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Oneesan On Alcohol! 😓

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Anime: Miss Caretaker of Sunohara - sou JP: Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san . Have a nice day! . Subsscribe - It's Free! Subscribe to my channel: ➤ https://www.youtube.com/c/NeoAnimeYT . "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." This video is here for viewing purposes only. We do NOT claim any rights to this video.
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Text Comments (164)
Minami Shiiro (6 months ago)
"I'll hold her off, take shiina and run away!" (Caretaker proceeds to TKO both of them) -I died laughing ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ
Max4Million (7 hours ago)
8MoneyIzmyMission8 Ik lol but they got knocked out not tko’d
8MoneyIzmyMission8 (7 hours ago)
+Max4Million TKO usually means technical knockout like a point system.
Justhin (18 hours ago)
TheUnder F1ip (1 day ago)
Max4Million T.K.O. can mean either total knockout or team knockout it doesn’t matter pick your poison
Thot Patrol (27 days ago)
I seee
Derek Hines (1 hour ago)
Caretaker is a shotacon
Smart DOGE (2 hours ago)
2:55 - You Say Run picks up 3:00 - Curb your enthusiasm theme plays
SnoopDogOfSience (2 hours ago)
Just sayin, saying "this video is not meant to infringe on any copyrights" doesn't mean the video doesn't infringe on any copyrights.
Electric Drago (2 hours ago)
Your mom reaction when you got a bad mark 2:30
jack legaspi (3 hours ago)
Yeah juice😌
Haru Yanto (3 hours ago)
Why is the dude cuter than the chicks?
Citizen K (5 hours ago)
Anti- Mate (11 hours ago)
Kalbo Militia (11 hours ago)
What do japanese sisters ride? A nissan
Paweł Nosecki (13 hours ago)
F.B.I kun (14 hours ago)
man?..is japan retarded thats a girl dressed as a small boy
teamAmerica101 (15 hours ago)
Whats with the morons thinking fbi have a japan branch on this comment feed lol
RemU (15 hours ago)
When you get Kabedon’d you know it’s all over for you.
Rudol Von Stroheim (16 hours ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY STOP! OI W-WHY? I just don't get it I always catch you fuckers watching this sick shit. This is sickening!
daniel sohn (16 hours ago)
Press -> 4:44 if you dont want to watch
Fire Lord Ozai (17 hours ago)
Well looks like I’ll be giving her as much sake as she wants. For Research proposes.
Fire Lord Ozai (16 hours ago)
Nathan24-_- : Indeed my good sir.
Nathan24-_- (17 hours ago)
Fire Lord Ozai Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well
Jaune Rider (18 hours ago)
4:12 ........gulp.........
Justhin (18 hours ago)
Kids This Is Why If you Get Drunk take your vitamins
Kurt CG Lozano (19 hours ago)
I don’t want to drink any alcohol forever! This is scary that I don’t even remember I’m saying.
Luxu (22 hours ago)
psa: alcohol doesn't make you any more interesting, it just makes you weak
[insert good name] (23 hours ago)
It’s sad that a 7 year old can get 4 girls at the same time but I can’t get a wet dream
Dank_Noob (1 day ago)
2:35 SUPER ZUCC??????
That One Guy (1 day ago)
When she pulled them back, it reminded me of that clip of IDubbz getting dragged away into the sewer.... Now I'm dying laughing at them screaming like he did........ There's something wrong with me
SoczeK Soczkowaty (1 day ago)
Kiedy musicie położyć najebanego starego spać
But it's just lager
Blob Thing (1 day ago)
*Intro* mind:is that girl high on -drugs- candy
John Vincent Gelogo (1 day ago)
What anime?
TheUnder F1ip (1 day ago)
Japanese FBI gonna love this case LOCAL WOMAN MOLESTS 3 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS AND FALLS ASLEEP ON TEENAGE BOY IN UNDER 2 MINUTES Yeah that needs to be an actual headline
DkXboxer (1 day ago)
Yes, love me more caretaker...
rancid pitts (1 day ago)
Kinda exaggerated the Japanese ability to get wasted drunk on very little alcohol, and then sober up in no time at all.
Vivek T. (1 day ago)
Do anybody have Phone no. of that Caretaker ?
Ultra rainbow Slime (1 day ago)
If I were that boy (I don’t know his name) I would be like FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT
God Yoshida (1 day ago)
Neo vhan don't forget to put the God sauce above the video I guarantee your subscribers will increase by 29%
Sabitri Sahu (1 day ago)
Pedo detected (+<+)
Joshua Martin (1 day ago)
It ain’t rape if it’s entertaining
Emma Nel (1 day ago)
u hear that? yeah the FBI should be here any minute now.... (@2:56)
MrRed ‘93 (12 hours ago)
Jakeapc (1 day ago)
Come here boy!!!!!!!
Mandalorian HUTT (1 day ago)
That took at different turn then I thought
MrEdJepson (1 day ago)
She has the kind of thirst that no liquid can quench.
Stevonnie Jenkins (3 hours ago)
I can think of two liquids that can truly satisfy thirst.... each sex has one of them
Oblivion Guard (6 hours ago)
Oh one liquid can quench the thirst all right.... hehehe SPRITE CRANBERRY
Asia Tanker (1 day ago)
*Wall Slam* 'I failed' Damn, he didn't even stand a chance. Lol.
Flare Ardiente (1 day ago)
Her speech skill was at 100 so intimidating someone like him was childs play
kaka o (1 day ago)
Shes a freak tho tell she will fuck sum fast n fuck lil boys 2
FBI (1 day ago)
I'd like her to attack me hehe
FBI (1 day ago)
welp shes legal after all... ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)
Blaine Rios (1 day ago)
Onee-san on alcohol is dangerouse
Dark Knight (2 days ago)
4:13 its been confirmed. Just get married already 😣😣
Kireina (12 hours ago)
+Delta Gamer well u forget the power of anime,you can see Masamune mom :v
DragonDemon17 (16 hours ago)
Dark Knight (19 hours ago)
Delta Gamer I think them getting together is the ending unless he plans to continue living that way with her and the others.
Delta Gamer (19 hours ago)
dude it a kid. even if he become an adult the age different is too high. she would be an old lady when akku grow up
Dark Knight (19 hours ago)
Elia Cutrone I stop at episode 5. Going to watch it later
Meliodas (2 days ago)
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hervis Daubeny (2 days ago)
Damn she’s a lightweight
Pacifico Batang (2 days ago)
2:30 *GOBLINS?!*
Larry (2 days ago)
*soOOO GoD DaMN ThICc!!!!*
marlon temprana (2 days ago)
Bharath V (2 days ago)
fun fact that short haired green eyed kid is a boy if fbi or law existed in anime oneesan will go to jail of pedophila
Victor Gamer16 (5 days ago)
basically the same thing happenned in gj bu
Ahmed Noseir (5 days ago)
GJ-BU neko girl did the same thing are they related lol
jolly dahan (5 days ago)
The sound effects after the 2:30 scene hahahaha
Guardian 6 (5 days ago)
You can tell this guy is a fellow yo-kai watch fan, because his vision of the little sister was inspirited by Roughraff. You can tell, because the noise at 1:14 is the same one that roughraff has when summoned
FrostTube 123 (7 days ago)
Akkun How Dirty Minded Are You?😏😏😏
Autobot Honeflash (13 days ago)
2:27 That saxophone tho
Thot Patrol (27 days ago)
Well I feel like I should be concerned
Caleb DeArmond (1 month ago)
2:30 I think we all know the joke I almost made.
jahiem brown (1 month ago)
What website is this anime on I am trying to watch it
TinyMighty (1 month ago)
He thought he was about to get the Ochin-chin suck
-*_Canuseethis_*- (1 month ago)
1:14 opa!? What slavic nee-san
Alex Hawk (1 month ago)
The image at 1:14 is killing me XD
mikson 305 (1 month ago)
Mmm mm godz górka
Evan Vaz (1 month ago)
oh no
Jayna Brewer (6 days ago)
Really backtrack
Neptr (1 month ago)
Debbie _TR. (2 months ago)
Age Level (2 months ago)
1:14 blqt сук$ бля#
Communist Carl (2 months ago)
So this is an adults sex appeal
[HYS] Takoneki (2 months ago)
Me:I have some oreo!!! Its so delicious Oneesan:2:30
Remember kids don't do vodka.
numb (2 months ago)
There’s no other guy in this anime.
Blackpowderkun (2 months ago)
Ayaka's harem.
Apocalipxe Resterx (2 months ago)
Mister Boogums (3 months ago)
02:30 IT’S RAPING TIME ( it’s not rape id he enjoys it 😏)
Zarfa- de (3 months ago)
Shes a 1 ht ko boss
SushiRex (3 months ago)
Shiina: Attacking?! Ayaka:Omae Mou Shindeiru
Jhonatan Perez (18 hours ago)
You mean "Ara Ara"
Albert Mohlin (23 days ago)
Ness (3 months ago)
*So you're tellin' me this ISN'T a hentai?*
Its Yahboi (3 months ago)
2:29 oh shit nigga run
how to get arrested (3 months ago)
this is considered rape or sexuall assault
Sad Child (1 day ago)
+Mike-Ike 767 3:12 you call that unattractive? She is a goddess
Mike-Ike 767 (1 day ago)
Only if she is unattractive.
Smoothie Face (6 days ago)
+Sad Child yeah me too
Sad Child (2 months ago)
I don't mind being rape by her
epic gaymer commander (2 months ago)
Destroyer 459 (4 months ago)
All 3 are unable to battle😄
Takuma (4 months ago)
02:28 Why this.......GJ-BU Referrence?
deancardozo cardozo (4 months ago)
;-; *run*
RioLU KiD (4 months ago)
.-.318 like 0 dislike are you guys kidding me jk lol
JhaveNight (4 months ago)
I must enter the anime world
Justin Palmer (4 months ago)
I'll join you too, but probably be in a different universe.
mj (4 months ago)
One sip One love
Ikazuchi-san (4 months ago)
It looks like yuri-san was yuried
mehmet seyit (2 days ago)
Ba dum tss
Alexander BunnyBun (4 months ago)
That's. Amazing.
Average Nazi (4 months ago)
I wonder what she’s like high
Brolander (4 months ago)
I love this channel so much thanks neoanime
thethegamer112346 (4 months ago)
Hello NeoAnime
Philip Okala (4 months ago)
He tried that little superhero speech, *only to be scared by a hand* I shed a tear for the kid going through the this sort of life all by himself
Philip Okala (4 months ago)
3:23 That was some serious *FBI OPEN UP* footage
Delta Gamer (19 hours ago)
Antonio De Leon (4 months ago)
Guilherme Houck (4 months ago)
*S U C C*
Tim Possible (4 months ago)
The innuendos and assertions in this series are top notch
Just A Weeb (4 months ago)
2:30 *NANI???*
That One Guy (1 day ago)
Caretaker: Omae wa, mou shindeiru. Everyone else: Nani!? *Gets tko-ed*
OmeiPlayZ ツ (5 days ago)
Whenever someone touches me. *Omae wa mou shindeiru* *NANI?!*
Nialo Tomaral (9 days ago)
In Japan You lewd Big Tiddy OneeChan In Soviet style Japan, Big Tiddy OneeChan lewds you
Toa Da Garde Kat (2 months ago)
in other words; takemenowmommy
Destroyer 459 (4 months ago)
Xxomega DragongamerxX (4 months ago)
She need some cola
รђค๔๏ฬ (5 months ago)
0 dislikes. . Seems normal
_Defiant YT (5 months ago)
do you have your own series?
Deidara Tsuchikage (5 months ago)
Im still loving this part Because she already tell him that shes in love with him ❤️❤️❤️
Mua Chee Xiong (5 months ago)
What the name of the anime I wanna watch it
Angelo Madarang (3 months ago)
Title: Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou (English) Sunohara-sou no Kanririn-san (Romaji)
LopsiedRodrigo Alves (5 months ago)
Mua Chee Xiong you can see in the description

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