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The Pizza Show: Rome

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When in Rome...The Pizza Show is gonna eat a lot of pizza. Frank Pinello explores the Roman pizza scene, which is known for its two distinctive styles: pizza al taglio (rectangular and sold by weight), and pizza Romana tonda (round, thin and crisp). Whether you're grabbing a quick piece of al taglio at your local bakery or sitting down for a proper knife and fork pizza, there is no shortage of good pizza in Rome. From making pizza with Gabriele Bonci, the king of the al taglio style, to watching Stefano Callegari use ice cubes to create his iconic cacio e pepe pizza, Frank is in good pizza company. Subscribe to Munchies here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-MUNCHIES Check out http://munchies.tv for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: http://facebook.com/munchies Twitter: http://twitter.com/munchies Tumblr: http://munchies.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/munchies Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/munchies Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/munchies More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Text Comments (2967)
Julius Samms (6 hours ago)
what song was playin at 7:20
Paleis Heuwel (13 hours ago)
was into this until 4:00 mark, the guy in the left corner was going for gold with that nose mining! went down the comments and saw some other points. . . yum, Europeans are fun.
Boondock Saint (1 day ago)
Craving a good wood-fired Neapolitan pizza now.
Beleszove Foldlanya (1 day ago)
PSA: Do NOT watch this stoned!!!! lol
FlamesDotN4 (2 days ago)
The dude at 4:00 picking his nose. Niiiiice.
Compact (4 days ago)
I found 2 euro pizza places in Roma that had the best pizzas I've ever had! Better than any fancy restaurant I've been...
Dominus Ghaul (5 days ago)
Bonci is the most giant American looking Italian I've ever seen. Dude looks straight outta Iowa or something.
BMXadie (5 days ago)
18:35 almost spit out my drink from laughing, what is a big man like that doing in a smart car xD
Flamma (5 days ago)
24:55 ah the torturing if u press this part
Tipi Tii (6 days ago)
Hey guys, so the pizza they’re eating at Giuliettas about 19:45 in to the clip, what is that green zucchini sauce they put on, does anyone know?
Mobile Broodjie (6 days ago)
Romans used to rule the known world... now all they do is make pizza.
richye rich (7 days ago)
Love to meet Italian friends:Instagram richye_1
Tony Pham (7 days ago)
16:20 bochi scratches his nutz
Ventura 19 (7 days ago)
16:20 A moment he's grabbing the food by hand then he scratches the balls...
Alex Michael (8 days ago)
Am I the only one that was also like damn the boys! Hot. OK I'm done.
d3w3yd3c1m4l (8 days ago)
I dream of Roman pizza, grrrrrr
Daphne Rodriguez (8 days ago)
IBlewUponYourFace (8 days ago)
That Pizza looks Delicious but I like the dough a little more thicker.
cat (7 days ago)
then eat sandwich ... haha
Simon Portillo (9 days ago)
Chicagonas cant watch this. You'll make them mad if you tell them this is the way to go lol
PierLuigi sounds like a cool name
Matthäus Colakoglu (9 days ago)
God bless you
Matthäus Colakoglu (9 days ago)
The best ever
kljoki kljoki (9 days ago)
16:20 - Why did he touch his balls ? Will you it there ?
Tomtom 2270 (10 days ago)
This guy said gracias to an Italian man
GolldenFalcon (10 days ago)
Andy Powell's Pretty Little Lies instrumental at around 5:10?
kasper (12 days ago)
Yooo Frank wearing a parra hat! The Netherlands finest
S. SpamBot (13 days ago)
I could solve East Africa's drought crisis with all the saliva I'm producing thanks to this video...
Anders H (13 days ago)
Pfff they ain't even got stuffed crust..
Looie88 (13 days ago)
i like how one of the bakers picks his nose in the backround at 04:00
Brie The Princess (14 days ago)
He literally eats the whole slice in one bite 😂😂😂😂 mmmm 😍
Umberto Cattaneo (15 days ago)
Ah Banana che c'è fai li?
Silvia Mori Arts (15 days ago)
Aw, I love Roma... You made such a lovely portrait of the city and the Pizza scene! So nice!!
Yousuf K (15 days ago)
Its was totally unexpected. I love our National Anthem
Jason Despacito (16 days ago)
Gosh, i can't wait for the summer to finally come around. I will definitely visit these places. Yummy.
Cesar Arraño (16 days ago)
16:20 Scratch them nuts
jurex81 (16 days ago)
Cesc Fabregas is now a foodie
vyrtig0 (18 days ago)
why this guy sound like adam sandler everytime he says thank you
armentano (18 days ago)
at 22:05 he' s the real Hannibal Lecter
Ben Thacker (18 days ago)
Napoliton pizza > roman pizza
Pauluz de Boskabouter (19 days ago)
You ain't a good chef when you don't scratch your balls in your own kitchen! 16:21 WTF!
Pauluz de Boskabouter (19 days ago)
WTF Black Crust man! Dang!!!!! Yak! 1:15
Good Tunes (20 days ago)
Multo benne
not surprised he supports nazio lol.
Jim Flask (21 days ago)
20 episodes in "it's so light"
Xavier Brenneman (21 days ago)
I guess I'm biased but these pizzas don't look as good as a classic ny style to me
SangueSiciliano (20 days ago)
Xavier Brenneman i guess you are true. You are beeing biased.
Aravind Kannoly (21 days ago)
Ray Dingo (22 days ago)
16.21 random crotch itch lol
N S (22 days ago)
Why you walk in you in the movies
Fresh Orange (23 days ago)
how can italians get in shape with all those deilicious carbs and cheese and beers i'd go ultra mega fat if i live there
Hector (4 days ago)
american culture is built around cars, if you go to new york city they eat the same as the rest of america but they walk more than normal americans.
Marc S. (4 days ago)
Compared to american and english eating habits this is a diet.
goku (5 days ago)
Carbs are not the problem. Using milk in the pasta got me facepalm. Tons of cheese is of course is main issue.
Danny Raul Molina (23 days ago)
I thought it was a sin to eat pizza with utensils
J. R. (2 days ago)
actually this is an american thing, in naples they do eat with utensils
RoyalT 27 (23 days ago)
20:16 "You don't let anybody eat alone" Facts
Sheraz Khan (21 days ago)
the naive alarm Napleton
hyam e (23 days ago)
everyone in this video is such a character. I love it
Irony killa (24 days ago)
MOOD 16:20
Aj Brandt (24 days ago)
Eating pizza with a fork and knife?!
Andrea Scarparo (24 days ago)
King kai (24 days ago)
16:55 just look at that size comparison
Fan Made Videos (24 days ago)
So, when is The Pizza Show gonna visit those 7 Eleven "Pizzerias"? LOL
Cyber Skin (25 days ago)
The pizza show is the best! Thanks for this awesome show !
HeavyHunter16 (25 days ago)
I'm a Swiss Boxer doing a Ketogenic Diet with literally almost no Carbs and i'm watching Pizza videos, thumbs up if you are graving pizza right now.
NoomiV (25 days ago)
"don't think you're saving lives... relax" lmao
delta games (25 days ago)
Frank didnt like icecube pizza
Nelly van Mierlo (22 days ago)
He never really tells when he does not like it but I think the code word is "interesting"
eye v (25 days ago)
that pizza made with water is an abomination
Timothy Edward (25 days ago)
Oh God.... I miss Roma......
Carlos Fernandez (25 days ago)
Italian culture is beautiful, the food, the people, everything
Marcelo Barrera (25 days ago)
The guy cleaning his nose at 4:00 was fired after this video was released.
Nelly van Mierlo (22 days ago)
good eyes, bud!
Alinutz Alin (26 days ago)
5:31 That guy throws the flour like its 0.1 cents. Damn rich bastards showing off. Just kiddin. Stop showing off..
DiGiT MerC (26 days ago)
omg i do miss Italian food in Italy, especially Pizza, Seafood, Fruits, Gelato ...
Kowsar Khan (26 days ago)
Bangladesh national anthem 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩😎🤩
binkymagnus (26 days ago)
I always love how Romans cut the pizza with scissors
Vesna Susel Rozman (27 days ago)
I have to say I was in Italy with my children and they were not impresed with picas there. On streets in Venis we almost payed a pice of pica in gold, very expensive and nothing special, we realy dont like picas so thin. But 100 people 100 diferent taste. In many years working in restaurat I rekognize Italian people is eating just picas and spageti bologneze in the midle of Alps, maybe trouts, but no lokal food. Who will serve me viner snichel or cabige with sosage in Italy on my vacation. Sometimes in joke I say, grand shefs de la cousine shoud work with me just one day and cook for 1000 people in few hours in 16m2 big kitchen. But on almost 1000masl we sell picas and pasta, interesting isnt it...I forget hamburgers and chips. We have fresh trouts but turists eat salmon. Is it fresh? Yes of course if you find salmon in Meditiarian see dear god. We didnt eat good pica in Venice and good spageti bolognese in Bolognia, but hey, maybe we didnt find a good restaurant.
davisx2002 (27 days ago)
solid prayer hands on the neck tattoo. probably got him the job
GoldenBadger (27 days ago)
Why does he have 4 watches? lmao
Mizemaz (27 days ago)
what am I doing here am on a diet for god's sake
Dougie C (27 days ago)
That one dude picks his nose at 4:00 gross as hell
ashraful alam (27 days ago)
Mr. Callegari talking in English just makes me happy
Elmer Baez (28 days ago)
Finally. I subscribed because I never thought there would be a pizza channel. I'm glad I did. Pizza is my favorite food to eat. You are so blessed to be doing this. Thank you.
John Pham (28 days ago)
16:21 should've rethought scratching that area on camera 3mill views lol
Jan Terlauw (28 days ago)
Interesting subject. Well told. Very obnoxious host tho.
Harz.exe (29 days ago)
I'm looking for Peter Parker in the comment section...
Sanjay Dey (29 days ago)
Great show. Loved watching every bit of it. I truly enjoyed the honesty and simplicity of the owners of each and every restaurant.. ☺️
Fast Eddy Love (29 days ago)
Old guy "actor" at the end is a pest--not charming at all. IMO.
Fast Eddy Love (6 days ago)
+TheFapFactory I think he's just trying to play on that he looks like the real Hannibal--Anthony Hopkins. As stated, if he did this to me I wouldn't be amused at all. It looks to me like he's taking advantage of being a local & he doesn't believe anyone is going to call him out.
TheFapFactory (6 days ago)
Fast Eddy Love frr😂😂 I’ve seen all the Hannibal movies and I’ve never seen that fool once, freakin nutjob lmao
Riccardo Granato (30 days ago)
Daje Banana!!
Amit Rawat (30 days ago)
2:09 those expressions 😂
Diego Villegas (30 days ago)
16:21 casual scratch of the nutsack. 😂
Rob M (13 hours ago)
Haha, was just about to post this!
Luke Gopaul (1 month ago)
was it just my eyes, but about 4 Minutes into the video old dude picked his nose. Whaaaaaa!
fiji (1 month ago)
Guy looks and acts like bad bunny I'm the future
Leonardo Hernandez (1 month ago)
Was that really Hannibal the Cannibal? I don't know his real name but I'm curious if that was him. I'm surprised no one is talking about this in the comments!?
Lazar Djordjevic (1 month ago)
Pizza = bread + ketchup = garbage
Lazar Djordjevic (1 month ago)
+Bardzosz Nutritional value of pizza is equivalent to zero, no vitamins and no minerals ( bread and ketchup pizza ) so simply nutritional garbage. But taste, taste is not bad😄
Bardzosz (1 month ago)
you won't troll anyone
Efren Moyo Jr. (1 month ago)
15:54 that pat when your Head Chef is Happy! lol
Give me Pizza Hut meateor with stuffed hot dog crust any day ,
Mikelangelo (1 month ago)
Not awkward there at all, sir 13:52 😂
komsersekspir (1 month ago)
22:00 :D :D excellent
Leonardo Hernandez (1 month ago)
Was that really him?
Tony Savath (1 month ago)
"You don't let anybody eat alone" I like that. Family
I.M what I.M (1 month ago)
Idk if it's just be but I find guys who look like Bunci adorable, like 16:32 ? Lmao
Jack O'Neal (1 month ago)
Did you have a favorite?
Hirohiko Nishikawa (1 month ago)
Insane prices! at 15:20 ... 26,50 for a kg of pizza?? And it is not much, easy to reach that weight. Would never spend so much for it, with some practice and tries you surely can make great pizza at home with the right oven and you can make plently for this money.
Jumpander (1 month ago)
No vegan dough? :I
anup hulyalkar (1 month ago)
should probably ask which football team's better: Roma or Lazio
Praise the Moon (1 month ago)
Laziali demmerda
random#342 (1 month ago)
non of these was that impressive ive made half of these on drunk nights lmaoo

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