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Funniest Drunk Texts Messages Ever!

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Text Comments (1733)
Kira Malfoy (1 year ago)
9:11 I'm 10 so no… but I would do all the harry potter ones sober anyway XD
no u (2 days ago)
She put 9:11🤣
Viper12678932 (4 days ago)
Billy Whiskey look at this guy.. a person new to YouTube... or doesn’t realize that no one obeys that rule
Athena Kasper (5 days ago)
Yeah yeah me too I'm a 11 but i am obsessed with HP
Icy Lynx (13 days ago)
Nitro Lemon! I started at 5
SparksFly (26 days ago)
Happy 11th I guess
no u (2 days ago)
I'm watching when I am supposed to be asleep and it's hard to not laugh lol
Triston Ong (2 days ago)
I finally laughed at 3:56
ShineEpic (4 days ago)
Would done The Lord have spoken!
Janenichole Aglibot (5 days ago)
Yeah got super drunk once and had a fight this old man inside the car, scolded me for kicking it several times and i just keep saying "blah blah blah" "im dracula". I just finished watching hotel transylvania so i guess thats where i get that. Lol
Athena Kasper (5 days ago)
I would have done most of these Sober... I am such a nerd. I'm gonna go text my bff "Wanna go to Narnia with me?" Now
Sam Larson (6 days ago)
No I’m 11
Roblox Catto (7 days ago)
Frisk was in the first one
Alistar - Alan (9 days ago)
0:39 why didn’t you censor the previous names? Are you lazy or do you get extra fake text messages?
Alistar - Alan (9 days ago)
0:33 how can you be fined 300 ‘bucks’ for cutting up pineapples and how did no one stop him/her from cutting up so much pineapples that it would have been a fine of 300 ‘bucks’
Alistar - Alan (9 days ago)
Well looks like when scoop uses an custom text message maker they can’t even spell right
Galixy Wolf Queen (9 days ago)
This is pure gold lol
Alis Blog (10 days ago)
I Got a funny drunk message Guy: i wasnt that drunk Friend: you asked you father if he has a son
Sunshine Playz (11 days ago)
6:40 I’m 11 and that seems like something I would do normally
Dwekki (12 days ago)
these are all fake btw
0 subs (13 days ago)
Once I got super drunk with my friend... he was like " I have an airplane!" I replied "wow, me toooo!" He said "Yeah but my airplane flies!" And i said " my airplane swims!" After that we went home with our planes according to our insta stories. I don't wanna know how i got home.
Kami Kawaii killer (14 days ago)
Lily M (17 days ago)
these are fake but so funny
Victor Craine (19 days ago)
poor joe he always gets drunk
Taco Master (19 days ago)
Lmao help I’m so dead
Bill Berry (21 days ago)
im a chid...
James Eribal (22 days ago)
“My penis feels like limp cheeros” THAT HAS TO BE THE FUNNIEST ONE DUD
Brandy Webb (22 days ago)
I got intoxicated just reading these drunk text messages.
Lily Lowder (26 days ago)
What is it with the people and the word "dude"
Allen Butter (27 days ago)
I went *mostly* sober, last night there was a party and i got more drunk than intended, i couldnt take controll of my drinking (which is why i went sober) and i woak up at 1:am having to clean up throwup
RandomGamerTV (28 days ago)
9:11 I hope not I’m 13...
RandomGamerTV (28 days ago)
Drunk people like to text in the middle of the night
MIHAILO KING (29 days ago)
When you think rdr2 mission is in real live and you start drinking with lenny
Eric Cedrick Slingby (30 days ago)
I've never been drunk enough to do stupid shit but I had a bad reaction to some Dayquil once. Spent an hour laughing about how big this quarter was, then accidentally dropped it and swallowed it. Whoops.
Emin Nart (1 month ago)
3:31 thats a huge blender there
Tyler Sherwood (1 month ago)
Just know that if you too are shooting rum to this at 3 am you are not alone. I need a life
Anna the pink bunny (1 month ago)
I laughed so hard that I cried
12345soccerguy (1 month ago)
2 spongebob ones in a row wth
My mom was drunk so she is running around the house with loud music yelling "HELP THE DRAGON FROM MY LITTLE PONY IS HERE!"
Princess E.C (1 month ago)
Count how many word “dude” has been spoken
Peter Strouhal (1 month ago)
No. Because I'm 12
Swaggy Mahomes (1 month ago)
And there all scripted!
Lone Walker (1 month ago)
thumbnail killed me XD
Redbean Mochi (1 month ago)
Jermey in the thumbnail is drunk, he doesn’t even know proper grammar😅.
Junior Klaus (1 month ago)
Swavy Sabby (1 month ago)
6:40 ohhh mahhh gawddd Hagrid is real 😲😲
Lanny Playz (1 month ago)
😂 My only words to describe this WTF 😂
Lilliana. L (1 month ago)
I’m only 11 but in pretty sure if I was drunk I would be like “ Hi I’m Veronica lodge from New York TIME TO CHANG FORM!!!!! Oh hi there now I’m Betty cooper!” And then I would grab something put it on my head and yell “ oh I’m not Betty...IM DARK BETTY!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” LoL since I’m so obsessed with Riverdale
DynamicsYT :D (1 month ago)
3:33 i feel so bad for that guy... *RIP* iPad 2018-2019
DynamicsYT :D (1 month ago)
3:44 i also feel bad for that dudes wife..
Jeffrey Zhang (1 month ago)
I don't need to be drunk to act like a that.... Hot 🔥🔥🌶️
Thunderbolt Z (1 month ago)
Azhi Mahdi (1 month ago)
9:11 I am Muslim so I don't drink
Random Fandom (1 month ago)
HEYYYYY I srunk do sugar on my taste buds horsey
1:58 he said he didnt have a penis and its a he wut
Cookie Kity (1 month ago)
Lol the SpongeBob ones thoo
Carl Gabitano (1 month ago)
Whoever is watching this video please don't like or subscribe bc it is fake the background is all the same this is fake
Madeleine Stark (1 month ago)
6:44 is the best one.... DORA HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR WAY OUT OF THE TV!?!?! lmao
Poor Mexican girl...I wonder what she told her parents!
Adrian Dyl Sollano (1 month ago)
At o:37 see the different of the name
Deima salnaite (1 month ago)
1:39 well it could be a mountain lion
ImagineDragons3 2 1 (1 month ago)
I wasn’t that drunk, was I? 😂
Gesunde Wotan (1 month ago)
Half this shit is super fake
MøønLunã Studiøß (1 month ago)
I love watching people be dumb at 3 am
adiel qamar (1 month ago)
I got the power............exo??
julian jimenez (1 month ago)
Laughed at every one 😂
Oh lol I got one It’s for my cousin because he did it: My cousin was drunk and Came to me **There is a 8 year gap between us hes 20** “Yo Sherlock Come here” he said “Sure wut dog” Lol that’s what I said “Wut is that thing u always say” “Dab on them haters” I said He jumped on my other cousin **Hes 1 year older than me* And dabs 😆 ik why it’s because my cousin always roast people yeet
Yes I’ve got drunk off of tajene or however you spell it 😆 My friends tell me to never do drugs cause I’ll be worser they say I embarrass them ****Were I’m Middle School Lol it’s just Tajene*
Growing Flower (1 month ago)
I love the one were he said I have a girlfriend like awwwwwwww
8:46 😂 I can't breathe LOL!
underfell sans (1 month ago)
I'm D E A D 😂
Daniel Goodrich (1 month ago)
8:41 LMFAO I have relativeswho have done that!!!
Twilight one got me #TeamEdward
Halfbloodpuff Someone (1 month ago)
8:08 that isn't being drunk. I do that all the time. Never drank in my life. #potterheadslife
Sekinat Omidiya (1 month ago)
Iv never even been drunk bcs I'm only 8
Dancer Girl (1 month ago)
Why all these things with spongebob
Winter Spirit 2.0 (1 month ago)
If your gunna stage this you should at least spell right. It's not nite it's night
NALU FAN FOREVER (1 month ago)
The thumbnail killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
9:11 no I'm only 13
Emily Montgomery (1 month ago)
What's with all of the Jake's? I mean it's a pretty dope name but I mean there's been like 12
DAT DANK REAPER (1 month ago)
I just piss ed on a cat
The GAMER King (1 month ago)
my favreat!! 8:15
1d and larry Is life (1 month ago)
6:01 ok it’s cute and all but what if he had another girlfriend 🤔
Penka Genova (1 month ago)
3:14 I only hope that bird survived
Magnificent Maylaya (1 month ago)
Thumbnail lol 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂
Noah 2000 (1 month ago)
Ivy animates (1 month ago)
2:28 lol. I cant stop laughing...😂
Lily Anne (1 month ago)
I’ve never been drunk, I’m 12
Destroyer Omar (1 month ago)
I laughed so hard when i saw the thumbnail
violet 19 (1 month ago)
Tigerflame Dawnsun (1 month ago)
I couldn't breath!!!
iliJomKwan FuJiSiIi (1 month ago)
Some of these DRUNK PEOPLE love... Spongebob. Harry Potter. Lion... (CAT) Driving a car.. (Paper plate) !!!!? Chillin' with Jesus. Twilight? OH GOD.... Dora. Narnia! Mermaid...? Well.. LMAO
Triston Ong (1 month ago)
Drown a goldfish
My Tulis Creation (1 month ago)
*Harry potter left the chat*
Min Natalie (1 month ago)
I know I'm late but... 3:16... I don't think that bird survived... And if it did... God bless its soul...
Amer vlogs (1 month ago)
Do i wasn't hohohohohohoh
Brianna Drinnen (1 month ago)
4:36, 6:16, 6:44, 6:54, 8:45, and 9:06 are my favorites lol
Amanda Panda (1 month ago)
it's just Jay Jay (1 month ago)
2:33 I may fav
jeremydadragon GAMING (1 month ago)
when your name is in a thumbnail hahahahaha thx brotha i'm jeremy
Sabrina Omar (1 month ago)
My sisters were in montonegro they were having a party and my sister Raya she drank a lot like very much she stand up on the table and then vomited after that my other sister meira and her friends took Raya to the bathroom and Raya said “I’m not drunk” and she looked angry after that she said “leave me alone and also is that water or vomit on my feet?” Meira said “it’s vomit” after that Raya close the door and locked it after awhile meira and her friends heard noises from the bathroom and when Raya open the door meira and her friends saw that the whole bathroom was like messy the curtains of from the bathroom all the toilet paper was everywhere and stuff. Wow thank god I wasn’t there
Moon soulOof (1 month ago)
My 27 year old sist said this Me:Leah! Leah;yes? Me:you where really drunk last night.. Leah:no,how was i drunk? Me:Well,you screamed at my amazon alexa because she did what i said only... Leah:so? Me:Then you punched a tree for a half hour,thinking you where in mincraft.. Leah:anything else? Me:Yep..you threw my hampster out the window and said"PIGS FLYY"and i told you its not a Ginnypig,its a hampster.. Leah:is that why i couldnt find chi-chi this morning..?
Sydney Derheim (1 month ago)
i watched this when everyone is asleep and i was trying so hard not to laugh my ass off and wake them up so i was choking on my own saliva
1:10 *you r my lady pants*
Lynn Ann Deyo (1 month ago)
No not yet but soon
Luke Santagata (1 month ago)
0:19 why would you have multiple pineapples

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