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I am quitting YouTube! 🃏

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Austin H. (3 months ago)
Usually when something like this happens I try not to get involved, but for this i'll make an exception. I have been watching your channel along with Daily Anime Moments as well as Bessie Need. All three of these channels have made excellent videos that have made many people laugh (myself included) or have helped us to find a certain series to watch. It makes me sad that you and all of these other great channels are dying off. Which leads me to the point that this stupid ''its my idea and nobody else can do it" attitude needs to stop. They have no right to gang up on you and say "you can't do this." I know that my comment probably won't change anything about the situation, and you might not even see this comment. But Neo if you do happen to read this, please know that we enjoyed your channel. Thank you
Doge Pochie (10 hours ago)
SOPHUS KENJI (21 days ago)
Look at the thumbnail it says NOT between "iam and quitting And in the too left corner it says March 1st
Marcus Johnson (29 days ago)
+NeoAnime keep making vidz
Satori-Chan (1 month ago)
+NeoAnime found it
right wing Otaku (1 month ago)
It says im not going to quit god tham it you troll i cryed in this vid and you really give us a troll like that
ØøfēdRBŁX (4 hours ago)
Imma spam some hate on her/him
RUBEN757 (8 hours ago)
That fucker
beegeejay (9 hours ago)
I'm the latest to this channel but I want you to continue if they have a problem with you they should leave
of Man (13 hours ago)
Nooooooooooo plz come backkkkkkkkkkk we all love uuuuu
David Hill (16 hours ago)
Please don't quit this is the only anime video s I watch
Denver Isaiah J De Vera (18 hours ago)
We Won't Give Up Let's Support Neo guys We Know we love him❤️
Isaac Briseno (21 hours ago)
Neoooooooo please come back weeeee neeeed yoooooooou
hanes wahyu (1 day ago)
Why you let them win man.. I love youe videos I know im late to see your videos. But swriously your videoa is good.. Just ignore them..
Maria Blanco (1 day ago)
No come back
Adrian Matuska (18 days ago)
No more anima clips for me what now, this was his latest video 4 months ago sadly not coming back
Squishy24 Walker (18 days ago)
Don't let them consume you in this matter believe in yourself never believe what others say about u. :(
pugtato sama (18 days ago)
Can you make a mini anime?
pugtato sama (18 days ago)
TheRetroEagle (18 days ago)
Wut if I just make a channel then steal all THEIR content and then get them off your back? BOOM simple ez game
Mücahid Aslan (19 days ago)
That's how the Human's are. I understand what you're saying and how you feel, but let me tell you, that this won't be the last time that people will try to bring you down. Try to stay tuned and strong in the Future and don't let people depress you, so that something like this won't happen again, because that's excactly what they wan't to reach. Stay cool, Your Community ;)
Agustín Ceballos (19 days ago)
Noooooo hermano la puta madre que me parió, me re cagaba de risa con tus videos, ojalá esos pibes se vallan a la mierda y vuelvas con más contenido. Por favor volvé!!
Vergmo G. (19 days ago)
Wait wait wait!! Are you coming back on March 1, 2019. Did I all messed up? What the frick! I should consider reading comments first. You made me angry.
Felix Rivera (18 days ago)
Vergmo G. (19 days ago)
Pls come back... Waiting for ya always!
Frozenn Layers (19 days ago)
H a N a B i (19 days ago)
Levi Plays (19 days ago)
Ever time when I just start to like a YouTuber I look at their uploads and they quit hope u have a day
Itachi boi (19 days ago)
The thumbnail says I am not quitting does that mean u will come back
Itachi boi (19 days ago)
Wait a minute
Itachi boi (19 days ago)
Come back bro
TeaSnail (20 days ago)
Hey, idk if you'll read this, neither do I know where this situation stands. And I have no possible way of helping you I am afraid. However, I can say, these people can't do a bloody thing. They cannot take legal actions, and I know sure as hell no one will attack you if you keep doing this. So please, if it still stands, don't quit.
Marcus Johnson (20 days ago)
Please you are my insperation you are the one who inspired me to make my own channel so please keep going no mater what!😇🎇😎👍
Marcus Johnson (20 days ago)
Dont stop for the sake of anime
Marcus Johnson (20 days ago)
My fav youtuber i love your vids
Evan Vaz (21 days ago)
come back! if you dont wanna do it, atleast still upload! ill still like your content D:
Asri Pion (21 days ago)
Anime is for everyone
jerryblue Cast! (21 days ago)
CHECK THE THUMBNAIL IT SAYS I am (not) quiting youtube
SOPHUS KENJI (21 days ago)
Durnak the Zero (21 days ago)
Hiatus Prank?
Sawmatt (21 days ago)
Quitting is giving them what they want, if you doing this is getting you growth then why not keep doing it and eventually out grow them and get into a position where you are a superpower compared to them? I know that I'm kinda late but eh just thought I'd throw some thought in. ( And this Kamui guy in your comments is LIT like my dude has a whole conspiracy theory completed )
GamingNoob (21 days ago)
ahhh nooo please you are in my recommended half od the time i dont want people to leave ):
GamingNoob (21 days ago)
link the discord server so we can raid their asses
Fang 2468 (21 days ago)
Don't let these people gang up on u, stand up and fight
One eye bullsie (21 days ago)
I found you just today and I looked on your Channel even though I saw just a couple videos still sad to see you go so please don't go
Kryptic Havoc (22 days ago)
If you check the thumbnail it says not quitting 😉
Darkdiamonds (22 days ago)
Konstal105NRocks (22 days ago)
Quitting From Youtube Because of a Copycats is a another Act of Cowardism, Come on! You Can Get Through This. Copystriking them will Solve a problem if The Copied videos from you, got your watermark. that means that they will Get in Real Trouble. Once the Copycats are Terminated, you will be free to do anything you like.
Emircan Karaca (23 days ago)
Most of all I liked your videos of miss caretaker of sunohara
Emircan Karaca (23 days ago)
Please come back I loved your videos. Everytime I watched your videos I was happy. Do not listen to them. You are the best in making funny anime videos. I hope you come back. #neoanimeforever
Hunter Urzarik (23 days ago)
I can't believe Ichinose Labeeb and Sunshine Senpai did that, YOU KNOW WHAT!? I'LL STOP WATCHING THEIR VIDS, I'LL SUNSUB TO THEM AND UNLIKE THE VIDEOS THAT I'VE LIKED ON THEIR CHANNEL, but hey NeoAnime do you have a discord channel please send me a link 😊
Unrivalled (23 days ago)
So you're not quitting YouTube? I wished you did.
Lil Tay (23 days ago)
Dont worry guys shes coming back
WTF (24 days ago)
Never give up!! And don't listen to other people!
Prince Senpai (24 days ago)
he'll back
Mason Fletcher (24 days ago)
Anime_fan kid (24 days ago)
Noooo;( why
Typsras (24 days ago)
Pls everyone spam "BRING BACK NEOANIME" maybe he might come back
Ben Kendrick (24 days ago)
choose my name (24 days ago)
Every body from the 313 put yo mother fuckin hands up and follow me... *stick up middle fingers* that’s what you get for messing with our neo
Taco Miester (24 days ago)
whats your intro from what anime
HowToTitanFNA 22 (24 days ago)
Junge was sind das für hurenshöne 😭bitte geh nicht
DavidOhyeye (24 days ago)
All these guys don’t look good at the thumbnail look on the _
X Static Desu/Gacha (25 days ago)
Wahhh! ;c bye bye ;c
aditya putra (25 days ago)
No we are no ilegal but legal, ucant do that because i like u vidio Dont quit plsss I need to watch your vidio
AwesomeVibeKing, (25 days ago)
Bustin Y. (25 days ago)
1st march 2019
Sponge Box05 (25 days ago)
Turn up your brightness, and look at the thumbnail. What do you see?
DelacruzTuba1234 (25 days ago)
This is a late comment but this channel left a good or excellent legacy for the people to enjoy anime clips.
Kami Editz (25 days ago)
lies i see not xD
deadmanz land (25 days ago)
But what's gonna happen March 1st?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Rasameil Mahat (25 days ago)
deadmanz land the queen will die for
Bryan Sandoval (25 days ago)
Wait i juat realised it say Not in the thumb nail omg she or he not wanting to asume is not quitting yay
XenYOLO Games (26 days ago)
3 months of inactivity
XenYOLO Games (26 days ago)
60 year old Microwave (26 days ago)
I’m “not” quiting YouTube
Loney_ (26 days ago)
You fucking piece of sh*t you scared me to death!
baldi baldi (26 days ago)
Good bye great YouTube chanle
Club Julia (26 days ago)
About a year ago I saw a video from a YouTuber named “Domics”. Which reminded me of this video..... There is a difference between inspiration, straight up copying, and just having fun. NeoAnime and Daily Anime Moments were just trying to have fun with the wide anime world. So is everyone else that make similar content. Sure there could be the same clip in another video NeoAnime did that this YouTuber could of had in their own vid, but honestly that’s just by chance. It’s not like he did Ctrl C, then Ctrl V or anything! If you’d ask me, I’m on NeoAnime’s side. Please don’t quit because someone is hating on you for “copying” them. Because YOU ARENT!!!! There are sooo many people who love your videos, like me. So please keep up the fun content!
Frozenn Layers (26 days ago)
lentern (19 days ago)
Maybe when he coming back?
B14Z3_. Gaming & More! (26 days ago)
GalaxyCat (26 days ago)
She back!! :D
Black White (26 days ago)
Something's on the thumbnail...huh???Not?
Vegito Blue (26 days ago)
😢😭😭😭 why did you have to stop😭😭😭😭😭
Rude ass bitches
Dan tdm (26 days ago)
This is a joke LOL!
RedStoneBoy mage (26 days ago)
I love anime
RedStoneBoy mage (26 days ago)
Nooooooooooo!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Douglas Butt (26 days ago)
No don't plz
Stewie Griffin (26 days ago)
Come back... Please
Cool Gamer (26 days ago)
Stewie Griffin neoanime is not quitting :D
Darcey Martin (26 days ago)
This is a horrible thing and I can not believe it I believe that everyone has their own right to do what they know and love!! I am not happy with the amount of people who made these lovely anime you tubers quit YouTube and find a new career. I love you as a YouTuber and I feel you deserve more love and attention than the hate that made you quit
JackIsHere Singh (26 days ago)
Hello there i just seemed to notice that you quit YouTube and wasn’t posting so I wondered why a good channel is leaving? I really enjoy your content and hope you come back sooner or later but if you decided not to come back it’s alright I understand, I hope you under stand that nobody controls what you do and what you want to do stay strong NeoAnime <3
roby roby (26 days ago)
You should diss theese bastards so they will respect you, and you'll get more visuals
roby roby (26 days ago)
Hope you'll retourn
Don't quit you're the best anime yt channel I ever watched…I'm begging don't quitttt
The Exotic (27 days ago)
fuck, upload your videos, no one cares if you "copied" them
P3rs0n0 (27 days ago)
Dont care what people say it's like anime dont let your emotions get the best of you when killing them other thots , if they say you took their content so be it they are just jealous your getting faster subs, they are probably just 30 year old girls or guys trying to look down on you even though they copied their content off anime creators and have they lashed out? No , cant wait till you come back! I would be a anime youtuber but I suck at editing.
G3N3R4L_ S3TT1NG_ (27 days ago)
Bagh, this disgusts my very own mindset to see these people say these things. They don’t even own these anime’s, and they yet claim that you and other small YouTuber’s “steal” their content. Just subscriber hungry YouTuber’s if you ask me. Absolutely disgusting.
Lyon oof (27 days ago)
U seriously did not see the I am not quiting
stickyy (27 days ago)
Andr (27 days ago)
Wait what, why!!! Noo, i just found ya channel and like ya videos. Their so nice Don't quit :(
Hikka (27 days ago)
I remember daily anime moments :/
Im so late.
Noob Selfish (27 days ago)
You think y can fool me? I can see that NOT word and march 1st
fiv5ten (27 days ago)
Look at the thumbnail guys I'm not quitting YouTube
takagi san (27 days ago)
Dont quit.
DevilGaming 789 (27 days ago)
Iyamakatsu 101 (27 days ago)
Wait r u actually quitting
Thomas Kullberg (27 days ago)
another quitting youtuber...

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