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I played Darius using every Rune Page and this is what happened!
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Text Comments (392)
MightyFish (8 days ago)
I don't play League yet Youtube still recommends these videos. Dude like what?
Sj Bong (1 month ago)
Fuckijg hell, tilt free you are. If that shit happens to me with Lee DC and Tristana doing shit, I would have sure surrender by 15. But fucking hell you got your S.. maybe it's the skill and positioning I guess.
Il0veOr3o / Noel (1 month ago)
Tihno_34 (2 months ago)
what is ur elo besides ur smurfs? Also i love your darius build it inspires me to get higher rankings... (the zz'rot portal/splity darius). what else caould i add to make it better?
Asuna Yuuki (3 months ago)
you're terrible player omfg
En kanal (3 months ago)
I always ban darius
En kanal (3 months ago)
i frggin hate darisu
PSwitch (4 months ago)
Grasp game was just standart PBE nowadays, its so dumb...
NUKEDUDE GAMING (5 months ago)
stupid katarina (5 months ago)
wtf is this elo
No LIFE (6 months ago)
playing against bots wont help anyone
Autistic Dodo (6 months ago)
DO not use any of these builds they are complete garbage
Autistic Dodo (6 months ago)
who the fuck gets q first ability
Andrew Lewis (6 months ago)
I'm M7 Darius cause of you, THXS!!!!
Izumi5500 (6 months ago)
It is so nice to have those runes work when your enemies act like dummies.
JimboTheGreat33 (6 months ago)
Nice meme at 7:00. Kill yourself 10 year old, blocked.
Molotav Milkshake (6 months ago)
Hah nerd I got 1.2k hp n my tahm kench level 1
wait hes the rain man?
Caesar Daran (6 months ago)
3:49 That`s why you don`t go for 2 at the same time :^)
BlackIkar (6 months ago)
I was listening to rock music and somehow autoplay managed to get me here.
Shaolinhigh ak (7 months ago)
i like water walking it helps a lot with roaming and objective fights
Ricky Ticky (7 months ago)
Im a Darius main for 4 seasons and this was uploaded on my birthday lol?
Fabioo Gregorio De (7 months ago)
8:00 they just gangbanged you. Am sorry ma dude
Legendary > Mystic
MrBigbrownies (7 months ago)
why is everyone u play against so bad
Astro Blue (8 months ago)
Click 6 for a massive orgasm
Jacob Jordan (8 months ago)
that teemo was garbage as fk. had he built right he would have dumpstered your whole team. considering the 2 afks and you didn't build to counter him. then again you didn't need to counter him since he built like a fking idiot. guy had no nashors, no liandrys and was free farming. with the right build he would have nexused before anyone got strong enough to fight him in that situation.
You sound mentally unstable
Abid Khan (8 months ago)
7:40 that varus cancelled three autos in a row wth...
Lawrence Hönig (8 months ago)
unluckiest penta miss ive seen 6:06
TriiumpH_ (8 months ago)
How do u have the green dot on ur flash?
Linus Johansson (5 months ago)
it's from unsealed spellbook, it shows that you can swap summoner spells.
Rainman lol
akuuka1 (9 months ago)
omae wa mou shindeiru. NANI?
Anthony Ritenour (9 months ago)
i can get 955 hp level 1 on chogath
ElCale Funes (9 months ago)
Y los subtitulos? :V
niro lord (9 months ago)
Funny thing is they buffed darius cause the new runes apparently suck on him. Wtf. Then they nerf j4. Wooo
Devanor (9 months ago)
"Support Darius" Bought Doran's Shield instead of Relic Shield *Triggered*
Nick Waltrip (9 months ago)
I love the support page
Steins;Gate (9 months ago)
Im sorry to ask but what is HEX-flash again? :D
ArrowDxD7441 (10 months ago)
omae wa mou shindeiru 7:01 :D
Nowy Krzaczek (10 months ago)
What i should build on darius support
BlueBird (10 months ago)
O M A E W A M O U S H I N D E I R U . N A N I ? ! ?
Jab Cuty (10 months ago)
Soooooo just a tip, glacial augment... Glacial augment darius is good everywhere you're crazy enough to use him
Rathmor (10 months ago)
Your laugh is the most annoying thing in the world. Nice video btw.
Snitsel xd (10 months ago)
6 ads cmonBruh
skullogyse (10 months ago)
Great video
Tom (10 months ago)
601 k views wtf nice view bots brofresco
Vince Rodriguez (10 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHA lethal tempo darius is the best!! Easy max stack of hemorrhage
Chronorush (10 months ago)
At least it's not like BunnyFuFuu support. Fucking taking all the kills.
Hyperstrike (10 months ago)
Try fleetfootwork
Struggler (10 months ago)
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so this is THE rain man, The legend, I lost sight of you for like 5 years now I found you on youtube, i was subscribed to this channel then for some teemo videos then I unsubbed but I didn't know it was you. This made my day <3
pizzaguy (10 months ago)
lol idk how anyone can complain about being hardstuck bronze while this champ exists
JakeSatz (10 months ago)
your laugh sounds like a small child.
Luis Gonzalez (10 months ago)
There's an ad-pocalypse amirite guys? Amirite?!
Joel Bäckman (10 months ago)
Is that title supposed to make people wanna wathc? I just wanna throw up
Isuachi Deibiddo (10 months ago)
press the attack with titanic hydra rush is OP..
SokDanutz (10 months ago)
i think predator is so good bcz i have problem with darius, if darius don't get stacks he is usseles but with predator is easy in early
Luke Chudoba (10 months ago)
LOL support Darius wow. They were trolling in that match so hard.
maciej (10 months ago)
Can u make more rusr video
Danut 26 (10 months ago)
And literally best runes for Darius top is?
Anthony Aspili (10 months ago)
Great channel just subbed
RoNon (10 months ago)
him trying to pass stealing lane as udyr's fault lol
REDACTED (10 months ago)
Playing on PBE is like.....zero indication of how good a champion is. Because turns out Darius is terrible right now and most runes are garbage on him.
plonte54 (10 months ago)
thanks a lot, it helped me to understand the runes better :3
MeromethLoL (10 months ago)
11 min video with 6 ads, good job.
EnrichedFlames (10 months ago)
R.I.P Shen he got rekted so hard
PETA (10 months ago)
the first min is kind of toxic but it works very well hohhoooo that bayt!
Ratón Chamán (10 months ago)
Yiu are a good player but you adc is also a good player,
Steffen René (10 months ago)
7:37 how to kite as adc
Prince Virginia (10 months ago)
3:25 why did u flash if bleed could kill him
Richard Hertz (10 months ago)
Stizzer123 (10 months ago)
Pretty sure this video just proves Darius is busted af and needs a nerf
Hazard Pay 35 (10 months ago)
1:50 that heal
WizardXZD (10 months ago)
"Darius feels really good with the new runes" LOL
ohana means family nigga (10 months ago)
is this guy bronze?
icupz (10 months ago)
Way too many ads
Duke DownSyndrome (10 months ago)
so udyr leaves once then comes back tells darius to leave top leaves again further down the line...
punch (10 months ago)
if you get filled tahn play also the lane you got ....
first name last name (10 months ago)
Chris .Greeno (10 months ago)
In conclusion: Darius is a braindead champion and works no matter what you do with him.
Potato Gamer2655 (7 months ago)
Kill yourself.
Gerry Portuguez (10 months ago)
Remember when Darius gets movement speed for every champion with Hemorrhage? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Metabreaker (10 months ago)
Today i played Nautilus with the new runes and i had 950hp at lvl 1 and now i know How to get 1025hp at lvl 1, thought i should go resolve as primary Rune but i needed inspiration as primary and then resolve!
Alejandro Baldazo (10 months ago)
Was that game in fucking bronze V
SoEinSheo (5 months ago)
Kind of, it’s pbe the people are worse there
Alexandre Goes (10 months ago)
1:30 "Oh, I gotta hold it dowwwn~~" The disappointment! XD
laserbeam444 maddness (9 months ago)
Alexandre Goes well
DuxPredator (10 months ago)
interesting...ghost and phase rush
Noone At all (10 months ago)
There are 43740 different rune pages you can do, I doubt you checked them all XD
J Qarrillo (10 months ago)
nerf darius is all i got from this
GenuineGhoul (10 months ago)
Wow, how did I not find this guy til now? Super polite.
Nat1ve (10 months ago)
Lee Sin just chilling in the wall 8:13
Roberts Polis (10 months ago)
fuck off rainman
BakuCarl (10 months ago)
I think the ads had more runtime than this vid
Adam Dee (10 months ago)
Laugh level: Anime Schoolgirl.
redreed77 (10 months ago)
Epic plays and dang almost penta
LeonFX (10 months ago)
wow, you really took udyr's lane because he didn't counterpick on pbe?
Aatrox (10 months ago)
Garen says hello with possible 928hp at lvl1 .
ThrustFrom Behind (10 months ago)
Darius is totes not Broken, *Kappa*
Kid Buu (5 months ago)
Brian Santos (10 months ago)
Actually one of the best videos I've watched recently
Lightfire LP (10 months ago)
how you can exuse this lane steal 8:13. he the udyr was top and you support and he disconnected but came back as the minion wave kolapsed and you just stole his role because you thought teemo vs udyr is bad. you cant just decide this by you own i pick fiora into teemo and beat him just let poeple play.
Pimenta Rules (11 months ago)
Darius is cancer
blueborn87 (11 months ago)
You did a great thing here setting up the video like this. It made me feel like you were really showing how you did playing all these diffrent ways. With the diffrent runes and what not. Made my day. Sad part is. Now i really wanna play Dyrus xD Still good job. Make more videos like this if you havnt already and i will defenetly watch em.
FreestylStudio (11 months ago)
Fuck I hate Darius.

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