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Dear Kitten

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Cats everywhere are promising big changes for a taste of wet cat food. What will your cat do? Tell us: http://www.IfYouFeedMe.com Subscribe to Friskies YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PurinaFriskies
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Text Comments (12401)
DravenGal (3 hours ago)
“Human larvae,” oh my Goddess.
Alexis Brinkley (1 day ago)
It's the True Facts guy :D
Robert Walker (1 day ago)
I love these commercials. Too bad it's on buzzfeed. Thumbs down and boycott.
Yellow4494 (5 days ago)
This is the cutest thing I've ever seen and I would watch this as a show
Sweetheart Yazzie (6 days ago)
Cute kittens
*PINK* *DIAMOND* (6 days ago)
I want more of this!!
Cat Planet (7 days ago)
I'm so confused 😭
EzNeptune AWD (7 days ago)
My 10 week old kitten understands the meaning of magic..
Xx_Butter Creamé_xX (7 days ago)
VacOOm eats and yells at the same time :0
When we got our kitten (now a cat that does her own thing) the vet said that she probably wouldnt be able to jump for at least a few weeks Right after she said that she jumped up on the table😂 Also on the way home she was in a cardboard box, and literally meowed the whole way home😍😂
Scott Pool (7 days ago)
Logan Utley (7 days ago)
I should warn you of the monster known as vacoom, it can eat and yell at the same time.... this just made me laugh 😂
Carly (7 days ago)
I swear why does this pop up in my recommended at least twice a year?? (not disappointed though lmao)
Helvetica GD (8 days ago)
Crystal Cat (8 days ago)
Jahan Nawab (8 days ago)
This is the real situation in my home I have a kitten of 7 months and just now I adopted a 45days old kitten... At first the situation was like hissing and all but now she takes care tauntingly of the little one. 😘😘
ツ ツ (9 days ago)
ツ ツ (9 days ago)
Watch the forbidden water hole it's so funny
Hannah Banana (9 days ago)
I wish my cat did that to my kitten all he ever does is look at my kitten and this is perfect 👌 I have a baby sis, a cat, and a kitty
X_Wolf_X 890 (10 days ago)
“Which is sad... sad for you”
Kathryn Johnson (10 days ago)
I love these videos!!! Dear Kitten is not a commercial its a nice video about kitties!!!!! Love it and love the kitties!!!! 👍😀🐾🐈
Rose Galaxy (10 days ago)
This sounds like zefrank...
mere baap (10 days ago)
*Dear Kitten*
Lisa Gardone (11 days ago)
This was so funny, I love it.
Martie SassyB (11 days ago)
That was adorable. Best 2:57 min ever lol
Vidhi Singh (11 days ago)
Sistah Krista (11 days ago)
Oh I love these dear kitten videos!!!
Hope Lee (11 days ago)
Human larvae 😂
Katja S.P (12 days ago)
Anna Marie (12 days ago)
Jason R (12 days ago)
Isn't this the voice of zefrank1?
Magic Beans03 (12 days ago)
A good buzzfeed video for once
e.v. c.s. (12 days ago)
The laser tho...
Patricia Smith (12 days ago)
Wow i love kittens
Clinton Pendleton (12 days ago)
that is how the cat doooo
Toño F.C. (12 days ago)
First time yt rec did well its job 😍
Samantha Leigh 💛 (13 days ago)
wait why am i crying
XxGalaxy FoxX (13 days ago)
So wholesome
johnsonrob (13 days ago)
I'm so glad that this came up in my recommended - one of my all time favourites :)
Nam nguyen (13 days ago)
Alex Ciéra (13 days ago)
That was hilarious!!!😂
Savannah Penn (14 days ago)
1:37 brown? They can’t see color except blue
cutienoli (14 days ago)
Jokergirl345 (14 days ago)
Hahaha This is too cute 😂😂😂😍😍😍
Rayanna Parker (14 days ago)
"tHe CuStOmArY 437 TiMeS"
Ann Magnificent (14 days ago)
"Dehydrated brown niblet"... Me after a night on the wine 😂
Emily Wood (14 days ago)
Isolated Sagittarius (14 days ago)
Then that cat will pass. The kitten will let other kittens learn about what is to happen and what is to do in the household. Especially hide from the vacoom.
Pokey Draws (14 days ago)
Later that day. *10 QUESTION BLACK CATS HAVE FOR BLACK CATS* Plz don’t steal my meme.
Florrie Goldman (14 days ago)
Dimension Exo (14 days ago)
Humankind's mew best friend /
Erin L (14 days ago)
Vacooooooommm lol
Irene Aguilar (14 days ago)
Now I'm gonna go home and love my cat even more 🤣❤
Lavin juma (15 days ago)
I love this
Dum Dum Guest (15 days ago)
Youtube algorithm =/
peachy peach (15 days ago)
Human Larva!
Bananxai Smoothie (15 days ago)
I remember loving these ads so much and never skipping them.
This is brilliant, brilliantly done. As they say "Props/cudos to you"
Codename: Xelda (15 days ago)
I want to voice the kitten...
johnny (15 days ago)
i love you
Dark (15 days ago)
Imagine the courage it took for a grown adult to suggest this idea to their company 😭👏👏 absolute legend
Dear kitten, I love you 💕
PantsSquare BobSponge (16 days ago)
S Halder (16 days ago)
Garfield and Nermal 🐱 The voice though 😍😍😍
XM 2096 (16 days ago)
Why is this is touching xD Edit: Oof, someone already had this type of comment ;_;
‘ Lucifer ‘ (16 days ago)
i adore this ah
Adonis Delmendo (16 days ago)
Dear kitten now it is time to take your rightful place and enslave your hooman😂
Mysvie (16 days ago)
Wakane (16 days ago)
Dear kitten. You’re such an innocent kotty. Not long before you grow to bexome an annoying useless adult cat
Arshini Bhaskar (16 days ago)
Human larva😂😂😂
joren nixon andres (16 days ago)
I almost crie :(
前橋みき (16 days ago)
This was perfect bug in fact I’m envious as I do hope to see a Dear Puppy version! My guys see the kitten as the enemy and the boss dog 🐕 demands loyalty!
Starzen GMD (16 days ago)
Megatron in the shape of a cat
Christine C (16 days ago)
Ze Frank!!
Gemma Gray (16 days ago)
I saw this on my recommended page and was like MY CHILDHOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
Jillian Rogero (16 days ago)
*sees clip* This better be narrated by the Sad Dog/Cat Diaries Guy.
F 1 (16 days ago)
My kittens use my legs as human tree trunks. The chick waxing my legs asked "what's going on there?" - when I said that I had a kitten she tried to kitten shame me. Shame away wax lady - I don't care.
hi bye (17 days ago)
I officially don’t hate buzzfeed anymore
Aminated Tashi (17 days ago)
Why is this really sad? It's so touching I love this-- ;m;
sleazyy (17 days ago)
to realize that this kitten is now grown and probably has kittens of its own...
basically jerald (17 days ago)
Unknown Identity (17 days ago)
i cried
Tamara Kasson (17 days ago)
Aw man! This is Too cute!
Tiger Uni (17 days ago)
Awww so cute
Miss. Stainer (18 days ago)
2014: A new video? Psh no. 2015: no 2016: nope 2017: still here? 2018: NO 2019: okay, 5 years later. Let’s go.
PinkBubblegumWeirdo (18 days ago)
When you leave the house for 1.5 seconds
No Kia (18 days ago)
HolyFang_ (18 days ago)
Only buzz feed video I like
Lisa Nelson (18 days ago)
Cute 😊
• K a i • (18 days ago)
2014: 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: *_SMASHES BUTTON_* *(insert explosion meme)*
Inferior Inferno (18 days ago)
I suddenly got reminded of last year, when we placed the new kitten with our older cat as a companion. Our older cat only hissed at him like once, and then he just became part of the family. It's been almost a year, but they never truly fought. When one goes outside, the other one often follows. Sometimes they also come home at the same time. They're wonderful to each other.
Chris Burns (18 days ago)
jond1965 (18 days ago)
Man I love these animals so much. Great video!
Mjolnir (18 days ago)
PrettyLittleGem (18 days ago)
Is this the "true facts about X animal" guy because I'm at least 99% sure it is
aaliya (19 days ago)
I constantly rediscover this, always a pleasure to watch
aaliya (19 days ago)
I constantly rediscover this, always a pleasure to watch
Jimin's lost fat (19 days ago)
Why am i crying 😢😢😢

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