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A Challenger With 4 AFK in a Ranked Game (Challenging Game) Fenix35

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Have you ever wondered how it looks when a challenger faces 1 plat 2 silvers 2 bronzes together in a Flex Ranked Game? here's the answer! Leave a like if you enjoyed! Send Me Your Plays ► [email protected] mp4 format, plays.tv link or youtube link (don't send .webm format upload it on yt then send its link) show more for songs and other things ↓ Special Thanks to fenix35 ► https://www.youtube.com/Fenix35 ► https://www.twitch.tv/fenixl35 Musics here; In light of darkness from http://ourmusicbox.com/ Jordan Schor - Cosmic (feat. Nathan Brumley) [NCS Release] ES_Streets Of Paris 2 - Tomas Skyldeberg from EpidemicSounds ES_Epic Movement 01 - Thomas Lundgren from EpidemicSounds Facebook ► https://facebook.com/LoL-Slow-Motions Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/lolslowmotions Twitter ► https://twitter.com/LoLSlowMotions
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Text Comments (3377)
Jakub Wróbel (11 hours ago)
It's fake, it's not ranked.
Klishnu Elys Fox (20 hours ago)
izi to do that with diana... more in season 6 where she was the most broken burts champ.....
Sebastian (1 day ago)
7:15 ?????
Samuel A. (2 days ago)
this is not a challenge
hamad Boss (2 days ago)
well it's called playing vs monkeys any way it's turkey server so it's not scale for high elo but well played there man
daraxiong19 (2 days ago)
As a diana main that entire enemy team is made of picks that Diana counters.
ralle ralle (4 days ago)
Попробуй на РУ сервере затащить когда счет 0 15 и твоя тима в афк становится и ты думаешь стоит ли резаться далее???
Kho YK (5 days ago)
Wow bronze rank?
Ata Altınöz PW (6 days ago)
Adam kendimi istemiş
nice game but this players play lol for first time.they cant even hit you not even one ulty on you!!!!!!pffff
zat vn (10 days ago)
This match was with suscriptors
Giorgos Michopoulos (11 days ago)
nice custom game with your friends :D
Alek Plichtw (11 days ago)
He play on bronze its imposible that high rank Players let him kill 5
Delay (12 days ago)
hes not even good playing
oswaldo Reynolds (12 days ago)
No team? No problem
Charis Mi (12 days ago)
They are worse than bronze. Can't use their characters at all.
Randel Pro (13 days ago)
dude omggg that ahri sucks some like first he was get the kill like if u was low and him yes she was soooo easy killed u 1: love hearth 2:balls
meyganxmx (14 days ago)
it’s weird that all of these 1v5 challenger vs “”””bronze”””” players does not pick tanks champs.... right?!!!!! they are all fake lmao
Escorpion Matero (14 days ago)
Nolose rick parece falso
yo veo a un plata 2 a los más jugando contra personas que recién están empezando a jugar por que la ahri tiraba habilidades donde no debía y el veigar flasheaba por la puras esto es ultra falso
skirmich (14 days ago)
Well he was not playing against masters either…. Its not hard to carry 1v5 in low ELO specially when there are no feeders in your team.
Actually these 5 was bronze 6
Elorn Ehrhart (16 days ago)
omg gg bro
Argon Furah (16 days ago)
god player.
Arel Malone Laberon (17 days ago)
One Man Game....
Nec taR (18 days ago)
nope fake 5 off them and choses to fight you directly and not grow them selfs first hahahah no thank ps. y r they fighting you 1v1?
pepe cuzco (18 days ago)
Como se llama el tema pego bien
Cake Gaming (18 days ago)
Makes me want to learn Diana
Henry 4000 (18 days ago)
Something tells me this was faked
Alisuju (18 days ago)
Diana Kawai
CRYPTO SCORPION (19 days ago)
Alone is sometimes better than with team of feeders
Victor Cortelette (19 days ago)
Rly, stealing a one Challenger vs five bronze and crediting for urself
ivanosquiGP3 (20 days ago)
Jester_ anime_gacha (20 days ago)
No freaking way ifmy team mates are afk and im the only one who is moving im dead
This is such bs... the afks are not afk and they havent given a single kill to the opponents, plust this seems to be some really low elo stuff
Folsap (22 days ago)
This music remembers me for Harry Potter xd
Dalton Fry (23 days ago)
The music you have at 3:03 just ruined this. It's not the first time this song has fked off a video for me ...
Jannes Ster (24 days ago)
Teemo is not even using his run skill W.. fake shut
Kevin Kim (24 days ago)
Bronze elo
高昌順 (25 days ago)
2:30 Song name?
Xet inc (25 days ago)
Turkey lol
Jim Mparoutas (26 days ago)
Lie game
Samuel Ladino (26 days ago)
This is fake
Pink Meg (27 days ago)
The Turret did a better job than the opponents. Owo
Ramazan Oruç (27 days ago)
ekko iron 5
1nguoixauxi2 (27 days ago)
challenging game ? ahri ?
Tommy Gunz (27 days ago)
I just gifted this champ to a homie.. now I want her lol she looks fun af!
Frenzy_5 (27 days ago)
cool he has 0 deaths and a lot of kills but he plays Diana wtf she is just a keyboard smash
SAB3R (28 days ago)
LMAO League community toxic Asf
carl briones (28 days ago)
I don't believe this Video the five of 'em never even tried to go all in againts this"CHALLENGER" you say, all they do is run, and if they're againts one why wouldn't they pressure mid lane and finish the game, also the enemy team has a great crowd control and that is the weakness of this diana champ.. Fuckin' lozzzeeeerrrr
Mishy mish (29 days ago)
scripted lol
Y Nguyen (29 days ago)
Gặp 5 sắt đoàn vn nó ms danh cho
Renan15 José (30 days ago)
Praise The Moon
Ventor (1 month ago)
if anyone plays helmet heroes then the first song is very familiar
ginno duran (1 month ago)
Moha Med (1 month ago)
sound reminds me of that strategy game of building a base in space
javier cañavate (1 month ago)
new title: how to win 5 first time bronzes
Harri 3005 (1 month ago)
que video mas estupido se cree pro al jugar con gente tan mala
OneTouch Gamerz (1 month ago)
That ahri so fking nub....i can play better even i just in rank gold
Hamzii ronaldo (1 month ago)
He played against 5x kadeem
Wanted (1 month ago)
aaaaaaaaaaa lol
Ghomez911 (1 month ago)
Wow the best Diana player ever !!!
Ico Gonzalez (1 month ago)
enemies have no items hahaha
Waylander huehue (1 month ago)
Do you remember that times when builds where builds and items were items?
Diana play good but enemy team noob too, its imposible win 1v5 front of good players
Да ну-ка, боты же против, ари донная скилом угодить не может, вейгар клеточку не ставит... Дальше глядеть не стал
clarence visto (1 month ago)
Thats not ranked youre noob
Duel (1 month ago)
He's don't are AFK, this is strategy
Constii (1 month ago)
Romel sagaran (1 month ago)
how can plat silver and bronze can be in a same team in ranked?
Scorpius 38 (1 month ago)
I just got a 25 minute ad
Ramazan Portakal (1 month ago)
ı from turkey turkey dıana fırst Fenix35
bruno santos (1 month ago)
Berat Er (1 month ago)
Zurov Nikita (1 month ago)
Why ??? Can’t watch video with this awful music !!! 🤬
Kuraisu MLBB (1 month ago)
4afk foes means 0kills
YuSuF jaiidane (1 month ago)
Dream team
Yasuo (1 month ago)
OMG. This guy is a god!!
miching_gamer (1 month ago)
Yea try to do before they afk feed them lets see if you would win
Muhammed Velioğlu (1 month ago)
7:33 deary ajshshsh
sekaami (1 month ago)
1 bronze vs 5 challengers
Demon Tr (1 month ago)
What is the thing shows that she is challenger?!, she just Q then ult and she is feed even if u brought silver or gold will do the same
Bone Crusher (1 month ago)
Its a ai
thiago barroso (1 month ago)
What's the song name?
Peyote13 (1 month ago)
If he had 4 afk donst count the rank. Already whit two donst count
Nahuel Ledesma (1 month ago)
When es re trucha la partida 😂
marcos (1 month ago)
Cuando un campeon se sale de control. Que buen equilibrio...
Psicologia inversa ll (1 month ago)
Que música de mierda
Sofus Høpfner (1 month ago)
AceOfLawless /Darkiro (1 month ago)
Can you do 4 feeders?
Nicolas Ramirez (1 month ago)
1 plat and couldn't tell the team to split push
carl mijraes (1 month ago)
That's my main too
Alperen Söylemez (1 month ago)
yaw hemşerim kaç videodur yorum atıyom bi kalp atmıyosun toprağına
João Pedro P. (1 month ago)
~Na minha opinião isso éh falso, foi tudo combinado.
Nova Hack (1 month ago)
He is a Turkish man.
Quí Phạm (1 month ago)
Silver rank 😏
Pantelis Cyberrr (1 month ago)
2:18 name of song

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