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Champions Pros use in Korea to Climb the FASTEST

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I had a look at all the pros on the Korean server for Worlds and tracked what they are playing to climb right now! Track your favourite pro - https://www.trackingthepros.com/bootcamp ♦ Coaching Portal! → https://www.qutee.com/h/coaching-corner/ ♦ Streaming 5 days a week! → http://fb.gg/phygames ♦ Follow me on Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/phygames/ ♦ Follow me on Twitter → https://twitter.com/phygames ♦ Subscribe to my League Gameplay Channel! - http://bit.ly/PhyGames Title: Insan3Lik3 - We Are The Robots (feat. Temu) Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe443Gl4Skk Beatport Download Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/we-are-the-robots/1244016 Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/Monstercat Champions Pros use in Korea to Climb the FASTEST
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Text Comments (266)
Daniel Vera (7 days ago)
remember they are PROS so.... yeah
Jonas Engen (11 days ago)
Riot; Let's make a support champion that gets ultimate reset on kill. Fuck the ADC
phantom5 (12 days ago)
Wheres viktor
L CT (15 days ago)
lissandra is the most underrated supp..... she makes awesome plays
MegaPlay89 (15 days ago)
"Lucian has some Nazi winrate" nice one 7:50
Vocas46LP (18 days ago)
telling poor players to play the same champions pros used, is like telling poor driver to try driving F1 car :D
eskil hansen (20 days ago)
they whay you pronounce solo is so....
Ecko (21 days ago)
7:04 lol
Cosmic Tofu (23 days ago)
O:03 How did lee sin did that? Q1 + Q2 + R + Flash + Q2???????
Cosmic Tofu (23 days ago)
halo7172 (23 days ago)
Very nice outro Phylol
RAISER95 (23 days ago)
we all know that kaisa at 7:00 min trolled
darkskyxLoL (24 days ago)
Those are the champs I am playing. I'm a visionary
EpilepticRabbit (24 days ago)
Yeah we'll pretend that Lee Sin is strong
Francopolo (25 days ago)
7:04 i died
Mccheesy We (26 days ago)
November 12 close to my bday too bad still unranked
X6TENCE (28 days ago)
Meta or note meta i use twitch only claimed diamond today
Germany is Kawaii (29 days ago)
Tim Molder (1 month ago)
In my opinion Xayah is good for soloQ in low elo, bc nobody pays attantion to the feathers.
Jeremy Ye (1 month ago)
why no UZI
Felipe Alves (1 month ago)
I love playing Graves but whenever he is meta i just hate my life.
Chim Đỏ (1 month ago)
Top : Aatrox / Urgot Jung : Taliyah / Leesin Mid : Ire / Leblanc ADC : Kai'sa / Xayah SP : Pyke / Thresh
Paul Roggan (1 month ago)
was your editor sick or where are all your usual visuals with the finished build? :) miss them :o
ZIXUN Huang (1 month ago)
Korea sucks. make it China pro now
Christian Juan (1 month ago)
I climbed from Plat V to Plat II in just 3 weeks using Thresh and Rakan.
Nark Test (1 month ago)
We are the robots? a cover from kraftwerk?
bluegloom666 (1 month ago)
Pyke is a retarded champion
Mert Akman (1 month ago)
Can i get the name of outro music please?
shadowraith10 (1 month ago)
>Adc main >No one in challenger as an adc Welp... Time to get my fedora and show them how it's do-- *3/11* .....No one saw that match... *4/12* Okay that as another fluke... *0/14* ......I see why.
Brandon Kruger (1 month ago)
That outtro THICC
AI (1 month ago)
Brand and Ahri are still staples
Owen Balzer (1 month ago)
Ah so this is why people are playing aftershock lissandra in my silver games and feeding =_=
Maggie2Go (1 month ago)
Nice video thank you !
patpat (1 month ago)
Remember when zoe was op for like 3-4 patches and now she is garbage? Hah good times
Evaine LeBlanc (1 month ago)
Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Nagishi (1 month ago)
akali is just 2 on top and 1 on mid cause everyone's banning her, otherwhise it would be the most played one for both top and mid
Frag what frag (1 month ago)
Aye Licorice challenger <3
Diesoon Nick (1 month ago)
Sadly I would like so much having more video on why certain champ are no longer relevent
NTG1243 Games (1 month ago)
Why no leona tho?or lulu
Svenmoony (1 month ago)
Hey, I have an question where did u get ur gameplay from at 7:30?
Svenmoony (1 month ago)
Where did u get my gameplay from?
Svenmoony (1 month ago)
Pretty sure thats my gameplay :D
xeaglex47 (1 month ago)
so Top Aatrox/Urgot Jungle Graves/Taiylah Marksmen Kasia/Xayah Mid Irelia/Leblanc Support Pyke/Thresh
Bryce Humphreys (1 month ago)
Kai'sa, and Taliyah
Miguel Borges (1 month ago)
*kaisa and talyiah
Boo RE:toe (1 month ago)
Thresh only high well can carry.
Pez (1 month ago)
*Just because they play these champs to rank up, doesn't mean we should too. Freaking champ roster change every damn season, even if they stay unchanged*
QWAZMAN (1 month ago)
Kaisa? Quick, act surprised!
Jaypom (1 month ago)
Lux support guys, or glacial augment vei
Viktor Reznov (1 month ago)
Yet patch 8.20 was absolute fucking garbage nerfing nothing significant.
Lucas Henriques (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention that Twisted Fate is the most picked midlaner in korea, top#1, yea sometimes he gets in second, but since season 3 hes there, in first
Senpai (28 days ago)
+FINISH HIM kassa fell off a little bit in the last 3 patches, but I agree, he's still top 3 midlane
FINISH HIM (28 days ago)
Lucas Henriques apdo is kassadan challenger too idk y he didnt mention kass
Martian Moon (1 month ago)
Do you think Graves will still be high tier after his damage nerf?
Yuran A (1 month ago)
+404 not Frost 3 ad stacks up with his consequential autos and passive
404 not Frost (1 month ago)
Dude he got nerfed by 3 ad, it's still a monster
EpicalError (1 month ago)
30 seconds in, cries in adc main
Paul Nicusor (1 month ago)
but how i can rank up when my team feeds and i cant win ??? i win my top most of the time and then bot or jungle or mid feeds cand i cant do nothing to win .....
Paul Nicusor (1 month ago)
when the enemy is 5 or 7/0 in min 5-10 and mid is making the same i cant do someting when they are potato , enemy focus me with all CC and the rest are free kils , mabie we win a battle they do someting else i lose in a game 2 free barons because they dont come
Hex (1 month ago)
Paul Nicusor push your lead, you just need to learn how to do it, you can win almost all of them you just dont do it properly
Onyebuchi Emenike (1 month ago)
Why is Miss Fortune not on the list for ADC?
FrostyPK (1 month ago)
this is supposed to be high elo
Saint Vaswani (1 month ago)
I’m a trash silver player: your meta is Aatrox, my meta is Nasus XD
The Whale of the North (1 month ago)
U scared me with another outro. But u kept the robots in. 😊
Schmetterling (1 month ago)
Great content phy im noticing the difference as of lately! Keep up the great work!
PSG Aeuxial (1 month ago)
Yummy Nicky (1 month ago)
I know im late BUT im suprise that vel koz isnt here, not even kassadin, damn P.s: sorry if my english is too shitty :D
TomiMan7 (1 month ago)
5:31 naci(nazi) winrates? :D
Plupf (1 month ago)
Daaaaamn that outro
Garen Demacia (1 month ago)
And Riot still refuses to Nerf Irelia, Aatrox, and Urgot. Instead they were buffed for some reason
Wilmer Elias (28 days ago)
404 not Frost I agree 👍
TripleZealVayne (1 month ago)
+Mateus Oliveira not sure what game you're playing...
404 not Frost (1 month ago)
+Mateus Oliveira irelia wins against almost every matchup, urgot is destroying toplane and aatrox is very good top and mid, i think he's the only one that doesn't need nerfs
Mateus Oliveira (1 month ago)
they dont need nerfs thp
EddieGuitarz (1 month ago)
Foxdrop led me to ur channel u have ti kiss ur brother in a video. Do it for the internet
sfsgr (1 month ago)
Pro players are noobs. I am in bronze and I know Ryze is shit champ. Always feed.
Sauce (1 month ago)
Hmm... these arent nessecarily the best climbers, but the champs that pros want most practice on for worlds. Think about Ryze
Gustas IDK (1 month ago)
Khazix ez champ to carry
404 not Frost (1 month ago)
He he BOI
I wanna be cool (1 month ago)
Miss fortune LOL (1 month ago)
Wait where is mf D:
Charlie Macke (1 month ago)
Love the outro
AmirHossein Etemad (1 month ago)
i mean uzi was challenger but because of account sharing the banned his account. -1 until u fix that
AmirHossein Etemad (1 month ago)
he went from gold to challenger btw
UltimateRedFire (1 month ago)
i have been having alot of succes with Swain support in silver (flex) a lot of adc's are way to passive though.
excellentlol (1 month ago)
They’re playing them not only to climb, but also to practice for pro games
Ron Carr (1 month ago)
Do tell, what is the Ahri build you mentioned?
vinc ible (20 days ago)
+Ron Carr kinda late but i think so
Ron Carr (1 month ago)
+vinc ible after that, is it the same build as before? Deathcap, void, zhonyas?
vinc ible (1 month ago)
Glacial augment runes, hextech glp and twin shadows instead of ludens and morellos
macus evensen (1 month ago)
Hey, so What champ do you think will Get the victorious skin this year?:) my bet is on Irelia, because we havent gotten a «midlaner» yet, and irelia has seen so much midlane this year!
Kevahnϟ (1 month ago)
Well isn’t that funny after they fuck up ad literally no one that plays that role is challenger. What a coincidence.
Jason Achilles (1 month ago)
Thank god i only play zilean.
Xtra Cheeky (1 month ago)
Varun Rao (1 month ago)
Something to mention: irelia top lane basically nukes urgot, I've literally won lane everytime and the urgot can't do anything except when they get ganks
Jason (1 month ago)
Riot sucks at balancing this paints a pretty clear picture. Rosters well over 100 champions and only 2 are constant top laners. So dumb
Tips ferdora (1 month ago)
"Pros" You didn't include IG rookie who has 2 acount in challenger. And you should say in your title pros in worlds. Very misleading information 2
昱晖吴 (1 month ago)
he was talking about pros who just start to climb their new account in korea. many korean players' accounts already are in chanllenger. again, the title says, 'climb'.
Brock (1 month ago)
Cool outro
Sentinel (1 month ago)
I just do want to mention, these pros do not pick for climbing in SoloQ. They pick champs to practice them for stage, dont care about Solo Rank really much
Akshit Gulati (1 month ago)
perkz also hit Challenger I guess recently.
Sinoyahn (1 month ago)
oh god another stale world championship with urgot,atrox,irelia,kaisa.xayah. plz rito even youtube videos getting stale thats all i see.
Bugs Bunny (1 month ago)
Remember when u werent being reported for having fun and not following the shitty ,,meta" in a game?
Awesome Creations (1 month ago)
I'm so surprised that they haven't used Miss Fortune. MF and Kai are the top ADC'S RN
Sinon (1 month ago)
It's cause MF is too immobile, so MF is good for lower all but dies pretty quick otherwise. That and they don't use her in pro play
kjell van endert (1 month ago)
the outtrow is nice i vte for keeping it
Kele Shi (1 month ago)
UZI can easily get to challenger with the riot account but he meet a lot KR players that just didn't want him to win. It is kinda sad because on KR server the accounts are bundled with personal information so changing the ID wouldn't do anything.
Augustinas Dvilinskas (1 month ago)
9:40 seriously what the fuck is this shit, that's just ridiculous damage x_x
Michał Kloska (1 month ago)
great vid, just like always
David TM (1 month ago)
Why don't you just say : one shot champions , as easy as that :v
XxGigifabulousxX (1 month ago)
I like the new outro
WoolTec Mc (1 month ago)
The premis of this video is a bit flawed. They're not playing the most optimal champions to climb, they playing what they need to practice for worlds.
Nic Potter (1 month ago)
Jungle and Top meta often lean more towards tanks in pro.
WoolTec Mc (1 month ago)
+Nic Potter Is that a meme?
Nic Potter (1 month ago)
They're not playing the most optimal champions to climb, they playing what they need to practice for worlds.
WoolTec Mc (1 month ago)
+Nic Potter Best for pro is not always the best for Solo Q. Ryze and Azir has historically been way better in pro play for example. Flex picks like Urgot and Aatrox aren't played a lot in mid outside of pro play. People haven't caught on to Lissandra outside of Korean solo Q (mid and top mainly vs Urgot or Akali) Jungle and Top meta often lean more towards tanks in pro.
Nic Potter (1 month ago)
Aka the Strongest shit? Which would be the best champions to climb with.
ShurikeNGFX (1 month ago)
okay time to buy aatrox
Nextro (1 month ago)
Dont play adc
Emanuel Alonzo (1 month ago)
Really great outro! Cheers
Osjey (1 month ago)
ive got diamond last week. For once, im so happy just chilling at the end of the season not trying to reach the next milestone in a rush. Thats the worst.
404 not Frost (1 month ago)
Same,but almost in promo for plat 5,after i'll just chill and play normals
Derek Bednarek Jr. (1 month ago)
Rip Thresh
TeamSonaMid (1 month ago)
Rito, I'm not asking for Ardent Censor meta back, but maybe give those enchanter supports some love?
Bence Almádi (1 month ago)
no pls
404 not Frost (1 month ago)
And maybe some hate to kai'sa and irelia
Qwertyleader (1 month ago)
No Kassadin? He’s the most banned champ right now.
Jason Achilles (1 month ago)
He can get shit on in lane really easily.
Jakob Langer (1 month ago)
Kai Sa is such a stupid champion^^
Michelle Fonnette (1 month ago)
Where's the adc Soraka and tank Heimerdinger?
Capitalism Itself (1 month ago)
Nocturne is the best :)
jelle b (1 month ago)
7:06 top ten anime betrayals
Puma (1 month ago)
That lee play in the first 5 seconds got me moist
Blyatman Ivan (1 month ago)
7:03 poor tresh, 1 like = 1 prayer
BrotherHood (1 month ago)
And the support would still have died, and she would have taken more damage and fallen behind Jhin if he decides to push the minions in the tower resulting in lost cs and gold. And I know I am not a good player so I don't know shit, but that is how it looks to me. (I suppose I have to end my sentences with lol sooo) lol
BlazingTrolls (1 month ago)
+BrotherHood he could have taken the 3rd shot and dodged the 4 one with her e lol
BrotherHood (1 month ago)
+BlazingTrolls maby not with the third shot, but the fourth? You dont know that. The tresh should have walked down right because thwir would not have been vision of him. (Also I know its easy to talk about watching the video, and ingame is different).
BlazingTrolls (1 month ago)
+BrotherHood but the ad wouldn't have died lol
BrotherHood (1 month ago)
well tresh's fault for not trying to dodge. I mean you are not gonna try to sacrifice the ad for the support right?

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