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With Ecko's help, Manny is back in Paraguay to fulfill Ale Basaldua's dream: To transform his yard into Asunción's first official skate park.
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Text Comments (7)
Özgür Deniz Işık (2 months ago)
I wait getting up 2
pillihp zelaznog (4 months ago)
Ecko will always be the true OG's
Christian DaCruz (5 months ago)
ecko i love your shoes an shirts but were can i buy your stuf cus i cant fin any ecko stores
grindmagazinetv (5 months ago)
Amazing! Motivador proyecto. Saludos desde Perú
texasatan (5 months ago)
Big thanks to Manny and Ecko for being the literal patron saints of this park, it means a lot the Asunción skate family
Alleyskateboardshop (5 months ago)
yes!!! thanks ecko and manny paraguay love you!
New West Films TV (5 months ago)
Yes 🔥🔥🔥

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