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NOW THIS IS HOW YOU PLAY JAX LIKE A MAN! 100% CRIT JAX ADC BUILD IS ACTUALLY 100% BUSTED IN TOP LANE! Jax Top Gameplay! League of legends Jax Season 8 gameplay! ►CHECK OUT SRO HIGHLIGHTS HERE: https://goo.gl/yWrlUv ►►LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for MORE Videos: http://bit.ly/1P5XteL ►SHOPPING ON AMAZON? Use my affiliate link! https://www.amazon.com/shop/renektononly Season 8 Jax runes guide League of Legends Conqueror - Triumph- Alacrity - Coup de Grace Time Warp Tonic - Biscuit ►►SoloRenektonOnly Highlight Playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzuJjd1ZPDg&list=PLr-uIm_KMDJcn5uZ8OBZ7qAIbxQoxHmQ6 ►►Check out SRO's Highlight Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-SnKMOqN5OY21u_8_1Q7ZQ ►►Troll Builds That Work Series! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTFJTSp3hGg&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4HXkNE9yRGzuFaSbdA5Bhp3 ►►Road to Challenger Series! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxbUfNRQu2s&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4FvDlFQDKZlLhqYQZc_dIMo ►►Season 7 League of Legends Gameplay Playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHBMdTyIf28&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4H3DbHhdiJsy5LkrjiM5BU- Want to learn more about minion wave management? Check out the minion wave management series now! ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQz3yU5tzJ0&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4GAMfVf_aASyiB4dheLsONx Watch me play live! ►Stream! https://www.twitch.tv/SoloRenektonOnly Follow and talk to me on Social Media! ►Twitter! https://twitter.com/SoloRenektonLoL ►Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SoloRenektonLoL Looking to support me and the content further? ►Tip here: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/solorenektononly
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SoloRenektonOnly (6 months ago)
BOOOOM WHAT UP! Hope you guys are having a great day! If you have any builds you want me to try that you don't see on my list after the game just reply here with the build! <3
romeo martin (6 months ago)
Dude you're a legend
Gecko Colony (6 months ago)
Yo Mike, Mega Goofy request, but speaking of Ivern, you should try him top for the meme, with glacial augment, also max w if you do. The build is really weird for Ivern, take tp and flash just like a regular top laner. Get doran's ring first item, you need points in e more than q so theres that as well. Build ROA> Boots of swiftness> Gunblade/twin shadows> liandry's, then whatever you want AP stuff of course, but you get the just. Runes: glacial augment, biscuit delivery, magic footwear, and approach velocity, secondaries: Font of life and revitalize. This build is Goofy af I beat a kayne and kled in lane with it, the first match I was trolling cause someone banned my toplane pick on my team. The basic premise of the build is you are a turret in a bush and anytime someone comes to close you start slowing them with your ranged basics then walk up and pop ur shield on them, and then kite away back into your bush, if they try to dive you just pop ur shield, hit q, and kite away, its so hard to get away from, and hard to stick to. Hope you see this and think about trying it out, and if you don't wan to, totally understandable it is Ivern after all, and he really doesnt belong in top lane, just a goofy build from a goofier guy. Later Mike.
squirrelbuddi (6 months ago)
Have you done an AP on hit shadow kayn? Sounds silly.....it's not. ^^
hadley_ri (6 months ago)
I'd like to see an updated version of the old AD Sion: Titanic Hydra, Stormrazor, Rapidfire Cannon, Infinity Edge, Mercs/Tabis, Warmogs. Not sure what you'd do for runes, could make the case for PTA/Conqueror or Hail of Blades, or Grasp or Glacial. Could also make the case for either Hydra, I'd say Titanic because it's basically the new Atma's, and you might be able to replace warmog's for stoneplate or GA if you find you need the resistances.
Xing Li (6 months ago)
Oh boy this is gonna be a fun thread XD. Try inting Yorick. Similar to Sion except Tiamat > TF (for sheen + health) > Titanic > ZZ'rot > More tank items.
Fazza25 (25 days ago)
That Janna's name tho . . .
Piero Mautino (3 months ago)
Penta at 31:10
Geek In Your Pocket (3 months ago)
what runes did you use?
Demon K40 (3 months ago)
Crit build i made this my self titainic hydra/phantom dancers / Infinity edge/ static shyv / blooder thirster / last item it depends on enemy comp boots if needed but mostly triforce/ bork/ essence reaver Edit: or i take out blood thirster and get both triforce and essence reaver for the max 40% cdr
use my build pls Nick: LordMakinola sv: LAN
Rawrr (4 months ago)
iTsMe JaNLi15 (5 months ago)
@solorenektononly try nautilus fully armored
iTsMe JaNLi15 (5 months ago)
How about nautilus full armored
Christian Ibsen (5 months ago)
Wait since when did it start saying “your team has “stolen” the mountain drake”?? I never seen that before
Michael Darling (5 months ago)
solork: shut up dogs! dogs: oh it seems our master wishes us to be quiet. thankfully we are intelligent enough to understand and will abide by his wishes as he is streaming and we care.
Jesse WTRN. (5 months ago)
Nice plays and nice penta bro!
Mikoslawww (5 months ago)
really? a cannon instead of a shiv?
Galactic French Fry (5 months ago)
"Now your bushes are our bushes" - solo renecton
Flexx Ryu (5 months ago)
You're using the e wrong i think, because most jax players use the e then the q
Karl Faucher (5 months ago)
that's something unusual. a Jax build that doesn't use TriForce
hunter bad (5 months ago)
Andrew Glaze (5 months ago)
Tbf jax is strong with pretty much any build. He's just one of those champs that you wouldn't think is overpowered but can deal put mad damage. I still think the normal jg build with gunblade is better for sustain in teamfights.
You ever get outside your house?
Zgandaï (5 months ago)
Delete fuckin Jax, from this game. From reality even... Jesus...
Janden Dela Cruz (5 months ago)
try this jax combo... E-Q-W-R
Oliver (5 months ago)
Stop telling your viewers that they're playing <insert champion> wrong when you can't even farm. Boosted boy.
Eternity IsLong (5 months ago)
y stupid dog on the webcam
Jacob Hiltunen (5 months ago)
this is what some call a fiesta
Daniel Zapata (5 months ago)
there are dogs doing his job <3
enzo gabriel (5 months ago)
vampik joans (5 months ago)
Blake Carr (5 months ago)
If we been playing Jax wrong have you been also? I seen you play him on stream and didnt do this.... also a video from 2 months ago u said perma slow Jax is BROKEN!! So we literally cant win. Ff 15
Marco Malana (5 months ago)
Jax's W don't work on towers
Niko Stokke (6 months ago)
Just me noticing the wannabe kayn minion at 23:39 ?
GoddLucifer (2 months ago)
King Gamer (3 months ago)
im weak xD
Brax Klein (6 months ago)
He laugh sounds like a dolphin I love it
dank oyster po boy (6 months ago)
Yo man let dem dawgs talk.
x10018ro (6 months ago)
That game was so fucking goofy, lol.
Steel Dancer (6 months ago)
2:23 janna?
Psycho Aloy (6 months ago)
24:27 sounds like communism propaganda but ok
Ed Frame (6 months ago)
Mike, you made me excited talking about these Janna builds you're gonna do. Gonna be looking for that here and on stream. Don't let me down, 5/1
AndTeeter (6 months ago)
First time i noticed that Riot added the "stole" to dragon kills if it is "stolen". At around 19:00 in chat and on screen it said yasuo "has stolen the Mountain Drake"
Mitch Lucker (6 months ago)
"Shut up" XD
thecsslife (6 months ago)
1:16 you couldve easily killed him
packingraw (6 months ago)
eat the dog
Sherone Peters (6 months ago)
Fouchi ni (6 months ago)
Is this bronze or silver?
KasHCubeD (6 months ago)
What if you got Essence Reaver in there?
Juan Vera (6 months ago)
Adiós bitch = hasta la vista baby
Kamen Rider Black (6 months ago)
Damn!! This is hype!!!!
bas (6 months ago)
u should play Dying light in hardcore on twitch and release those videos on youtube mike (blind play)
Blake Worden (6 months ago)
Most relatable moment ever "dood..... tried to say good and done at the same time, good, done, dood" XD love the commentary man
Poifix (6 months ago)
Next: Critplank. Q half HP Kreygasm.
Richbeans115 (6 months ago)
*long pause*...We'll call it number one.
Bastian Saffertmüller (6 months ago)
Man, I love your videos, never stop <3
StinkyPunk (6 months ago)
I dint know Kimstar also played LoL his really good keep it up dude !! 👍
Bryan Tellers (6 months ago)
try jax with tryforce then gunblade then rageblade and then get spellbinder into deathcap then bloodtherster so much damage
Devesh Khare (6 months ago)
what elo is this lee has a deaths dance second item ? LOL
Nikola Guć (6 months ago)
1shot AD Alistar ?
Life from the Loamly (6 months ago)
should have put 295 out of context in the title
Chris Sisco (6 months ago)
Mom the meatloaf!
Meric Zo Paul (6 months ago)
penta kill in silver games OP OP OP BUILD GUYS
Riot925 (6 months ago)
You should do an a-z series where you play all the champs in alphabetical order in the top lane
Chutney God (5 months ago)
Mf pallytime did that and that was awesome, but in HOTS
Riley Letzin (6 months ago)
A folding chair (6 months ago)
Lethality Illaoi video?
Dom Travers (6 months ago)
you dont know what to do about your dogs barking? may i suggest training them?
Owen Carberry (6 months ago)
ap jax glacial augment gunblade hextech hose
Big Fella (6 months ago)
play close attention to the galio at 14.00 he is terrible
Tyler Harris (6 months ago)
HOLY SHIT when you side step the hook and then hit the 3 man stun in bot lane. Jesus dude. SO clean
CHao-Chen Hsiao (6 months ago)
22:10 shouldve ignited him to show dominance Kappa
Steve Knight (6 months ago)
That bot lane chase... my sides can't take anymore man. Keep it up.
Nadeem Haroun (6 months ago)
Lethal Tempo/Hail of Blades Braum - instantly proc passive. Aatrox ADC build (but with TRIFORCE for extra bursty dmg). Hail of Blades Talon - proc Bleed passive. Lethal Tempo Full AD/Tank Kayle (no real reason, just for the lulz)
goodiesohhi (5 months ago)
hail of blades doesnt help proc Talon passive. You need to land spells to stack it then proc with auto
William Thomas (6 months ago)
may not have been first but first penta ;)
wolfy black (6 months ago)
Pastafarian Prophet (6 months ago)
Lost most damage by a clipped auto w FeelsBadMan
Leonardo Gelman (6 months ago)
My dogs started barking at your dogs in middle of night all of sudden. lol
3ngel (6 months ago)
The best ad I've ever seen in my entire life... A music video that I watch everyday was the ad... Yw for the revenue
Murat Can DAYAN (6 months ago)
7310 conquerer.. whaat
TAMEsomSTRANGE 420 (6 months ago)
Love all your vids man! Could you play some more kyne in the top lane I'd love to see some other biulds
Jamal Templeton (6 months ago)
Meatball gives no fucks lol
MRickyHerdiansyah (6 months ago)
BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! Love your video so much. Keep it up!!!
Ranzera Stez (6 months ago)
After how hard that Janna worked to give your team that W, I'm surprised you didn't give her the honor.
FatKidWithOcarina (6 months ago)
what the shit is this game? janna mid yasuo adc
James Hui (6 months ago)
What Mike said when he unplugged the mic: "WOOOOOOF WOOOOOOOOOOOOF BOOM BOOM WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF" It worked like a charm.
Jad Darwish (6 months ago)
that pyke didnt kill a single person with his ult that was painful
Devin Ingram (6 months ago)
would it not be better to auto -> jump -> auto -> W Auto -> E to disengage or keep chasing so you get the extra damage from passive on your third hit with W?
Leonardo Santos (6 months ago)
Hey SRO, make an ADC LB
Advntr Time (6 months ago)
that pyke was such a troll. I loved it
Thorn Ross (6 months ago)
I don't normally get hyped/excited when I'm watching other people play video games, but that outplay in bot lane dude, that shit was clean as fuck o7
Leo Lee (6 months ago)
At 23:40 minion goes through the wall
Sebastian Yannuzzi (6 months ago)
The penta baby "all because they didn't beat the game". I once won a game because the enemy team stood there dancing instead of ending it, we respawned and made a combo, katarina, miss fortune and twich. Best game I've ever played.
Karson Kammerzell (6 months ago)
When you get a Renekton laning against you do you smile knowing you're about to basically knowledge smurf them into the ground?
Daniel Ivanov (6 months ago)
SRO is the best i just subscribed his twitch channel was a really nice time there watching ma man
Donn (6 months ago)
Nidalee Gunblade -> Zhonyas -> Lichbane, Land spear on 1 squishy and use gunblade mid cougar leap, and then e+q and u oneshot them. super fun. After you oneshot the squishy zhonyas while your team dives in
kokusho games (6 months ago)
Don't shout at meatball please, we are okay to hear her barking while you're streaming....
Cole Breedlove (6 months ago)
Crit janna is a must
Pink Molly (6 months ago)
How did Ivern use Janna ability @2:23??
goodiesohhi (5 months ago)
Same way a shaco can use leblanc_mimic_distortion...... In a game w/o leblanc. Death recap is really something else. A relic of the "small indie company" days. They really haven't worked on it much since a loooong time ago.
Unsettled On Purpose (6 months ago)
LOL, I've seen too many of your streams. I just heard a dad call his son a "goof" and I was thinking, "Wow! how insulting!" Your fault.
Joseph Caouette (6 months ago)
If you want a dumb but fun build for garen, go tiamat, yomus, trinity, rav hydra, stormrazor, statik shiv. Season with boots to choice but i prefer swifties. You want electrocute and celarity. Its fun and you can hit 220 cs at to min.
babyscumbagg (6 months ago)
Nooo you stop playing jax wrong
GenesisC. (6 months ago)
yo mike make a wits end rush kog maw build vs AP.. shit's busted
Alfred Frändberg (6 months ago)
Have you tried permafrost tahm kench?
TnT NoisyBoy (6 months ago)
Try this : (Triforce DuskBlade Storm razor DD GA )AATROX build
gal grottas (6 months ago)
Ap singed+deadman
Alexonator (6 months ago)
Boom! Love your vids but I'm afraid they no longer satisfy my needs for strategy and entertainment since I'm way more educated about the game when I started watching your content just under a year ago. Cya and I hope you keep educating noobs, and provide them educational and entertaining content. Like you once did for me :)
dat tech (6 months ago)

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