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Funniest Drunk Texts Messages Ever!

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Text Comments (1119)
Jessica Malfoy (1 year ago)
9:11 I'm 10 so no… but I would do all the harry potter ones sober anyway XD
The attack?
She likes Japan (9 days ago)
Magikarp waaaaa da your talking about
IPlayMinecraftandGacha (14 days ago)
LoL I’m 10 too so no and I loved The Hagrid one XD
iToast (16 days ago)
911 What’s Your Emergancy?
Echo da-aw3som3 person (21 days ago)
Madda Miller (9 hours ago)
HAGRID YOU'RE REAL! I love that one😂😂😂❤
Patricia Njoroge (12 hours ago)
Is the parakeet dead
Morag Macdonald (1 day ago)
Most of the people were called jake 😂😂😂
Kaitlyn Harris (1 day ago)
what is people with harry potter and hidrig like if agree
AJMAL .REHMAT (2 days ago)
7:39 i wondered how he got passed em while drunk, im trying to picture this in my way😂😂💯👌🏻
Michael (2 days ago)
I have to say, yes, I have been that drunk. And many times my truck knew the way home. I love my truck.
DragonLover806 (2 days ago)
Hey I got a funny drunk text message. Guy#1 Hey dude you were so drunk last night. Guy#2 No I wasn't, was I? Guy#1 You picked up my tabby cat and screamed at the top of your lungs "Garfield needs lasagna! Somebody get the lasagna!" Guy#2 Ohhh.......
Kaylee Tuesday (3 days ago)
Bela Coppola (4 days ago)
I couldn't stop laughing!
hank exe (4 days ago)
hank exe (4 days ago)
Nagy David (6 days ago)
7:31 why does a 17 yo has a 14 yo girlfriend?
8:46 the thumbnail 😂
Charlotte Hogg (7 days ago)
"dude you were soo drunk." "dude you were soo drunk." "dude you were soo drunk." IS all I hear. XD
Jackie Blake (7 days ago)
Kuki-Chan Gacha (9 days ago)
Dat thumbnail tho I GOT THE POWER!
Michelle Hendrix (9 days ago)
I laughed so hard
James Wellman (9 days ago)
I am a little kid
Five Cars Five Guys (9 days ago)
Why are most of these from 2012?
Thylo YT (10 days ago)
My friend started talking to the television.... then the guy on the Tv asked "when were you born?" My friend answered "when i was baby" LMAO
Josselin Mejia (10 days ago)
9:11 no cuz im turning 12 but i like these cuz theyre funny lmao! 😂👌
The Annanator (10 days ago)
Sad thing is I don't need to be drunk to do most of these things
Commander Wolffe (10 days ago)
0:57 I'm sure that is fake, because at the "just keep swimming." quote. Why say something you don't know. The person who wrote " 'From finding nemo was describing what he meant to the readers.
Unidentified Dude (10 days ago)
1:19 OMG XD🤣😄🤣😂😂😂😂
Ilka Agonoy (11 days ago)
All fake
guntrigger 88942 (13 days ago)
"I just pissed on a cat lol"
Nathan Okri (13 days ago)
Im 7 so I do not know what drunk means. Plz tell me
IPlayMinecraftandGacha (14 days ago)
What’s with the spongebob thing
IPlayMinecraftandGacha (14 days ago)
Don’t get drunk in front of your kids Parents
Razor 2.0 (14 days ago)
At least being drunk shows their kid self like the Patrick star
VLOGeneric's Rants (14 days ago)
Half of these don't seem real.
Bianca Rodríguez (14 days ago)
cringe queen (16 days ago)
Remmember kids, don't drink!
r q (18 days ago)
In the thumbnail, Was he singing power by Little Mix? Bc if not, boy you need to check it out cause it's great! Anyways where are you Mixer and Army's?!?! #Armixers 😍😍😍
TheWild WolfGirl (18 days ago)
I swear I have acted this weird...except I didn’t drink...I was at school...with a stick in my mouth shouting “IM A DOG BARK” around the teachers......
Matthew Saunders (18 days ago)
bumblebee 247 1 (19 days ago)
2:26. I'd do that even though I'm 12.GO TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!
devil 15 (19 days ago)
*The thumbnail got me dead *
Hunter Taylor (20 days ago)
*U spent two hours trying to drown my goldfish* 😂😂😂
Nicholas Martinez (21 days ago)
I'm watching this at 10:30 while my parents are sleeping and I'm laughing so hard they are probably wondering if I'm crying
Wizzy Rasta (21 days ago)
*Lol I pissed on a cat.. Lmao*
Anime Lover (22 days ago)
First two spongebob ones lol
Galaxy_Hologram XROFL (22 days ago)
I was so drunk once I put shaving cream all over me then walked up to my girlfriend saying, "Hello, I am baymax your personal healthcare companion."
Nattyy1 plays msp (7 days ago)
Galaxy_Hologram XROFL (22 days ago)
Im bi btw, Im not a guy
Kirby Lover805 (22 days ago)
You’re friend just roasted Mario
LiqhtPvP ​シ (22 days ago)
These are obviously so fucking fake it's funny stop faking your content m8
LiqhtPvP ​シ (20 days ago)
Hunter Taylor yeah but they're fake you moron and you're liking your own comments like wtf this is sad LMAO also learn how to spell you fucking idiot
Hunter Taylor (20 days ago)
LiqhtPvP ​シ Actually his vids r so damn funny mabey u should get off his channel bro😐😂
Dragon Girl739 (23 days ago)
no i am only 12
roblox lover all day (3 days ago)
5:26 at least he got rid of the squirrel XD
o_chxleee • (23 days ago)
8:53 💛😂😂
2:52 lol 😂
Cornflakeman123 (24 days ago)
im laughing so hard bc of 7:35 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Annabel Blossom playz (25 days ago)
Lol the thumbnail was quite smart
IV 1564 (27 days ago)
The thumbnail made me laugh for maybe an hour
UpUpPanda 11 (27 days ago)
The thumbnail is amazing
We Value D Jam (27 days ago)
Why is a 17 year old dating a 14 year old
Manidoons (28 days ago)
At 5:08 i was laughing for 35 minutes
Manidoons (28 days ago)
Omg these are so funny
Barbie Matkovich (28 days ago)
When i was watching this my dad and my mom were drunk
I’ve picked up that drunk people make great jokes
Sugar SCS (1 month ago)
One time I dropped my iPad from the top of my bunk bed and asked my sister to pick it up. She wasn't drunk, just half-asleep because it was midnight. She responded with, " Sorry, I can't react with objects without saving..." She handed me my iPad anyways and went back to sleep.
First one got me real good 🤣
Mongo Davis (1 month ago)
I think I got punched a few days ago but I can't remember. I can only remember a bit of an argument but not what was said. About 24 hours later the vodka had left my system enough so I could feel a twinge of pain in my jaw. I'm still trying to recall what happened but I have no idea if I deserved it or not. Probably.
happy pigs (1 month ago)
so my cousin got really fucked and he went to the bathroom and locked the door..... and couldn't get out :/ we couldn't unscrew the lock cause he was freaking out and grabbing it so my uncle kicked the door down. - real story by my friend, Alex
Ashfang Warriorcats (1 month ago)
I’m dying right now
Sophie Heywood (1 month ago)
Holly Truong (1 month ago)
When you become drunk your inner cartoon lover and wizard finally start showing.
North Sapphire (1 month ago)
North Sapphire (1 month ago)
3:32 i laughed so hard at the name!😂😂😂😆😆😆 "Friend" !😂😂😂 ok that's a bit sad!😆😆😆😆 it seems like you only have one friend!!😆😆😂😂😂
Sophia (1 month ago)
The second to last one made me laugh SOOOO hard
Dog Gamer (1 month ago)
"Dude you were so totally drunk last night!" "Really? I don't think I was because I was playing with my dog" "Yeah because when you were playing with your 'dog' you ended up screaming MUCH LOVE, SUCH WOW, MLGNESS, MUCH DOGE to him" "wow.. really?" "Yes. You don't even have a dog. It was the T.V." "oh." Idk I wanted to make one of my own XD
skydemon101 (1 month ago)
I feel like the ones that start with 'OH I WASN'T THAT DRUNK' or similar shit, are fake
Clayton Wood (1 month ago)
Nohem Vez (1 month ago)
8:50 is so lol lmao rofl
Nohem Vez (1 month ago)
M C Model-800 (1 month ago)
Lol, so funny
Creeperrafe (1 month ago)
Not that bad
pro gamer (1 month ago)
Kason wilde (1 month ago)
Once I was drunk and I played dead on the floor and when someone would try to help me up or come close to me I said "I'm dead" it was hilarious
Green Mantis (1 month ago)
Funny enough I have a Narnia book next to me, The Last Battle 2:53
BTS ARMY (1 month ago)
5:23 The Wizard Of Oz
SpeedyBudgie (1 month ago)
This is fake but it’s funny
Rrx3's (1 month ago)
Too bad there all Made up... Oh well..
Magne Wenzel (1 month ago)
Who tf has a contact named friend???
Sofia Suryani (1 month ago)
The Joe pressed face part "just keep swimming" was acually from finding dory
The Last Yee (1 month ago)
My drunkest moment was: I ate a McDonalds burger at KFC. And then screamed "BURGER KING" Until someone kicked me out
Christopher Barnes (1 month ago)
OK quick question: who has ever done the hagrid one with a biker IRL?
I AM (1 month ago)
Once you imagine what they did You'll poop your pants
These are so funny but it's a shame knowing that these are all fake
Carmencita Lopez (1 month ago)
I'm only 10
Kitty Sisters_31 (1 month ago)
7:24 Brrr....Twilight...That think is freacking me out! Btw...I would do the Harry Potter stuff without being drunk! 😂
V GAMER!!!! (1 month ago)
Why are these Spongebob related??! 5
Jason Chambers (1 month ago)
A year late, but I'll say it anyway. This is why I will not become drunk.
Aphmau fan forever (1 month ago)
Aphmau fan forever (1 month ago)
6:43 I feel so bad for that Mexican girl
Saturdays With Soleil (1 month ago)
No... I’m 11
Kaitlyn Hecker (1 month ago)
I will NEVER drink! Cause I can't, I'm Mormon. Don't hate player, hate the game. WAIT, don't the game either!
Vickie Oliver (1 month ago)
No... bit if i were, id do the harrpotter ones
Nightcore Forever (1 month ago)
I’m SO doing the Harry Potter ones, as long as I make sure I can run really fast.
music lover (1 month ago)
U where shoving battery up your butt singing I got the power is pretty funny

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