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Pizza in Its Purest Form: The Story of Lucali | Food Skills

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Prior to opening Lucali in 2006, Mark Iacono had never dreamt of being a cook. Today, he operates one of the best pizzerias not only in New York City, but the entire world. In a rare, intimate glimpse at Iacono's life, this Food Skills mini-doc charts the chef's unlikely rise from Brooklyn construction worker to internationally renowned pizzaiolo. While walking the streets of his native Carroll Gardens, Iacono reminisces about a rapidly changing neighborhood, and unlocks the keys to his world-famous margherita pie. From studying at the altar of Di Fara’s Dom DeMarco, to serving A-list celebrities like Jay Z and Beyoncé, the story of Lucali is made of pizza lore and legend. Director: Tanai Milgram Producers: Jackson Connor, Tanai Milgram, Lawrence Weibman Executive Producer: Chris Schonberger Director of Photography: Dustin Flannery-McCoy Production Coordinator: Victoria Astudillo Editor: Dustin Flannery-McCoy Camera Operator: James Ogle Sound: Michael Moote Production Assistant: Tian Wang Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: http://goo.gl/UxFzhK Check out more of First We Feast here: http://firstwefeast.com/ https://twitter.com/firstwefeast https://www.facebook.com/FirstWeFeast http://instagram.com/firstwefeast First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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Text Comments (2527)
Dicks X McIronCocke (7 hours ago)
I hope I can some day find something in my life I can be as passionate and loving about as this man and his pizza parlor.
abyssal Guy (19 hours ago)
That's the notice of fresh pizza mamamia
Keem Steam (1 day ago)
Damn look at the price for a large pie
Jeed92 (3 days ago)
Why do people not remove the stems of the basil? I know a really good Pizzeria where I live and they also dont do it. Why? They dont taste well at all. Its lazyness or has a reason?
Iyad Yacoub (3 days ago)
Passion + Perseverance = Great Pizza + Great Life.
Andrew S (4 days ago)
PUMA CLYDES!!!!!!!!!!
RainbowTea (5 days ago)
Oof right in the heart. ' now it's a dunkin dounuts'
Brandon Fact (6 days ago)
Wish I was Italian
ShOtGuNOfRivia (6 days ago)
Don't know when I'll afford the time and money to visit NY, but I love food and pizza, don't care how long I have to wait in line, I've heard enough stories and seen vids about Mark to know this is the Pizza to die for.
Thor (6 days ago)
Cheguei hoje e vou ficar pra sempre!
ZagorTeNayebo (7 days ago)
The love this man radiates for his neighbourhood literally brought me to tears, we need more love in the world its so fucking pure and beautiful
ZagorTeNayebo (7 days ago)
Oh my fucking god he just looked at grandmas picture and im bawling again i was not ready for this video
Christian Molina (8 days ago)
Di giorno is good pizza
Zudexa (9 days ago)
3:54 His tone is way too depressed to have happy music over it to be honest.
Zeustra (9 days ago)
As a 19 year born and raised in So Cal, holy fuck do I wish I was born on the east coast. Theres just a different growing up out there, and maybe the times have alot to do with that so idk
GUNTHER 66687 (10 days ago)
This guys awsome I love stories like this
PETER ROBERTS (10 days ago)
1:00 " Excuse me...my nipples have gone"...where?
Elefterios Makis (10 days ago)
that pizza looks like shit
Elefterios Makis (10 days ago)
mark is fuckin annoying
Mostafa Mamdouh (10 days ago)
What an amazing guy. Such a down to earth demeanor.
AzzLeep (10 days ago)
Wait john wick knows how to cook pizza?
Matthew Nelson (11 days ago)
very cool guy, he loves his home and made a name for himself making simple pizza and italian food with a lot of heart into it
00 Taiga (11 days ago)
So this is what happened to wolverine
Frank V (11 days ago)
Dude is lazy seriously. I’ve never met a fellow New Yorker who works such short hours and closes on a Tuesday. New Yorkers are identified as hard workers. And I guess he probably was but now he isn’t.
hani ali calvo (12 days ago)
living the dream
mario bianchi (12 days ago)
Robert Ballard (13 days ago)
I’m from philly , but my first stop is yours. See you soon
Despair (13 days ago)
$24 a pizza 😅
Elefterios Makis (13 days ago)
mark is fuckin annoying. im not waiting 2 hours in line to get a fuckin pizza i canget anywhere else. fuck this cocky douche
chiguazo (13 days ago)
girl eating 7:54 says it all
Genoa (14 days ago)
El R7ayma (14 days ago)
https://youtu.be/PCU8V9e1Ofo نجوم المنصوره❤️🔱El R7ayma 🔱 Blad el 8reeb اقوي مهرجان هنحط عالكل
ClintGreasewood (14 days ago)
This guy is so New York
Leebron Jemas (15 days ago)
they shud make this guy's life story into a movie!
Leebron Jemas (15 days ago)
why the heck am feeling all nostalgic i aint even from this place darn it!
Daniel Retamal (15 days ago)
"Now it's a dunking donuts" that shit hurt. And I ain't even from New York.
Raffaele Raff (15 days ago)
i'm Napolitan and belive me this is not a pizza ..this is a focaccia .
Mark Mallecoccio (15 days ago)
Some people are made for the kitchen. Mark is the Frank Castle of pizza, he couldn't possibly be anything else.
Oliver Huynh (15 days ago)
How can a story be so happy yet make me want to cry?
tarantula man (16 days ago)
Wait, where's scott?
The Dude (16 days ago)
2:35 high mason handshake explains the air time lol jk
stephane Lebrun (16 days ago)
mon modèle à suivre... thx u Mister Iacono
X C (17 days ago)
looks like he's related to Keanu Reeves
yash wanve (17 days ago)
He looks like Jimmy Kimmel's doppelganger!
sad templar (17 days ago)
i fuckin love this guy he is just so charismatic
Larry Becker Jr (17 days ago)
That right there is the goal to a great life.To be able to do what makes you happy.Simple is the key..A nice small pizza place in a area he loves,doing what he loves...Just making pies,does not have to grow super huge.....I need that in a simple bike shop..
LukeMaff (17 days ago)
this guy is cool and all but lol, pizza is pizza, one of the easiest things to make, Can't really take a "pizza chef" seriously. it's like calling myself a interior designer after playing the sims.
Louis Rubens (18 days ago)
Italians are the best thing to happen to this Country...
Mikey Lo (18 days ago)
Yea mark we all in the construction business being from ny
Naseem Shanboor (18 days ago)
resoect, keeping it real
Is it really dough?
Arka Navarro (19 days ago)
That is Naples style of pizza which often tastes the best.
Daniela ddd (18 days ago)
Naples pizza style is never crispy like this.
Jamie Nuziato (20 days ago)
« Now it’s a Duncan donuts »😭
Ram Quait (20 days ago)
funny how garbage food is tasty to some people...its basically cheese and bread
M (20 days ago)
This pizza just looks like you could eat it everyday
I wanna be like him too :P
Walnut (21 days ago)
Looks like ted mosby from how i met your mother
Daniel Torres (23 days ago)
*Does this man live in a Italian Mafia movie?*
I V (23 days ago)
If they only took the sauce and chees almost to the edge of the crust, it would be so much better! I don’t order pizza to eat bread!!!
Amin W (24 days ago)
thats sooo expensive
Josephine Sangalang (24 days ago)
Simplicity and Humility.. I think that's made it the best pizza.. gonna be part of my wish list when i go to America
Papik Cantrell (26 days ago)
I want to be this man
Jay Torr (26 days ago)
Best pizza in the world?!! I really must be missing something... I see that the toppings are top grade ingredients. But the dough and crust are just below average to bad. The crust tastes like a water cracker. Underproofed, yeasty. I have eater there 3 times. Don't get it...
Al Pepone (26 days ago)
Este hombre amasa con la botella de vino, cuece con un horno mixto gas/leña... Eso es ser purista...
hellbendert35 (26 days ago)
this guy looks so likeable.
Rahadian Jamil (27 days ago)
Charismatic level : 💯%
Christian Volk (28 days ago)
Really dough?
Eduardo Hernandez (28 days ago)
Another life changed by the power of Beyonce
Dark Truth (29 days ago)
New blood from the last of a dying breed
Charlestzy (1 month ago)
damn forget about the food. those are 2 hawt waitresses
Paulo Constantino (1 month ago)
This is what pizza is. Not anything else. Definitely not Domino's crap.
Fat Cat (1 month ago)
Genuine guy.Nice neighborhood.
Joey Salt (1 month ago)
Mark you would make great brociole for the restrt.
Boe Dillard (1 month ago)
I would definitely like to try his pizza. Even though this isn't the style of pizza I prefer - I truly admire your passion for making the best! I like in is it pizza you appreciate so many styles even though they aren't what you make. Imagine if everyone had that passion - builders, produce shops, government employees etc.
Rajat Kaushal (1 month ago)
He looks humble but even Domino's pizzas look better.
S0urceAM (1 month ago)
I need to stop watching these with an empty stomach at 3 AM
Anuraj Chakraborty (1 month ago)
Keanu Reeves should play this guy in a movie.
cooper curtis (1 month ago)
People like mark make pizza turn from a food to frickin art 🖼 u see that lvl of food from peeps that are trained since they were like 6 or seven and this guy mark just comes in and is just like gtfo this is my specialty
AveX MinT (1 month ago)
How can you not love this guy
sportsmusiclover (1 month ago)
I need that Lard bread in my life!
Andrey Artemyev (1 month ago)
you want some good looking guys in there. god damn i love personalities from new york like that LMFAO
Judson Swift (1 month ago)
This man is the most inspiring chef to me..
Tom Poynton (1 month ago)
lmao 24 bucks for a margherita
hotdog voodoo (1 month ago)
What a honest working man
Tyler Silva (1 month ago)
José Azcona (1 month ago)
Beautiful just incredibly beautiful! Waiting to do the same in my neighborhood in another country another day
Real Mart Ent (1 month ago)
This was a great please to live if you weren’t poor and your family wasn’t in the mob you were good other than that you were just another wise guy on the payroll
Juliane Hirsch (1 month ago)
Anyone know the music at 6:44 ?
Elyas Yusuf (1 month ago)
Nobody: Italian American: Eyy
B Skinny (1 month ago)
5K to his name? That takes cahones.
Lone Rider (1 month ago)
Dad is that you 😂😂
NB (1 month ago)
"im about to kick you out"
John Lukach (1 month ago)
What a beautiful location! A humble hard working owner I will take the long journey to you.
nikip (1 month ago)
An example of the American dream, well done. :) "Build it, and they will come".... It's a beautiful thing :) <3
Kris B (1 month ago)
"now it's a Dunkin' Donuts". Pretty much sums up NYC now.
Kalitsa Nurhabibi (1 month ago)
I hope I can eat those pizza before I die😂
mr c (1 month ago)
Good for him. Im always glad to hear & see success stories. It's not an overnight success story.. it's better than that. He worked diligently, built a nice restaurant, and pressed on without quitting. It warms my heart to hear his story of success, his family and now the persons he employs. I sense a lot of heart and tradition there. Cheers
Tom Haflinger (1 month ago)
I've never seen it served with bunches of large basil leaves still together. My gut says it would be more difficult to eat that way, but what do the customers think?
Darran James (1 month ago)
This was my number one food wish to go there when I came to New York from England earlier this month. The neighborhood itself is very cute. We got there and waited inline from I'd say 16:45 until about 17:15 until the lady came out and gave us a table 30 minutes later so really it wasn't so bad at all. The Pizza was some of the best I've ever had and it was so good we ordered another to take out. Mark was there and after I thanked him for a great experience we small talked for a while. Great guy. I would say, EARLY at around 16:30 because even though the line was small when we showed up it quadrupled in about 30 minutes. Wonderful place. Totally worth it.
Elsa&lisa (1 month ago)
Mark is my hero! How can you not love someone with that depth of heart? And he makes a great pizza. Ciao Bello.

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