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Craziest Things Found By Airport Security (Don't Do This)

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Text Comments (1340)
abigail manzanero (7 hours ago)
1:26 Guy with cannon ball:Checks bag and sees cannon ball and shows to security* Security:YOU SHALL NOT PASSS!!
Aislynn Guy (16 hours ago)
I never been to the airport Me and my family has a fear of hights 😥😣😖
Landen_ Mercer2008 (1 day ago)
Landen_ Mercer2008 (1 day ago)
Michaela (2 days ago)
One time at Sacramento airport the security lady was feeling my hair I guess to check if anything was in it idk lol but she ended up saying my hair is pretty and wouldn’t let me go by because she wanted to know exactly what hair dye I used and where I got it done
Vamotoon (3 days ago)
You can say gernade or bomb but u can't say it inside airports
Sam Reed (4 days ago)
I have been on a plane but nothing weird
anshone dieperink (4 days ago)
A llama
Badr Albaz (4 days ago)
I travel to Morocco
Tom Hiddleston STAN (4 days ago)
I was at the airport and some actually got 6 bottles of alcohol
y0uR N4m3 (4 days ago)
Could get these things but not the terrorists that did the attack on 9/11
mi pipito (4 days ago)
StarKiller 9000 (4 days ago)
if there is gold i will take with me to my death
Galaxy (5 days ago)
Every one go check out max marz he makes good music
Leslie's lyrics (5 days ago)
You uploaded this nineteen minutes ago, it's 8 in the morning wtf. Well I'm not complaining though
Danica naude (5 days ago)
I live in South Africa Nothing happens in SA that can be called interesting.
Melody Dabatian (5 days ago)
hi I'm a subscriber my name is keen and my freinds showed me to you and I love your videos
Roxy Artz (5 days ago)
my old school dose a Quebec trip for the french kids and during the trip my friend bought a plastic sword and on the way back it got taken away during security.they thought it could be used as a lethal weapon. XD
Yazyplayz G (5 days ago)
Your videos are so funny I love them😂
Matthew Walker (5 days ago)
I saw a dude with 🐛
Jkadian K (5 days ago)
Venom: pussy
Kipster 32 (5 days ago)
My 5:00 flight got delayed to 1:00 am
KillerQueen msp (5 days ago)
Shazam 1236 (5 days ago)
A mangled dog
hayat Nibkhel (5 days ago)
thats the weirdest thing i have seen in my life but forget it i love you can you shout me out plsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lizzy Night (6 days ago)
Hello y’all
XxxGamerIsBestXx X (6 days ago)
Please make videos longer please
Timmy Timmy (6 days ago)
I got patted down at the airport because my shirt had metal beads on it I’m 12 like I’m mean do they think I had a gun 😂😂😂
A Fat Pikachu (6 days ago)
Get that outta here!
Calvin Ma (6 days ago)
I had 3 xrays already
Moonlit Productions (6 days ago)
“A guy got kicked off the plane.” I thought you meant in mid flight! 🤣🤣
Polar Dance (6 days ago)
I fell off my seat on the airplane and slept on the floor without anyone telling me ; - ;
Jade Snavely (6 days ago)
fedora studios (6 days ago)
Can we hit 5,000 likes without doing anything?
ABC DEFG (6 days ago)
Why do you sound high in this video
Gino Rojero (6 days ago)
Cri Loon (6 days ago)
Jeez people leave this crap at home
ARMY/BTS (6 days ago)
why do you get demonetized for saying "bomb"? wtf?
MSC Does YouTube (7 days ago)
I never flew on a plane 😞
not ur mom (7 days ago)
3:36 I cant
jack ubert (7 days ago)
I saw a guy with his cat in his bag he got caught. What do you mean he thought he could get through security with a cat in his bag.
fireflake (7 days ago)
Melbourne is from Australia where I'm from i didn't know that stiff like this waa regular here btw it's prounoced mel-burn not mel-born
Mohamed Elagaizi (7 days ago)
Somebody broke a glass on a small boys head
waffle unicorn (7 days ago)
i saw a live tiger in a suitcase they had to close down the entire section i was in to get animal control.
Exotic Butters421 (7 days ago)
Never been on a plane
issac gaona (7 days ago)
The craziest thing I saw is a mad carrying 5 ice coolers
Margaret Slinkowski (7 days ago)
Dang matt smith "get that outta here.""
Chloe Rahmann (7 days ago)
The weirdest thing I saw was a DOG in a suitcase 🤣
Layla Galaxy (7 days ago)
24k magic in the airplllllllaaannnnnne
Amber Bradshaw (7 days ago)
Melbourne is pronounced Mel-Ben
Arash Shahbazian (7 days ago)
1:38 you copied dang maths smit
Weirdest Filipina (7 days ago)
4:02 They found Lucy's Lipstick taser lmaoo
Noortje (7 days ago)
No. The one with the spiders, I AM DUTCH oh god. No. (Amsterdam is in the netherlands, thats why i am dutch) 2:40
kamila rivas (7 days ago)
this channel used to be fun :/
Mo the Monster masher (7 days ago)
The weirdest think I e ever seen in the airport is nothing wierd it was normal
FOOTBALL 7 (8 days ago)
change the background bring back the old one and keep making videos while youre sitting
Nia Fonseca (8 days ago)
That is so wrong and weird of what people are trying to take to the airport or plane but at least the security and police to stop them great job on the video 👍🏻😰
MhelFrom YT (8 days ago)
That 8 year old boy remind me Of dwarf mamba in logan pauls vlog......
The Dreaming Girls (8 days ago)
A guy bought 10 knives with him
Lil Teash (8 days ago)
noooo! that's how you pronounce Melbourne
Jeremy Elkington (8 days ago)
i watched a guy make gold
McKenna's Corner (8 days ago)
Melbourne /// it's pronounced melbin tal, I just found out too
Phoebe V (8 days ago)
Mel - born lmfao it's pronounced Mel-burn (spelt melbourne)
Glen Arnott (8 days ago)
Not too long ago my family was held in security for 10 minutes because my NaNa had nail scissors ✂️ . What is someone gonna do with nail scissors “accidentally cut someone’s nails when they didnt want them cut.”?!?!?!?!
Liam Olivar (8 days ago)
Its my birthday
Nathan Cuesta (8 days ago)
2:25 Don't demonetize me wot
Princess Ally (8 days ago)
I've been in a plane
Princess Ally (8 days ago)
983street Gamer (8 days ago)
I’m going to Hawaii Maui
Coolmac boss (8 days ago)
Ummmm it has to be when I saw DEEZ NUTS Comment down below and sub if you want a sub
Shanieka Ewart (8 days ago)
I don't know whaaat is wroong with people 😪😪
Ed Hall Rowing Page (8 days ago)
once the guy in front of me had a massive knife
When I went flying I had to be patted down no big deal but the male tsa kept giving me perverted looks so I asked the female tsa if she could do it but she refused and wouldn't let me get on the plane until the guy patted me down and also groped me.
Floki Doggo (8 days ago)
Yarii 816 (8 days ago)
The weirdest thing I have seen on an airplane was that a guy had a giant unicorn on the plane
Rosa Roja (8 days ago)
2:33 my favorite part 😂
GeoBlox1257 (8 days ago)
Supreme Shadows (8 days ago)
Alex Quijada (8 days ago)
Boom boom
Aayush Patel (8 days ago)
Venom and poison is different no snakes are poisonous
Lily Carlson (8 days ago)
Shadelyn Renee (8 days ago)
Craziest Thing I've Seen In The Airport: me.
Sophie Kelly (8 days ago)
The first thing I did was come to the comments
I was never on a plane
Doctor Srijan Strange (9 days ago)
don't insult india.........
Moonlight (9 days ago)
Gold reminds me of chocolate 😂
Alex boss (9 days ago)
The spiders look like Mexican red knees
P P (9 days ago)
Ahmad Halabi (9 days ago)
What's that bad thing? 1:34
Googoogaga Lalalala (9 days ago)
You posted this on my birthday 😁
Kathy Allives (9 days ago)
KellyzTube PH (9 days ago)
Abby The Great (9 days ago)
At the airport I saw someone with a machete 😲
Yorou Chin (9 days ago)
some ppl are weird like wtf
sarahvids (9 days ago)
"there was 8 police officers in the plane" um hello there *WERE*, oh honeyyyyyyy ur getting corrected by a seventh grader
Leah Kelly (9 days ago)
one of our tyres were not working. we were flying in the air in circles for ages. when we landed all of the emergency services were there. the firefighters had to extinguish the tyre because it set on fire when we landed
Sejiny TV (9 days ago)
I travel every year
Abrianna White (9 days ago)
When I went through where they check your carry on bags I forgot to take my shampoo out so it went through the machine twice then they grabbed my bag and searched it

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