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LETHALITY LEE SIN vs SEMI TANK LEE SIN FULL BUILD FIGHTS #FullBuildFights MUSIC: Outro: Módl & Holly - Coming Home ► https://youtu.be/vuISYpyoaIw If you notice an issue in the title or description or credits for a play/music, please message me: [email protected]
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Kadu Ferraz (4 days ago)
6 rei destruido ganha de 6 sedenta, pq 1 sedenta de estava o roubo de vida com a outra, vc pode ter 6 sedenta mais vai ser sempre 20 %de roubo de vida, o certo é 6 hidra raivosa, ela estaca
강태영 (6 days ago)
But why??? I thought lethality lee sin would win.
A1 Boy (23 days ago)
Srsly ????? Fkinggg mawww ????? Dudeeee its edge of knight not fking maw
yan ma (24 days ago)
Retarded build lol
Abdullah Gamal (24 days ago)
U forgot stormrazor
Opened eyes (24 days ago)
Ehm, semi-tank wins?
Andrzej piotrus (24 days ago)
you should add 4. utility - tank lee sucks in teamfights, he can only autoattack because of no energy to one shot, lethality can oneshot and run away with w
Joshi ein Wesen (24 days ago)
sterracts is op
Berkay Oyunda (25 days ago)
Crit Lee daha çok op onu neden yapmadınız
Ruan Games (1 month ago)
666 likes lol
Dorians (1 month ago)
Crit garen vs normal garen(tank)
Dorians (1 month ago)
6 bloobthirsters doesnt work cause the life steal is a passive so it can't stack. That means he gets 20% life steal and 6 times 80 dmg.
Jacob Steele (1 month ago)
even if the lethality lee sin didn't go maw he still would of lost it wasn't even close classic lee sin is just better
norine breezy (1 month ago)
assasin build cant win against bruiser lol
FOLK God Of LOL (1 month ago)
AD kayle Vs AP kayle.
Joseph Abellano (1 month ago)
This guy has really stupid 1v1s
Hafes Der Bronze 4 Typ (1 month ago)
Bruiser vs assasin ofc bruiser wins
Garfield’s mom (1 month ago)
This is a stupid test lethality is meant for squishies not for killing tanks
RAGE PAPPA (1 month ago)
Garfield’s mom buying items that give health=tank. 416AD=tank seems legit to me
extermina CÃO (1 month ago)
Blue smite for lee sin?
Memo Riven (1 month ago)
Lethality riven vs standart riven dd blackleaver hydra
火寒 (1 month ago)
Drake Tache (1 month ago)
Full ad Shen vs Full Ap Shen?
Patryk Dabrowski (1 month ago)
Blue Lee Sin is IRON IV ?
long quang (1 month ago)
Lee sát lực lên cây kháng phép ngu v
Darlyx Gaming (1 month ago)
maw vs lee ? XDDD
Madlife (1 month ago)
Lulu vs lulu
Hyper Fruit (1 month ago)
I already knew it was going to be classic lee sin. It quite obvious. The point of lethality is to deal more damage to tanks with alot of armor. But classic lee sin doesn't even have much armor and more ad. Sooo.... ya
Jack Fort (1 month ago)
The point of lethality is reduce the enemy armor the most near posible to 0, like plane Magic penetration Vs tanks you buy %penetration like last whisper, lord dominik or mortal reminder You gonna ignore more armor of a tank with just one lord dominik that with 3 items of lethality
Jack Fort (1 month ago)
"The point of lethality is to deal more damage to tanks with a lot of armor" XDDDDDDDDDDDDD You made my day with that line.
Master Axe (1 month ago)
Kayle vs Jax
Luis huanel (1 month ago)
Eres puro weon y plagiando a lol lsm smotion
qAwesoMe Nicu (1 month ago)
dude u just used ur ults like idiots instead of doing combos or smth productive.
Hyper Fruit (1 month ago)
Ikr. It would even look better in the video.
Lol Gank (1 month ago)
cile (1 month ago)
mr item against lee ? nice
Simon Moran (1 month ago)
Magic resist vs lee sin?
tanukiemon vn (24 days ago)
Full build.
Bubblefor2booty (1 month ago)
Well magic resist doesn't exactly do damage... or even a champion
RAGNAROK (1 month ago)
Trundle vs Volibear
KatariNA LoL (1 month ago)
Kardeşim öncelikle selamun aleyküm sana bir önerim var türkçe devam etmen eğer türkçe devam edersen dahada çok değerlenecek attığın videolar ☺ yani türk takipçilerin var benim gibi ama türkçe değil kanalın üzücü...
Zelios P (1 month ago)
Ap vs ad jax
Hyper Fruit (1 month ago)
Yeah! Great idea. It would be interesting.
Łukasz W (1 month ago)
Wow sterak on lee
Fallen Angel Michael (1 month ago)
bad video with lee
#Pak3R # (1 month ago)
Lethality play vs adc not tank xD
Flavio Pagliai (1 month ago)
Maybe using drakktar?
vô cực kiếm (1 month ago)
Darius vs trundle
Bee Boo (1 month ago)
no edge of night ?
Mauer01 (7 days ago)
it wouldnt really change anything as i explained in some other comment
Nicole Tanay (1 month ago)
Musi Bale (1 month ago)
BT life steal don't stack
Aian Rubick Novelo (1 month ago)
Dumbasss you shoulda put Edge Of Night
Họ Và Tên (1 month ago)
jax vs lee sin
Kwak JAGUAR (1 month ago)
teemo vs kasadin
Animal Zone X (1 month ago)
Malmortious ?
Cafer özata (1 month ago)
UltimatePrinceofBB (1 month ago)
MEH match. This is like assassins vs tank/bruiser. The bruiser is tanky enough to out-sustain the assassin. A more balanced battle is bruiser vs pure crit, Cause at least it's dps vs dps
Reniel Senpai (1 month ago)
Where's the Critic ver. LS 🤔😻😻
Cow Goes Quack ! (1 month ago)
Why don’t go edge of Night instead of maw
Lorran Chagas (1 month ago)
Jax vs Yasuo
YGO Entertainer (1 month ago)
Pyke vs Irelia
Yusuf Baki (1 month ago)
Lethality Nocturne vs Normal Build Nocturne
Enkidu Earthheart (1 month ago)
Nope, his normal bulid is on-hit build + Lethality, not Lethality only
Marcia Ribeiro (1 month ago)
But his normal build is Lethality
Giannena City 07 (1 month ago)
Why u got maw on lethality lee...u could take edge of the night and i think he could win
cskillers1 (8 days ago)
@Mauer01 nice math, man!
Chemiacalades pantouuu
Mauer01 (1 month ago)
+Giannena City 07 yeah i know, facts are so stupid arguments, nothing anyone can say against. xD If you wanna do it yourself, all the important stuff is on lolwiki.com obviously the item stats, but also the calculation for the damage reduction (it should be 100-100/(100+effective armor)
Giannena City 07 (1 month ago)
+Mauer01 😵😵
Mauer01 (1 month ago)
+Giannena City 07 so lets do the math 96 armor from lee sin level 18 60 from dead mens 20 from ninjas so 176 armor. (you can see it in the video if you dont belive me lul) against 21 lethality from drakhtaar which has 3 more lethality than the other 2. so basically 18 from both of them makes 39 to 57 lethality so now to the damage reduction with 39 lethality its 137 effective armor so an ad damage reduction of 58% with 57 lethality its 119 effective armor so an ad damage reduction of 56% so concrats, you are doing 2% more damage when you are going edge in this situation (okey with edge you would have 5 more ad which should add a bit more than 2% (like 3 or something lul) but still he wouldnt had any chances. Just for the luls. Lord dominics (one of the last visper upgrades) let this build shred to 76 armor which is an ad damage reduction of 43% which is 15% more damage, though you have 10 less ad.(which doesnt do that much here, at max 6 because its twice from the 5 ad xD, but i didnt calculated that)
TuricanBR (1 month ago)
Melhor Canal!!(Best channel)
Fc Vanh Leg (1 month ago)
Tryndame vs trundle!! Pls
Tryndamere McCelso (1 month ago)
Trundle is only good against bruisers and tanks, not AD Carry champs
Hyper Fruit (1 month ago)
Tryndamere's ulti makes him immortal against trundle's ult , and damage while tryndamere has insane dmg
Hyper Fruit (1 month ago)
But wouldnt it be obvious who the winner is?
Cavhs Vheiv (1 month ago)
Pantheon vs olaf
Hehe Xd (1 month ago)
Jax vs Camille
Ketsuku Ryyu (1 month ago)
Lee Sin won the fight
FnaFic Foxy (1 month ago)
FnaFic Foxy (1 month ago)
Kurt Loman (1 month ago)
Exenon (1 month ago)
1:40 for what this wardjump? He didn't get shield from W and he got longer cd on W
Clark Gonzales (1 month ago)
Exenon dude it was supposed to be a method for dodging
tryndamare vs yasuo :(
+Nguyễn Thái ở đâu
Nguyễn Thái (1 month ago)
Tryn và ys hình như làm rùi
realgamer YT (1 month ago)
I like rework lee sin
Luan Nguyen Ngoc (1 month ago)
Nilda Lagrimas (1 month ago)
SmokerGR (1 month ago)
SENIW PL (1 month ago)

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