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Turkey Stock Recipe

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Rebecca Brand shows how to make Turkey Stock from the turkey neck and parts inside a defrosted turkey. This simple homemade turkey broth can be used for turkey gravy, turkey stuffing, dressing, or soup. Rebecca's techniques simplify this basic turkey stock recipe for easy success. All you need is onions, carrots, celery, a bay leaf and the turkey neck, gizzards and heart with a little salt. This big pot can be made ahead or during the cooking of your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, it is easy with little effort. The consomme broth can be ladled out and used for all kinds of sauces or soups.
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Text Comments (36)
A Google User (5 months ago)
You're creepy and I really mean that. You;ve got the crazy eyes.
danceswithcritters (1 year ago)
Like the way you get right into it, no wasting time.
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
Thank you!! I see the vision! I want to make videos that are helpful!
hippydippy (1 year ago)
I wanna cook with you in the kitchen!!!
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
I would love to cook with you!!Sofun tocook with friends!
DjCole100 (1 year ago)
Throw the liver Out??? no no make a cornbread stuffing with it or a plain bread stuffing use the gizzards to.
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
Great idea! I personally like the liver, but my kids won't touch it. The gizzards and heart are my favorite!!
Deevesh .Bhanot (2 years ago)
Those tits tho
jim palmer (4 years ago)
I like your attitude.
Kevin Gable (4 years ago)
Thanks for the informative video. My only complaint is that the recipe cards flash on and off screen, you should leave them up a little longer so we can read them.
DocHallenstein (2 years ago)
Just freeze the video with tha Pause button.
mjterifaj (4 years ago)
Looks great and I will be using this this year to make stock for my gravy. My only question is: can you do this in a Crockpot instead to save a little space/electricity and if so, how long and on high or low? I was going to make my stock a day or two ahead of time so all I have to do is mix in with the gravy on thanksgiving. Thanks!
mjterifaj (4 years ago)
+RebeccaBrandRecipes I made the turkey stock the day before in the crock pot and it turned out great. It really had a ton of flavor and made a great gravy. I'm going to freeze the other 4 cups of stock for Christmas turkey. Thanks for the recipe!
Rebecca, Thank you for this simple but wonderful recipe, OK GET THIS, I want to share this with you ! It is GREAT ! and incredible on snowy murky Christmas days, My Favorite weather.   My family came up with this along time ago, its to DIE FOR! "The Turkey Christmas Gravy soup" Like your stock there is no measurements, well except the wine, but mostly just make it to taste ! So here we go,, "The Fixins"; Get a bag of Dried Cranberries, wash & rinse set then aside covered.............................  Like my family, make your Turkey stock, then Remove the Giblets when the stock is done, NOW I will add Chunks of Turkey meat, white or dark doesn't matter, some Yukon Potatoes, Garlic, Leaks, a little sage & Rosemary,about a cup of Deep Dark Red Wine, 1/2 stick unsalted REAL Butter, a Hit of Nutmeg,a TINY pinch of Cinnamon, NOW BE CAREFUL but SALT to taste ! Cook till Veggies are tender but NOT over done.  Once Veggies are done with a Screen Spoon remove all veggies out to a separate bowl, with the leftover soup in the pot turn heat down to simmer, add milk & cream, how much you want, In a cup add some flour & Corn Starch, mix with water. once combined, drizzle in soup stock and take the whisk to it till it is all incorporated. Now once it thickens up, add the veggies & meat & Cranberries back into the Pot ! Gently stir to combine for 5 minutes. Serve Hot with whole grain Bread or rolls sliced and buttered with REAL BUTTER ! Sit and take your first bite of soup, take  bite of Bread, and watch the snow fall.........................Merry Christmas !   
Baz king (5 years ago)
Instead of waiting ages to boil the water on the stove and using lots of gas /electric use the kettle to have boiling water ready in an instant. Your a very pretty lady Merry Christmas
giovanni S (5 years ago)
I have a similar recipe for turkey broth/soup using turkey drumsticks with thighs. At the butcher down the street, they always have them on special
MsTokies (5 years ago)
dont trash the liver you can make good stuff out of it
bunny rabbit (6 years ago)
I like U!!
flattenu (6 years ago)
I don't care for the liver taste in the stock either, I toss it, or cook it separately and feed it to the dog.
flattenu (6 years ago)
Hi, enjoy your channel, and sorry to be nit-picky, but it's celery "stalks" not stocks. Have a great holiday season!
jordi (6 years ago)
Rebecca!! Make a stuffing recipe!
Sans Soucci (6 years ago)
Not to mention.....Tie that hair up with either a rubber band or scarf.....Hair may be pretty, but find a strand of that hair floating in your stock, or lying in your dressing.....and it is YIKES!!! Not to mention, that hair is NOT so pretty anymore!!! LOL!! When I cook, I ALWAYS wear a shower cap...I don't care how funny I look cooking, it isn't SO funny, finding a a strand of hair in any dish I'm cooking...LOL!!
Dorothy R (1 year ago)
Sans Soucci I agree with you! Cooking is not about being sexy in the kitchen with your hair flying everywhere. Hygiene is very important, in her case she is trying to show us her sensuality.
hippydippy (1 year ago)
Do I smell JEALOUSY? lol
Sans Soucci (6 years ago)
Sorry, but the liver can be boiled, chopped and put in the dressing or gravy.....My mom always put a couple of blocks of chicken bouillon to take any "livery" taste, which BTW, I love......I never noticed any such taste.....As a cook, I'm sure there are ways to remove any flavor one is not happy with.....
Dustin Tran (6 years ago)
Pleaseeeee roll up your sleeves!
sakura jane (6 years ago)
Food Network: Give this lovely lady a show!!
AY02Mr (6 years ago)
looks nice
TheMatmar78 (6 years ago)
What sorcery is this O.O
JayMeister22 (6 years ago)
Mmm looks delicious, my loves turkey-neck.
Koray Öner (6 years ago)
coastalcowboy707 (6 years ago)
I was going to share this, but then I seen you throw away the liver, oops.
ETericET (6 years ago)
Once again Rebecca does what the other cooking channels don't do. Have you ever noticed ... They just say "add (****) stock" ...... With no mention of ...... How this "stock" is coming to be? ... Thanks once again Rebecca for teaching us how to fish .. not just handing us a fish. :)
oopopp x (6 years ago)
Can you make a leg of lamb???
G.Sarjos (6 years ago)
that stock is also great for soup when u have left over turkey
Ed Welsh (6 years ago)
looks great dear i cant wait for thanksgiving thank you dear.

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