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WTF! THE *NEW* INTING SION STRAT IS BETTER ON NASUS! INTENTIONAL FEED 2.0 STRAT! SEASON 8 INTENTIONALLY FEEDING SION STRATEGY ON NASUS TOP LANE! - League of Legends ►$200 GIVEAWAY! - https://goo.gl/a9F9Wy ►►►FOLLOW ME ON MY INSTAGRAM! - https://goo.gl/v7VuCM ►►LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE - https://goo.gl/VWYoMJ ►ULTIMATE SEASON 8 GAREN GUIDE! - https://goo.gl/Xy63D3 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIAS! INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/v7VuCM FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/oHoHJm TWITTER: https://goo.gl/D8o2jG DISCORD: https://goo.gl/fovNZW ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►NEW STREAM SCHEDULE! EVERY DAY @5:00 PM CST - https://goo.gl/oHoHJm
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Text Comments (491)
El Grigri (37 minutes ago)
you should try to play with smite instead of flash to get the cinderhulk for more hp
SPOOKYLAMA (1 hour ago)
That's no suicide, that's just old regular split pushing Nasus, like he's supposed to be played.. Fuckin clickbait
Phnxkon (8 hours ago)
~15:30 probably corrupting potion DoT giving you tower aggro
pzapez (8 hours ago)
uuuuuuuuu need to go first full cdr build and then stack non stop at top get 500 stacks at 20 m and gg
Dan Summerlin (10 hours ago)
i would hate to play with this guy. he's just spamming in all caps
Tobbezeichnet (15 hours ago)
tower agro from your ult (ITS AOE...you know?! xDDDD)
darkentbg (16 hours ago)
this strat is so season 2
Da Yodinmaster (18 hours ago)
Do the kled one. Pls!
Vinicius Araujo (1 day ago)
i guess you could try trinity force with nasus, maybe your split would be much more strong
Jamie Wolfe (1 day ago)
clickbait thubmnail, doesnt know tower agro, doesnt understand zzrot gets hit by tower too. ill grant skilled but idiotic.
Magnus Frodin (1 day ago)
Would argue it work better on sion
TheJdaawg (1 day ago)
Bruh you can’t call it intentionally feeding strat with a 0/25/0 thumbnail and show a game play where you don’t go negative at all. Clickbait shit like this gets on my block list 👎
Ryan Starczewski (1 day ago)
This isn't inting Nasus... this is farm Nasus which is how you play Nasus. You've lost a sub because of weirdly inaccurate click bait titles constantly. "Inting Nasus" goes 2-0 first death at 13 minutes haha
OLROY (1 day ago)
You keep going for towers without ulting, Nasus ult halfs your Q cooldown....with 40% cdr thats a 1.4 second cd I believe
TeamDarkStar (1 day ago)
It you weren't garbage this would have been cool. Lol.
El Tio Jorge (1 day ago)
this guy massive click bait, i dont know why people watches him
Vivallamannen (1 day ago)
Why not sheen if your gonna focus on turret dmg? 30min nasus with 3force 2-3 hits turrets
Kinskopf Kinskopf (1 day ago)
Whats about iceborn gauntlet?
akrinah (1 day ago)
The only who followed the intentionally inting strategy was your team :D
akrinah (1 day ago)
What elo is that? You habe an incompetent team. No ADC. Noc and Soraka were OK, but there was no team play.
akrinah (1 day ago)
The politically correct term is not "intentionally inting Nasus" but "strategically minded Nasus". As a person of public you should pay attention on your word choice since they can offend someone ;)
akrinah (1 day ago)
PS: my dog was offended by the title.
Łukasz Kira (1 day ago)
Sion fit perfect to that strategy.
gg Vel Done (1 day ago)
Hey i like your content alot Glacierr, and would love to see more of this series, I've started myself at streaming and I'm a (most of the time) OTP Velkoz player, if this comment gets some attention and some of you guys would have a look at my stream to tell me how to improve i would appreciated it. Love u all <3 https://www.twitch.tv/ggveldone
Etienne GERY (2 days ago)
That's just Nasus gameplay, not inting Nasus lol
scheissewerfer (2 days ago)
15:33 you took Tower aggro cuz your corrupting potion was ticking
Randall Preston (2 days ago)
I prefer this on Sion. There were a couple of instances where if you had scions passive to get back up after death and bomb tower, that they would have fallen faster.
Chicken 4President (2 days ago)
If singed froze the lane in the early game you would have been fucked...
Lawrence Lavon (2 days ago)
This is how to be a noob Strat
mr. smith (2 days ago)
Basically any champ that takes towers quick whose also tanky this works on? Probably tryndamere too
jujich (2 days ago)
no sheen? bruh..
mattix35a (2 days ago)
So uhh, just a regular ad nasus game then?
Mohamed Samir (2 days ago)
Why i didn't see any int
Jacob Avraham (2 days ago)
Change the title to "Playing Nasus like gold players"
shalev levi (2 days ago)
You gotta stop its not int anymore you just push lanes its such an idiot video
TheLoneCabbage (2 days ago)
How can you be a top main and not know that Nasus' ult does damage in an area around him? Thats why you were taking bot turret aggro.
Fuffy Baig (2 days ago)
Nasus main tips: use your e before your q and only when you get close enough to q
Fuffy Baig (2 days ago)
Also, been doing this strat since season 2 xD it was how I climbed to plat 1 so easily. Diamond took me learning jungle to get u.u
TheLoneCabbage (2 days ago)
I really wish you guys would stop this shit. Too many people who don't understand the fundamentals of this strat trying it in my ranked games.
Corrin Kamui (2 days ago)
Why is this video more than 30 minutes long? I didn't sign up to this
Matt Goodger (2 days ago)
Am I missing something or did the definition of intentional feeding get redefined?
GehennaGates (2 days ago)
You are playing nasus with a bad build. And yelling *oOoOh am DyiNg FoR tHE tOweR* litelarly garbage build on nasus and you know it. You know it, but deep down you want those veiws don't you, you little ****. You missed the whole point of the actual strategy. And that it was actually legit. Instead you just copied the build and put a fake score for the click bait. Fu** you sir, Fu** you :)
ALBERT Riven (3 days ago)
Click baiting piece if trash
Ramiro (3 days ago)
Dude you say your flash was bronze lvl yet you do so much more bronze mistakes you where taking aggro from tower cuz your ulti does aoe damage and your portal didn't even let out 3 voidlings because tower one hits it when you place it in range...
Dannii Lee (3 days ago)
Tower agro was from Nasus' R AoE damage aura
jbutton15 (3 days ago)
15:45 your ult does aoe
michael monaghan (3 days ago)
its not really inting if u kill as it resets the gold ur worth
ExperienZ (3 days ago)
Where is the inting?
Super Toddy (3 days ago)
jesus christ stop using your e under tower
Hocker (3 days ago)
1:09 THIS is why you DON'T take E second or use it much in lane _(I basically only use it if they are diving me under the tower or if my jung is coming to gank)._ Way to lose stacks and gold to the tower JUST for the sake of your impatient mind wanting to do more dps. Save your mana for Q and W, and focus on Q while W is used to keep them away from you.
Cow Man (3 days ago)
Check a doctor you are missing some brain xd
T100 Germinator (3 days ago)
How does that singed have purple poison
Moonstar (4 days ago)
well this is called d gates.. sion is different because he has his passive which is annoying
jesus zamora (4 days ago)
"Inting" goes 10/7/4
Virtual Link (4 days ago)
Realtalk almost all of your video titles are "WTF" and it is annoying
Eamon Burke (4 days ago)
Eamon Burke (4 days ago)
Nasus can't stack when he's dead. Your argument is invalid.
Siege Onagre (4 days ago)
This guy look like the chad version of caps
Kenny (4 days ago)
Trydamere try it
Arfaz (4 days ago)
Nice clickbait
Miguel Soriano (4 days ago)
This is not even close to inting sion
The Great Nobby (4 days ago)
Inting nasus is just bronze nasus
Jesse Garcia (4 days ago)
Would like you to play taric
Ade (5 days ago)
nice clickbait, 0/25 lol, thats just a normal game of nasus
Will B (5 days ago)
all y'all gotta int to pressure tower, I just play ziggs with tp. /s
Pedro G (5 days ago)
It's the basic split pushing... I mean... All you do is break towers until you get the nexus... But ppl doesnt know how to play with you... Because as we saw here instead of going as 4 they do whatever they want...
jason uy (6 days ago)
you should get triforce for faster push 😁
Novi (6 days ago)
Report ZZ rot portal. @28:46
Poke Star (6 days ago)
same runes as sion ?
Αλεξ Καλλμι (6 days ago)
y are trash man rlly trash king of trashs
ElfShredder287 (7 days ago)
I feel like this is unnecessary to int when you can just push
craig safford (7 days ago)
Glac drugs are bad get help
Rainzz Padillo (7 days ago)
Mello Mel (7 days ago)
When you dove Nocturne, at about 15 minutes, you started taking tower aggro because you had corrupting potion active, and hit noc with a spell prior, so he was still burning to the corrupting pot.
mike lach (7 days ago)
NASUS ALWAYS was like that even without kills if you stack your q you win the game
Dan Smith (7 days ago)
15:35 I think it’s from corrupting pot burn
Thor Asa (8 days ago)
This is not the same as the sion strat. This is just a regular split push strat. Should have a sheen item on Nasus for taking turrets quicker, since that is your goal.
James W (8 days ago)
so playing top lane but calling it something else is a new strat, neat.
ShardEye (8 days ago)
Lol I definitely have to say that this strat looks way easier on Sion. You had an overly protective midlaner who wasn't letting you lose fights and an enemy laner who after the first 10min looked like he straight up forgot how to play objectives. Not saying it was an easy win, I just mean that it took a bit more work with a few more things working in your favor.
ShardEye (8 days ago)
I typed all that and then remembered that you had a Bard adc, I take back what I said :p
mattbradley87 (8 days ago)
This guy is a bit whiney
ShardEye (8 days ago)
Tower aggro was from the dot on ur pot.
Feelbye Ever (8 days ago)
When he said no boots and control wards I thought It’s will be good.. then he bought all two and playing normal nasus.. why is he even call it inting nasus
Patrik Jelinek (8 days ago)
im sorry but this is jsut normal nasus game the point of sion int is that hes ult delas dmg on turets also his passive can proc demolisher youre jsut playing nasus not even ulting to take turets faster damn
Matt Eckelbarger (8 days ago)
What a click bait video!! XD this strat is bad. Look at Glaciers history... he loses as many as he wins using these strats. He just gets people to waste their time and get banned for inting because he shows one good video. SMH man, stop the click bait and encouraging bronze/silver to lose
Matt Eckelbarger (18 hours ago)
Setting someone up to fail is a miserable way to get followers
Random Cat Name (3 days ago)
Well if the crappy players that are too bad too think for themselves get banned, it's not exactly a bad thing.. is it?
iSoulCurser GT (8 days ago)
The hydra passive is the one that's making the turret aggro you
WxCked (8 days ago)
Very similar to Professor Akali’s thumbnail hmmmm
dirdyharry1 (8 days ago)
no build page?
maSterVqne (9 days ago)
misleading title, misleading thumnail, some questinable plays .... you check all the boxes for me to hit the down vote. well you'r a winner you got a vote and a comment for your yt algorithm, just not the ideal ones
lol wtf is this iron 5?
Dunkerino Jssjd (9 days ago)
Stelios Kardasis (9 days ago)
I guess you can also run this strat on yorick
cxldblxxded (9 days ago)
zzrot placements on point
irraa mew (9 days ago)
I think you need a sheen to get that extra damage not just on stacking but on towers/players.
Darkest Knight (9 days ago)
Dude chill
Tiberius Ciornei (9 days ago)
Not here to hate, but if you want to prove that this strat works do it in your elo, which is diamond if i am not mistaking, not in mid gold. And since you lost the 2 games before this one you did not convince me...
Zindovic Veljko (9 days ago)
im still silver cuz of videos like this..
John Paul Tyson (9 days ago)
On Nasus you should definitely be picking up a sheen. Your damage to towers will go through the roof. I think just get sheen tho, and maybe finish it last
Booon Noob (9 days ago)
You have to say “plus 6” whenever you kill someone with a “q”.
Lee Pao Yang (9 days ago)
You shouldn’t have buy titanic hydra because it ruins Nasus ways of stacking his Q. I do agree that it helps with the minions farm but it ruin his Q. I can already stack his Q up to or over 300 at around 25 min in the game. If only you took ur time to stack it up with runes and his Q to siege tower you would have already take it down without tanking it too much. Titanic hydra isn’t viable when you are stacking your Q when playing Nasus. So it doesn’t really work. I suggest you play it without titanic hydra and by the way I love your vids and also titanic hydra create a cone of damage in front of you when you auto or use ability. Noct took that damage that’s why the tower is attacking you. You should really take your time to learn about the benefits a weapons you are going to get. It would really help if you are planning to climb to challenger.
wea boo (8 days ago)
+Lee Pao Yang You would start to wonder if people didn't get the point of intentional feed nasus
Lee Pao Yang (8 days ago)
+wea boo even so he still lose a lot of stack under turret because of Tiamat's passive. He was able to get 6 stack under turret and kill like 3 minions out of 7 because of tiamat. If you watch the whole video like me you were start to wonder why did he let his turret kill 3 to 4 minions while he get so little out of it was a few stack and 1 or 2 minions out of it. That AOE damage from tiamat and the damage that the turret does to those minions makes it hard to farm under turret. It is hard to farm against a Singed so he should have stay under turret and farm. Tiamat makes it harder for him to farm under turret he lose a lot of farm.
wea boo (9 days ago)
He lost most of his stack because he was only farming with his e againts singed early..
Gilamex (9 days ago)
"Because it's good with a fed, well-farmed, or even late-game nasus." Well you see, the sion strat doesn't need any of that. That's why it's so effective and overused.
MinaKushi (9 days ago)
1. you literally missed so many potential stacks. 2. basically every nasus just stays top and split, its a meme for a reason 3. i wouldnt call this inting
Prince Ricard (9 days ago)
this guy doesnt know to play with zz rot

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