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5 Lolita Fashion Styles REFERENCE TUTORIAL by Kawaii model Misako Aoki |青木美沙子ロリータファッションジャンル5種類紹介

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KAWAII♥PATEEN Skill-up #6 TRADITIONAL - SWEET - GOTHIC - CLASSICAL - PRINCE Lolita Styles reference Tutorial by Misako Aoki -- Videos in this series -- Lolita genres reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0izDSIrrus&index=3&list=PL7k_Q9ypWTRJ-9qtctz7AVh3071QGAfJP Lolita Hair accessories reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtmTwpPI10Q&index=1&list=PL7k_Q9ypWTRIJAU1hhlCCMreZHqeX-MbG There are a lot of styles in Lolita fashion : Traditional, classical, gothic, sweet, prince, punk, pirate etc... and it is often difficult to get the difference between some of them, so we grouped them in 5 main categories and had Misako Aoki explain them thoroughly especially for KAWAII PATEEN. This video is an extension of the styles Misako presented in her noes Lolita fasshion book, which presentation video is here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waoNw9Od9QA -- Have fun with Fashion! - KAWAII♥PATEEN - Everything kawaii, Street fashion snaps, makeup tutorials and reports on fashion events in TOKYO!! Also on Facebook with tons of photos : https://www.facebook.com/Tokyo.Street.Fashion.KAWAII.PATEEN — Official site : http://waoryu.jp Hi everyone, this is Aoki Misako (Japanese name order; the surname is Aoki). Today, I'm paying a visit to the storeroom of Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (top lolita fashion boutique chain in Japan, shortened to Baby). Here, I'll introduce 5 major styles in lolita fashion. The first is "Traditional Lolita". This style consists of cute, girlish dresses made from plain, natural-toned fabrics and lace. Traditional Lolita is the old-school style worn by (actress) Fukada Kyoko in the movie Kamikaze Girls. It places a lot of emphasis on basic colors, lace and ribbons to achieve that sweet, feminine look. Even though patterned fabrics are all the rage these days, vintage dresses like these with natural cloth and lots of lace are timeless and have never gone out of style. The chest area of this dress is shirred, making it exceptionally comfortable and easy to wear. Check out these 2 ribbons. The blouse can easily be matched with anything. These items are sold in a set by Baby, making it easy even for beginners to coordinate, such as with this matching Alice band. Now i'll introduce hair accessories for the Traditional Lolita style. First is this headdress i'm wearing; it's a classic piece that is iconic of Lolita fashion. Next are these ribbon hair ties, which can be used to create an array of hairstyles, such as twin ponytails. And here is perhaps the easiest item to accessorize with, the ribbon Alice band. Like magic, the simple addition of one can turn any look from plain to adorable. At times when you want to tone down your Traditional Lolita outfit, or during cold weather, i recommend these fluffy beret hats. The style I'm wearing now is called "Sweet Lolita". The hallmark of this style is pink color from head to toe, together with patterns featuring chocolates, candy, animals and other such sweet and cuddly motifs. This Sweet Lolita dress's design features Baby's original character Kuma Kumya, along with cookies and chocolates. It is a very popular style at the moment. When you put it on, it looks so sweet that you could almost smell the aroma of chocolate coming from it! This piece has a "Kumya and Friends" design with a Halloween theme. Lately, having seasonal themed designs such as for Christmas and Halloween has become very popular in the Lolita fashion world. The design of this piece is called "Alice's Dollhouse". It is filled with images of Alice having a tea party with her animal friends like Rabbit and Cat. Sweet Lolita is all about pink - for example this blouse made of pink fabric coordinated with this jumper decorated with pink patterns. On top of this pink-on-pink theme, it uses images of sweet things like candy and pastries, and feminine things like cosmetics, to really maximise the sense of feminine identity. This piece I'm wearing retells the story of Hansel and Gretel with lots of sweets, it's really cute, and one of the bestsellers as well. For the Sweet Lolita, carrying an animal-shaped bag like this one further enhances the cuteness of the look. This one is Kuma Kumya, and this one is Rabbit Kumya. It has a 'kiss lock' type metal clasp. Many Sweet Lolitas coordinate their outfits with accessories like these. For an even bolder statement, you could also go for a backpack. It's just big enough to contain snacks and sweets. As for hair accessories for the Sweet Lolita, besides the ubiquitous ribbon Alice band, mini hats like this are in fashion now. This one is designed to look like a piece of strawberry chocolate, and other than wearing it on your own head, you could also let Kuma Kumya wear it!
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sandra sofia (2 months ago)
Classical lolita owns my heart
Charles Cella (2 months ago)
みか (2 months ago)
なしこ (2 months ago)
「くまくみゃ」の言えてなさに和むwww 「きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ」並に難しいよね
Tae hyung Kim (3 months ago)
I'm in love with the prince Lolita style
LOVE LOVE (4 months ago)
Emiko Mukami (4 months ago)
The Prince/Ouji Lolita style is my fav buuuuut ik I might not wear Lolita ever bcos I don't know how to dress Lolita-like. I'll just stick to yami kawaii and yume kawaii.......
峰楓 (4 months ago)
Lee Xiao ping (6 months ago)
PainInside MyHead (7 months ago)
I am sweet lolita but clasical lolita dresses are so amazing!! My favorite is pompadour from angelic preety in ivory- Perfect for wedding ❤
情中文Pepper (11 months ago)
Gothic lolita! <33333333
extremelyhappysimmer (1 year ago)
Sweet, cassical, and gothic are my fave!!
Strawberry Cigar (1 year ago)
Snacks & sweets are a good priority.
Trúc Vy Dương (1 year ago)
i want to try once in my life 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
jhangelgurl (1 year ago)
I really like classic style, but I'm to old to dress Lolita style.
Wonderland Artwork (4 months ago)
jhangelgurl you're never too old. Misako, the girl in the video, now is 36.
† AKIRASHU† (1 year ago)
私の仲間のゴスロリさん、いでよ( ⊙‿⊙)
Rashaan Griffin (1 year ago)
I can't wait to go to Japan, then I'll start wearing Sweet Lolita. That's the one I like the most!
Lucci C (1 year ago)
whats she wearing at 11:49 ? i need it :(
Eili callenreese. (2 years ago)
Ann Pendigrast (2 years ago)
Linda T (2 years ago)
I wish that stupid camera person would stop moving the camera. I'm about to vomit from motion sickness.
Hopey Levrey (2 years ago)
melancholia (2 years ago)
Do you wear a petticoat with oldschool?
silk screens (2 years ago)
lace x ribbon yep! But usually people use flatter perros for old school to get the more toned down silhouette
Yû Euphoria (2 years ago)
Yes. :D
Sad Cowboy (2 years ago)
Alright, so I have a Lolita dress, but I can't figure out which style it is. It's a bright and playful pink, which makes me think more of the Sweet Lolita style, but it has lots of ruffles and lace, which brings it more to the Classical Lolita style. I can't figure it out! XD Is there such a thing as mixed Lolita styles? Is that possible?
Also a based on the description OP gave of her dress is really vague and generic (baby/light pink and lots of ruffles + lace is basically 90% of sweet dresses) so we don't know if the dress she has is OTT sweet or not, but it's definitely sweet and not classic
+Yû Euphoria OTT sweet is on the decline but it isn't completely dead and if you look at EGL tags on Tumblr or Insta and Closet of Frills, you see way more OTT Sweet than Hime coords. Lolita fashion is heavily inspired by the silhouettes from Victorian and Rococo fashion and the extravagance and attention to detail of the Rococo aristocracy but it is not the main goal to look like someone from the Rococo or Victorian period. If it was, sweet lolita wouldn't belong to lolita fashion. With the rise of OTT Sweet/Classic/Gothic, the distinct features that made a lolita coord a hime lolita coord no longer belong solely to hime lolita and that's why I called the hime style obsolete as it no longer has the distinct characteristics that differentiate it from other substyles and has basically been absorbed into the OTT Sweet substyle.
GreenEyedBeauty (2 years ago)
+Yû Euphoria thats exactly what I was saying to +lostmydamnmarbles, although im more of a sweet/sailor lolita, hime is soooo pretty <3
Yû Euphoria (2 years ago)
The goal of Lolita Fashion is mainly to look like a Rococo/Victorian/Edwardian girl. And then there are the different substyles. In fact, the OTT Sweet trend is kind of dead nowadays ; now it's OTT Classical and OTT Gothic. Hime Lolita is the most frilly, feminine and extravagant style of Loli, where the purpose is to look like a real frilly & royal princess. It hasn't become an obsolete substyle beceause it's still quite popular and worn. :D You can see it on social media, events, etc. ( I am a Hime Lolita myself. ^.^)
+bizarre_blizzard 87 The goal of lolita fashion in general is to look like a princess though. Also as I said above all lolita dresses have ruffles and lace because that is a staple of the fashion. Also with the rise of OTT Sweet, hime lolita has become an obsolete style
おぜきあき (2 years ago)
CottonCandy (2 years ago)
my style is quite classical atm
DollieLovex3 (2 years ago)
Im new to Lolita and this was a great comprehensive guide to distinguishing the styles. I know there are several combos and spinoffs like sailor/nautical lolita, pirate, and country lolita. Of them all Classical is still my favorite....can never turn down a lace blouse!
Hoshiyuuki Owo (2 years ago)
El primer vídeo del estilo que vi, me trae buenos recuerdos.
Cristel Tagulao (2 years ago)
beautiful !
jenn (2 years ago)
Arial (2 years ago)
What's the song that plays at Traditional Lolita?
gravitywar (2 years ago)
The most beautiful fashion i have ever seen 😍
gravitywar (2 years ago)
The most beautiful fashion i have ever seen 😍
gravitywar (2 years ago)
That last outfit reminds me of Ciel (Kuroshitsuri/ Black Butler)
Linhchi Tran (2 years ago)
At the first sight I thought of ciel too!
Chibi Lolita (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video it is very helpful! If you would like too, please subscribe to my channel so you can view my own videos! =D
Kittycattycat (2 years ago)
Does anyone know the name of the blue dress at around the eight minute mark? I really like the color and the lace~
Audrey M (2 years ago)
Bless from Michael
Ynna Escano (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but the camera man sucks here. I wanted to puke like a quarter way to the vid becuase of pans and zooms and shaky hands. add that to reading the subtitles it's just ugh. nice clothes tho.
Rainah (2 years ago)
this is amazing, cant wait until I'm older so I can finally move to japan. I'm in 8th grade and have always other cultures and other places. I really want to move to japan so I can walk in to a store like that and not feel ashamed because of the people that have rude comments about it.
Honey Blue (2 years ago)
+Rainah Roddey you can wear lolita anywhere. there really is no appropriate place to wear it. no matter where you go you'll get odd reactions so just DO YOU and dress how you want. Always remember though that its only a style of clothing not a way of life. you don't have to feel weird or bad about it because its not as commonplace as other 'looks'. I know middle school is a hard place to feel comfortable coming out and being yourself but its the start and push you need in order to build your self identity. you should know who you are and dress how you feel like dressing. in the 6th grade i bought my first lolita dress. In the 10th grade I bought my first pin-up dress. I wore both styles along with a punk goth look and a normal "girl next door look" I would alternate between these styles all throughout my high school days with confidence. Sure, you get rude commentary every blue moon or so and weird looks from the male teachers (female teachers fawn over your clothes), in then end of it all their opinions of how you dress don't matter because you like how you dress.
jenn (2 years ago)
You don't have to wait. You can be any age to wear Lolita and anywhere. You can wear fashion anytime and anywhere
FaZe Cat (2 years ago)
9:48 what's the name of that dress?
FaZe Cat (2 years ago)
+Krystal Park thanks for the correction 
Paige W (2 years ago)
oh youre right my mistake
jenn (2 years ago)
It's called Lost Paradise by Alice and the Pirates not Vampire Requim
FaZe Cat (2 years ago)
+Paige W thanks :)
Paige W (2 years ago)
+FaZe Cat vampire requiem by alice and the pirates :)
выглядишь старенькой!
Skeleton Lad (3 years ago)
things that they don't tell you about that huge usakumya rucksack: its HEAVY, that sucker weighs and it doesnt even hold that much, I can hardly stuff my wallet into the back of that thing.
Ender-Chan (3 years ago)
I correlated the five styles with the five temperaments! Traditional: Phlegmatic Sweet: Sanguine Gothic: Supine Prince: Choleric Classic: Melancholic
Brenda Araiza (3 years ago)
+FlutistPride ahahaha, reminds me of my psychology class ! So clever :D Even tho I would put them like this: Traditional: Choleric Sweet: Sanguine Gothic: Melancholic Prince: Phlegmatic Classic: Supine :D
Shan G (3 years ago)
I really like it. it's just where I live it's really hot and wouldn't be accepted... :/
Wonderland Artwork (4 months ago)
Shan G wear chiffon or natural light cotton when going out, with a sleeveless dress a blouse is an absolute must though! also who cares about "being accepted"
Emma Jamieson (3 years ago)
I really like the Traditional and Gothic styles best
Insatiable Folie (3 years ago)
The classical Lolita dress she wore is gorgeous.
Tsuzuki Song (3 years ago)
Some of these dresses would go well with Steampunk style too. If I had to do a social experiment type thing I might do this or steampunk
Yû Euphoria (1 year ago)
There's a substyle/theme call Steam Lolita or Steampunk Lolita !~ It combine both fashions and get a lot of attention when the coords are nicely done! You can try it! 😃
Tsuzuki Song (3 years ago)
i would make it a bit more modern though
Rin T (3 years ago)
Lolita has a lot of style. The styles that are shown in the video are the popular ones... 😄
Debbie Buckland (3 years ago)
This was very helpful
Haachama (3 years ago)
She's wearing hexenhaus, my first dream dress, during the sweet lolita explanation! I have it in pink too, but I totally need to find that cardigan!
Error Maroon (3 years ago)
I fell in love wif the Alice Dollhouse dress x~x
Marcelo Lucero (3 years ago)
Where can I go to buy Prince style lolita clothes? Is there an online store where I can have them imported? I have yet to find a store that sells lolita style clothing in Canada. -I should open one-
Strawberry Cigar (1 year ago)
Lace market my friend. Lace market.
potato (3 years ago)
+Marcelo Lucero there are very few dedicated jfashion clothing brands in the western hemisphere, but you could always shop off brand or online. a lot of goth fashion stores have stuff that's "uji-able" like aristocratic vests and coats and stuff. there's also the option of purchasing online. most major lolita brands that carry ouji items have international webshops(baby the stars shine bright has a webshop with ouji items listed in the alice and the pirates sub-brand). and if that option is a bit pricey, you could try taobao brands, though you'd be better off making a large taobao order all at once as shopping services can get pricey.
raihana95pink (3 years ago)
Hi, can you do a video for different types of gyaru? Maybe the popular type of gyaru. Thank you.
の花ユリ (3 years ago)
Misako Aoki looks like Jaynee from JayneeWasTaken 0_____0
MisakaMad (3 years ago)
i can't believe that "BABY,the stars shine bright"  actually exists..!I have heard of it in the movie Shimotsuma Monogatari but i thought it was a store/brand made for the movie and not an actual one!Gawd i was wrong!.Even now I find it hard to believe such an amazing place actually exists >x<!
お砂糖りり (3 years ago)
ななみ ななみ (2 years ago)
お砂糖りり い
Gravuun Lok (3 years ago)
My favorites are Traditional, Classical and Gothic, I really like those styles. I hope one day to be able to dress Lolita on a more regular basis. I don't get out much, but even just going to the grocery store I've been trying to dress up a little. One day I hope to be able to do Lolita more often (or at all!).
xXPorcelinxxRoseXx (3 years ago)
+Gravuun Lok I really like Classical, Country, Circus, and Vintage ^.^ Look up Deerstalkerpictures Secret life of a Lolita: Types of lolitas
Nathany Branco (3 years ago)
Looks expensive
Strawberry Cigar (1 year ago)
Yû Euphoria The lace market is life man, life.
Yû Euphoria (1 year ago)
Nathany Branco Not really if you know all the tricks~ 😉
Clouded Dreams (2 years ago)
You have no idea o_o I spend every penny I get on lolita and I hardly have anything Q_Q
Eileen Regina (3 years ago)
Can someone tell me where is this store locate at japan?
Ascending Light (3 years ago)
+Eileen Regina This comment maybe a little late (laughs) but when she said 'storeroom' it was in regards that it was a room that was used to 'store' dresses. i.e. A storage room. ^ ^ ;; Though, it looks much more precious and invaluable than any other storage room, hehe!
Eileen Regina (3 years ago)
+KAWAII PATEEN but it says brand storeroom 😕
KAWAII PATEEN (3 years ago)
+Eileen Regina This is not a store, this is the press room of the brand BABY, The Stars Shine Bright (which Store is located in Harajuku, you can check the directions at the end of this video : Japanese Kawaii LOLITA FASHION BRAND ☆ BABY 2013 FALL | BSSBスイートロリータファッションブランド )
Arielle Champagne (3 years ago)
Can I just live in that store? X3X
Clouded Dreams (2 years ago)
Daniel paradox (3 years ago)
these outfits looks cute
Ender-Chan (3 years ago)
I like classic and sweet. My favorite prints are music prints.
MurderTramp (3 years ago)
Sweet is by far my favorite substyle but the merry making in the ghost town dress she's wearing in the Gothic segment is my ultimate dream dress, but alas it is rarely for sale T__T
Alec Young (4 years ago)
When Ed Gein was shown a series of colour photos of pretty girls and asked  what he thought about them.... He said. He "Wondered what their heads would look like on a stick".... Ed Gein was American farm boy through and through...... But he was not Jack the Ripper...... No, the idea that an American would........... Oh shit, Ed Gein..........!!
Alec Young (4 years ago)
I would like to see her wearing this dress in a glass-lid-coffin with her eyes closed and hands over hands...Yes this sort of dead girl immediately dug up was the full reason for the cult of  necrophilia which plagued the 18th century grave yards...... When she lets down her long hair and curls it , it is below her shoulders.... Helmut, laughs at her, and says, but coughs, laughs his head off again, finally composes himself, then says. "Aren't you a bit old for a hair style like that"...... Marta's head drops and her smile falls...... He starts to bellow with laughter, The scene ends, and we never see her with hair anything like that again... What he was saying is what people think they understand... But, what he is saying is that, you should not try to look sexually attractive or young or innocent in any way now that you are married....... You are now supposed to look a like brood mare or a fat old cow..... only the young and virginal are allowed to dress pretty as they are available, and show this with pretty for a boyfriend/future husband.... You are mutton dressed up as Lamb......is the common expression. But not so, if you see the movie, you will know that Martha remains a virgin throughout the picture.... After sex with Helmut, she is seen crying and weeping in pain and degradation.... She never knew that that hole was used for sex.....Thus sex was always painful and left her afterwards in tears and sobbing..... She always thought the front hole of a girl was used in sex, not the back one... She is confused, in shock and in severe pain as she explains this to the viewer as she explains her state, herself, to Helmut........ So in truth,  as a female, she is still a virgin...... and enjoys only pain, humiliation, disgust and horror at sex with Helmut.... But she knew before she married him that Helmut, That Helmut ....ah That Helmut was...... That Helmut, WAS A SADIST!!!! The movie ends with her, a paraplegic in a wheel chair, being pushed home from the hospital,  by Helmut..... To at least, now a sex life,  Hopefully without pain, without any feeling at all...
Wonderland Artwork (4 months ago)
Jo He (3 years ago)
You have some serious problems dude..
Alec Young (4 years ago)
Lolita is the future of the Japanese race.....And the white race. Without her, The Japanese, its culture and all of its people, are condemned to slow death through its negative population growth....over decades....
Wonderland Artwork (4 months ago)
Alec Young bro you have issues
Alec Young (4 years ago)
MsSunhappy (4 years ago)
theres something about a young girl dressing up as a boy make my heart race!
Strawberry Cigar (1 year ago)
When I dress like a boy I'm called Sir, when I'm dressed like a girl I'm called Sir by transphobics. I'm biologically female. When I dress like a boy I tend to just disappoint straight girls flirting with me. Went a whole week dating this girl one time & I realised she thought I was a male. I had to break the news to her.
MsSunhappy (3 years ago)
+Sarah Nisa haha yup.
sarah mardhiya (3 years ago)
maybe you just like boys.
Allison Beeks (3 years ago)
Caribface Sassi (4 years ago)
Really impressive review she's really a good stylist, eventhough we dont wear lolita style of fashion in the Caribbean but we do love tokyo fashion trends, its just so colorful n u can express ur self in any way fashionable as u like without anyone bashing or laughing at u. Tokyo fashion is like being free to do whatever u want.
Sarah Stevens (4 years ago)
Beginner's Question: Are Scarves allowed in lolita if they match the coordinate? Can themes outside of the well known substyles like techno, egyptian, pin up, or others be used in Lolita while still following the shape and modesty rules or does that make it to Costume-ish? If we choose to wear wigs, what are some great stores that specialize in higher quality realistic looking wigs that are a little more expensive bot not overpriced? Any other advice? I'm a new wanna be lolita who is working 2 jobs to save up for her first coordinate. Thanks for reading this if you've gotten this far!
Wonderland Artwork (4 months ago)
egyptioan might work if you incorporate egyptian themes into it, like sphinx cats, jackals or the anch, maybe even some depictions of the gods! It's not cultural appropriation because you are not saying "we created this" or make fun of it. Cutwise you could have the top look like a wrapped kalasiri (ancient egyptian women's wear) with overlays that overlap eachother in the front of the skirt and a decorative panel in the front to add a "typical" egyptian touch.
Strawberry Cigar (1 year ago)
Scarves are fine if they match.If it's negitive butts degrees outside please dress warm. If you wear lolita, you have your coats, gloves, lined bloomers earmuffs, & hand muffs. I personally would suggest wearing a high collar blouse, as a scarf might cover up some of your cord. But in the end pay head to the weather. You can still look cute & not suffer. Suffering is not cute. I often needed to remind my ex girlfriend that.
GreenEyedBeauty (2 years ago)
for the wig one, I would suggest gothic lolita wigs, but bodyline has amazing wigs too. I might suggest ebay for wigs, but you have to be careful because some ebay wigs are scams. make sure you really review the ebay seller and check reviews of that ebay seller as well.
Johnny Jacobsen (3 years ago)
+Sarah Stevens Go for it. Fashion is a world of art and acceptance. I'd personally love to see a Eqyptian themed lolita dress.
potato (3 years ago)
+Crystal Rosado only way i could really see a egyptian loli look working would be like one of the recent dresses with no defined waist(like the shape of AP's holy lantern), maybe done in loose fabric with elegant drapes and gold detailing, but you'd have to super careful about not getting costumey/stereotypical.
jackson chen (4 years ago)
i like how she count prince as a sub-style it makes the lolita community more open.
SweetManiacDeluxe (4 years ago)
I don't think "Traditional" is an own style, since you can wear Traditional Sweet, Traditional Gothic etc.
Crystal Rosado (3 years ago)
In the west, it's called "old school lolita," referring to the fashion before 2006. After 2006-now, lolita fashion has become a lot more over the top and detailed. Old school or traditional, is a lot more simplified and plain.
SweetManiacDeluxe (4 years ago)
+KAWAII PATEEN  Ok now I understand what she meant with it. Thank you for your explanation :)
KAWAII PATEEN (4 years ago)
+SweetManiacDeluxe In Japanese they use the world traditional to refer to the now most well known "lolita fashion" style to distinguish it from the "classic" style most directly inspired by the victorian era. I know it is confusing though.
Nagisa chan (4 years ago)
my dream store...i;d stay in there for hours...
Princess Jessie-Kate (4 years ago)
I love that she counts old-school "traditional" Lolita as a style and mentions it first. Love her outfit there. I was surprised that she made it sound as if sweet Lolita has to be pink, though!
KAWAII PATEEN (4 years ago)
+Princess Jessie-Kate I think she wanted to say pink is used very often for sweet lolita.
letemeatcupcakes (4 years ago)
gorgeous dresses, but too darn expensive
potato (3 years ago)
+letemeatcupcakes try shopping off brand. western gothic fashion shops, taobao, stuff like that. maybe even secondhand if you're willing to try your luck.
Mae-Lea Simon-Horton (4 years ago)
I like Sweet Lolita most, but it doesn't suit me. My friends say I'm Goth/Punk Lolita, which I also like, but I wish I could wear Sweet Lolita clothes. Is Punk Lolita even a thing, though?
Wonderland Artwork (4 months ago)
wear it if you like it! If you're worried about your hair just put a wig on~
Mae-Lea Simon-Horton (3 years ago)
+flutteringwings123  Ooh, I hadn't thought of that. That sounds awesome :3 Thank you!
potato (3 years ago)
+strangeGamer SeerOfSpace you could try a punk-sweet hybrid style. punk styling in sweet colors. think pastel punk, translated into lolita.
Princess Jessie-Kate (4 years ago)
+strangeGamer SeerOfSpace You're very welcome!
Mae-Lea Simon-Horton (4 years ago)
+Princess Jessie-Kate  Okay, thanks, again. :3 And yeah, it could be fun to shock them, they might even try Lolita themselves. :D
xrainbowmintx (4 years ago)
I love the gothic, classic and prince styles!
Lilia (4 years ago)
I do love incorporating some sweet elements in Classic, occasionally. :)
Lilia (4 years ago)
I'm a mainly Classic Lolita, but I hate the look of bonnets, personally. ^^'
lizb (4 years ago)
I like them when they have a stiff shape, especially the elaborate gothic ones, but I don't like soft bonnets because I think they look too babyish.
Siderea (4 years ago)
(*_*) I wish I could afford clothes from Baby the Stars Shine Bright...
Strawberry Cigar (1 year ago)
Lunar look into the lace market. It's used lolita clothing.Most lolitas sell off their older clothing so they can afford new ones. 3 years late to respond, but ey mate, at least I can smack round Lace Market's name
Excuse my English (4 years ago)
everything suits beautifully in her ;.;
Meggiez (4 years ago)
I wish the Lolita style was more accessible outside of Japan, it's truly beautiful and adorable. I personally have always loved the sweet, gothic, and traditional styles. I hope I can visit someday just to enjoy trying on the dresses. For now, I'll try accessing to a more cute, feminine look with what I can find. Thank you for sharing this, I hope to learn more about the style so I can try it myself.
Meggiez you can get lots of Lolita dresses on angelic pretty
kitsuneninja (3 years ago)
You could also try to find lolitas who live close to you perhaps, it worked for me and I'm Dutch.
MOLLYDOLLIGHT (4 years ago)
There might even be a community close to you! Social media is wonderous for this. Or if you want online support there is EGL on livejournal :3
Princess Jessie-Kate (4 years ago)
There are lots of Lolita all over the world who buy clothing online and/or make their own clothing! You can also try attending a swap meet with local Lolita to buy some clothes in person. Don't let being outside of Japan stop you from being a Lolita!!
Clara (4 years ago)
Does anyone know the music which is playing during the "classic lolita" part??
Clara (4 years ago)
Thank you!
KAWAII PATEEN (4 years ago)
Pachabelly by Huma-Huma
Yui Chan (4 years ago)
13:29 I wanna see Ciel wearing that XDD
J. Fee (4 years ago)
The blue classic dress with the pearls, anyone can tell me its name? It`s gorgeous, I need to find it *__*
彡ven (4 years ago)
Sweet is my favorite ^w^
toby lu (4 years ago)
 so kawaii <3 so many styles to choose from <3
kassi prox (4 years ago)
name of music classic lolita please ^.^
kassi prox (4 years ago)
+KAWAII PATEEN Thank you :3
KAWAII PATEEN (4 years ago)
Pachabelly by Huma-Huma
Lightningfarron (4 years ago)
I never knew about the prince style :o
Princess Jessie-Kate (4 years ago)
Lolita outside of Japan commonly call it "Ouji," which is Japanese for prince. It might be a bit unhelpful that they translated it, although I understand why they did!
HYTENSAI (4 years ago)
うわ! とてもかわいい。Classical Lolita 買いたいです。

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