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3 Things That Are Killing Your Text Game With Women

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3 weird texting techniques that will have her addicted to you by tonight - https://buff.ly/2ylinEL Too many times guys make mistakes texting girls. Find out 3 things you need to stop doing immediately to increase your chances of success. youtube.com/vipattraction https://youtu.be/CubCoFJfPEU
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Text Comments (5)
Raviraj Shere (2 months ago)
Thanks Robbie
RagingDragon (3 months ago)
What do you think about ping texting?
YourFavoriteArtist_Kha (9 months ago)
More videos Robbie. U make great content and get straight to the point
YourFavoriteArtist_Kha (9 months ago)
BHen (11 months ago)
Good looking out! I'm horrible at texting to the point where people think I'm 2 different people from in person and via text. Text almost always ruins my chances because I suck at it lol. It's my biggest thing I need to work on

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