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6 Shocking Benefits of Waking Up at 5:30 AM

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This video will describe how to wake up early and not feel tired, and how to wake up at 5am, 4:30 am, 6am, or any time around there. If you want to learn how to wake up early and feel excited, this video is for you! Music (Jazz Piano) from Bensound.com
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Text Comments (11917)
Static (7 months ago)
This channel is going to blow up.
Julie Sprik (2 days ago)
I will text people at or before 5:00 a.m. because I get up around 2:30-3:00 a.m. I do this automatically, I have PTSD. I am blessed to have that much sleep.Today, I slept until almost 4:00 a.m., I was happily surprised! I read and study and interact with my Mini Rex bunny and we both have fun! I stay away from toxic people.Basically,that is people who derive joy from hurting others. I have a daughter who does that.When every attempt to improve matters failed, I faced reality and stopped seeing her. I immediately stopped feeling depressed. I am happier and I feel better.
hera Taite (5 days ago)
michael mccaffrey (15 days ago)
Static l,,lawla,,ap. A. w,qll,.wllqql
Ioan Rata (17 days ago)
Cheers for this, been searching for "forex 20 pips a day" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Menabeth Pips Parapraxis - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.
VerrucktO (1 hour ago)
stupid video.
Ninja GameZ (3 hours ago)
I wake up at 12 pm ...... Am I an evolution of humans?
Shawn Marshall (6 hours ago)
The world does not run at 5:30am?, lol....my shift starts at 6:00am and the plant runs 24/7....so ummm...I get your point. The real world will be a shocker for you and your friends who sleep until 11:00am...you are all screwed.
Darwin J (7 hours ago)
530Am is really bad. 445...515, even 545Am, its ok. sorry but 530Am sucks. Intercity people or on the highway @ 6Am. if you are going sooner, or later, much better on the brain. no road rage, no need for coffee, yeah.....530....not a good thing.
Cleber Santana Oficial (8 hours ago)
In order to accomplish sth u must leave sth behind... Is it worth it?
Cleber Santana Oficial (8 hours ago)
If ur a night owl ur basically makin' a choice... What's more important to u? Spending ur time wt friends in the evening, watchin' ur favorite TV shows, chillin' or wakin' up early in the morning so that u can work more in order to persue ur dreams? Both choices are interesting... But I wouldn't throw away what I got in the evening just so i could accomplish my dreams a bit faster... What's the point of realisin' a dream if ur throwin' away another?!
Soul Eater (15 hours ago)
once when I was little I used to change my sleep schedule from 6am to 5 am to 4am etc until I was actually able to stay awake for 24 hours every day without needing sleep and be perfectly fine, however my parents yelled at me and forced me to sleep again and I have never been able to do that again
SilverM1y (21 hours ago)
I get up far earlier than I need to, I am compelled to get up because I have responsibilities and I need to make improvements in my life to perform at my best. I exercise as soon as I get up and it sets the tone for the day. Then I visualize in a meditative state for 10 to 30 minutes, as recommended by Tony Robbins, 3 things I am grateful for, three goals I intend to accomplish within 6 months, and then ways I can be more Loving throughout the day. Then, I begin my work for the day.
Daniel Davis (22 hours ago)
I know the negativity shown in this comments section is not concerning you since you are obviously on a higher plane of existence that most of these. Keep the vids coming while these same commentators fund our individual entrepreneurship.
Diamond Dog (1 day ago)
there is no way im gonna wake up at five thirty am
jmh dvalor (1 day ago)
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Kermit The Toad (1 day ago)
Good in theory but when you work 12 hours a day... well it doesn't provide all of the perks in this video.
ImLadiQ (1 day ago)
Well I work nights sooo at 5:30am I'm still at wrk so yup no help this way
yenwildog (1 day ago)
Yeah sure... If i wake up at 5:30 am i'm dead inside and can't think propably
World Adventurer (1 day ago)
I wake up at 0355 in the morning so I can go for a 5 mile run every other day before going to work. I love it that the streets are empty and made me feel I’m the only one alive.
Raixor2nd (1 day ago)
I wish I knew about this video when still lived in Vegas, where 2/3 of the city is still sleeping at 5:30am to get ready for their Swing or Grave Shift jobs.
OTC Klubben (1 day ago)
Sorry too say but you Brain needs sleep and so do you muscle
kumar silu rout (1 day ago)
Is it real truth
Mr LuRe (1 day ago)
420k subs....
HELLO sir. I want to convert your. Video in hindi Can I
Yazin Hamze (2 days ago)
Yazin Hamze (2 days ago)
Price Smith (2 days ago)
what about insomniac tendencies? makes it really.... really hard
Blackpapaya Vevo (2 days ago)
This is the first time I've ever seen a video so unique
Price Smith (2 days ago)
he really means it
Naomi Lee (2 days ago)
I wake up every day at 5am ... my mind is definitely not fresh !!!!!! I don’t necessarily do more than other day , but I get them done before everyone else ... then at 8pm I’m already ready for bed ... I do nothing after work ... I’m tired !!! I just want to get home and get in my pyjamas and chill ... no more hanging out with friends or going to the movie ... bye life
Vaibhav Arora (2 days ago)
That was some good stuff. Thanks
Victor Balancia (2 days ago)
What if your goal in life is to sleep late?
Marulasiddappa H E (2 days ago)
educative !!!!!!
Alvaro Quijano (2 days ago)
i hate myself for clicking on this shitty ass video. wake up at 5:30 what the fuck there's only 24 hours in the day who gives a shit if you wake up at 2 am or 2 pm.
nizamm (2 days ago)
Everyday I wake up at 5:30am. Then I sleep at 5:31am
Muhammad Saleem (2 days ago)
Please help me get my goal of 100 subscribers
nizamm (2 days ago)
Starts at 1:40
guyss guysssss plz dont be pessimistic why all of u say this is bullshit ;just try and see
Tabitha Charanza (2 days ago)
i want to start waking up at 5:30 and exercising but i don’t think i can do it
hedonistu (2 days ago)
What is the problem with his vocal chords?
Birk Burkason (2 days ago)
This doesn't work for night owls like me. I'm the most creative during late evenings and a dumb zombie the whole morning.
swojchwat (2 days ago)
Should i wake up at 3 am if i normaly start my day at 5:30 to be in office at 8?
DelPieroRUS (3 days ago)
what a load of shit
Veenus A V (3 days ago)
wonderful presentation. both content and the way of presentation.
Clarissa S. (3 days ago)
Haha! Yeah, okay. I get on the bus to go to school at 6:20. Waking up at 5:30 wouldn’t give me that much extra time.
Judy Malone (3 days ago)
Wake up early, just gives you more time in the day. Simple. I don't have TV. Nor cell phone. HAPPY.
Yuan Chen (3 days ago)
Great. but, if I wake up at 5:30 AM, I can't go to sleep early, because I need to work with others late. ~~~ How to draw like you, it's awesome, did you use a special device?
Sophie Taylor (3 days ago)
I wake up at like 6:00 middle schools starts the earliest in my district 🙄
Dimas Shafyan Ahyani (3 days ago)
Sally Purple (3 days ago)
Wow this will help me now; even though I already wake up at 5:30 am and I go to high school.
RV EUROPE ON TOUR (3 days ago)
The time boost gave you tons of subs! Well done
Abdulrahman Ali (3 days ago)
Very nice information about 5 30 am
CptnShortbus (3 days ago)
At 5:30am I've already been at work for 6hrs...
Izhaan Mushtaq (3 days ago)
This is the time for Muslims to go for morning prayers.
Night Witch Graverad (3 days ago)
You draw nice
BlueFoxGaming (3 days ago)
Wake up 05:30, plays league of legends ranked until 8 then goes to work XD
Gabriel Andrus (3 days ago)
I have always waken up at 5:30, I am the embodiment of “morning person”.
stevae wei (3 days ago)
Don't use Steve Jobs as an example, he was an idiot. He is only perceived as a smart guy because he exploited much smarter people who were introverts. He didn't even acknowledge his own daughter. No, don't use him. #Counterproductive.
Gamestars (4 days ago)
My family runs a school and I have to wake up at 5:30 NOT LYING
Alexander Warner (4 days ago)
11am?! Who are you hanging out with!
Dream Games (4 days ago)
Thank you very much, it did work for me :)
Marsha Smith (4 days ago)
What?! I get up every week day at 5:30 am because I have a job and commute by train to the city. In order to give myself an extra hour, I'd need to get up at 4:00 or 4:30 pm. You refer to people getting up at 11 am or 12 pm? Who are these people, students, unemployed people?
956whipps (4 days ago)
This work for anyone?
Chloe Zapantis (4 days ago)
2:44 umm pretty sure you cant get curves from exercising
Jorge Solis (4 days ago)
It is kind of risky for m e to be creTive...
Jorge Solis (4 days ago)
No but as long as i wont be late at work
Sameer Vaidya (4 days ago)
The CEO or Rich people may wakeup at 5:30 AM cz their employees are working at different shifts to provide 24X7 support in different part of the world.
Im not allowed to wake up 5:30 so i can't. The earlisest i can woke up is 6:30
Marty Bishop (4 days ago)
Was waking up at exactly 5.30 for 8 straight years let me tell you it did nothing for me in fact in drained my life out of me and destroyed my body what a load of shit...
brendan julian (4 days ago)
Its not for Indonesia cuz we usually wake at 5AM
Ceedjisworld (4 days ago)
my english teacher wakes up at 5 : 30 AM every morning and she doesn't even have the time to eat. qwq
Arthur Schouten (4 days ago)
LOL,.. The gym isnt open at 05:30... but somewhere around 09:00 or 10:00
Dragonfury3000 (3 days ago)
Dont need a gym to exercise...
Alan Burke (4 days ago)
This won't work for shift workers
Abdul Manan (5 days ago)
In winter we wake up for fajar prayer at 5:20 AM first prayer in Islam where in summer at 4:00 AM and also been told us to awake till sun shine if you could if not you can sleep but this is not recommended and this is taught to us 1400 years ago by Mohammad P.B.U.H Thanks for the information
That Girl (5 days ago)
What if I never sleep?
Lorenzo Clerici (5 days ago)
This video is Total bullshit! The main thing to be fit and productive is to sleep well between 7 and 8 hours per night. And while you are awake focus on your activities avoiding distraction...
Christina Kuehn (5 days ago)
this is the stupidest video ever.... who tf is going to wake up at 5:30am to ponder about their dreams lmao NO ONE
Harry Barker (5 days ago)
Woke up at 5:25 today
AG L (5 days ago)
Wake up at dawn Pray
InServeOfGod 1 (5 days ago)
We shouldn't sleep too much while there are too much things to do
Munasar Axmed bahdon (5 days ago)
i'll try it one more time.
Alex Kay (5 days ago)
Going to bed earlier to wake up earlier does NOT give you more time each day, if that's your goal look up polyphasic sleep. While its true there are less distracting things in the early hours of the day all your doing is forcing yourself into a situation where you wont have to work on your self discipline. Please think for yourself before listening to these types of videos
1shaymocha (5 days ago)
I feel like this late at night
1shaymocha (5 days ago)
Sooo Do it on the front end. I get it.
The Morris Life (5 days ago)
Awesome tips and things to think about!👍
J.J. D. (5 days ago)
I have to wake up at 5 to 5:30 a.m. for my job and let me tell you by the time I get home at 5 or 6:00 p.m. I'm exhausted....and i go to the gym after work also
fifthof (5 days ago)
Life hack : Watch this on X 2 it'll save you time as well and you'll still easily understand it it. In fact, I watch loads of stuff at that speed...saved many, many hours.
Pretty Princess (5 days ago)
Watches this at 4 am Sleeps for 1 hour Night guys
jonathan mcadams (5 days ago)
Im up at 4am ever morning. Even better. Thing is I have to take a nap from 3 to 5 or else I get angry. Its nap time like a child and temper tantrum if I dont get it. I often eat pb and j and sleep on a mat on the floor, put my shoes in a cubby. Wait a minute Oh my god I am a big baby........
Sarah Pepper (5 days ago)
I get up at 5:45 anyway to go to school! Lol
Seth Kamara (5 days ago)
Try serving in the military. We are up before the world is.
Venu choudary (5 days ago)
Gabriel Te BEST (6 days ago)
Bullshit i wake up at 5:10 Am for school and my weekend job than i shower for 10 to 15 min I get ready and im off. Honestly the only benefit of waking up at 5:00 am is that you have more time you don't stay fit or none of that bullshit take it from a guy who has to wake at 5:10 Am
nijkoes mik wwh (6 days ago)
I couldn't focus in the vid the comments r hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Golden Child (6 days ago)
It works people... like seriously it dose
Mr Negative (6 days ago)
Not only did the guy in the thumbnail got more fit, but his dick got bigger
Yasmin Williams (6 days ago)
Bro I do this for school I hate it so imma leave now
Pino Amerikano (6 days ago)
Who watched this entire video
Borderguy342 (6 days ago)
If you want to feel awake in the morning take a cold shower man does it feel good
Glenn McGrew II (6 days ago)
Mostly bad video. It's really about changing your habits, not just your sleeping habit. Making choices for a better life. The 'time boost' is utter nonsense since you're still going to sleep the same number of hours once you've gotten past that first day or two of lack of sleep. Most of the rest of it wasn't actually benefits of changing your sleep schedule - they were benefits of changing your OTHER habits. Just because you have the habit of sitting down and watching something after you get home doesn't mean you can't change that. True, a great way to disrupt your habits is to do something radical, but it can also make it MORE difficult for some people. I'm sorry, I can't recommend this video at all.
avceys (6 days ago)
Your talking a load of shite just stay up for fuck sake you wanker
[Kuu-] (6 days ago)
I wake up at 5:00 AM, and I'm still lare to school.
ShiftsInReality (6 days ago)
I want to wake up another planet with no wars, poverty, racism, disease and where everyone is kind to every living creature.
DxRz (6 days ago)
So i wake up at *_Normal_*

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