softened the appearance overall. Next are oval faces which you can also think of as being roughly similar to the shape of an egg. In general, be happy! Having an oval face means that you can wear almost any style of frame with ease. Next up are rounded faces which are also about as wide as they are long. The difference between a rounded face and a square face is that a rounded face typically has a narrower forehead and a narrower softer jawline. To provide contrasting balance here, opt for something that's more geometrically shaped Finally, we'll talk about diamond-shaped faces. If your face is widest at the cheekbones with a narrow forehead and a narrow jawline there's a good chance that you have a diamond face shape. With this shape, you want to focus on frames that complement your cheekbones but also provide some balance overall. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2BSpRGw Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ https://gentl.mn/2wjRBOS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2BSpRGw
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Text Comments (115)
Shaun Leonard (18 days ago)
Mocca LG (3 minutes ago)
J .S (2 days ago)
Tortoiseshell plastic frames with copper-gold metal side detailing and UV coating. Also have a pair of pale frosty pink designer glasses (female) and royal blue old pair that look almost black and formal in low light.
Faye (3 days ago)
oblong faces... longer than they are wide... isnt every face longer than they are wide?
David Lee (4 days ago)
This guy is a f7cking tool
American TOOTHPICKERS (4 days ago)
Bravo, Preston!!! I learned much from this quality video. Please press on. BTW this is your barber. 🙏🏼
Pegs Barton (4 days ago)
I like Preston, his diction is excellent and I think he's very confident considering he's new to the channel. A class act! And he's easy on the eyes! He's also a very good foil for Sven.
World-Optic Shop (6 days ago)
*Nice Video*
Jo Eltham (6 days ago)
Preston you should talk slower and leave a gap between each sentence. I feel you are bombarding me with information. Early day's in your presenting career.
Pupsius Pupuliukas (6 days ago)
if you are insecure then watch this...
john coulter (6 days ago)
Please make an interview video of Mr. Schlueter if he is comfortable with it!
Azael Contreras (7 days ago)
Getting a Jedi master and Padawan vibe from these two guys😂(...from star-wars)
Ronaldo Perez (8 days ago)
I’ve been wearing black wayfarer glasses for 2 years now, however I’ve been meaning to get new frames with my eye exam. A frame that I’ve been researching are the club master by ray bans, but I need to try them first.
Cedric Cheng (9 days ago)
no prescriptions yet, but I currently wear a vintage 1950's Tart Optical Arnel fitted with Ray-Ban G-15 lenses for sunglasses use. Currently looking out for a vintage Tart Optical FDR.
This video gives great advice on how to find one's skin tone if one is white/Caucasian, but leaves out everyone else. Gentlemen, I am certain you'd like your guides to be accessible to all; please correct this.
SpriJokes (9 days ago)
Keep it up Presto. Comfort will smooth things out.
AndrejD303 (10 days ago)
Eugene from preacher is real :D btw good vid :)
Cocoa Hoto (10 days ago)
good vid ty
Georgi Banov (10 days ago)
It's better not to wear glasses if you don't need them. It's too obvious when the glasses are just plain (non- dioptric) - it looks silly and cheap.
Ivan Horvat (11 days ago)
I love how this presenter speaks, so much clearer then Sven...
Jeremiah Alphonsus (11 days ago)
Pax Dominum sit semper vobiscum.
Jeremiah Alphonsus (11 days ago)
Well done!
Avp Imdb (11 days ago)
That buddy is so american.
Dominik Fulop (11 days ago)
1:54 I knew J.K.Rowling is active again...
Kelly Backer (11 days ago)
„If you do want more thickness in your frame“ we want more thickness in our booty nd pantz ;-)
Jack Bizzell (12 days ago)
Hi Preston, fantastic video. I wonder, could you give me your two-cents on how a bears would impact glasses shape? I have a beard which (generally speaking) completely covers a tie knot in length. Also, would this impact which colour frames would be more suitable? Thanks in advance - I look forward to seeing more of you on the channel.
James S (13 days ago)
Where did he come from??
Simon Sozzi (14 days ago)
I like this guy... I don't trust the German.
Jim Krause (14 days ago)
I wear glasses; have done so all my life. I very much prefer the so-called John Lennon or Windsor style, preferably gold filled, as I think that matches my skin tone, and also sets off my blue eyes quite nicely, better than silver does.
eronavbj (16 days ago)
One critical issue ignored: temple placement. I personally like high temples, since they make my face look more “balanced” as opposed to slanting downward. This is especially noticeable from a profile view.
Rubin Begeja (16 days ago)
Right indications at the right time. I'm up to buying a new pair.
Ima Karimah (16 days ago)
Omg... Sven you look like just my lecturer I have a crush on when you wear that specs.... 😭😭😭
Vincent Eldred (16 days ago)
I feel like a robot is talking to me. The new guy needs to relax a little bit, and develop a personality rather than appear as if he is merely reading from a teleprompter. I want a gentleman to tell me about gentlemanly things, not a mechanical engineer.
J .S (2 days ago)
He's learning.
Nick Johnson (7 days ago)
As a mechanical engineer, I feel very offended. So I'm just going to remove your words from my memory and reboot.
Reese Cripe (11 days ago)
Vincent Eldred bruh, sven has been doing this for years. This guy just started. Give him a few months. And maybe go look at sven's old videos to see how awkward he was
Alan Q. (12 days ago)
So a mechanical engineer is a robot?
Sophisti Jeep (16 days ago)
This guy wanted to be sophisticated so he picked glasses to look like a grey alien. Well done, sir.
Oli Richings (16 days ago)
I wear a clear frame pair of glasses slightly more rounded than wayfarers with black arms. Before that I had tortoiseshell but I found this style to be more youthful looking
Mayorman Sheeps (16 days ago)
Preston is just not enjoyable to watch. He seems dorky more than gentlemanly
Mayorman Sheeps (2 days ago)
Just because you're young doesn't mean you have to be a goodie 2 shoes, he seems so polished and immature, I would personally not like to take advice on clothing or style from him.
J .S (2 days ago)
He's young, get over it.
Reese Cripe (11 days ago)
Mayorman Sheeps why not both?
Liviu Vigu (17 days ago)
I just want to make a correction aviator glasses can be worn if they are minimalist and not over the top.
DR INDIANAJONES1981 (17 days ago)
I love this channel so much you guys look so Dapper!
Matthew Lane (17 days ago)
Is the gentleman in the video going to ne in more?
12dede (17 days ago)
It’s this kind of content that I appreciate the most on YouTube, you’re one of my favorite channels, keep up the good work. And to answer the question: I’m wearing squared, whilst still a bit rounded at the edges, glasses, with a blue inline and a black outline which creates a lovely contrast.
Benjamin Augustine (18 days ago)
This guy is great.
IAleG (18 days ago)
I think Sven looks more relaxed in front of the camera than Preston, who seems like is shaking a bit.
Anders J (8 days ago)
He just needs to practice public speaking more. He is wonderful nonetheless!
IAleG (10 days ago)
​+Jeremiah Alphonsus Then in my opinion Sven's unique style is better at delivering the same kind of information than Preston's. He reminds me of all the other fashion vloggers (RMRS, Alpha m....) that try to be funny or macho and be you're friend to make you feel included and different from the all other milion faceless subscribers, whereas Sven sticks to delivering useful information in the most efficient way possible, while only including humor to further drive the point home. I'm not saying that Sven's style is flawless, he's had technical issues and sometimes i don't even like the way he looks (E.g. his hair), but his smooth tone and the way he poses in front of the camera to showcase the style rule he just explained is something only he does (other than maybe The Kavalier), and he's very good at it. Sorry if i went too in detail, i just wanted to explain why i think this way.
Jeremiah Alphonsus (11 days ago)
Exactly. He already has his own unique style.
wisperingbeard (11 days ago)
I think Preston is doing a fantastic job. Honestly, I think Preston shouldn’t shake the subtle awkward delivery. It’s charming and if anything, should be honed into his own unique style.
Jeremiah Alphonsus (11 days ago)
IAleG is wrong. Preston did a wonderful job.
NochSoEinKaddiFan (18 days ago)
Yet another in depth guide with a lot of information, that is put together well and easy to understand :) I have a feeling that style in general is about balance and striving for one specific ideal. it just never stood out to me quite as clear as it did in this video. Personally I don't think an online retailer has a shot if you have some quirk in your vision that is not standard or you want something like bifocal lenses. They can't dial you in properly or fit the frame on your face. In my humble opinion, if the adjustment is not happening on the face of the client, you can't call it a fitting. Something so essential to your quality of life as your vision should always be tailored to you in person. But you can look at different frames online, get an idea of what is out there and maybe even have your optician order the specific frame you want. After all, an optician is a craftsman and I think we should support our local craftsmen because we hold know how in our area. One of the reasons why the gentlemans gazette is so successfull might be, that this channel is one of the last places to find actual mens fashion know how that retail personell had back in the day... We don't just pay the middlemen, we also pay for the expertise of a professional and I think that should be worth a little extra, just like you would with your tailor :)
mxt mxt (18 days ago)
Welcome to the new guy.
Drew Wilson (18 days ago)
Can you do a house tour please
Avp Imdb (11 days ago)
yeah, and don't forget to tell your safe lock code
Rich Mitch (18 days ago)
Mild mannered journalist helps masses with glasses
terrydrums (18 days ago)
How did you a get suit on C-3PO?
e usana (18 days ago)
It seems off putting that this guy is so much like sven. But it’s as if sven is holding a gun behind the camera and this man is forced to do stuff. Must be how wide open his eyes are
J .S (2 days ago)
His glasses enlarge his iris plus the camera does the same with focus.
pcrana1 (6 days ago)
But it makes him look dapper.
Jeremiah Alphonsus (11 days ago)
What’s really offputting is your dark heart.
Gta 5 ASMR driving (18 days ago)
Bruh why do yall always look like batman villians😂
J .S (2 days ago)
It's the jawline.
Tyler L (11 days ago)
I thought that too!
NetRat Studio (11 days ago)
Hahaha! :D
Simon Macomber (18 days ago)
You left out a negative that effects shopping in both online and in store purchases. If you have a particularly strong prescription, there is a strong possibility that *neither* can provide you with the lenses you need. You may be limited to purchasing from speciality shops that focus on such strong prescriptions and their frame choices are much more drastically reduced. Not to mention that the lenses themselves, without the frames, will be exorbitantly expensive.
Liviu Vigu (17 days ago)
In my opinion you should always get lenses and the prescription from a specialised store (i have both astigmatism and hipermetropie), but the rims you can get them from wherever you want.
Rio Akbar Pramanta (18 days ago)
I'm wearing a rectangle Emporio Armani with half rim made out of carbon fiber. The color is dark brown, but for previous glasses I've worn, I usually choose grey.
Ewan Wilson (18 days ago)
My glasses are metal in a brassy colour with a gunmetal finish that is worn off to give a slightly weathered look. The arms are off white likewise with the same grey/gunmetal finish that is worn off. The frame is in a rectangular shape with rounded edges.
Nacion alista (18 days ago)
He looks like Marty’dad from back to the future George mcfly
Hair Killa (16 days ago)
carlos laguna it might be him
The Dapper Handy (18 days ago)
Perhaps you should consider making a video on sweater vests and how to pair them with dress shirts, ties, and jackets?
Fjodor Klein (18 days ago)
Similar to a jumper ? I would wear them with jackets though
maccollectorZ (19 days ago)
I'm finally moving away from the conservative look and am opting for a new pair of Oliver Peoples frames for everyday wear!
v a i n (19 days ago)
Very off-topic, but Mr Schneider mentioned a flea market in Vienna a few times over the years and since I’m from there, I would love to know where it is/any information on it. Vielen Dank im Voraus! :)
Gentleman's Gazette (18 days ago)
Am Naschmarkt
Victor Johansson (19 days ago)
Ooh I've been looking forward to this episode.
Riz Kler (19 days ago)
I hope I never need glasses but if I ever do I now know I will still look c🕶l 🤘🏼
A J MacDonald Jr (19 days ago)
I can't imagine buying eyeglasses online. I bought new glasses recently (at a store) and I must have tried on 50 pairs before I found a pair that looked good and fit me properly. 🤓
I love the new host. May God bless and Mary keep you all, in Christ, Jesus+
Jeremiah Alphonsus (11 days ago)
Pax Dominum sit semper vobiscum.
Marc M (13 days ago)
Religion is a very private matter, so why don't you keep it private?
Manicmanuel (17 days ago)
Are you the keymaster?
Manicmanuel I will pray that you convert to Faith of the holy Roman Catholic Catholic, outside of which there is no salvation — research sedevacantism.
Manicmanuel (18 days ago)
There is no god, only Zuul!
Liam Blake (19 days ago)
I wear Anne et Valentin round titanium frames in turquoise and copper
Valerie W (19 days ago)
I'm here for Preston 👏 lookin sharp, Preston!
Norman Bates (19 days ago)
I wear a rayban club master in black/silver tones, I like them because I'm a younger gentleman and they make me look a bit older
Norman Bates (12 days ago)
+Alan Q. I wasn't aware that there was anything wrong with that, would you like to explain that to me?
Alan Q. (12 days ago)
To call yourself a gentleman....
Lycosa (19 days ago)
Yep! Part 2, nice! I'm going to buy new eyeglasses and maybe prescription sunglasses, sunnies/shades, in October :) next month. SOON. I might buy sort of tortoise (looking) round Eyeglasses :) even if they don't suit my face 100%, they should look OK. I'll try different drames out... My current pair suits me but I want a change, something fresh+stylish+new+rounder+old school.
Lycosa (19 days ago)
Ordinarily Dapper  Yep. I go to local optician glasses store personally. I try frames.
Ordinarily Dapper (19 days ago)
Tryout Warby Parker and do their free trial of five frames. Can do many times until you find something.
Fjodor Klein (19 days ago)
I wear my Great-Grandfathers old horn round-framed glasses, which I inherited, had to change the lenses but they are still good (I think they are from the 1920s)
Jeremiah Alphonsus (11 days ago)
Wonderful! It’s great to have such a connection to our forefathers.
Fjodor Klein (16 days ago)
Thanks Ima
Ima Karimah (16 days ago)
Fjodor Klein now that's what a collection!
x_rainn_x (19 days ago)
If you got noone to help you, you could take a picture of you and mesure the picture instead.
Elijah Threads (19 days ago)
1# Aviators
Liviu Vigu (17 days ago)
Good choice my friend.
DealWithIt27 (19 days ago)
A comment
MG (19 days ago)
Gentleman's Gazette (18 days ago)
Your mother must be proud of you ;)

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