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Text Comments (4588)
Nightblue3 (10 months ago)
Gabriel B. (27 days ago)
Nightblue3 4:44 what is the song?
Tabatski (2 months ago)
Hi I'm a nasus main and I just want to ask you if what are the runes you used here tnx :)
patrickstar333 (2 months ago)
Nightblue3 cc
Mert Tufekci (51 minutes ago)
çok güzel videolar çekiyorsun izlerken daldım :)
dino joldic (3 hours ago)
nice slap 4:55
dino joldic (3 hours ago)
Best hit ever 4:57
Brian Noh (6 hours ago)
I've never seen someone have so much fun playing league
Jacob Fox (16 hours ago)
RISERTS TV (19 hours ago)
hyper edits is it related to bunz?
sandoval monteiro (22 hours ago)
song 12:44 ?
Dx Hey (1 day ago)
Hyper also edit videos for Bunny?
Gabriel (1 day ago)
when will you be back ?
Inuyashiki (1 day ago)
ClawF. (1 day ago)
3:29 Kayn will NEVER enter into Nasus' mind anymore...
Hells YT (1 day ago)
This was INSANE!!!
SuperMatthew (1 day ago)
what a shitty video, im so op i deal a lot of damage with nasus. you are a moron
Pertev Aky00 (2 days ago)
not even the fountain can save him xD Hahahahaha love how you followed that scared Ezreal all the way up to the fountain and even killed him xD
rupture4rush 7 (2 days ago)
Idk if ur being sarcastic or ur just an idiot but that's not ultra instinct and im low key triggered by u saying that. And u said the hair was Dragon ball.....there were no super saiyans in the original Dragon Ball series. Super saiyans first appeared in the Dragon Ball Z series. I know i may be coming off as a butthurt pleb with to much time on my hands but when u make a video about a skin and center the entire video around references to an anime im sure it isnt to much to ask that ur references be accurate.
Felipe Lago (2 days ago)
Roosted Chicken (2 days ago)
Its over 9 thousand gets smack in the face
M-J Gaming (3 days ago)
first video i've ever watched of yours but loving the gameplay and love the fairy tail theme in the background even more
Haz Rabbit (3 days ago)
when you main zac and by the 35 min mark have 200+ armor and 150+ magic resist and 4k health so this wouldn't kill you in 1 hit... only two.. ah shet
Leo C (3 days ago)
Ooooofff you died so much
jack wolf (3 days ago)
Dion Krasniqi (4 days ago)
this is the best video on youtube now
Jovan Mitanoski (4 days ago)
Rozalin (4 days ago)
So Ezrael shouldnt adventure at the Egypt bcs of Nasus xD
Grey Marmot (5 days ago)
1 Q 1 kill, in silver, nasus is all luck no skill
StoweK (5 days ago)
You dont lose virginity becouse u watch anime.
PKRFC (6 days ago)
What are the runes. I'm really interestid.
alix Musngi (6 days ago)
Why u broke my main champ???????????!!!!!!
Nyan cat Doge (6 days ago)
I wish I knew what runes he was using
Ketsap Gaming GR (6 days ago)
that garen spin did 999damage to u
Zed (6 days ago)
Nb3: 300+ stacks in lvl 12 While.. T2g:1000+ stacks in lvl 12
ZangbangTV (6 days ago)
Masterd Ultra instinct Super sayian 3 Susan confirmed :))
elm mejor video de lol q he visto no por el daño sino como lo explicabas
Roger Exposito (6 days ago)
Man, you are entertaining. Keep it up.
mahmoud yassine (6 days ago)
Zack Hartle (7 days ago)
Its Super Saiyan 3 not ultra instinct you fucking fail weeb. Ultra instinct is gray not blonde.
Haup (7 days ago)
He protect He attack But most importantly He STACK
artivan samar (7 days ago)
Runes for Nasus????
Alex Salter (8 days ago)
Finally a good Dota video on utube. First I've seen... Rest shit. Dota plays so fkin slow. Even the utube vids fkin boring. Finally this one not bad.
Micha C. (8 days ago)
xD...... NO NO NO one puch!!
Flyingleia15 (8 days ago)
Pshhhhh 1k stacks lol against ur 25k cho gath it's bad
Andres Faraco (8 days ago)
Only PBE and low elo plays, and using the same memes over and over again, then I see why the LoL community is so toxic, ty baitblue3
QlimaX (8 days ago)
Such a weeb
santtu (6 days ago)
QlimaX calling people a weeb in 2018 smh
InfaMouse (8 days ago)
Gay music change something...
Mauer01 (9 days ago)
Youtube you are drunk, this is not a new video.
champagne delareal (9 days ago)
wtf good
Tiago Sueda (9 days ago)
halloween song with the shining in the back triggered me :q
Min Chun Chi (10 days ago)
Lol I did this strat and I killed 3 adr by myself
Oskari (10 days ago)
1q 1kill more like 1click 1bait
Mad wolf (10 days ago)
RIP old crit items
Pechna (10 days ago)
Someone should stack Q so much he oneshots tower without minions. That would be epic.
Moe Gewily (10 days ago)
5:54 That Ryze is crazy af hahahahaha
DarkAngel (11 days ago)
i like the FairyTail background song xD <3 and ultra instinct Nasus XDD killed me...
TheBaconBoy (11 days ago)
I tought about it when dh first came out. Dont you steal my ideas.
Mnasri Jacem (11 days ago)
nb3 vs newbies this what happen
ferzho PIANIST (12 days ago)
I try to use Nasus in jg but it came out wrong.
Boneless Taco (12 days ago)
Holy crap that is dum op
TheLavaBG (13 days ago)
Hmm.. nice skin spotlight
Sup3rN0va (14 days ago)
Liek for ultra instinct nasus
JMB47K Bravery (14 days ago)
This reminds me when I used my troll build it was so op that the enemy team tryde to avoid getting in a fight with me if one of there members were down
SKADRIN (14 days ago)
6:17 "Come to daddy!"
Alexander (14 days ago)
Those fucking 6m veiwers
Gaming Space Studio (14 days ago)
People don't play jg Nasus, because he has no engage and he is very hard to play without losing much HP while farming ;) He is in a big disadvantage in early game ;)
Latasha Wells (14 days ago)
L ‘
omegaman 2006 (15 days ago)
MUI NASUS this is amazing
Film Times (15 days ago)
Sadist Nasus...
lionheart (16 days ago)
i had 700 stacks
lionheart (16 days ago)
march dimal (17 days ago)
1 hit Deds
Veftogo Gaming (17 days ago)
My bite is more worse than my Q
Michael Bird (18 days ago)
This is the single greatest video in existence!
SergeySvotin (18 days ago)
Sorry ti dissapoint you but that is not a full ad basus sibce statik gives no ad - it's aa nasus
M i s t- (18 days ago)
lol! you listening to fairy tail music
Royette Labaguis (18 days ago)
Already done that....I literally dogged their grave inside theit tower's range
Devlin Ash (19 days ago)
Nightblue you can stack wards with Nasus by the way.
Lynton Fleming (19 days ago)
Trashuo Main (12 days ago)
There are many jungler who dont need it(Yi,rengar,jax as well but depends on play style
Trashuo Main (12 days ago)
Why should he ?
savage gaming (20 days ago)
Wow we were same at the 9:34
Kpaul asseke (20 days ago)
I . T (20 days ago)
carlo abat (20 days ago)
Its so fun to watch! Very satisfying
Broda il vecchio (20 days ago)
Hi guys, why do not you take a look at the video in my channel, thanks for your attention ^^ Hi guys, why do not you take a look at the video in my channel, thanks for your attention
H T B (21 days ago)
He Eating Them Eating What? STAAACKS!
Jakub Pękala (21 days ago)
Ur every video is ,,the craziest u have ever done” and ur total count of bans is like 100mln rn (clickbaitgod)
Paxelic (21 days ago)
Bruh, stormrazor guaranteed crit
Pedro Origuela (21 days ago)
Song at 12:44?
我是哈哈 (21 days ago)
Sry i am really late but😂 is Nasus Nerfed?
Ernesto Yadz (21 days ago)
Mod skin
Sirolalo (21 days ago)
Fucking weaboo
John Diethrich (21 days ago)
This is absolutely disgusting i almost threw up my lunch
Bubblespaiky (22 days ago)
the cringe here is the fact that he didnt even know if he could dive someone and that he didnt even notice his gold bar I mean pleeesss
Roxi- TRC Youtube (22 days ago)
October anyone?
gameplay 567 68 (22 days ago)
What this game called
NEKORUSH STAR (22 days ago)
the runes dude, wich ones i have to choose
DanasAmal (22 days ago)
wait super saiyan nasus with naruto background music NANI?
DanasAmal (22 days ago)
super saiyan 3 Nasus
HERE (23 days ago)
I miss u nb3 u_u
hahah nice video dude
I can imagine thiz guy speaking iz kubzscout right lol

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