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Check out our official Channel's Store here: https://www.moteefe.com/lolbalori hope you like it :) HUGE 100+$ GIVEAWAY to 5 LUCKY WINNERS! Check it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us1ccGmE-B8 TOP LANE GUN GODDESS MISS FORTUNE | WTF IS THIS SKIN? By far the BEST skin riot ever created! Plus Full late gameplay! To see a miss fortune ultimate skin with 4 different MF Battle forms is just incredible!! You want the STRONGEST NEW RUNES For Miss Fortune? Enjoy: Sorcery + Domination For Sorcery: - Arcane Comet (The most powerful rune in the game) - ManaFlow (Spam your skills ALL GAME LONG) - Transcendence (Free CDR and bonus AD) - Scorch (Extra BURN damage each 20 sec) For Domination: Cheap shot (Insane TRUE DAMAGE) Revenous Hunter (What else? Free 15% Spell vamp) And of course we using the Full Lethality Wukong's build: Full Lethality New runes video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Rap1EdIVp4 Full Lethality New runes mobafire guide: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/s6-my-full-lethality-armor-penetration-wukong-build-489742 If you enjoyed, please be sure to "Like" the video as this really helps me out! Thank you 💙 🔶 Full Lethality GUN GODDESS Ultimate Skin #MissFortune vs Garen TOP in PBE Game #LeagueOfLegends 🔶 ---------------------------------TOP DONATORS(3/2018)--------------------------------- 1. - ► Feel Free to make any donations here: https://streamlabs.com/lolbalori ►SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCUkOmvlRSUTonLAYn8XX9Ew ► All my Series: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkOmvlRSUTonLAYn8XX9Ew/playlists?sort=dd&view=1&shelf_id=0 Follow me here for more content and daily updates! ► Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lolBaLoRi ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/lolBaLoRi ► Reddit community - https://www.reddit.com/r/BaLoRi/ ► Stream -https://www.twitch.tv/lolbalori All the songs that im using are from "NoCopyrightSounds" youtube channel! Thanks for watching!
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BaLoRi (1 year ago)
The best moment of all the game is here-> 11:52 Riot did it again!
Cryptic Armor (11 months ago)
Jakuboss (1 year ago)
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
Its still on PBE, you need around 1 month to be released in live servers!
How to buy this skin?
diyan radev (12 days ago)
Asher Gu. (1 month ago)
gonna buy that
filho do sunga (2 months ago)
IVIANsoull (2 months ago)
Dude learn how to play mf seriously as an mf main you're below average
nasus gamer TATa 33 (6 months ago)
BaLoRi (6 months ago)
You can see all the song tittles at the corner of your screen!
Elia Dietz01 (7 months ago)
that dude😂he cant play garen
Ace Vortex (7 months ago)
Garen buying damage into MF top. A tabis and sunfire would've served him better. Their jg didn't gank a no dash toplaner... my god.
BaLoRi (7 months ago)
It might be a "no dash" TOP laner but MF got a pretty interesting SLOW withe her E! Also there is nothing like "the enemy jungler didnt gank" even if he did I did expect him to come :D Also if I remember right the jungler did a mistake and didnt take smite at all. So it made his early game HELL! :D
super mango (8 months ago)
you dont know how to use mf actually. happy low elo life
Kago Itanachi (8 months ago)
Dude , can I ask you ... why you're full armor pen ... they have 0 tank :) don't get me wrong i <3 MF and you're good player I just don't get it :) I play her 100 % crit :) if you guys can help me to know what its the best build :) full armor pen or 100 % crit it will be great :) My build its (new season build its ) IE > P.Dancer > death dance > static > BORK > and for boots i get for armor :) , because i rush boots in to the Death in to the PD :) for max dmg reduce .. but i see so much high ewo play 100 % armor pen and i'm D4 :)
BaLoRi (8 months ago)
Actually here is where you are wrong. When you play Full Armor Penetration for them to not HAVE ANY ARMOR means that you will do PURE DAMAGE or even BONUS Damage if they have less armor than your lethality-armor pen! So yeah Armor penetration builds are indeed the strongest, cause you can do tons of damage to all the targets, not just the "squishy" ones!
The Sims Estate (9 months ago)
Sahra Aslan (9 months ago)
Where is rün?
The Joker (9 months ago)
14/4/9 (OK)
Dair Rojzer (10 months ago)
If I were that Garen I was annoyed
Kostas Vlogs (10 months ago)
Mf is the worst champion ever she has no damage and no mobility
Ljubisa Zlatevski (10 months ago)
MF can top?
Julcix Poland (11 months ago)
Nice boobs
Riz Dem (11 months ago)
dude doesn't know how to use jhin when stunned
Juuzou Yoshida (6 months ago)
Riz Dem he was inting
3x Tentacion (11 months ago)
I bought that skin a few day ago can’t wait to try it omfg so excited😆😆😆😆😆😆
Susana R Soares (11 months ago)
Love this skin!!
Sang Le (11 months ago)
mod skin
Never W (1 year ago)
100g cannon?
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
PBE things :D Noticed that too!
I'm The alpha (1 year ago)
I might just create an NA account just to get on pbe haha
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
Really? First time hearing of such a thing :D
I'm The alpha (1 year ago)
BaLoRi i know :v i play on the brazilian server! So to join pbe i would need honor 3 on a NA account
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
You need NA account to create a PBE account, its two different things :D
Pavlína Martonová (1 year ago)
this is bronze liga?
sweet pea (1 year ago)
hauahauahauahau looks like a sad Garen
İsimsiz biri (1 year ago)
Ur playing is very bad
Geo Bertheau (1 year ago)
Garen built totally wrong into the matchup. If he had just started stacking armor and prioritized tabi you would have been screwed.
Logan Aristizabal (1 year ago)
Cool video 💕✨
Facerol (1 year ago)
Digusting skin
WDark akso (1 year ago)
Lol...., this build :v
Imperiom (1 year ago)
this skin is so bad it should be a 1820 rp skin
Lý Tuyết Nhi (1 year ago)
It's 4 1820 skins in a skin..... Gosh what do you eat to be so wise ?
กระเทย TV (1 year ago)
look rune your pls
Scott Heinonen (1 year ago)
why hes buying doran blades edit:love the skin by the way!!!
Dex (1 year ago)
wtf is what?
Belpheris (1 year ago)
Cool skin ^^
Wawan Setiawan (1 year ago)
Ahhh.. Another MF video,insta like.. I hope u do xyra again :)
wolfy (1 year ago)
5:57 say truth where were you looking at xD
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
I was looking how detailed they made her! All parts of MF was moving so smoothly! :D
Elora (1 year ago)
horrible skin lol
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
I liked it!
itsTU 12 (1 year ago)
i 1 shot using dark harvest rune
silverstrings gia (1 year ago)
no commentary? I was ready to hear some negativity about this skin :(
silverstrings gia (1 year ago)
You can't compare an I-phone 8 to an I-phone 2. Those are really old skins. This skin should be compared with the new skins like Project:Vayne or Elementalist Lux or the other top tier skins. GGMF's walking/IDLE/crit animations are very much similar to her classic skin.Spirit Guard Udyr has more animations and that skin was released in 2013. I seriously hope that Riot will consider all the negative feedback about the skin and take GGMF back to the workshop instead of releasing her in this state.
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
But it gives you 4 different forms, new sounds, new effects etc. I think its called ultimate skin more than any other :D Especially Cho'Gath's Ultimate skins!
silverstrings gia (1 year ago)
I think this skin is wonderful. But not worthy enough to be called an ultimate skin. One could say that this is just a 2 years set back from the last Ultimate skin which is Elementalist Lux.
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
I liked this skin! It is one of the best skins I tried till now! You think this isnt a good skin?
Paolo Fois (1 year ago)
Well, but fight a Garen has Miss fortune isn't that fair, pussy !
elguebda elhoussine (1 year ago)
garen bronze elo haha
Jared Depew (1 year ago)
Why didnt rengar just camp the imobile Adc top over and over? Am i missing something 0.o??
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
he didnt have smite(forget to change it), so he couldnt farm that fast in Jungle!
Adore (1 year ago)
You go Celerity on MF btw, don't need Transcendence
DreamOfSheep (1 year ago)
you love those multiple starter items xd
huhui56 (1 year ago)
DreamOfSheep its way too broken :D the sustain is real
Thiago Sales (1 year ago)
Didn’t they have JG? Lol
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
He didnt have smite, so he messed up with his early game! After that rengar became a little too strong :D
silvastre (1 year ago)
New mf skin includes: -different colors in game -an exosuit -bigger boobs
silvastre (1 year ago)
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
The 3rd one is the most important!
darek michalik (1 year ago)
70 gold cannon??
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
Really Where?
AlhazredTheMad (1 year ago)
Spit in the face of every top laner at once. Shen mains lament. 4 more years of darkness.
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
oh :D Illaoi got a skin recently, you forgot that!
AlhazredTheMad (1 year ago)
I meant in terms of who gets the next Ultimate skin :p
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
Dont hate the top laners, I love them all, my daily victims!
CrossHair Gaming (1 year ago)
This skin is awesome :D nice video man
CrossHair Gaming (1 year ago)
no problem :D
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info, miss-copied the links :D
CrossHair Gaming (1 year ago)
BaLoRi BTW u said ur using cho's magic pen build while it's wukong's one xD
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
Yeah I liked the skin too!!! Glad to hear that you liked it :D
Cauan Bank (1 year ago)
Artek Studios™ (1 year ago)
Mario Card (1 year ago)
Artek Studios™ check out the giftaway video, he will start live commentary at 15k subs. He is now building up his pc for that!!!! Cant wait for it!!!!
darek michalik (1 year ago)
Can you next game gry dark harvest MF?
Project Naiad (1 year ago)
Hate this skin but love MF, good game!
Project Naiad (1 year ago)
HeyItsJ I'm not a huge fan of the mecha theme overall, but what I like the least is her voice. It doesn't sound like MF to me
DC The Eyepoke Champ (1 year ago)
im undecided but dat ass doe so ill probably hafta get it anyways. Overall its a bit too bulky wish they toned down the exosuit size like 20% and itd be perfect.
AqworldsMew11 (1 year ago)
I love this skin...
mohamed awny (1 year ago)
You really proved you can play any champ in leauge ,respect my friend💙
Ridhwan Kaiser (1 year ago)
Did I hear MF saying "Big guns, big balls" DAAMMMNN ITS LIT!!! 😈
Ridhwan Kaiser (1 year ago)
BaLoRi Nope we aint thinking abt her balls at all 😂😈😹
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
She probably mean her Balls!!!!!!
what do you think about Kayle on the top
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
Yeah it works perfectly! Totally forgot that kayle is melee and not range!!!
11:55 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) oooooh:)
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
Just Highlighted this moment in my comment :D You were faster than me for 15 sec :D
Ridhwan Kaiser (1 year ago)
Hi Balori what is the emoticon looking at in the thumbnail 😂😂
Ridhwan Kaiser (1 year ago)
Sure ofc 😋
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
:D Dont know, I think its in MISS FORTUNE'S EYES! Definitely there!!!!!! "If you know what I mean" :)
darek michalik (1 year ago)
Can i add you on pbe?
darek michalik (1 year ago)
BaLoRi :D
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
Of course! Will accept your friend request the next time I login!
Awesome! The skin its fabulous and you are the best top lane i never seen!😮😮
Ken Escuadra (1 year ago)
Daniel Pantua (1 year ago)
imma buy this skin because of that exo suit 😂
Ken Escuadra (1 year ago)
Daniel Pantua . HAHAHA hello fellow kyungsoo.
Daniel Pantua (1 year ago)
EXO 😂😂😂
BaLoRi (1 year ago)
I feel you :D
Ken Escuadra (1 year ago)
The sound changes as you change the type of gun!!! 😭😭😭 ahhaa sorry im really amazed! Haha

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