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Text Comments (2003)
Troll Game (1 year ago)
Best Leona
TMO Prod (1 year ago)
benney boy (1 year ago)
im i the only one who noticed cait could save the leona there ? 2:12
Maska Vlady (1 year ago)
I hate tryndamere he is so easy to master and so broken
I dear you to try a game with Garen full magic penetration ^^
Thunder Derp (1 year ago)
who else watching tihs for 2017
Nightblue3 i love you intro
Ryan Blanchard (1 year ago)
That Uber comment was the best. lol
kokila manohara (1 year ago)
a direct hit to his butt lol
LPO (1 year ago)
"my right arm is strogher then my left arm" do u know what i mean :D
Black Wolf (1 year ago)
trynda best champ :3
Xryv (1 year ago)
My right arm is alot stronger than my left arm. Know what i mean? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nimrod Villasencio (1 year ago)
What's the song on 1:00
Alfred Goh (1 year ago)
Boss Meep です (2 years ago)
i need the thumbnail NB3-kun ;3
Slim Shady (2 years ago)
Jan Nicholls (2 years ago)
i am gifting that Leona for that noble sacrifice
Bryan Woodruff (2 years ago)
Iga Kołpak (2 years ago)
5:40 music?
Zarrakon (2 years ago)
She sacrificed herself for uuuuu
Frost Archer (2 years ago)
Literally a split second of 511 ad
Halabalusa 0ff (2 years ago)
wallpaper please
Earl jay Bolanio (2 years ago)
0:37 what song
Vincent Olson (2 years ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue The kappa award Should go to Nightblue
Shiba Tatsuya (2 years ago)
Can i get the link of leona art...?
Alex Reshotkin (2 years ago)
Talyiah is trump's biggest supporter
Bazkaal (2 years ago)
Why do you always win ffs i love 45% of my rankeds and why the fck are you. Ot strested
H Yo (2 years ago)
1:50-2:24 plz
Max Lee (2 years ago)
song at 2:25?
Max Lee (2 years ago)
nvm found it Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E. ft. Snoop Dogg
Donnie Darko (2 years ago)
at 3:15 sorry, what's the song name?
Donnie Darko (2 years ago)
song at 3:30? plssssssssssssssssssssssss
Tage Lingåker (2 years ago)
As an aggressive Tryndamere main I cringed to hard at this
Ale RL (2 years ago)
i have 4 skins for tyrnda but i hate play with champ ;-;
Whealy2k12 (2 years ago)
Song 01:01?
Turbo Onion (2 years ago)
NA challenger looks like Clown Fiesta
Seiya aLIEz (2 years ago)
what's song 4.15 ----
Kalo Dawg (2 years ago)
1:30 song please anyone help?
cait is from greece
Davide Notaro (2 years ago)
Is nightblue gay? Is not (h)omophobia or something like that... just to know
Milan De Smet (2 years ago)
cite It looks like )iunny shift 8D
YOUSIFAHMED (2 years ago)
you are amazing
Dominik Kajtazi (2 years ago)
but that ddddddduel was epic i still remeber that intro
TeamUp Gamers (2 years ago)
zed is better ap (kappa) :P
Epicel Zey (2 years ago)
Epicel Zey (2 years ago)
Epicel Zey (2 years ago)
Epicel Zey (2 years ago)
RecklessXII (2 years ago)
this editing..............................
Quintaviusss (2 years ago)
i swear when leona died i cried😢
costis lit (2 years ago)
song at 5.40?????? plz tell me :((
Francesco Selillo (2 years ago)
Song At 00:26?
TheOne (2 years ago)
where is that music from at 4 mins and 50 seconds?
braza117 (2 years ago)
WILL SOMEONE FOR FUCKSAKE TELL ME THE SONG AT 4:48 commented on every video and naecunt seems to know
Hi Im W3rfy (2 years ago)
what is the music in 5:30
Remorsing Puppet (2 years ago)
"my right arm is alot stronger then my left arm" quagmire said the same thing. also why do people round up when making the title? Nightblue: 500 AD.. 481. Australian Idiot who loves Pink: every video ever that he uploads involving stats. Sure it's close, but you don't have a 5, better off with 480 or 400+.
thung lung (2 years ago)
4:48 name of music?
Connor Y (2 years ago)
Brent Bodden (2 years ago)
omg 4:49 cant stop laughing
Ayman Elhennawi (2 years ago)
nb3 can you please do jax jungle
Ruther Namuag (2 years ago)
golden hand
1DesertEagle26 (2 years ago)
Good night, sleep tight, dont let the dead fox bite, thats totally how i remember it :D HU4L <3
Xaero (2 years ago)
Somebody tell me the name of the song at 5:45 PLEASE.
Ludvig Ambrosio (2 years ago)
My right arm is a lot stronger then my left arm 😏😏😏
LuxGames1 (2 years ago)
Know why he is best LOL youtuber? Cause he have fun all time...
Marcandr3 (2 years ago)
Grace Dela cruz (2 years ago)
Chính Nguyễn Đức (2 years ago)
pls give me .mp3 at 2:59
SeraphimDragon (2 years ago)
That Yasuo 1v1 was pretty freaking awesome though. If it wasn't for Tryndamere's 6 seconds of fuck all, Yasuo would've won.
SeraphimDragon I was that yasuo btw
Bananaman 7171 (2 years ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Nightblue has fed Okay what's new?
gamfreak21 (2 years ago)
What does NB3 build when he plays Kog'Maw? A-tax-speed
Windy Side (2 years ago)
I dig... You dig... We dig... He dig... She dig... They dig... Now it's not a very beautiful poem but it's quite deep!
Buzz SC (2 years ago)
Why NB3 plays 1-2-3-4 , not Q-W-E-R? Because he has 2 left hands
Ravnicore (2 years ago)
the ocean drake joke was just right.
DISSIMAL (2 years ago)
Lucifer (2 years ago)
Why is Tryndamere a nazi? Cuz his right arm is stronger as his left arm Kappa
Hoàng An Nguyễn (2 years ago)
Do you guys know how to record like him? I want to watch my replay but I don't know how. Help me pls :)
Yari Thierens (2 years ago)
them naruto songs always make the video more epic ! :D
I bet the child that got in harambe's cage was nightblue's son it went to see his father and got him shot
Invincible Thresh (2 years ago)
2:25 song plz
Matthew Lim (2 years ago)
Trynd probably got a stronger right arm after he found pornhub lol
シアン化物 (2 years ago)
roses are red violets are blue trick2g is better than nightbloo
Tommy Carrano (2 years ago)
when nb3 puts big brother in one of his videos. LIKE
_GasKiD_ 101 (2 years ago)
5:42 name music plz :)
Hozackeno Echmaru (2 years ago)
500 ad, what clickbait
Abdallah Musafir (2 years ago)
"Get outta my jungle" he's not even in his jungle... lol
Carlos David (2 years ago)
Luckehh (2 years ago)
Roses are red, Violets are bigger. Everyone type in the chat...?
Hongerige Kameel (2 years ago)
you will remember yorick mori
Juan Pablo (2 years ago)
hehe xd
Omer H (2 years ago)
Why Groob always wins in League? He got all minions heheXD
Ruvimski (2 years ago)
I want to make a dick joke! But i always find it too hard.. =(
ahmet can (2 years ago)
LOL FREE SKINS http://link.tl/Np61
SpeedyHD (2 years ago)
"My right arm is alot stronger than my left arm !" Yep.. he is Nightblue3's Champion.
Raymond Teoh (2 years ago)
I'm SEA diamond rank,if compared to NA server I'm just platinum or lower =-=
karenagen hunder (2 years ago)
lol he dosnt even know you don't max r on trynd
benjamin Vekemans (2 years ago)
Don't you get copyright strikes with all the music in you're video's?
call me zed (2 years ago)
u can cheat against the laser turret with ryez ult and minions if u attack the enemies it wont focus u its..................kappa._.
Albin Alm (2 years ago)
4:39 killed me lol
Goncalo Duarte (2 years ago)
Foong Seow Wai (2 years ago)
Lets talk a joke Mike without flaming teammate

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