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Drunk Texting Pays Off

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Text Comments (283)
V. Aliya (3 months ago)
Garrett Downen (5 months ago)
No wonder u don’t have gf
K-Pop_Kookie Chan (5 months ago)
Oml the old phone!!!😂
Raft Jesus (8 months ago)
Fucking weird fuck catfish
Punisher 3955 (10 months ago)
Would laugh if she saw this video
Eric (2 years ago)
wow is all i can say to this one
Eric Fitzgerald (2 years ago)
Oooo buddy your game needs some work lol
jack simmons (2 years ago)
Berner (2 years ago)
People do this? 😭
Jake Adams (2 years ago)
Jake Adams (2 years ago)
Drink Me (2 years ago)
I got the vibe this wasn't his first time doing this😂😂😂
Alex Nielsen (2 years ago)
woww thats roman attwoods missus 😂
Garrett Cook (2 years ago)
Why haven't you dropped the balloon off the balcony yet
Arianne sanchez (3 years ago)
I like that you filmed this at 1 in the morning
am i the only one who thinks he sounds like bob from Bob's burgers😂😂😂😂
Evan Vanleer (2 years ago)
he does
ElectroHunt (3 years ago)
we should remind alex to do this LOl
silvio bahr (3 years ago)
You failed with silly goose LOL
Cape Town Guy (3 years ago)
So what happened?
Phil Mahkraken (3 years ago)
What happens when you show up sober
rich polit (3 years ago)
Dafuq! No way this worked!
XxsniperwolfxX 1901 (3 years ago)
Why did i drunk text and im only 11
dylan milbourn (3 years ago)
do this again
corbin vanderpool (3 years ago)
this is fucking cringeworthy...
Kripon CS (3 years ago)
Jason Hatcher (3 years ago)
Is this going to be on pornhub or are u uploading the sex I'm curious . ;)
ShadowCuber34x (3 years ago)
Really Nigga
juab ndnd (3 years ago)
juab ndnd (3 years ago)
Jocksson (3 years ago)
King !!!
Nice Trade (3 years ago)
LMFAO @ 5:15 ..genuis
Armani (3 years ago)
its the atwood nasty
King moe (3 years ago)
hahahhahahahahah I'm a roman soldier board games
Gangsterclown Castillo (3 years ago)
Did you get sex
BsTiNk22 (3 years ago)
Damn he had the biggest erection in this video
Ernie Espinoza (3 years ago)
lol the ending on point👌👍🍺🍺🍺
Jaslea Hemingway (3 years ago)
I don't like that stop doing that
trxxxtr (3 years ago)
seeing him....I can only imagine what she looks like...YIKES!!!
Patrick Brown (3 years ago)
+trxxxtr hes rich meaning she could be hot
Richtofen Jagodzinski (3 years ago)
Go get um boy XD
lonewolf (3 years ago)
board games lmao😅😅
Krystof D. (3 years ago)
Watching this brings unpleasent memories, I wanted to close the vid so much but couldn't!!
ryancaldwell (3 years ago)
8:21 Roman would get a kick out of this . So it is Brittany smith
Henry Amos (3 years ago)
lies the clock still says 12:53 after he says a few minutes later
dANNa (3 years ago)
He was texting at 1:04 am 😂😂😂
Legs (3 years ago)
This is the most awkward thing i have ever seen
Alex Anderson (3 years ago)
discoloration on the cheeks and nose, slurred speech, dilated pupils... im pretty sure he isnt sober.... or "she" is a friend he named brittany in his phone..
AceLegend (3 years ago)
ummmm did you really have sex? if so that was fucking genius xD
Joey Carthen (1 year ago)
I want to
Jack Neil (3 years ago)
Well it works for me brothha and he's rich so most defenatly
Cain Collier (3 years ago)
Was this Romans girlfriend
Susan Barnett (2 years ago)
Paul Lester p
Paul Lester (3 years ago)
Kid in Africa (3 years ago)
TMerv (3 years ago)
It's cause your last name is Mandel
TMerv (3 years ago)
It's cause your last name is Mandel
TMerv (3 years ago)
Bro it's cause your the son of Howie just chill
TMerv (3 years ago)
Bro it's cause your the son of Howie just chill
XxpropunkakexX (3 years ago)
Kyle Paquin (3 years ago)
This that Romans wife?
Dan Kalosh (3 years ago)
lol, this is how i type when it's like, 2 in the morning and i need to say something really quick
6.4l_ Scatty (3 years ago)
Dont drink and txt
xACEofSPAD3Zx (3 years ago)
Alex please do another one of these videos!!
Kevin (3 years ago)
you need to do a segment on your channel where you just text random girls you know and pretend to be drunk, I think it would be really popular and it's original!
Justin Howard (3 years ago)
Sober drunk texting is the worlds next best thing.... GENIUS!!!
It's Always Something (3 years ago)
you said a few minutes later on the first text and the time was the same
Rayana McNeal-Griffin (3 years ago)
In the video I'm looking at the time the whole time it said 12:53 and then it said a few minutes later and i looked at the time again and it said 12:53 still thats how i know he edited to make look long...😌😌
wn m (3 years ago)
End of the night probably got shut down. for the 1,302th time. and went back home friendzoned once again. that's the life of Alex. SHITLOAD OF CASH-FRIENDZONED FOREVER.
Kevin (3 years ago)
wow dude sounds like you might be describing your own life! lol such hate.... smh
aye person (3 years ago)
I was so uncomfortable watching this
psshhgone_Eduardo (4 years ago)
Fucking sav👌🏻👌🏻💯
nickw09 (4 years ago)
he defently went to play some board games lol
Patrick Fee (4 years ago)
I'm 8
Takeo (6 months ago)
Emma Martin you don’t even look 10
Emma Martin (2 years ago)
Patrick Fee then you're not old enough to have YouTube. You're reported
delvin Nurizky (4 years ago)
Is that brittany furlan :D ?
Daniel (4 years ago)
x1grnade 1x1 (4 years ago)
TheKillingBro (4 years ago)
Funny if it was Brittany Atwood
L (3 years ago)
He said Roman would get a kick out of that one lol
Philip Hamra (3 years ago)
+The12YearOldPolitician Brittney!!
JOHN DA DON (3 years ago)
that is what I thought
THEIRISHPOTATO (3 years ago)
+Cherry Stuff it still brittany smith still
Andrew Young (3 years ago)
+Cherry Stuff she spells her name like Brittney. :)
MalakFP (4 years ago)
Only reason, cause you're howies son..
Ian Pangelinan (4 years ago)
Lol yummy butt Is that Roman atwood. Girl brittnay
Sam Fox (4 years ago)
so... did you get laid or what? ;)
LAH WF (4 years ago)
What a fucking creep! Lmfao
jongee (4 years ago)
i shuer wandar haw ur mam knowz haw wut pot smalles liek
ShadowVenomMC (4 years ago)
Wow nearly everyone on this comment section doesn't know the #RomanSoldier life at all
ShadowVenomMC (4 years ago)
na just saying cuz they all sayin that this brittany is brit 
St0ney_710 (4 years ago)
Nah man its all Roman soldiers here. Just smile more
Gamers Rift (4 years ago)
Wait Is This Brittany person romans girl friend or just a random person ?
That Guy (3 years ago)
@UltraSosamosa Is it really so fucking hard to just listen to what he's is saying in the video?
Sean McCabe (3 years ago)
jaden larocca (4 years ago)
Could've watched the video
ShadowVenomMC (4 years ago)
No it's not. even in romans vlog he spoke to Alex saying that he saw what you sent my girl as a joke , plus check the comments also bored games is Romans line to britt meaning ..... And plus he also mentioned in here that Roman soldiers Will understand this also he netizens it in his Instagram bio when he uploaded this
Gamers Rift (4 years ago)
IK i watch him every day 
Jack Tortolani (4 years ago)
Jack Tortolani (4 years ago)
Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁
Stan Gabriel (4 years ago)
The first is not Roman Girlfriend is Brittany Furlan
Mega Nut (4 years ago)
Where does it say 'Furlan'? It's not her.
nat soccer (4 years ago)
Is board games sex
This Is An Alias (4 years ago)
SpamIsSpamTo SpamISpam (4 years ago)
Board Games mmmm... #smilemore  ... ... ... ph4l ....... 
Random (4 years ago)
8=======o N. 💦
Selena GOMEZ (4 years ago)
Dammm😮😮😮 ☁☁☁👄👅☁☁☁ ☁☁☁☁😃☁☁ 😊☁☁☁☁😏☁ ☁☁😝☺☁😚☁ 😁☁☁☁☁😉☁ ☁☁☁☁😄☁☁ ☁☁☁😜☁☁☁ ☁☁☁☁~~LOL*
Rabih Razak (4 years ago)
You fucked britty the one from drinks channel
DaJaguar (4 years ago)
Is she pretty?
Chaz Hovis (4 years ago)
This is AWESOME MAN I know this is an old r r one but Def joini NH the A TEAM
The Engler (5 years ago)
Hey, it doesnt smell like weed in Amsterdam all the time
courtney m (5 years ago)
THIS ONE FINALLY EARNED YOU MY SUB DAMNIT.  despite your creepy mooooostach :p
Charles Dikkema (5 years ago)
It's like we're in Amsterdam LOL
MurderWsDaCase (5 years ago)
I bet anything he didn't even get thru the front door of her place
MurderWsDaCase (5 years ago)
He's obviously never been laid
ChannyLuvx (5 years ago)
Omg hilarious thing ever
6side_baller (5 years ago)
Did u play board gammmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeesssssssss
Uros Velic (5 years ago)
danielandhisguitar (5 years ago)
You are a genius.
Maksym Pierce (5 years ago)
dude you will never get a gf
Mega Nut (4 years ago)
He could get any girl
KnightKillerGT (5 years ago)
LOL AT THE ending :P
Ezequiel Galo (5 years ago)
Vitaly #2 lol hahahaha nice :D hahaha
Lloyd Harbert (5 years ago)
Sorry dude but she def isnt thinking anything close to u r in this ..

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