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The Pizza Show: Rome

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When in Rome...The Pizza Show is gonna eat a lot of pizza. Frank Pinello explores the Roman pizza scene, which is known for its two distinctive styles: pizza al taglio (rectangular and sold by weight), and pizza Romana tonda (round, thin and crisp). Whether you're grabbing a quick piece of al taglio at your local bakery or sitting down for a proper knife and fork pizza, there is no shortage of good pizza in Rome. From making pizza with Gabriele Bonci, the king of the al taglio style, to watching Stefano Callegari use ice cubes to create his iconic cacio e pepe pizza, Frank is in good pizza company. Subscribe to Munchies here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-MUNCHIES Check out http://munchies.tv for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: http://facebook.com/munchies Twitter: http://twitter.com/munchies Tumblr: http://munchies.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/munchies Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/munchies Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/munchies More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Text Comments (2551)
Claudia De Bernardi (6 hours ago)
i love pizza, but the neapolitan style is always my favorite compared to roman!
Mike jones (10 hours ago)
16:21 chef scratched his balls.... nice
Catherine Yu (1 day ago)
che meraviglia
natha jyoti (1 day ago)
where is the weed?
Martin Castro (2 days ago)
Italian and Mexican food are the best foods on planet earth.
HelloTardis (3 days ago)
3:58 Black Guy on the left just picked his nose.
Kevin James (3 days ago)
S2k @ 1:40?
Fotizzz (3 days ago)
lets be honest, the pizza with the icecubes was pathetic
Non ti scordar di me (3 days ago)
Naples not Rome
Pistola Jones (4 days ago)
Can someone tell me the song that plays at 7:04
MdMeyed Sky (4 days ago)
Burns pizza, calls it "crispy".
Seek Truth (4 days ago)
Sorry, but only italians should work in pizzerias in Italy. Italian Tradition is what produces the taste of the final product and such tradition comes from being raised in that culture and having italian parents.
Matoso Flawless (4 days ago)
i came for pizzas stayed for the people, damm Rome is really rich.
Samuel ESQUIVEL (5 days ago)
how do you not get any on you
Mathieu bouchet (5 days ago)
Je vais aller a Rome, AVE !
evelyn cheng (5 days ago)
bangladesh power!! 🇧🇩
C Mac (5 days ago)
Boncis brilliant. Like. Hes said the best in this show so far "I wanted to make something noble out of something that was being destroyed.... And also to give work to as many farmers as i could" Fucking brilliant!
Tim Still (5 days ago)
When I make pizza at home I would like to play the music from this video to accompany it. Could you tell me the names of the various songs in it please?
Lokesh Pathak (5 days ago)
SOCRATE 030 (5 days ago)
bella pe' banana
Ann Other (6 days ago)
So pizza went gourmet in London years before Italy!!
Todd Peucker (6 days ago)
That first guy was wearing 4 watches...what a loser goof...somebody slap that gaudy poser down into a greasy stain.
Bac si Gà bé (6 days ago)
Mmm sounds good cat pizza
Luca Salvatore (6 days ago)
finalmente un cazzo di video fatto bene sul cibo italiano!
alconrojo (6 days ago)
that seems like Arab bread with tomato and cheese on top if those cooks are Italian I'm French those Turkmen Italians come with suliman where they are Italians look at their faces they have Turkish faces the Italian government had to do DNA and phenotype tests on people and make Italy to non-Italians.
gnamorfra (5 days ago)
What are you talking about? The whole Mediterranean area are a mixture of ethnicities, since Roman times.. plus what you wrote about Spanish people is just incorrect
Jack Iron (5 days ago)
Spanish are half arabs half moorish north africans, the white minority in spain are basically southern italians-sardinians. Check your DNA too
alconrojo (6 days ago)
eso parece pan árabe con tomate y queso encima si esos cocineros son italianos yo soy francés esos italianos turcomanos venidos con suliman por donde son italianos miren sus caras tienen cara de turcos el gobierno italiano debía hacer examanes de ADN y fenotipo a la gente y hechar de Italia a los no italianos .
Simbadono (6 days ago)
please anyone give me the ig of the girl at 14:42 omg shes beatiful
the dude (6 days ago)
pizza in Rome???
MrUnlimitedTorque (6 days ago)
They put everything on a pizza except pineapple. As it should be.
Boe Dillard (6 days ago)
I'm glad he has 17 pieces of flair.
Artificial Headlight (7 days ago)
Any Bangali watching?
Michael Weston (7 days ago)
Tom Segura's twin working in Rome
David Canencio (7 days ago)
Bonchi was my favorite, what a cool guy
Homer821 (7 days ago)
broooo bonci is the maaaan 😁
N. S. (7 days ago)
Had to stop watching due to this guy's awful table manners. If you're gonna do a show like this at least hire someone who doesnt stick his tongue out and bite down on his food as if he's about to swallow his fist.
Ben (7 days ago)
Cannot understand how Frank is so slim XD
allenamenbesetzt (8 days ago)
Pizza with thick dough: sold by weight Pizza with thin dough: sold by piece
matteo spitaleri (8 days ago)
Ma parlano tutti tranquillamente inglese a Roma?
MBC1975 (8 days ago)
Better Ingredients Better Pizza.... Papa John's!
gnamorfra (5 days ago)
Where is it?
Cameron (9 days ago)
That Hannibal the Cannibal guy had me geekin and I haven't smoked in years
Big Dubyuh (9 days ago)
Im sorry but if their "pizza" doesn't have sauce than its just a baked open face sandwitch
gnamorfra (5 days ago)
You know, pizza doesn't necessarily have to have sauce in it..
OneWithMiseryStrings (9 days ago)
All hail pizza FORZA LAZIO
telescopereplicator (9 days ago)
WARNING.. !  Do NOT watch this video when you are HUNGRY ... !
cj graber (10 days ago)
I always want to know where the pepperoni pizza on the intro is from. Any help?
Tech Ownage (10 days ago)
man thats a real mobster pizza place
saurav kumar Das (10 days ago)
Gotta love bonci
ST N (11 days ago)
22:39 He looks like Robbie Williams (of Robbie Williams or Take That)
Rome is food Heaven ! 🌭🌮🌯🍓🍔🍕🍖🍘🍚🍛🍜🍝🍞🍟🍠🍤🍥🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🍬🍮🍱🍲🍳🍿👨‍🍳👩‍🍳😋🥑🥒🥓🥔🥕🥖🥗🥘🥙🥝🥞
Quantum (11 days ago)
19:20 hah, seriously?! -.-
Khalid Habeel (12 days ago)
I feel like at some point Bonci fought Rocky in some underground boxing match in the '80s. Later, they both went out for pizza. Pretty sure that happened.
KyroEmeraldblade (4 days ago)
This comment is underrated tbh
Mike_to_the_di (12 days ago)
I wonder what would happen to you if you mentioned you wanted pineapple to any of these people.
gnamorfra (5 days ago)
There's a nice video of a prank in Naples, the home of pizza, when some pizza guy pretended to deliver pineapple pizza.. very nice indeed
Whiskers likes Fish (12 days ago)
so ... cheese and crackers XD
bootlegbeer (12 days ago)
4:01 - I bet those nose clams add a little saltiness to his pie.
TEENY (13 days ago)
I wanna go to rome :'(
epnick (13 days ago)
We have the suppli as a snack in the Netherlands as well, but than the noodles are more asian style. Its so good
Yoda Smith (13 days ago)
JFSHAZAM! (13 days ago)
7:04 nombre de la cancion? nome della canzone? name of the song
Jeff Bommarito (14 days ago)
frank! how did you leave 1621 in there????
Double Oh 7 _ (14 days ago)
So.... It's fine to eat pizza with fork and knife?
gnamorfra (5 days ago)
It really depends on the consistency of the pizza.. if it's too soft it's impossible to eat it without fork and knife
Corina T (14 days ago)
Not going anywhere near this store, 26:19 guy in the background with his finger up his nose!
Idontknow819918 (14 days ago)
26:11 😂😂😂😂
inchaoswetrust (14 days ago)
What an insanely beautiful city
What Do You See (15 days ago)
17:32 damnnnn!!
Chapip Santos (15 days ago)
Oh god it looks so delicious. Italy is the place to be
mastersensie (16 days ago)
when he said to bonci the American way I was like ohhhh shit
chao lu (16 days ago)
he might be going to have a heart attack after this trip
someone (16 days ago)
He scratched his balls and then picked up the food
Kevin Corso (16 days ago)
Brock lesnar grew a beard.
J S (16 days ago)
15:50 there was fear on that Bangladesh Man's eyes.
AAA OB (16 days ago)
i love the pizza show i love italians i love italy .. <3
Alia Guerin (16 days ago)
I ate a pizza in Puglia Italia, it was as big as my table. I could eat 3 days of it:).
Luis boccas (16 days ago)
Ma Bonci verso il 16:30 che fa' si gratta le palle...ahahahaha
marcus knox (16 days ago)
weird that that dude feed Frank instead of just letting him grab a slice himself... lol
Renedy Naoroibam (17 days ago)
I love Bonci style😂😂😂😂. He is really a fun guy
Renedy Naoroibam (17 days ago)
I heard some Bengali😂😃😃😃 ami tuma bhalo bhasi Ami tumake Bhalo bhasi
varun009 (17 days ago)
Do they have dominos or pizza Hut in Italy?
Quasi Sazio (12 days ago)
no... no need for them tho
Osvaldo Ah (17 days ago)
Chicago pizza is the best and no I’m not talking about the pie stuffed pizza I’m talking about the thin crust square sliced pizza that’s the real Chicago pizza
ghostninja010 (17 days ago)
bonci has a smart because parking with a regular sized car is a nightmare in the centre part of rome
Eric Ancuta (18 days ago)
fake. No one here in italy speaks english lol.
BigAvo231 (18 days ago)
stop carrying on
Kyle Moore (18 days ago)
I hate to hate on like the inventors of the dish, but Pizza Bianco is just bread, thats not pizza at all.
gnamorfra (5 days ago)
+Kyle Moore usually it's not just bread, never seen it like that.. at most there's some cheese on it
Kyle Moore (5 days ago)
+gnamorfra my bad. bianca. It is literally just a flatbread.
gnamorfra (5 days ago)
"pizza Bianco" (?) Is definitely not just bread..
Lana AK47 (18 days ago)
I make homemade pizza. I start with making the dough which takes a half the day. In the mean time I make a sauce cooking in the herbs and spices. After the dough is ready I process the veggies and heat the oven to 500F. Then I stretch the dough and add the sauce and toppings. I cook until the cheese is very spotty browned. It is some of the best I have eaten. One of my secrets is the pan preparation. I use olive oil in the pan to crispy fry the crust.
James Harmon (18 days ago)
What's the song @7:00
Joshua Stevens (18 days ago)
Chill with the oh my God he is Lord
Onur Sarıçiçek (19 days ago)
16:21 itchy much
Kim Daguro (19 days ago)
The guy on the left at 4:00 😸 Make sure he wash his hands 😂
Joseph Anthony (19 days ago)
As soon as he said American style, i knew the chef was pissed.
Bianca Penciu (20 days ago)
Sorry but from my point of view Naples has the best pizza in the world.
wed nesday (20 days ago)
Ive never seen a boiled egg on a pizza
Fabio Roscilli (20 days ago)
meno male un laziale a roma, e manna pure affanculo ai romani 🤣
in 1975 I spend 8 mounts in Italy work on gasoline station in Ostia lido next to pizza plays that sold potato pizza on some days in big square trays for 50 cents a big peace square in a newspaper , I still dream of this potato piza
Carl Bonroy (21 days ago)
Domino's is better.
Jeffrey Osborn (21 days ago)
That's a LOT of pecorino! That might be SUPER salty.
lazios (21 days ago)
Pizza bianca&mortadella are a true roman classic; espresso at home, cappuccino&cornetto at the workplace and finally (around 11am) go to a good bakery for the pizza.
NIKo (21 days ago)
Bonci in his smart car looks like the heavy from TF2 driving a go-cart lmao
raymond munoz (15 days ago)
NIKo looks like the dad from the incredibles coming home from work in his little car
mendes denise (21 days ago)
mendes denise (21 days ago)
mendes denise (21 days ago)
racist pricks
Kenneth Mejia (22 days ago)
Minute 4:00 you don't touch the pizza after pick your nose right!!

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