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How to Breath While Singing | Singing Lessons

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Text Comments (85)
Olive Noelle (1 month ago)
Just keep breathing breathing and breathing and breathing
alfred aquino (6 months ago)
When i hear myself sing its so good but when you record i sound like a dieing goat what do i do
Luminous Lyrics (29 days ago)
alfred aquino its cause when u sing to yourself its not just hearing urself that makes it sound like ur amaixng at singing its also the vibrstion in ur body/bones when u sing and when u record urself u seem to sound worse than u actual,y are
Bruno The Expert (2 months ago)
Dont record yourself
Sarah T (8 months ago)
Su Amigo El Ilegal (9 months ago)
Breathless by singing high notes songs that r out of my range. I don't lose my voice but just tire. Ican sing the song once but not twice. I know I can sing it in a lower tone but I m trying to increase my range is that normal to get fatigue
sarah jessica tasya (10 months ago)
I think this will help me with my singing test at school
Leon Bravos (1 year ago)
Didn't know we had to meditate aswell.
kumud das (1 year ago)
TigerHeart (1 year ago)
Down there? Hmmmm
Gong's Brand Origami (1 year ago)
You have a very strong accent
BambooES (1 year ago)
Wow this helped me literally thank you
ZacharydeLima (1 year ago)
I love how her name has sing in it
Francine Navarro (1 year ago)
When I sing myself I sound pretty good(for me) and while with the others (choir) I can't even bring myself at the tune ....
john howards (1 year ago)
you are really pretty, thanks for sharing. keep doing what you love, nothing else like that feeling.
J B (1 year ago)
CHRISTI XX (2 years ago)
Can't tell if she's super rosy-cheecked or uses too much blush.
deed ferreira (1 month ago)
How is this relevant?
Nadia Gerard (1 month ago)
I think it's both...
croissant (1 year ago)
CHRISTI XX probably rosy-cheeked
Im a kawaii potato (2 years ago)
How Can You Sing While Dancing?? I Can't Sing And Breath Much Longer When I Sing While Dancing 😵😪😭😖
BlackSilhouette (2 years ago)
Still teaching us breathing through the diaphragm.How can I breathe and simontaneously sing without running out of breathe and forcing myself to take loud breathes.
gymnast_lilly13 (21 days ago)
BlackSilhouette that’s my problem too
Really nice legs
Adriana Alvarado-Silva (2 years ago)
Abdullah 😂
Nour Akil (2 years ago)
I want to be a singer and I am still 11 can you tell me what to do
jennifer sunday (3 months ago)
Dark Light hi
Alexia Grey (8 months ago)
@Kristin Bishop same i sound good irl until i record myself😭😭
Dip Bar (1 year ago)
what ever you do , believe in yourself! and only listen to others that tell you good and that did what you want to achieve!
Park_ING (2 years ago)
everyone thinks that when they hear their voice
Sribardhan Dash (2 years ago)
Just tried this, niw I'm in hospital with a big oxygen cylinder and oxygen mask.
Abbas Rizvi (1 year ago)
IzzWizz (2 years ago)
Sribardhan Dash wow you get to hospital fast don't ya
Lockhart Howard (2 years ago)
Im gonna use this for the worlds longest yeah boi
Ken K (1 year ago)
Lemuel Ogabang 😂😂😂👌✌
Lemuel Ogabang (2 years ago)
you sir are the hope of mankind
MakeupbybellaBeauty 24 (2 years ago)
@Lockhart Howard Oh waw 😂👍
Hotdogkid47 lol (2 years ago)
Lockhart Howard (2 years ago)
+MakeupbybellaBeauty 24 yes there is it 62 seconds
Marc Bidias (3 years ago)
all your videos are really helpful..and you're humble!God bless u
francescodonizetti (3 years ago)
Beza Gebrekidan (3 years ago)
I have a asthma(a respiratory disease) and every breah is a battle for me. If you guys cod do more tips and tricks that can teach you how to stop wasting your breath (I can't really sing or else I'll pass out from lack of oxygen) just a couple tips would be great, THANKS DO MUCH YOU GUYS!:D
Clueless (1 month ago)
I also have asthma
Kiara Djoumessi (3 months ago)
Gang gang
talking thunder (7 months ago)
Only the boys in my family have asthma
Tqueenboss_CsTharis (7 months ago)
I have asthma as well.... But mine isn't as bad as yours.... God bless and stay strong ✌
EMAN (10 months ago)
Beza Gebrekidan the best solution for u is to pay a visit to salt range believe me it works wonders
Dorkandproudofit (3 years ago)
When I have to take a breath in the middle of a song, I feel like the breath is too loud. Either that, or there's a long section with only short breaks between lyrics, and I can't take a breath quick enough to get through without some of that breath cutting into the next lyric (as in, I'm still breathing in on the next syllable, or the next syllable is cut short because of the breath). Is there a technique to solve that problem? Or do I simply need to increase my lung capacity?
James Attwood (5 months ago)
Best tech i can think of (albeit im not a singing or vocal coach so take this as you will) firstly get to know the song reslly really well listen to how the artist is breathing themselves if you know a long section of lyrics is about to happen where only short stifled breaths can be taken make sure to intake a larger amount of breath to begin that section its really hard to sing well to a song you dont know personally when im writing (again not professionally) ive changed the way the song sounded in my head to account for my own breathing technique and capabilities unfortunately alot of professional singers arnt just well instructed butnaturally gifted like how michael jackson was able to slightly breath in through his nose whilst singing out allowing him to hold that note longer and keep it clean.... no way to learn that its just a gift (but then why on earth woukd you try to emulate the master himself right lol hope that kinda helped dude ino its vague but its all i coukd think of to say
PYTSingss (3 years ago)
this happens to me too
Julia Ciletti (3 years ago)
Ranjeeta Chowdhury (7 months ago)
- : - )
your mum (1 year ago)
July Ciletti lmao
Guy.Unorthodox (4 years ago)
Stella Paschopoulou (4 years ago)
Thanks for the video.I want to ask you if the right is to breath through the mouth or the nose for singing?
Dim Wit (4 years ago)
Did you take any anatomy lessons for you to share about this?
Lilly Chaw (5 years ago)
Grammar Nazi (6 years ago)
Miss_American_Pie (6 years ago)
In order***
Miss_American_Pie (6 years ago)
Too much blabbering for my liking. Failed to explain that on order to have a "deep breath" we must use our diaphragm...
Único Lugar (1 year ago)
Miss_American_Pie that's basic knowledge if you're watching a video like this. Anyone who doesn't know that must be idiotic and moving way too fast
Eren Jaeger (6 years ago)
Eren Jaeger Says the one without a mom😂
Karlypriv (6 years ago)
The title has a typo. It's how to breathE while singing, not how to breath while singing. :P
☠Lowizay☠ (6 years ago)
lol i think this can help me for when i have a presentation/speech in class or something
TONY (6 years ago)
singing is harder if you lay down. it`s becoming a little bit harder to breath correctly
darkfafi (6 years ago)
I Breath but I dont sing...Am I weard now?
sammy3212321 (6 years ago)
I thought you were teaching imploding, but breathing is a very important part of any instrument according to my music teacher ^^ Especially singing.
Andreas Thorvaldsen (6 years ago)
plaincamron666 (6 years ago)
first :)

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