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Preseason 2018 - Runes Reforged

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All these Runes are going to FREE and shake up the game massively! Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the amazon affiliate program (NA): https://amzn.to/2qZ3Bmv Read More About the Preseason Here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update Feel Free to Follow me on Twitter as well: https://twitter.com/SkinSpotlights For League of Legends Related News Check Out [email protected]: http://www.surrenderat20.net/ Facebook for all you FB Users who want to keep upto date: https://www.facebook.com/Skinspotlights
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Text Comments (2905)
SkinSpotlights (10 months ago)
For Kennen I feel like I will either run: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update/8300-8351?build=40200225 Or http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update/8200-8229?build=21220326
Sloth The Judge (10 months ago)
SkinSpotlights Can you do a video about all the minor runes In Game please ??
famineinfernal1 (10 months ago)
SkinSpotlights i was so excited to see this update...but then Maria artackex puerto rico and i will be possibly 9 months without lights ;-; feelsbadman
Clover 1 (10 months ago)
What ? You do realize (Like anything else) without change you fall off. This update is amazing stay woke.
Jadonia (10 months ago)
I am a Kennen main.
Jack Mitchum (10 months ago)
SkinSpotlights new gnar skin coming out today
TheDoctorOfThrills (2 months ago)
Warlord's Bloodlust made bot lane so difficult to balance and frustrating to play and Riot fucking kept it
Blaž Bagić (8 months ago)
I've created a tool for all of you out there who are to lazy to learn the best runes for every champion (type). You can check out a demonstration video on my channel. Also contact me if you want to be a alpha/beta tester.
Lovesick (8 months ago)
These runes solve nothing from a balance perspective.....If you guys are really trying to make the game fresh I don't understand why you're trying in the first place since LoL is already unique compared to other MOBAs. Just let the game sit in a consistent state for once.
Dregio Ramos (8 months ago)
This is garbage. Its only to appease the new players or to get new players to play. New rune system garbage. Wait till season 8 ranked starts and you get rekt just for the fact that some runes/masteries just work better on some champs. Its like its a new game.
Ma. Johnson (9 months ago)
I am here to see the raging comments
Mohamed Osama (9 months ago)
Simpler than the website on the website you have to sit and read 5 pages -____________-
christine joy leonor (9 months ago)
the summoner specialist is so weird for me, its not balance in the game 😒
Rin Okumura (9 months ago)
Soo if u going to upgrade the runes and $hits will u repay my riot point back? I used a lot of riot points to buy runes soooooo...
blah blahblah (9 months ago)
riot fucked up play kassadin with the ultimate hat and spam ult in base to get max cdr
Haielnieyaz Iezz (9 months ago)
Actually i like this new runes. Hai i from Malaysia, i got this new runes yesterday. I so like it but it is too hard to know it how to use.
Da fuq?! (9 months ago)
How do you even understand this fused runes? I mean the new isn't that bad because it's simple and are functioning clearly but the old just give us advantage to organize stats of the runes and masteries, it let us use other skills that may gives benefits to the champions
Ivan Lañoza (9 months ago)
Phase Rush with ekko's passive is just so broken
jhan Saura (9 months ago)
I dont like this change spell
Wang Hai Feng (9 months ago)
Thank you riot for completely overhauling the worst system in the game by far. This is a hundred percent good thing for anyone who wants to play league, I see zero reason to be unhappy with these changes other than balancing. This will really invigorate the game no question about it. Dynamic builds will be further encouraged with so many options available. Also props on making stats visible on these runes but would like it if all stats on items and champions were also visible like ratios and stat scaling.
Bongo Gongo (9 months ago)
OK. RIOT now i must Delete this game BB
Sillypie Gamer (9 months ago)
kendrew Hordista (9 months ago)
minigun jinx op💔
unknown person (9 months ago)
not bad...i guess
Kevin Wang (9 months ago)
Goodbye Masteries
The Puddingmaster (9 months ago)
Aftershock seems a bit op when combined with colossus
Mr Picklez (9 months ago)
kennen main here
Galath (9 months ago)
So which one is good for blitz and thresh
Ano Ulam (9 months ago)
Then we need a large map xD
Gyn Lâm (9 months ago)
After this preseason patch, 100% Kogmaw & Tristana ban at ranked match !
Ben Baxter (9 months ago)
finally , no more OP bullshit
CD Player (9 months ago)
Where can I access all of these things
Shadow Ninja305 (9 months ago)
I do like the summoner specialist
Chou Tzuyu (9 months ago)
this was so stupid runes
czapko alex (9 months ago)
What... A ... Fucking ... Broken PIECE OF SHIT IS THAT?
Mohammed Al hammadi (9 months ago)
so the old runes r going to be removed?
Leo IKON&MOMOLAND FAN (9 months ago)
Summoner Specialist is good for me :D
Sasuke Uchiha (9 months ago)
bad ... so baaad .. i hate those new runes
Sasuke Uchiha (9 months ago)
and this thing with summoner change ? ... so fking boosted
Sasuke Uchiha (9 months ago)
league is gonna die in 1 or 2 years and s4/s5 were so good
the specialist was too op. i dont like it
Ricardo Lugo (9 months ago)
Hec just became a speed god
Nixon Perez (10 months ago)
dayuuuum! first kayne's Q resembles to one of Dante's Osiris skill, now this? summon aerie was Fūjin's spirit of Fūko Kirisawa, i know what you did there rito
GlowingIcefire (10 months ago)
EVERYBODY QUIET DOWN STOP SAYING THAT LEAGUE IS DEAD NOW okay ill calm down but really league isn't dead, just a ton more fun and if you don't like that, then you shouldn't be playing it
raymond pascual (10 months ago)
Quit lol Play dota2
MARC L!BS (10 months ago)
+SkinSpotlights so no more Deathfire?? :(
Sixth Pain (10 months ago)
This is worrying me, I kinda like League the way it is now, especially the runes and masteries, if these were to be changed, it might leave a scar on my plays.
Soul Stealer (10 months ago)
Czyril Jacla (10 months ago)
wow?! another wrong move... riot why?!
Ragna arcadia (10 months ago)
the league of legends is broken now.
Devola (10 months ago)
Summoner specialist seem OP
GlowingIcefire (10 months ago)
its the weakest
Draugen (10 months ago)
Summoner Specialist seems op, but it can be a game changer. Like if the jungler decides to lane mid-game. So far, I like the Grasp of the Undying and Guardian. More utility for Fighter Tanks!
CarryDeezCamp Ace (10 months ago)
I m diamond 4
Gtjarvan (10 months ago)
Fleet Footwork Hmmm My jhin can be more fast now Hehehhe
Benoit Bouchon (10 months ago)
Wtf 3.2
Spacetime (10 months ago)
Toy Battle (10 months ago)
this gong be nice wow love it
طارق العلاس (10 months ago)
gg Report riot
Ahn Jae-hyun (10 months ago)
Can We Sell Runes in the 8.0 Patch? Cause I Need To sell all of my tier 2 runes they are not usefull So please do this for the next patch or there's no capacity for the storage of the runes Cause I cant get all of tier 3 runes :(
GlowingIcefire (10 months ago)
there's no more tier 2 tier 3 runes at all they're getting removed
Ayem Gyuruku (10 months ago)
I will miss, Courage of the Colossus and DFT , Storm RaiderSurge and Wind Goddess Blessing
David Jugerson (10 months ago)
The jax scene its like his viktor.
GlowingIcefire (10 months ago)
CZERWONYsynYT (10 months ago)
John Maverick Barria (10 months ago)
New reasons for bronze to feed
Tony Wang (10 months ago)
2 types of people in comments. But I like both. I would like to see roit stops making the game harder for young and new players. I love the simple way. But it is good idea to change something to keep the game fresh as time goes on. So hard to decide.
mouhamed gamer (10 months ago)
azhar ulala (10 months ago)
Lapis Lapis (10 months ago)
SO runes are like bonus OP abilities... no more bonus AD, AP, ARMOR etc? someone answer me
GlowingIcefire (10 months ago)
no not at all never totally not absolutely never nope
HeyTherePeoplez (10 months ago)
The only thing that irks me about this update is the fact that you can now change Summoner Spells in-game
GlowingIcefire (10 months ago)
its the weakest...
Bobby Cuevas (10 months ago)
Stop complaining! What are you, bronzies? Cant accept updates? You want to play the same patch forever? Same thing when the plants came in league. Just because its not easy to adjust, patch doesn't make the game shit, it makes it better. Chaaange is gooooooooood! Right kha'zix.
CG Kira (10 months ago)
so no more masteries?
Hamzuto (10 months ago)
grasp of undying on cho gath... now you dont need gargoyle to 1shot
lazy fox (10 months ago)
Why rito why
Shrink Lord (10 months ago)
wtf i can't believe this is this even league it's so much amazing these runes are gonna change the whole thing of Lol
Fozan Muhamed (10 months ago)
How do I know witch one to chose for each champion?????
GlowingIcefire (10 months ago)
Antoine Lanthier (10 months ago)
Verry good démonstration
Isaac Rox (10 months ago)
I like everything besides the ability to change summoner spells mid game but maybe Riot will change and tweak it a bit since it's still a WIP.
GlowingIcefire (10 months ago)
actually its the weakest, thats why its still there
Roberto Estay Lopez (10 months ago)
Samuel Ariza (10 months ago)
ALl i am praying for is that this helps increase the diversity of champions within LoL, specially in competitive play. Go look at Worlds,. theres like only 4 champions per role.
Oscar Guan (10 months ago)
This is just a bunch of duplicates of spells, and are all different forms of one another. I get that the old runes felt really lacklustre, but a lot of these are too prevalent and will definitely break the game for a long time while riot tries to balance. Runes should feel like something that brings a strong passive presence, not something that gives every champion the same new abilities and effects.
John Snyder (10 months ago)
itsLyso (10 months ago)
fix death recap
Nemanja Avram (10 months ago)
When s8 comes
Cameron Le'Quin (10 months ago)
Legitimate question though; I main Zilean and in accordance with the old mastery system, I'd have taken thunderlord's to proc that extra damage after a double stun + auto. His second time bomb goes off after three seconds, which was within the scope of thunderlord's. But electrocute works within a matter of two seconds, it seems more like an adc or bursty mid laner's rune now... So what's best to take on him then then? Comet?
- InfiniteFusion (10 months ago)
Bullshit summoner specialist.
Sanzie (10 months ago)
imagine if revive was still in league ..
Blimington Bear (10 months ago)
Skinspotlights the real mvp
MaxBlight (10 months ago)
The poros OP
Dundyyy (10 months ago)
"Summoner specialist" it is too much jesus..change in middle game..so insane
Linkiux Hyrulex (10 months ago)
that support with ignite....
Marco Flores (10 months ago)
Isn't electrocute just thunder Lords
Marco Flores (10 months ago)
Are you fucking kidding me,they removed kindreds heal because they said it was an UNHEALTHY mechanic,then they just fucking go ahead and give every champion a tune to do so
Dexxia Kira (10 months ago)
RIP. Stormraider
Fororn (10 months ago)
So I've taken a look at the rune page from the LOL actual webpage and tried theory crafting a bunch of different champs. What it looks like to me anyway is that the most versatile role will be support. They have a ton of new stuff to work with especially from the inspiration keystones. The ability to switch summoners is a little bit weird to be honest, like you could start with ignite as sup alistar for example and then use it in lane and when you get to around 15 min mark switch out to TP or exhaust depending on who well your team is doing. Also couldn't the sup just switch to smite and pretty much overpower any objective?  Like if i have a jungler who is level 17 and I am lvl 14 as sup then we can pretty much guarantee every single objective that comes up provided the enemy sup doesn't switch to smite. It looks interesting but ultimately this change was purely made for the pros who will be doing things like this. With the item sets as well as the ghost wards/poros that arrive when you step into a bush. This'll just buff the shit out of rushing anything apart from your sightstone early game.  Basically I feel like the overall change they are implementing here is good for the future of league and will make it so a lot of cool things can come out of stale roles like SUP/TOP. Therefore I feel i am justified when I say....WTF RIOT, literally everything else that is being introduced here is cool and interesting apart from that fucking stupid channel flash. basically you are making jungle impossible to predict which means wards are useless unless you have one person on your team dedicated to tracking the enemy jungler. I can see potential counterpleas for every single thing you are introducing except from the channel flash. Like seriously. "Every 20 seconds you can channel and 'flash' over a wall". This is fucking stupid. Get rid of this and this update/change will be incredible and something that I will have so much fun doing/using on my ranked games but if you keep it in then you've fucked up.  And for anyone who says it isn't a big deal and that the channel doesn't really do much, the only comparable things in the entire of the league champions are: Gragas e TOP/JUNG reksai tunnel JUNG lee sin ward hop/q JUNG ahri r MID aatrox q TOP blast cones N/A shen e TOP bard tunnel SUP corki w MID ekko e MID ezreal e ADC/JUNG flora q TOP gnar e TOP jarvan flag drag TOP lucian e TOP/MID/ADC rakan w SUP riven q TOP thresh lantern SUP azir e MID camille e TOP elise e JUNG fizz e MID graves e JUNG ivern q JUNG kassadin r MID kayn e JUNG talon e JUNG/MID kha jump JUNG leblanc w MID lissandra e MID nidalle pounce JUNG renekton e TOP sej q JUNG trist w ADC zed w MID ziggs e MID zac jump. JUMP all of these cool downs with notable exceptions are long ass cool downs or things you would keep to engage and something that can be tracked but with the inclusion of this, tracking enemy summoner cool downs is redundant. this will give this ability to EVERY SINGLE CHAMPION IN THE GAME. That is insane and honestly I have no idea how you can counterplay this realistically. Like if I see any of these champs I know to look out for this but now everyone can use this and i only find out when fucking 5 man bot appears over from behind me.  I know this may come off ranty but please can someone explain how you can counterplay this.
Oxenfroschgeneral (10 months ago)
so we have extra button to activate runes?
MrhennrysRC/TheMusicalPie (10 months ago)
one thing people don't realize is that this is *pre*-season. usually during this time everythings broken in terms of stats, because this is the phase where they see what needs slight adjustments, and what needs huge ones. it will be a mess like it had been in season 6 and 7 preseason, but it will even out eventually
Akane Atsuko (10 months ago)
What the hell. Summoner Specialist?????? PLEASE.
이찬우 (10 months ago)
Stop abusing ADCs.
Lim Zheng Long (10 months ago)
Anything but summoner specialist
Yukine Hellscythe (10 months ago)
Grasp of undying? Hell naw I wouldn't want that on a Garen or a jungle Cho :/ all I have are crit items and this thing we call Mortal Reminder :/
J Zsm (10 months ago)
*Lethal Tempo allows you to temporarily exceed attack speed limit.* ill just wait for Vandiril.
Raquya_.303 (10 months ago)
LoLs full potential is starting to release
stealth TV (10 months ago)
Aster Maser (10 months ago)
Omg rito.. Wut have u done
Joseph Isiah nacion (10 months ago)
I think its corny.... except for fleet work
Yisrine (10 months ago)
Honestly though Summon Aerie might be a support-based rune, I don't care. It's cute and I will use that in mid lane as well.
Zero De Knowl (10 months ago)
It does a good amount of damage, and it does scale, I see those that can't proc Electrocute well taking it in the mid lane.

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