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I am quitting YouTube! 🃏

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Austin H. (24 days ago)
Usually when something like this happens I try not to get involved, but for this i'll make an exception. I have been watching your channel along with Daily Anime Moments as well as Bessie Need. All three of these channels have made excellent videos that have made many people laugh (myself included) or have helped us to find a certain series to watch. It makes me sad that you and all of these other great channels are dying off. Which leads me to the point that this stupid ''its my idea and nobody else can do it" attitude needs to stop. They have no right to gang up on you and say "you can't do this." I know that my comment probably won't change anything about the situation, and you might not even see this comment. But Neo if you do happen to read this, please know that we enjoyed your channel. Thank you
Night Flame (12 days ago)
Jad Y. (12 days ago)
+NeoAnime I love this channel senpai Neo. I know that there's more video comming soon. I know your not gonna stop. Am I right?
Jad Y. (12 days ago)
+NeoAnime You? NOT?
X_ Rex (4 hours ago)
:(((((((((( nooooooooooooooooooo
Nik Adib (13 hours ago)
Ichinose Labeeb?
stick Boii (16 hours ago)
JOSE SAMANIEGO (1 day ago)
This is unexpected and in my opinion does quitting really help anyone sure it makes things peaceful for now but in a way ur giving the enemy power to do the same thing on other Youtubers and for ones with Anime Moments it keep decreasing each passing day all because crap like this... you quitting is just giving that YouTuber what he/she wants in my view won’t it be a coincidence for some vids and others would post? You are a amazing YouTuber I seen you grow you were so small but in short time look at you now I’m sure that Ichinose Labeeb it just jealous not all people can get what you have and you deserve it please don’t let it beat you... I’m sure you have the power to stop them but the question is for YouTubers alike and similar I honestly don’t see any problem and if Ichinose Labeeb has a problem with it it’s not Daily Anime Moments’ fault and the father nonsense really screwed my mind because hell makes no meaning I don’t understand what they meant by that but they can’t say and do things like they have the right to it really pisses my off! But what makes me angry is for people like them for trying to take down something that people like you put effort and time to get as far as you are now and please tell Daily Anime Moments to just ignore them after all that YouTuber lives up to that name. :) 👍
Tadas Steponavicius (1 day ago)
Mayela Martinez (1 day ago)
Darknyan S (2 days ago)
Hopefully U WILL SURVIVE too me just keep going and Forgot about them anime clips channels are “Coping” other anime so does that mean that every channel copy’s so they can’t say this one person is copying me when they got it from something they didn’t make themselves I mean use simple logic man so I hope u change and keep fighting man or just change somethings like an anime discussion about a pacific anime u Watch or something it’s all in your hands dude ether fight or accept defeat your choice and know u made your discussion but really think of the people who help build that channel to what it has become and ... I just hope you really think on reconsidering.
Raouf (2 days ago)
Plz dont quit ;( screw what the others say
Ben (2 days ago)
I am sorry to hear. You are a great anime youtuber. Thanks to you I found anime I could watch and so as others. I just can't bring myself to believe these people would do this. I just cannot believe the world is just so foul. These people and others that think that is their anime. Simply helping others find anime to watch and to support the creators even more for their hard work. People doing this, is this yours? Are these animes yours? I want an answer. Imagine that happening to you, that can easily change and you will suffer what they had even if you could make another channel. It takes time to grow. You are not their father you can not tell them what to do. For god sakes open up your eyes. NeoAnime sorry this had happened to you. Have fun and hopefully possibly you could come back. Like always we got your back. Btw I need that link to their discord so I could possibly destroy their life? Jk, have fun and we love you. Peace!✌
Laura Jaramillo (2 days ago)
Laura Jaramillo (2 days ago)
Laura Jaramillo (2 days ago)
Good your quitting youtube
Laura Jaramillo (2 days ago)
Mec Pourquoi (3 days ago)
Nooooo I love you
Mec Pourquoi (3 days ago)
joseph stalin (3 days ago)
I Just find this Channel...
Boruto 4ever (3 days ago)
Pls make more video about anime that are similar to Baka and test summon the beast
Boruto 4ever (3 days ago)
Oh wait .......😫😱😇 I get it so ur not quitting......and after all the chat I sent for like 6min each day are useless......but any way ....good video, keep ur channel going well.....and I want to see more anime like that are similar to Baka to test.....🙂
Boruto 4ever (3 days ago)
I don’t like when stuff like this happens but.....I have to say......I was a loser...knowing nothing that could help me be happy.....I have no friend...but ur Chanel give me hope .....after I watch ur video......it make me feel happy...I never ever have any fun with watching anime before...it was fun.....after I watch ur video some how learn how to get friend, now I have many friend and they are all watching ur video....all my friend like it and I’ll say if anime make people happy....then ur chance help many......well I’m not a good writer but at least I got to say what I have to say so don’t give up....keep going
Zerknuedelt YT (4 days ago)
Please don't quit 😢 I love you NeoAnime 😢😢
The guy with no intro (5 days ago)
Don't quit youtube your fans are still here for you ❤
Lizeth Correa (5 days ago)
Why it’s the best my sis was telling me your her favorite YouTube pls don’t quit am sorry am late but my sis loves your videos and she was inspired by you so she going to make a YouTube Chanel because of you so pls don’t make her sad
WorserPlays (6 days ago)
Seeing what had been said to you and daily anime moments actually made me mad, nobody should be treated like that and if you treat people like that how can you even call yourself human. If any other weeaboos like me are reading these comments then you know we have to try and help all of the anime channels that are being treated like this Literately tho I’m so mad that almost broke something. and once I start breaking something then I’m madder than when my anger management issues kick in. (Sorry about writing this but it just got me super mad)
WorserPlays (6 days ago)
Oh I just saw the “not” in the thumbnail XD makes me less mad
Nico Nico NII (6 days ago)
Why do people get mad and so jealous like this it so annoying subs don't sub unless they like watching your own material...just if you play your cards right...you will get there.^^
I’m Fuckin bored (7 days ago)
Why No please no no noooooooo
sonicexe725 v2 (7 days ago)
Those absolute content you made will always be remembered.
I’m Fuckin bored (8 days ago)
I’m Fuckin bored (8 days ago)
Thiago Dias (8 days ago)
Noooooooooooooo,senpai don't leave!😭
These guys are literally jealous. Do not quit, you've done nothing wrong
You aren't stealing content. Especially, you've credited the Anime Author
Supreme God (8 days ago)
I don't think you should let some butt hurt kids get to you
vac (9 days ago)
So I saw the thumbnail secret and thought what a waste of my time. Don't do this again please, I'm dying here can't you see?
fartekg2 (9 days ago)
Only drama u can stay ther is a lot of fan like me that will support you. You need to have hard mind you know your rights. Don't ask like scarred about this post's on disc. That just one of the bad time i think so please continue doing that what you are doing.
skar_ jones (9 days ago)
Plz don't quit
skar_ jones (9 days ago)
Slty Cheese (9 days ago)
I realized there’s the word not in the thumbnail. Sooo. What does that mean? kinda getting mixed signals
Dark God Darkrozma (9 days ago)
Don’t quit, you have all of these subs for a reason right?
Anime Chan (10 days ago)
Don't Quit PLEASE...
Anime Lord (10 days ago)
I just subbed and i see this Please dont go
Onix Rodríguez (10 days ago)
No,this can't be real.Your my favorite YouTuber please don't quit
Mr Noob (10 days ago)
Why haven't you been posting videos
nera nieko (12 days ago)
Night Flame (12 days ago)
THANK GOD YOU AREN'T...............................
Night Flame (12 days ago)
YOUR NOT GOING TO.............................
Night Flame (12 days ago)
Night Flame (12 days ago)
Night Flame (12 days ago)
Adaptive (12 days ago)
the worst part is, she subscribed to u (Ichinose Labeeb)
RWL _0345 (12 days ago)
Erhan Bayer (13 days ago)
Neoanime pls no dont quit
alex (13 days ago)
All the anine chanel have nearly the same content there is only one chanel thet deserve to say thatyou stole his idea and wirk and its the first ecer anime daily moments channel ever but he/her didnt say anything against you so you shall just keep going this chanel that is making you quit youtube is the one who needs to be deleted for hating other chanels of copyrightissues. do never quit youtube neoanime. ALL THE VIDEO I WACGED I REWACHED THEM ON HALF THE SPEED SO I CAN SE YOURE GOOD WORK SLOWER BECAUSE EVEN IF THEY WILL GET OLD THEIR ARE STILL THE BEST ANIME CONTEN I SEE. SO DO NEVER QUIT YOUTUBE OR WE WILL FIND A WAY TO SEND NATSU AND NARUTO TO TALK TO YOU>; (
Karon Tv (14 days ago)
I will always love u
Nathanimations (14 days ago)
What's with the spelling
Sneex (15 days ago)
Games Van Michael (15 days ago)
Just keep posting these fantastic animes, fuck them with them fake copy right
Cedrick Martin (15 days ago)
Please don’t delete this channel! Even we can’t change your mind. I just subbed to your channel like a couple of hours ago and then I just saw this. Please don’t delete this channel even you’re not gonna upload videos anymore. Your shared videos is my only cure for my depression...
REZERO49 (15 days ago)
see Neo anime i will not tell to come back but i just wnna tell you that if we small youtubers will quit just because of these kind of people i think there will be a time when they will grow their nest on youtube and will start eliminating another neoanime or some another youtuber (see quitting is not a option ) and we love you i mean we all love your videos will keep you supporting no matter what( soo plzz if you are reading my meesge plzz make the right decision)soo plzz come come back #fight
HTDT Loki97 (15 days ago)
Human are weird yet a stupid creature...i m not an anime fan,i m a football fan.I dont know why cant we just sit here enjoy the show/anime/drama/movies together and share it with the guy that have same passion with us. 'They' admit they are anime fan but actually they are the toxic in anime community.I have my own channel before and you can say that it is not easy to get subscribers.I upload only 2 videos and only get 46 views for 3 YEARS.Now you knew isn'it that it is not easy to get views and subs so accusing him to use bot/autosubs was very hurtful for someone who hustle and truly put their effort to make the video.Yet to mention the amount of time he spent to make the videos.Dont worry about them,i like your channel because i didnt think it is wrong to share something that we loved with others.I hope you didnt quit
Paster Vr (15 days ago)
3119 you guys get it? I know Neo does 😉 I doubt that NeoAnime will see this but if you do ❤️
Paster Vr (15 days ago)
Also “it’s a joke” you guys also get that? 🃏
TheGamerZ 21 (16 days ago)
Guys tittle says "I'm not quitting neo anime"
john Smith (16 days ago)
Youre both just uploading other people's weeb-fap-bait content
Cain Bauhof (16 days ago)
Anime doesn't belong to anyone I feel bad for you but don't quit please...those people are haters and they are ruining youtube #stophating
EDIENI (16 days ago)
Kinda late to say this but i refuse to let this happen, usually i mind my own business, but this accusations against ither youtubers is straight garbage. They do not have the right to say that shit, everything you do and upload is under fair use, thus meaning anyone can use it, this defeats the purpose of that. People need to grow up. If you see this add my discord Undercover brad#0241 Just so i can support you or try atleast to cheer you up. Maybe motivate you to continue furthermore into your success.
EDIENI (16 days ago)
Yet i finally do see the i am (NOT) quittinf
Some people may said that you have copy their video But the problem is that... ...some... ...of... ...them... ...didn’t... ...see... ..the..description of the video And keep blaming for the copyright videos (video description have the publish date) (Some youtuber copy some of their video and edit them to be more interesting,so the viewer don’t see the description,to see the publish date)
Adaptive (17 days ago)
Mace Films (17 days ago)
Justin Myers (17 days ago)
Don't quite please because I love your channel
will goodbye and see you again
Rofle John Copters (18 days ago)
Ichinose you bitch.
Switch N Xbox (18 days ago)
Nooooooo not Neo!😩 Please don't quit!
The Hiyuandi (18 days ago)
In rough and desperate times, there are gonna be dickwads like him to try and kick you out of youtube, they will LITERALLY do everything in their power to do so and never stop until they succeed. We all know you never copied them, we all know you never had the intention of doing so as well. But they realize that you're better than them cause you have videos like theirs. Which gives them a reason to demonize you. They are self-centered bastards that don't deserve to have a YouTube Channel. Just know that now matter what funny content they produce or how clever it is, we always know your content is 10 times better and we will always love you no matter what.
snow boy V.2 (19 days ago)
Welp gotta get the justice gun
Metal_Angels (19 days ago)
先輩お姉さん (19 days ago)
Pls don't quit........ Those people are just jeolous of your channel
Grant Clavecillas (19 days ago)
lmao i think its all about those lolis.... those channels are the FBI HAHAHA (they dont know a single thing about your life tho .... who cares ) dont quit
Grant Clavecillas (19 days ago)
psssh da hell!! ive been waiting for years for u to upload a loli video, i just subscribe like a minute ago
Gacha Spooky (20 days ago)
That makes me so sad 😢
bruh cheseesticc (20 days ago)
what have they done
Mugetsu Getsuga (20 days ago)
i’m just sub you why want to stop keep doing a video i will support you channel
takumaLP (21 days ago)
Sunshine Senpai is away from YouTube.....that happend in this week, you can make what you loving to do, and i hope you can do more videos. Its sad to hear that, but is so.
Neo I miss u plz comeback to uploading please with a cherry on top
Emberana (21 days ago)
Am i the only one how reads in the Thumbnail: "I am_not quitting NeoAnime!" ?
Cyber Coalition (11 days ago)
Emberana (21 days ago)
Sorry my english is Bad I Come from Germany
Between the "am" and "quitting" in the thumbnail theres not :O
MeAsAlways (21 days ago)
F*ck lab*tch (labeeb) just continue on. The comments here ARE YOUR PROOF THAT YOU HAVE REAL SUBSCRIBERS! Don’t mind them, they are just jealous that you have accomplished such a task. *Don’t give up*
Maria Williamson (21 days ago)
;-; Please dont I love your anime ;-;
Sky Storm (21 days ago)
You should not quit Youtube for this kind of comment they said, I have discovered your channel not long ago and I already love it! That is quality and make me remind some of my favorite moment of these animes! If you think you will quit YouTube by just some idiotic being comment and "You can't do what I do already" behaviour you are wrong. Don't stop your work and it already have a good color until that video, you should not giving up already by idiot who see you as a danger for their channel. Yes they have many videos and all and all but don't show any sign of weakness, show that you won't care for their comment and threat message, just continue your job on this channel like they are not existing, don't stop on those comment because it won't take you far. What was your goal by making this channel? Sharing some good moment of certain animes which are the best! Keep doing your hard work and don't get stopped by a unnecessary wall by them, pass over it or destroy it with your desire, keep your head up and you'll be winner!
Darknix Kyuubi237 (21 days ago)
Neo....what's that I see in the thumbnail?....
Darknix Kyuubi237 (21 days ago)
If I read the words carefully I see something in the totle for the thumbnail...U CANT LIE YO ME
March 01 2019 hmmmm
NeoAnime (21 days ago)
Umbreon AMVs (21 days ago)
Don't quit..Okay..people are assholes..they just fricking say what they think Is right..its up to you to tell them to *FUCK OFF*
DrShottyVEVO (21 days ago)
But like, How bout u dont quit
Ak24 Official (22 days ago)
Why do u have to quit for such a reason? Let them say whtevr they want to.. Dont let thm stop u.. We r here to support you.u continue wht u r meant to do.... Please start again... Its our request.
Equinox (22 days ago)
*I will bathe in your enemies blood.*
JaCk dead (22 days ago)
No Don't quit we still need you in our life's we can't live without you😭😞😥
TheAssChin (22 days ago)
You guys are blind
Tony Holden (22 days ago)
Please don’t. You have been my favorite anime YouTuber. I always watched your vids. 😔
KOLOKOY Clasher (22 days ago)
No dont quit
pouring salt (23 days ago)
Anime... Is for everyone right? Please tell I'm not wrong otherwise the people telling you to quit are dicks
ChickenLegs (23 days ago)
Lolz... i just remembered something about your *Caution* thingy. It says "No copyrights"... So they can't assume if your copying. *Cough* *Cough* Like they own the anime.
Elias Andersson (23 days ago)
I’m still sad 😞
DayTooNa Z (23 days ago)
Hope it’s Fake.
NeoAnime (23 days ago)
You got it, hope you saw the thumbnail carefully! 😅

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