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The Try Guys Try UFC Fighting

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It’s the Ultimate Showdown! Watch as The Try Guys get tossed around by professional UFC fighters and train to fight each other. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo FEATURING Chuck Liddell Twitter https://twitter.com/ChuckLiddell Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChuckLiddell Instagram https://instagram.com/theofficialchuckliddell Chris Weidman Twitter https://twitter.com/ChrisWeidmanUFC Facebook https://www.facebook.com/chrisweidmanufc Instagram https://instagram.com/chrisweidmanufc Jessica Eye Twitter https://twitter.com/jessicaevileye Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JessicaEvilEye Instagram https://instagram.com/jessicaevileye Demetrious Johnson Twitter https://twitter.com/MightyMouseUFC Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mighty-Mouse-Johnson/137393966320580?fref=ts Instagram https://instagram.com/mightymouse125 Anthony Johnson Twitter https://twitter.com/Anthony_Rumble Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anthony-Rumble-Johnson/148012738600590?fref=ts Instagram https://instagram.com/anthony_rumble The Try Guys Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tryguys UFC Twitter https://twitter.com/ufc Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UFC Instagram https://instagram.com/ufc Web: https://www.ufc.com MUSIC Party Hype / Happy Munchkin / Fed Up / Backlash / Brass Hummers / Jolly Nice Friends / Bloodshot / Scorched Earth Fixation / Countdown Boom / Alright It’s Go Time / Hedonistic / Your Extinction Is At Hand / Knock Down Drag Out / Undefeated Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed
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Text Comments (9956)
SupreMe GaMing (13 hours ago)
If we knew they weren’t the try guys this thumbnail would be click bait because you would think it’s fighting like actual ufc training
Rachel Jenkins (16 hours ago)
Keith: I got punched in the nose Zach: I hurt someone's feelings Eugene: Trained in martial arts
AJ Sagar (1 day ago)
anyone else see eugene's boner?
WG CronYx (2 days ago)
People who have never done a combat sport probably think this is so easy 😂.
deztroidツ (2 days ago)
0:30 kermit the frog
my wolf Nguyen (3 days ago)
Wow eugene won against zach never would have guessed that would happen
wheaty yeety (3 days ago)
watching eugene get beat up by a girl was weirdly hot don’t worry i’m leaving the internet
Smiley Studios (4 days ago)
Valerie Moya (4 days ago)
I love boxing,mma,etc... but I hate running soo I don’t like training. I like fighting
Victoria Reed (6 days ago)
I have the biggest crush on Jessica 😍
Who else remembers watching this when it first came out feel old?
WolfAaronLycan (6 days ago)
I wanted Squirrel to fight Quiver and Swagger to beat up the great white tree lmao 😂
Ling Ling (7 days ago)
Try guys can you come to Omaha
ajah224 (9 days ago)
“That boy got turnt thoo “ 😭😭
whats goood (9 days ago)
crazy the way rumble Johnson kicked the pad and the dude went back this just shows you how hard ufc can get if your a normal dude that wants to join ufc u gotta train to absorb those kicks and punches
Maggie Lin (10 days ago)
"They're just hugging." 😂😂👌
Maggie Lin (10 days ago)
"I've hurt someone's feelings.."🤣
VortexGalaxyNinja (10 days ago)
7:04 why does the Asian guy have a boner
Anthony is lucky no one tried to wrestle him
Kaylee Page (11 days ago)
“We’re here to fight to the death” Zach: what?! Eugene: *nods enthusiastically*
Alaqmar Chawalwala (11 days ago)
Keith- “If I get in a hold, im gonna fart my way out of the situation.” 😂
The Roccostar (11 days ago)
*Squirrels climb trees*
Anarita Bie (11 days ago)
Of course the two aggressive people won.
Abu Hajaar (13 days ago)
Iamegine being a "man" and fighting like these guys smh
Dylan Zhang (13 days ago)
“Great white tree”
TheManiacBoy (13 days ago)
Bisping left the chat
Doge Dude (13 days ago)
THE CLICK (14 days ago)
the ice man
That one pug (14 days ago)
I just hope Zach doesn't get his arm broken
Diego Beltran (15 days ago)
Chris ( I forgot his last name), he seems like a really cool dude and just seems like he could teach you properly and you can retain what he teaches.
Booper (15 days ago)
The guy at 0:18 looks the the yellow power ranger lol
Diana Begue (16 days ago)
Fighter you ready to go. NO. 😂
hey_its_shea !! (16 days ago)
1:42 Anthony Johnson bruh I watched your match on tv u da best
Josefina Barcenas (16 days ago)
I really wanted to see Ned and Eugene fight lol
Sebastian (16 days ago)
I flinched when they tried bracing with their wrists to hit the ground. Kept thinking they'd break them xd
Nolan Inger (16 days ago)
If only zach would actually try
Bridget Drapp (17 days ago)
Keith: Has got punched in the nose once Zach: Has hurt someone’s feelings Ned: goes off about Eugene Eugene: exceeds in martial arts 😂
Sinz (18 days ago)
He got his penis caught in a zipper lmao
A Majestic Goose (18 days ago)
They try MMA, not UFC
SavagePig 17 (19 days ago)
Why doesn’t she like ⚽️
Gelo Go (19 days ago)
Great White Tree ahahah
Savannah Cortes (20 days ago)
"They make this bone for that" Who is "they"?
Mario Cruz (21 days ago)
This aren't not even close to be guys....
orel faiman (21 days ago)
When chuck smiled when they say Hi ♡
Steff Star (22 days ago)
Whose here after Zach’s diagnosis video
Mom’s Spaghetti (22 days ago)
This is mma, not ufc fighting. UFC is the organization, just training with ufc fighters at a ufc gym doesn’t mean they’re “fighting ufc”
esmer Ruelas (23 days ago)
its funny how the guy in the red is named Mighty Mouse😂
Marlene Samuels (24 days ago)
with prior Jiujitsu training, I applaud them. those take downs were amazing.
Fcbh Jygv (25 days ago)
Of course Johnson is the coolest one
Bobby Casey (25 days ago)
'UFC fighting' 😂😂😂 yeah.....MMA
LordWhis (25 days ago)
LOL What's my boy Rumble doing here
scareface1197 (27 days ago)
Chris Weidman “don’t let me intimidate you come on” well I gotta change my pants now
Madeline Edgar (1 month ago)
2:02 yeeeeeet
ELiTe_RyanGamer 920 (1 month ago)
Jon jones is the one who split is eye
Dons Views (1 month ago)
How the hell did a boy got married??? Are these the men of modern times??? I am dumbfounded...
Magdalie Mexile (1 month ago)
“Chronic complainer” “Korean rage” “has a wife” “huge mouth” the skill sets were killing me 😂😂😂😂
Joshua Beach (1 month ago)
Soy boys
sdguy123 (1 month ago)
These guys are pathetic.
Mr. Slim N (1 month ago)
Wow....no words
Connor Jo (1 month ago)
Fighting is for men, wtf are the doing there
Kally Han (1 month ago)
This is the human version of God of Highschool
Drei Knight (1 month ago)
I can think about one thing eugene is bad at... being bad at something
HotoGetOneBigBoto 808 (1 month ago)
Anthony never mentioned how much times he was poked in the eye in the same match
LaryBary58 (1 month ago)
I kind of wish they would just let Ned and Eugene fight
Boril Boyanov (1 month ago)
It's not fair, they've got asian guy! He's a natural karate kungfu man!
Joker BABY! (1 month ago)
06:29 did only i realize tht Eugene had a boner at this time when Jessica throw him down?
upinarms79 (1 month ago)
I kind of feel guilty about giving BuzzFeed views, but If they'd make videos with more of their employees getting the crap kicked out of them by professional fighters, they'd probably get a whole lot more subscribers, though I was disappointed that there wasn't more of these panty-wastes getting their heads kicked in.
logan rose (1 month ago)
I love that I’m able to know who tumble Johnson was talking about when he said he was poked in the eye😂😂 Jon “eye poke” jones
Sanzo F4 (1 month ago)
Did Eugene have a boner when we got thrown
Port (1 month ago)
6:29 I’m not saying Eugene has an erection but Eugene definitely has an erection
Joshua Black (1 month ago)
I can beat swagger
Frank Grubbs (1 month ago)
I’ll just fart my way out of the situation
Eleanor Golding (1 month ago)
Why does Eugene always get horny in the videos
Katy Chang (1 month ago)
Those people : unfair Eugene looks so good in everything Also those people : pick out first thing they see, and buy the cheapest options *doesnt apply to everyone*
claire elizabeth (1 month ago)
I need a friend like Anthony
Dino Saur (1 month ago)
Now you should do the squirrel vs swagger
Simon (1 month ago)
Ned´s Skills: "My Wife" :P PS: Just read that Ned actually has a skill that has something to do with his wife ("Has a Wife") xD
Emerald Cobra (1 month ago)
Nice trini jacket
gabthegreat01 (1 month ago)
Do I wanna know what Mighty Mouse was doing to their Achilles’ tendons? 3:27
Mac Beth (1 month ago)
So thats what a soy boy is... now I get it
king potato (1 month ago)
"They make this bone just for that." Somebody help
Ji Yan (1 month ago)
All in Bruce Lee T-shirts 哈哈
Jeff Smith (1 month ago)
This was my first try guys vid!!
pika pii (1 month ago)
i didn't know the try guys were so tall!!
aqeif daniel (1 month ago)
Try to wresling please......❗💪💪👊👊✊✊👋👋 😠vs😠 okey 😊😊😊
aqeif daniel (1 month ago)
Try to wresling
aqeif daniel (1 month ago)
Try to wresling please okey
Unripe Banana (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but zach looked so hot at 1:26
justin freedland (1 month ago)
Kiss him like you mean it
Egizia Coppola (1 month ago)
Poor Zach, with his condition he must have felt really bad after the fight. I don't want to imagine how much his back was hurting...
Phil Vaive (1 month ago)
I know, that's what I was thinking. Look at all the stuff he did before he had his diagnosis! He just powered through what was probably agony
Kathy Star (1 month ago)
I love that they're all wearing Bruce Lee Shirts 😂
Berlin Wall (1 month ago)
Lol Keith's nickname is great white tree
Maxwell Anderson (1 month ago)
I would pay actual money for Eugene to throw me around like that
Sickest Puppy (1 month ago)
The Soy Boys making one of the coolest sports ever look like a sleep over pillow fight.
Sickest Puppy (1 month ago)
“I’m going to fart my way out of the situation” Why is that so me tho?
Yuki Sha (1 month ago)
“I’d go to the movies with you to, what you wanna watch?” 👏 👏 👏 I wonder what movie they decided to all watch together. 😂
Eugene had a boner😂😂
Noel Mendoza (1 month ago)
I thought Eugene would beat this
How did Ned break his pinky?

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