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Pizza Problems - taking dumb to a whole new level!

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I asked Jen how many slices she would prefer...not the answer I was expecting! Check out my: Instagram /// Bradholmes91 Snapchat /// brad-ley91 Facebook /// BradHolmesOfficial Jukin Media Verified (Original) *For licensing/permission to use: Contact - Licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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Text Comments (5336)
Younis Al-Mashhadani (21 hours ago)
هذا سبب من يكولون بنات مثل الاطفال 😂🔪
The Revster (21 hours ago)
GUFFmaster97 (1 day ago)
miles butler (2 days ago)
this is kinda sad
Funky Monkey (2 days ago)
She’s pretty... that’s about it
DrPengin (2 days ago)
I'm not that hungry today. Could you just cut that large pizza into two slices.
Paul McGovern (2 days ago)
Bless man some 1 take care off her 4 the rest of her life
Theta Knight (2 days ago)
She doesn’t need to be smart, she has a vagina
Peter DiCapua (2 days ago)
haha thanks man
Bruce Yami (2 days ago)
I don’t mean to be rude but what’s her GPA?!!
Someone please educate her
Supaket (4 days ago)
exactly what accent does she have,from which part of the UK?
Supaket (2 days ago)
Jack Carter (2 days ago)
I think they're from Portsmouth
Sam (4 days ago)
Hey Brad. When a gorgeous girl says 8 not 12 - believe her.
Jennifer Hatfield (4 days ago)
Any time I feel like Im having a dumb spell I watch this.
brianszeto (4 days ago)
Is this for real? 😁😂
Jack Carter (2 days ago)
All an act
CBD420 L4L5 (5 days ago)
What makes it so grand to.watch is that she is so pretty.
Danny B (5 days ago)
Don't just laugh at her. Buy her a Hawaiian pizza and show her why she is wrong about 4 slices being less than 8. Teach her so she knows better.
Jack Carter (2 days ago)
You do realise it's all an act?
DEVILS REJECT (5 days ago)
Absolute genius
TheConscientiousView (5 days ago)
Bless her!
Victor Cruz (6 days ago)
She's adorable man, you hold on tight to her
John Ralph (6 days ago)
She’s adorable.
Arius (6 days ago)
Hawaiian? I just KNEW I wasn't the only one.
basanta dhamala (6 days ago)
Wow... I'm.. amazed 😆
VERI NAIS (7 days ago)
This is not real no one can't be that stupid
Kato Osio (7 days ago)
I think shes more of a visual learner 😁
Magma Fang (7 days ago)
It could be true because of perception of how much there is so it looks more
Polin Polin (7 days ago)
Greg Silverado (8 days ago)
Oi, Brad..... it's 85% mental and the other 100% is physical
Doctor Awesome (9 days ago)
She is stupid and rude.
Jeff Ydiando (9 days ago)
I want one
Yahya Sandhu (9 days ago)
I don’t believe she can eat 8 slices of pizza
Henry Truong (10 days ago)
The real question is do I have to share the pizza?
AAYLV (10 days ago)
It must be fake
H Smith (10 days ago)
you are so lucky she doesn't brain you when your are asleep.
Probability (10 days ago)
I like watching these videos and playing, "what would have to be the case in order for Jen to make sense?" In this case, all pizza slices would have to be the same size, so if you ask for pizza cut into 12 pieces instead of 8, that is the same as asking for a larger pizza. Again, totally wacky reasoning, but making sense over in left field.
Schrodinger's Cat (10 days ago)
I have a soft heart for dumb bitches! :P
Smitty (11 days ago)
Seriously 😐 I just want to fuck her so I can fuck some brains into her 🤣🤣🤣🤣
CaliforniaCheez (11 days ago)
Barbie says "Math is hard."
Raif sulieman (11 days ago)
so innocent girl.
Jose E (11 days ago)
This one can't be real
Narmer Man (11 days ago)
Boy she’s dumb I’m sure she’s a very nice person but a dummy
gary bulwinkle (11 days ago)
I'm sorry, but I'm in love!! She could abuse me all day!!
George Isaak (11 days ago)
she must be a disguised blond
andrew wright (11 days ago)
I swear I've banged her. Proper stupid but fit as fuck.
Rocky Adrianaa (11 days ago)
You are so fucking disgusting... and you are so fucking ugly brad...
Johnathan Byard (11 days ago)
I'll tell you something, she best be good in bed because she's got fuck all else going for her,
Black Gold (11 days ago)
English women LOL grew up with them, I'm yet to meet one who.is actually intelligent!
Hello There (11 days ago)
At least don't call her a dumb, your channel is good but you chill with the video titles. She ain't no superman so can literally get hurt by harrassment if this is real vid.
Cute Doge (12 days ago)
Am I dumb, can someone explain this to me xD
Innocent Atom (12 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with her brain. I’ve been watching these videos and I just can’t imagine how you can be this dumb😂
F-zero91maru (12 days ago)
it's cute how she's getting sensitive over a pizza such small bullshit
Talha Barut (12 days ago)
Monsieur Longbow (12 days ago)
Spot the fingernails, stop watching the video... all has been told.
TheGnurgen (13 days ago)
Come on, obviously fake.
toBe (13 days ago)
Savior Of Noobs (13 days ago)
This bitch is hot! Who gives a fuck if she's dumb. Just smash that tight box and put her to sleep.
Mr Repub (13 days ago)
Its a good thing she’s pretty.
Mike ANGEL (13 days ago)
😆😂😂😂😂🍕 it's all the same thing LMAO 😂👍🍕
54v115 (13 days ago)
I had a 4 slice pizza because I'm on a diet..
waz goin (13 days ago)
If she was real she would be know as the WORLDS DUMBEST PERSON
I cant help but think these are fake because he stumps over and over and she looks hella dumb so why does she keep participating?
sn9696 (13 days ago)
can barely hear it
Alexander johansson (13 days ago)
Dumber than the train
Topgun God (13 days ago)
Please don't breed with this woman.
Jonathan Turbide (13 days ago)
Most talented actress in the UK.
phillip brits (13 days ago)
if u aint clever u must look nice
Rakib Hasan (13 days ago)
oh fuck, she is so cute
Brian Ballard (14 days ago)
I hope she is excellent in bed because the brain does not work...
Denis Đenis (14 days ago)
This is so fakeeeee...
Tyrone Bali (14 days ago)
Brad Holmes ! Please delete your page or do these riddles to someone else ! Your girl is the most annoying scum of the earth foul mouthed thing 😫
Whiplash (14 days ago)
Not a deep thinker, but damn she's a doll baby and I'll bet she's sweet.
pizdafsem777 (14 days ago)
Rawwwww no way she is that bad I mean you wouldnt live with her if it was that bad, iz a bit peak still...
Andrea Crumlish (14 days ago)
If you cut it into twelve, you get less because more sticks to the pizza cutter... 😵 And why don't you show her instead???!!!
xVicousX PS4 (14 days ago)
She's dum because she eats pineapple on pizza
Marinos Zero (14 days ago)
Is she for real or is this fake i'm so..i don't believe this. Really?
Reouven Taieb (14 days ago)
It most be scripted
TRUTH & LIES (14 days ago)
No one's that dumb. The jokes on us... I hope for her sake.
Roland Sievers (14 days ago)
OMFG! She is dumber than a bag of rocks! I think she is a natural blonde! 😂😂😂
First Last (14 days ago)
Would still smash.
Brendan van Rensburg (15 days ago)
I hope she's good in bed 👍
Robert Steingasser (15 days ago)
, 😂😂😂😂😂😂 is that real??? Can't eat the extra four😂😂😂😂
Corey Dean (15 days ago)
Room temperature IQ but nice tits.
Ddd Nnn (15 days ago)
Brag is a pussy, he has to pick on girls.. sissy
adere ahase tharam (15 days ago)
Poor girl I love u dear
Karen Martin (15 days ago)
I’ll never look at pizza the some. I will always think of her when I do for the rest of my life
Julia Bliss (16 days ago)
One of my favorites. Also.. 8 slices is still alot..
Jimeth (17 days ago)
I'm not fah an guh-ee
kevin mcgrath (17 days ago)
Frk she is cute n loveable. Ha just wanta pat her on the head an say your beautiful lol
natureboy (17 days ago)
Heck...8 slices is a lot
Daz Jones (17 days ago)
These are so bad ... poorly n obviously scripted ...
Rainhut (18 days ago)
That is funny
Peter Jansen (18 days ago)
How many takes before she doesnt crack up. Jens control is amazing
NightcoreCat (18 days ago)
Hahahah how can someone be SO dumb??
Trevor Mynatt (18 days ago)
How much does a kg of gold weigh?
Andy Adams (18 days ago)
Can you tell her that her clothes are the wrong color and she should take take them off
barry ratliff (18 days ago)
If your that cute you can be as simple or intellectual as you so drsire shez beautiful even without the 4 extra slices
Ali Koksal (18 days ago)
Let's ave' it right this dude is only with this broad cos I'm guessing she's a DIRTY BITCH in the bedroom. I doubt she's as thick as the videos are making out but I would go out on a limb to suggest he spends most of the day slamming her off EVERY wall in the gaff cos I fucking would.
barry ratliff (18 days ago)
Shez lacking something in her diet.it may be 4 slices of pizza
XeniteBlackthread (18 days ago)
Thanks! Now I want pizza! 😛
Hus Perk (19 days ago)
This is the iq of my sisters brain... Logic

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