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Can You Rock Climb Without Ropes? • The Test Friends

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Text Comments (1559)
Char Chag (2 days ago)
I climb
leighl33 (8 days ago)
Ryan and Shane are so funny I love them
Myrin (11 days ago)
tag yourself i'm "vertical ascension, i'm pretty good at it"
ham hands (26 days ago)
biggest weakness: bears
M iG At (27 days ago)
why is that Jen only carry the camera but did not participate in this test? :O
meaganmw1205 (1 month ago)
But also, what is it with Shane and bears? It was in ruining history, it was in berryland, and now here. We need an explanation.
meaganmw1205 (1 month ago)
Why did this series stop??
Frankie Palmer (1 month ago)
'were gonna try on one of the hardest " *does a v2 * WEAK I am 5'3" and have done v7s and v8s lol
We need test friends back!!!
Fred Jackson (3 months ago)
Top tip use the tip of your toes!!!
casse toi (3 months ago)
Ryan's biggest weakness are actually ghOstS
joy (3 months ago)
I see ryan and shane, i click. Simple.
samantha sherman (3 months ago)
my school has a bouldering and rock climbing gym, so it’s weird to see adults do it who haven’t done it before or in a long time
valcattt (3 months ago)
Dam they tried to dyno
Risky Apriliansyah (4 months ago)
well since the try guys left buzzfeed, why don't bring the test friends back?
Annie Hart (4 months ago)
Can I climb Shane? 😛😏
Hen can u adopt me
Jen (I cba editing it lmao )
Tess Keitt (5 months ago)
Wicked Amoeba (5 months ago)
Aww! Ryan is adorable!
Maddie M (5 months ago)
lmao jordan at the end "I really wanted to beat him today, but I'm also glad that he maybe found a new calling" That's definitely friendship lol
21YoZUpZ (5 months ago)
We’re going to try the hardest bouldering one... the infamous V2...
miat789 (5 months ago)
Are there more recent videos?? All I’ve seen are videos from 2015 & 2016
Jewel (6 months ago)
why is everyone a climber in the comments
Juliette Card (6 months ago)
Ryan’s biggest weakness: bears Lmao😂😂
FM Productions (6 months ago)
Discount try guys
Michele Cousins (6 months ago)
Why Ryan is so good at climbing will remain unsolved..lol
Asha Galvan (6 months ago)
I've done this before, it's so freaking fun :D
TheToxicZombie (6 months ago)
Shane unfolded his legs and was already almost half way up the wall. Hes too tall, someone needs to steal his leg bones.
Jordan Owens (7 months ago)
Another girl named Jordan!!!
Misaki Yui (7 months ago)
I'm sorry but when you're showing me a video with Shane and Ryan, there's no way I'm taking this seriously 😂😂😂
messier 31 (7 months ago)
E. Osborn (7 months ago)
iSnt tHiS bAsiCaLLy the trY gUys
lacrossetv (7 months ago)
They make the sport look so bad
idk nan molla (7 months ago)
mejicslave (7 months ago)
1 like=1 shaniac
MeonProductions (7 months ago)
Biggest weakness: Trusts too quickly. Who hurt you, Shane...
Justin Johnson (7 months ago)
Shanes bulge at 3:02 is amazing 😍😍
Mia Gadsby (8 months ago)
ryan speed
Noah Graff (8 months ago)
Try free soloing
Noah Graff (8 months ago)
That’s just bouldering. That’s nothing
Hayden Nichole (8 months ago)
Why are they wearing their chalk bags like kangaroo pouches 😆
The Gacha Nerd (8 months ago)
Look I am WAYYYY younger than you guys and I do rock climbing multiple times a week granted it has a harness but still!
Lance Evensen (8 months ago)
When they called the V2 one of the hardest I died
Emily's Life (8 months ago)
They said they are going to climb one of the harder ones at 3:02 and they are climbing a v2. That is my warm up route. Any other rock climbers out there!!!??
Sketchy Tea (9 months ago)
*A C T U A L L Y* Ryan's biggest weakness is ghosts
coco puffs (9 months ago)
bring back test friends
airyballoon (10 months ago)
"Ryan and Shane + Jordan" try bouldering
Charlie Gilbert (10 months ago)
Buzzfeeed is literally aids
colin craw4d (10 months ago)
Watching adults fail on v.2s and v.3s make me happy
Flare Blitz (10 months ago)
Lol the hardest thing they climbed was like a vB
Bonnie K (10 months ago)
Yeah you can- bouldering or free solo climbing.
grenade romance (10 months ago)
Ryans arms are the reason I'm alive
Skip [REDACTED] (10 months ago)
Test Friends? More like the Co-Ed Try Guys
1516yamilez (10 months ago)
Test friends lol
Pooqua (10 months ago)
lol "the low test friends."
Monika Chhoum (10 months ago)
Ryan's biggest weakness is GHOST.
Hayley Flanagan (10 months ago)
I miss test friends
ur mom angelina (10 months ago)
doobs (11 months ago)
*Uses shane and Ryan in thumbnail to get views*
Jake Taylor (11 months ago)
Ryan is secretly on adderall
Kiera Lerner (11 months ago)
Biggest weakness: Bears
B-atiful! (11 months ago)
"biggest strength: _blind determination"_
Unknown Superhero (11 months ago)
BUZZFEED PLS make a FITNESS directed youtube Channel
Lilys Short (1 year ago)
If jens in it then it's good
Niksu Niksi (1 year ago)
I can, i do 6b
Maryam Salyakhov (1 year ago)
I am a bouldere my role model is alex puccio
Ana Martin (1 year ago)
Biggest weakness: bears HAHAHAHHA
dominic cristante (1 year ago)
Harry Stryder Games (1 year ago)
why does buzz still exist
GOM chibi (1 year ago)
This reminds me of Ashima
Thane A (1 year ago)
ALEX_IVERSON (1 year ago)
I still think that the try guys are the funniest people on YouTube
goth division (1 year ago)
Bears omg
Teslascender (1 year ago)
Its not about speed people
Mubashira Marzan (1 year ago)
Ryan is sexy
cat (1 year ago)
shane is so tall and ryan is so buff
Yeh (1 year ago)
Wait....shouldn't Ryan's biggest weakness be ghosts?
Clove Universe (1 year ago)
Jen is recording at the top of the wall lmfao
Luna Lynx (1 year ago)
Ryan is good at this cause he need to out run/climb or whatever to get away from ghost and demons xD
Loki Is not Dead (1 year ago)
Test friends became buzzfeed unsolved and jen to ladylike
Ada Marin (1 year ago)
I'm here for Ryan's arms and Ryan's arms only
mac (1 year ago)
Atlas Genius will be officially pressing charges for copyright infringement on the blatant ripoff of their music here lol
Julian Franco (1 year ago)
“we’re gonna climbing one of the harder routes” it’s a v2😂
bizzy (1 year ago)
Anxiety that one of them will fall backwards help
Dylan Hahn (1 year ago)
I've been climbing for 7 years and this is the best thing ever
Olivia Singleton (1 year ago)
Lol they were doing a v2
Lavanya Nigam (1 year ago)
Get the test friends back😁😁😁😁😁
Its Millie (1 year ago)
Yes. It's called bouldering.
Alice Thomas (1 year ago)
I was forced to do this by my school 😫😰
albert elmgart (1 year ago)
You mean bouldering?
Kyler Smith (1 year ago)
Jen is so funny without her at buzzfeed I wouldn't watch buzzfeed
aud (1 year ago)
they said no one else is around but Jen is literally filming everyone, why isn't she climbing lol?
haikyuu god (1 year ago)
Shane: Lost to Ryan Also Shane: *Can spend a night in a haunted hospital*
Sebastian Olivares (1 year ago)
I can climb a rock wall without a rope I do it all the time in my gym class
Zappy Films!! (1 year ago)
Cheesey!😁 not real climbing
xPhoebex (1 year ago)
When it said biggest weakness,for Ryan I thought it would be ghosts
ThatWEIRDasianGirl (1 year ago)
Biggest strength: Blind determination Same.
Goldfish Emoji (1 year ago)
Try the insanity workout challenge
pause at 2:23 your welcome
matt willetts (1 year ago)
I do that and I'm 8

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