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Pizza Problems - taking dumb to a whole new level!

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I asked Jen how many slices she would prefer...not the answer I was expecting! Check out my: Instagram /// Bradholmes91 Snapchat /// brad-ley91 Facebook /// BradHolmesOfficial Jukin Media Verified (Original) *For licensing/permission to use: Contact - Licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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Text Comments (5642)
Narcotics 369 (2 hours ago)
Dumbasses. The entire country is full of retards like this one. I deal with idiots like these every other day.
T Nailz (18 hours ago)
No one could possibly be this stupid...
T Nailz (18 hours ago)
I wanna lick her bum hole
Norks Thompson (19 hours ago)
Surely this is rehearsed and done purely for likes, subs and money. Is anyone really that thick?
Shane Todd (19 hours ago)
Brad, did you tell her it was 12 in?
Xavier Richards (1 day ago)
She's the type of person to look up and down before crossing the road
kevin jones (1 day ago)
its funny but all put on just. saw Teresa may shampoo so set up i seen it coming .
Shehan Ariyawansa (1 day ago)
Gosh i lost so many brain cells from that
Dave Hamilton (1 day ago)
She’s adorable!
Graham Carlin (2 days ago)
The fluoride has done its job.
rad (2 days ago)
3:12 breaks character, but covers it up well
Ultimate Game (2 days ago)
Even 1.14. Fake video. Very well acted, except for those two moments, that reveal the fuckers
owen bevans (2 days ago)
Maybe if you gave a few bottles of Smart Water she could figure it out.
Ivoy Luo (2 days ago)
Bigger Fann (2 days ago)
I'm sure its got to all be worth it just to tap that up at night... Hopefully you guys fake this s..t for your wealth so fair play to you both.
Jeff Trester (3 days ago)
Bless her heart she's just clueless!
blue bee (4 days ago)
Nuff said
J Chis (5 days ago)
I never tire of this. LOL 🤣
John Doe (6 days ago)
Is she a blonde in disguise?
Scotty Scotty (7 days ago)
No way she is this stupid!
Don’t laugh at her, she is an awesome girl just the way she is.
happiness on track. (9 days ago)
I m in coma......
Lleelloo Lleelloo (9 days ago)
If You driving 80 miles an hour....How long is gonna take You To make 80 miles ??
Lleelloo Lleelloo (9 days ago)
Good choice of word for the title
Chad W (9 days ago)
i honestly wouldnt allow myself to procreate with someone like this. i would have to walk away
Wojtek Lipinski (10 days ago)
Cut the pizza in 50 slices then, maybe she will get it lol
cattleNhay (11 days ago)
I thought just the American people were the really dumb one...well, she can actually make sentences so I guess she's a little better off.
Stephen Paxman (11 days ago)
goes to show how fucked in the head british girls are
Stephen Paxman (11 days ago)
NOT THIS DUMB CUNT AGAIN i have seen this cunt before and she is brain dead !!!!!! she sucks cock really well some how after she gets through all of those feathers hahahahahahahhhahahahaahah
Daniel James (11 days ago)
I love this chick. She's got conviction man.
rottiesdad (12 days ago)
Shoulda dumped her dumb ass as soon as she started clapping to emphasize her words.
Cristy Farnam (12 days ago)
Stop at 1:45 if you are showing this to kids - she drops the F bomb numerous times after this point....
sonfoo (12 days ago)
She thought it’s already sliced into 12pcs, that’s why she’d cut 8pcs out from the 12.
De Zoutheer (14 days ago)
This video proved this shit was fake
Mein Fuhrer (14 days ago)
she better be tight af
Coryanne Puterbaugh (15 days ago)
OMG.......I can’t breath!!!!!!!
Im Gonzo (15 days ago)
Iv unsubscribed why still in my recommendations?
johny bravo (16 days ago)
guys this is norm she is no the first idiot in UK p- here is 63 millions of uneducated idiots :)
HighfiVe (17 days ago)
she cheats. guarantee it. the dumb ones always cheat. they see something they like and are too stupid to think it through.
ledzeppelin708 (17 days ago)
She's either a stupid bitch or it's all just an act, I'd say she's just stupid!!!
Super Beast (19 days ago)
That joke is older than the dinosaur shit in her mouth
Zoie everyday mom (20 days ago)
It's all staged? . I only believe this because she acts the same way each time?
an na (21 days ago)
This makes me seem clever!
Strings 1043 (21 days ago)
In England they say "yeah" a lot.
melvin ehrmentrout (21 days ago)
She's hot!
Justin Gibson (22 days ago)
Thank God she is pretty
Hex ω (24 days ago)
Her versus "How-many-miles-per-hour" girl. Basically Judgement Day
MissBehaven1974 (25 days ago)
I'm .. sad
Roberto Innocenzi (26 days ago)
In which part of America or UK do they talk with that accent ???
Travis Noblett (1 month ago)
Jordy Damario (1 month ago)
Her accent tho..
Mike Oxlong (1 month ago)
Is it safe to assume the dude is the bread winner in this partnership?
Im Gonzo (1 month ago)
She's absolutely gorgeous and her accent...... my my
Judge OvyoursoulvO (1 month ago)
She is soooooo good at what she does.
Al Woody (1 month ago)
WOW, she is slow!!!!!!!!!LOL
gregster jamon (1 month ago)
She must be a good actress. Keeping a straight face while doing this. 😂😂
johndoe5743 (1 month ago)
a joke
Dilip Patel (1 month ago)
She is extremely easy on the eyes! I wish I had her brain, life would be so much simpler.
don joh (1 month ago)
Oh fuck off mate.this is shamefull American jock boy comedy. Shame on British comedy this lot
Evert Smid (1 month ago)
When dumbness and friendlyness go together? Its all forgiven 🤣✌️
Dom O'Leary (1 month ago)
You're a total smegsnort you fuck... What's so funny about making fun of her and posting it on the net you sad sad little cunt.
Niicole lemon (1 month ago)
agent20stv (1 month ago)
Mike Zavilla-Davies (1 month ago)
no idea why anyone would want to publicly ridicule their own girlfriend on the internet?!?! WTF?
agent20stv (1 month ago)
James Wilson (1 month ago)
Lola and holly Moon (1 month ago)
DIDCOT MAINS (1 month ago)
She really is an ugly cunt
Darren Calvin (1 month ago)
🌶 on the tampon u monster lmao 😂 I can’t believe 😂😂😂😂
Darren Calvin (1 month ago)
U made the news
Brianna Alston (1 month ago)
OMG I really was with her until the middle of the video and I was like wait it's still the same amount
hankscorpiouk (1 month ago)
1.5K people couldn't eat the extra 4 sloycis
David Fenton (1 month ago)
I luv this girl she's hot!
agent20stv (1 month ago)
Tyrion Lannister (1 month ago)
she is kind of adorable, especially with your Accents :D but you are a bit a dick for doing this and even posting it on YouTube....^^
theR6969 (1 month ago)
So many harping on her because they think she "stupid" .. while in reality the joke is on them because they are the ones that are actually stupid for not figuring out that this is an act.
Selfless Resurrection (1 month ago)
An entire pizza by yourself is a lot of food.
Tomšík (1 month ago)
Yea you are right she is stupid becouse she would order hawai
parkour paitriots (1 month ago)
wow there really is proof that the human species is getting more retarded day by day XD
knerf999 (1 month ago)
You suck at explaining though
Daily News (1 month ago)
Brad thinks his girlfriend is fat and gutty. Jen is awesome!!!
Donna Aksey (1 month ago)
I mean. This one is tricky, human brain eats too, with eyes. So even if you have a whole pizza, to your brain it cut to 12 slices is more than 8. Brain logic is fucked.
Saeed Ranjbari (1 month ago)
That's called hot girls Brain girls are always ugly She funny
Eric Shutter (2 months ago)
she is cute, sexy and dumb as hell.... the perfect woman /sarc
Cloud Sky (2 months ago)
if you can manage 8 slices, you can manage 12 because it's the same size you don't get more pizza if you add 4 more slices
Along Konyak (2 months ago)
Can't you idiots notice that she is acting dumb? Aren't you watching it on YouTube? But her accent thou... It's sexy. I like British accent.
Rubby Genger (2 months ago)
who the fuck produced her?
Ian Cook (2 months ago)
Grace Lee (2 months ago)
get some help...
I’d cum on those tits and stupid face
Divakar Nayak (2 months ago)
One of the best dumb lady, she deserves more likes and subscribers.
mozzmann (2 months ago)
GOT TO BE a piss take as absolutely NO-ONE could be that fucking STUPID !!!
fagyongy1 (2 months ago)
this woman is so stupid!!
M AB (2 months ago)
The acting is seriously brilliant, can’t deny that.
李天颖 (2 months ago)
Oh she’s talking about it into a psychology level. Impressive
Pontus Häggström (2 months ago)
Sherlock The Otter (2 months ago)
Is anyone gonna talk about her eyebrow 😂😂😂😂
nina's studio (2 months ago)
This title is very rude u cant call ur girls friend that!
Randal Savage (2 months ago)
Pineapple does not belong on pizza.
Tom Meyer (2 months ago)
She's beautiful but.. OMG ! I know someone with that same mind .. you can't get threw to them , their on Venus !
Daisy Superdog (2 months ago)
She is cute and has a great accent. I love her swearing. Why should she have...who cares!
Andreas Bakkers (2 months ago)
Hoera , back to school!!!
David Valter (2 months ago)
taking script to another level.
Necrathmian Ark (2 months ago)
If she wasn’t pretty she would be out on the street
Enzo Anania (2 months ago)
It’s ok she’s hot ...ya..lol

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