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Text Comments (4832)
Nightblue3 (1 year ago)
Newbie (1 month ago)
At 1:28 what does +6 mean?
Gamers Field (2 months ago)
nice video pro ♥♥
dazer (3 months ago)
Fairytale music
Ryan Christian Calugay (3 months ago)
At this time it is your glory days, for now almost of your fans or viewers switched to the buns
Ray (5 months ago)
Looks super saiyan
Irhogue (11 hours ago)
Did you know you could stack off of wards with Nasus q
catdaddy gumball (1 day ago)
Ya gotta love the fairytail main theme in the back
Vajuś (1 day ago)
JonasJ (2 days ago)
Great plays, gotta outplay those gold players!
SiakA (4 days ago)
I can get 300 stacks in 15 minutes on top
BadBoyDeGekste (5 days ago)
Shitty video of an annoying guy playing vs silver players.
herpos derpos (7 days ago)
I like how the intro has the missfortune laugh but nb3 never plays her(sarcasm)
حمزة شرارة (7 days ago)
Lol your so cazy 💙😂😂😂😰😂😂😂
Devil 1911 (7 days ago)
Yo nightblue, you're still alive :P
Dave Sanchez (1 day ago)
Unfortunately LMAO
Tom Wong (9 days ago)
whats this video runes?
theberni198 (10 days ago)
This vid is so overedited imo
MunkeeJuice (11 days ago)
the funniest streamer ive ever seen lol that shit was on point
Tony Mastodon (11 days ago)
wow this guy is annoying.
Jose Crisostomo (13 days ago)
O_O WTF :/????? 3245 crit -
Naheed Parsa (14 days ago)
Rune page?
Pepe the Frog (14 days ago)
This guy is fken cringe
Time4Ride (14 days ago)
Xiguu (15 days ago)
My favorite part of this video was these anime girls cause thay were suited for Nightblue words
Bartu 65 (15 days ago)
I have they skin
Max Peace (15 days ago)
I know what i do, i have nasus guardian too ☝🏻😬🤗
Donna Lusterio (15 days ago)
Lol im nasus main i always hve 450-500 stacks im about 25 mins
Gj playing against plays when you are challenger
You really prO
Agustin Aybar (21 days ago)
yo hice con un amigo 1065 acumulaciones en 30 mintuos jajaja :v
Aj Jssim Aj (22 days ago)
When super saiyin 2 counts as ultra extenct XD
Icathian Estrella (22 days ago)
Please don ban me!
LQM Trọng (24 days ago)
Ever wing (24 days ago)
NB3 - 56mins=1000+ stacks Me - 40mins =1500+stacks
Ever wing (17 days ago)
Xristos Because of minions and kills + towers
Ever wing (17 days ago)
Twietze sometimes 24mins i got 600+ stacks.
Twietze/ Fighter crue (21 days ago)
Ever wing really ? I got 500 24 minutes ):)
Xristos Killer (23 days ago)
Kristina pimenova (25 days ago)
Is he challenger?
Burak Uğuz (25 days ago)
Fuckin kid:) call ur sugar daddy friend
Allen Han (27 days ago)
Irony they TP behind a guy named "Im mentally slow"
Chicken Nugget (27 days ago)
Off meta? Time to call riot friend
ShAdOw_Ch4os (28 days ago)
Crapel Ausore (28 days ago)
Nasus armor pen is ok but not teemo supp? hope you get banned. disliked
goose boi (26 days ago)
Can Kandemir (29 days ago)
the most broken clickbait
JIAN GAMING (1 month ago)
what is ur runes??
Damian Estevan (1 month ago)
Does anyone play nasus jungle because I wanna but idk
Master_Samurai (1 month ago)
@Damian Estevan Yeah i agree but you can get the souls from your enemies, when they are below 50% health, you can't jungle :/
Damian Estevan (1 month ago)
Master_Samurai oh that sucks I wanted to use him
Master_Samurai (1 month ago)
nah the dark harvest on monster/minions doesn't work
Gabe R (1 month ago)
Anyone can do this is iron 4
Small Caliber Disaster (1 month ago)
that natsu background music though
NixNix22 (1 month ago)
Nath Henn (1 month ago)
Super Saiyan is when they get blonde hair. Are you a muppet or something?
Undertale Sans (1 month ago)
That's super saiyan 3 Bruh
Coded Dragon (1 month ago)
So basically nasus turns super saiyan 3
Baka Prase (1 month ago)
oce neko sub zasob
Yukihira Soma (1 month ago)
I also got that skin, But I'll just share that I reached 1 thousand stacks in 25 mins.😉
Yukihira Soma (1 month ago)
Same build
Sweet weeby goodness (1 month ago)
That new Dark Harvest lookin pretty tsk tsk but i hope the health proc still works. Also, what the actual frock was Garen building to make him do so much dmg???
rakan main (1 month ago)
I do nasus jungle sometimes +12 he needs a nurf.
Zac Cabana (1 month ago)
Garbage skilless champion
roy ragudos (1 month ago)
What is your build
yawo agbetoglo (1 month ago)
stupid character nasus is just broken
Eto Yoshimura (1 month ago)
10:33 Natsu vs Jackal Soundtrack :O
Nemdzx (1 month ago)
xd i like the ost so much
Snik Qut (1 month ago)
I play this afther patch it is so brutalism +12 xD monster
Marios N (1 month ago)
play this while listening to Lloyd Banks - Make It Stack Feat. ASAP Rocky perfection :3
Zukiツ (1 month ago)
8:51 anime name pls
Matthew Tompkins (1 month ago)
Soul eater
Nikita Shevchuk (1 month ago)
One shot one kill
Megatron (1 month ago)
1:08 I could Slap that Ryze for Kill Stealing and wasting his flash
Shadowninja (1 month ago)
One q one kill maximum will and you now how its folowing
Pimp Sidious (1 month ago)
I don’t know if this was a straight nightmare or a comedy lmfao
Ricardo Martínez M. (1 month ago)
your edition skills are over 9000, soooooo much fun dude, that Naruto music was awesome!
Gian Manela (1 month ago)
żorż (1 month ago)
Fucking gay ass shit weebs fuckery
CUBING CZ (1 month ago)
What's that song when nasus get 1K stacks?
Gabriel Diaz (1 month ago)
4:28 anime name?
herpos derpos (1 month ago)
Cory in the house
Mr. Duck (2 months ago)
Mastered Ultra Instinct Nasus xd
Anwar Kamal (2 months ago)
0:07 I always wondered who that girl was. Now I know it’s Rem from Re:ZERO lul
Nemdzx (1 month ago)
uu nice i didnt notice her at all in the intro, u gotta love REM REM
cheoquan3 YT (1 month ago)
Who is rem?
SNDZ. (2 months ago)
No. 2863 (2 months ago)
Bruh it makes me so mad when he said he’s ultra instinct HES SS3 NOT ULTRA INSTINCT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
isuck (2 months ago)
How to find a weeabo
Lithian Gaming (2 months ago)
Bloody ridiculous...I love it!
Kylesorry123 (2 months ago)
As a mastery 6 nasus player I can confirm
Jaetrix Valdez (2 months ago)
My stacc is worst than my skills
Ely Ical (2 months ago)
I , wath is
aries salgado (2 months ago)
look like super saiyan god haha
mr.flash (2 months ago)
nasus straight from base to super nasus 3 XD
sudija kaze kraj (2 months ago)
O m g .
Iron Scorpion (2 months ago)
And the best part is Nasus can infinitly stack...
D4n (2 months ago)
2:18 Ultra instinckxs nasus 😂 😂 😂
sudija kaze kraj (2 months ago)
Tii iim (2 months ago)
300 stacks at minute 20 is very bad dude!
Woogity Boogity (2 months ago)
This was before the stack buff
Blong Chang (2 months ago)
Now +12 but rip dh
Tamás Kerékgyártó (2 months ago)
Nasus is busted NB3 is boosted,not much difference in the words but hell there is in the meaning :) Jk
mehmet yıldım (2 months ago)
Ryze Türk mk
FOX MAN (2 months ago)
10:34 song name? ik its from fairy tail but cant find it😂
Jesica Galeano (2 months ago)
So assassin I love it 😂😂😂
sasuke - lightning Storm (2 months ago)
Guys do you have Any idea What the Runes are :O this is the best Video of Nasus Ever :D
Luca Krämer (2 months ago)
It's the old dark harvest so u can't rly play it anymore
Prince Of Light (2 months ago)
I wish my team had a Ryze like that
Tuấn Lê Anh (2 months ago)
D Gal (2 months ago)
"this is the perfect Nasus build!" sells Shiv for thornmail literally the next scene
Staytoon (2 months ago)
how many times am i gonna hear that stupid duck noise
adrian apelo (2 months ago)
Wtf Q
Robo Bleep blop 07 (2 months ago)
why didn't he upgrade his smite tho?
Christian Kim (2 months ago)
4:15 Tyl regor for all my warframe brethren
Robo Bleep blop 07 (2 months ago)
i didn't even notice the first time round lul
Makaveli (2 months ago)
i cried from laughter when ryze teleported u to their base to kill xerath wp gg man
Circus crimson (2 months ago)
Jaja ese ezreal te ha de soñar cada día xDDDD
Thạch Sấm Sét (3 months ago)
Ez Real (3 months ago)
Yu mad well
rafi sarhan (3 months ago)
can you still do this?
Who else noticed he sold the tri force the best thing for nasus for a thornmail armor?

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