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Is AD Ekko good? | 500+ AD Ekko Builds and Runes - MainJames LoL Best moments

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Hey, what's up, guys! It has been a while since I uploaded last time. I have been really busy and now I am back! Shout out to Eywbala S for suggesting me to play Ekko and I noticed that every other youtubers who played AD Ekko all tried to build him to one-shot people, but this kind of build requires to be really lucky with the game (enemy can't be tanky and your whole team must have a gold lead against theirs) so I created my build and runes! PS: You can actually play this in a ranked game! - Subscribe for more content! - Turn on the notification bell! - Leave a like! - Comments what you think or what champion you want me to play! - And I will see you in the next video! Background Music: Grateful (By Neffex)
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Cris God (10 months ago)
parabéns rs

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