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"if ur d2 then you can carry 4v5 while i go afk" - my midlane

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AmericanMilicia (1 year ago)
Nice video Brofresco :^)
Dark Valoria (2 months ago)
Why riotshield EVERYONE
gamevirus01 (7 months ago)
2:39 ez double if u e into karma then e back to gragas
Gurongax (7 months ago)
why are you marked everyone that gets a kill and hiding the names? As a upcomming youtube channels this fall i'd like to know
dedude (8 months ago)
if he plays in eune then its a high chance that the talon in 0:53 is me.
Pretix (8 months ago)
how can u have so much cs :O Me (Silver) sucks at lol
VollCoolerGamer /Konsti (8 months ago)
LCS farm 😮
Basilisk Ninja (10 months ago)
Moustaid Omar (11 months ago)
that glorious cs thou' goddamn!
isiah lenihan (11 months ago)
the luffy sleeping lmao
Ðrip (11 months ago)
Why does he Not have names in his vids? To protect his acc, or is he Perma banned?
hazane (7 months ago)
no, to not getting stalked
Joshua Warren (11 months ago)
The mid rage "d2 carry team" moment begins at 5:01. You're welcome.
ZyreX (11 months ago)
if this is d2 this just shows how trash na is
E Kaman (11 months ago)
It is so tilting that he doesn't skill his ult since min 24 until the game ends, that's about 7 mins. I was just watching and he just didn't skill his abilities. about 4 or 5 mins later he skilled his e instead and even as he only could skill his ult he doesn't. That was so irritating... And it tilted me pretty hard during the video xD
E Kaman (11 months ago)
He doesn't skill anything for 3 Minutes while fighting, so neither his e nor his ult. that's what is confusing. And in the end he was lvl 18 and still not skilling anything. So he was wasting one ultlevel at lvl 18. It's not like I would judge him but I don't get it :D
Sun Eater (11 months ago)
E Kaman Tryn does not level ult at 11 and 16 as it just gives an extra second of invulnerability vs extra damage on other abilities. Boxer Pete has some very decent Tryn how-to-plays if you want to learn more about Tryn.
Valos Farsangi (11 months ago)
"I guess placements are considered promos because you're being placed" Nigga what
Walter White (1 year ago)
Watch the channel Hayatevsyoutubers for free Renekton lessons, might help you.
ASAP POTATO (1 year ago)
9:10 why you called for assist fucking retard?
MojoMyster (11 months ago)
ASAP POTATO everyone can see that
Nekito (1 year ago)
yeah, like, u are a trynda and a alligator...
Titas Wat (1 year ago)
Runkosx3 (1 year ago)
"Oh My God" I love you for using it
TeamGermanLP (1 year ago)
And another example of why 5v5 games can be absolute horseshit. 1 player can ruin a game for at least 4 if not 9 other people. If you are in your promo and get one of these fuckers they just enjoy the attention that they never got from their parents and will never actually get in their whole life. If you actually decide to tell them what absolute scum they are you are the one who gets punished. It's a joke.
Billy mad (1 year ago)
6:13 Worse jump ever.
Son Rubz (1 year ago)
Can one say me pls the son in the End PLSSSS :) <3
Martin (1 year ago)
How many accounts do you have? Each vid i open is different set of promos lol
Harrison Thomas (1 year ago)
why do you block out the names?
Why even cover the name im sure try hards could find your account...
NukePizza (11 months ago)
Supernaturall Allexgg (1 year ago)
happens bro! (( i have tards like ori on every 2-3 games in ranked... hy rito dont ban players like ori? thay can only ban good guys like TRM stupid system!((
toomani bandz (1 year ago)
dude you are total shit. tellin ori to group when she had to split cuz u were suckin at splitin. then u play like a lil bitch>? trynd goes in right after first cc nice silver game
vaikyrionX (1 year ago)
legit retarded hard stuck fck, lvl 16 and still lvl 1 trynd ult lol
Poisonous Potato (1 year ago)
vaikyrionX No one max r on tryn you retarded fuck
So much better now he's reformed/less toxic, really informative compared to a lot of other streamers too
Parth Yadav (1 year ago)
You not putting your points on your abilities is tilting the fuck outta me!!!
Spectrum (1 year ago)
are you perma banned? edit: banned on sight?
Derp Derpen (1 year ago)
Smäll B1 why does hw hide the names then
Litty Pug (1 year ago)
Spectrum his account was banned he isn't permabanned but if he ints anymore he will likely get permabanned
spids8 (1 year ago)
holy shit u are bad.. ur calls are so shit
Andrew Whyte (1 year ago)
Was that a jojo reference
ArcticFireHD (1 year ago)
Would you always recommend pd over statikk on trynd
ArcticFireHD (1 year ago)
Smurf account no.69
ok (1 year ago)
I'ts just sad at this point you are playing in low silver raging at ur team for being bad at pretending to be d2 when u haven't been plat+ in months. And you can't even show your name because you're toxic and not allowed to play the game like a normal human being. lmao low iq subhuman
Nolo Kobo (2 months ago)
He got banned on some bullshit because doublelift doesn't like him who is by the way a huge hypocrite
xlaZuRelx (10 months ago)
Hey guys, need some cold water here.
George Haj (1 year ago)
ok look at your profile picture LOL
goncalo oliveira (1 year ago)
this guy is a beast at farming
Ray Velcoro (1 year ago)
How can tryn slow to kayn when kayn used E wtf :D (can't be slowed)
TwInN AcE (1 year ago)
what the fuck is the outro song .-.
Going Formass (11 months ago)
nicc // #TEAMFUCKSLEEP i am thanks bro :D
Kazée (1 year ago)
don't know if you're still interested but "cresce x AUFL - G.O.A.T."
Noble Wolf (1 year ago)
i love the redmercy one hahahXD
john higgins (1 year ago)
Outro song???
Kazée (1 year ago)
don't know if you're still interested but "cresce x AUFL - G.O.A.T."
Kevinbubi (1 year ago)
teemo man... come on!
Coffeemancer (1 year ago)
what are you saying you don't like it when people afk and int?? wow...
tareq it (1 year ago)
Big noob
vlaydros (1 year ago)
unsubbed for lack of teemo :/
Dumbo Octopus (1 year ago)
Trm WAS cool before.
Papuga Jakub (1 year ago)
teemo from mexico
NoMana!PT (1 year ago)
Justin V (1 year ago)
Wait who's d2?
skasas99 (1 year ago)
live commentary is the best commentary
3:25 2 ults used for morgana xD
Millski (1 year ago)
trynd does good vs jayce he says rofl
Pechna (1 year ago)
(1 year ago)
lmao @ 3:55 "flash for lifesteal"
101ified (1 year ago)
ツ He flashes to hit more people with q, which gives him back more health. Flashing out would've been safer but whatever.
Modest People (1 year ago)
"Oh god" "dodge" "ori grouped" -trmlol 😄
Craig. (1 year ago)
DrowsyDude (4 months ago)
It's not a reference, it's an actual clip.
Chris Bird (1 year ago)
453 farm wtf
Mighty Shadow (1 year ago)
MrMartinJ (1 year ago)
Where do you buy your smurfs?
Satoshi (1 year ago)
Lol i watched this when i got buster on the league and the time video ends i got end buster :) just informing ik you don't care
jackofblades6565 (1 year ago)
What's the name of the outro song plz?
Kazée (1 year ago)
don't know if you're still interested but "cresce x AUFL - G.O.A.T."
Sample Name (1 year ago)
Where is your camera
Aurelion Sol (1 year ago)
Leonard-Gabriel Toma (1 year ago)
*Split push* search on google what mean and with what help.
Kappastar Draven (1 year ago)
Leonard-Gabriel Toma dumbfuck if u have a Trynda in ur Team an Ori shouldnt split push the trynda should
can you please use your tiamat to cancel Renekton W animation plsssss it triggers me off seeing you using your W but not canceling the animation with tiamat .
John Hunter21 (1 year ago)
titanic cancels renes w animation?
Tobias Zok (1 year ago)
u sound ill ^^ hope i can cheer u up a bit ;) have a nice day :)
Jay Earley (1 year ago)
He does a calm video exploration of the depths of teammate stupidity. Earned my like for sure!
Makla (1 year ago)
very interesting
andronclock1 (1 year ago)
I would have flamed the shit out of this ori personally lol
DrowsyDude (4 months ago)
Moon, someone being very salty at the game or somebody, how does that make them low elo? There's pro players that trash talk their teammates in solo queue. (i know this is an extreme late response to what you said but your logic doesn't make any sense what so ever)
Moon Queen Diana (1 year ago)
andronclock1 then u must be Bronce/Silver/Gold
Matt Chaney (1 year ago)
so its ok for you to go afk but it isnt ok for your team to go afk lol
Megumin (21 days ago)
You should know he does it for views, and he never flamed the ori for afking. Grow up
Nolo Kobo (2 months ago)
Yes i find it fine to afk when you're guaranteed to lose the game absolutely. Why waste time? There's a difference between going AFK when you're winning and going AFK when you're guaranteed to lose. Maybe someday you'll figure it out
OJ_FurryLover (11 months ago)
Steven Nashington oh boi you must havent watch a korean solo Q game yet. They will afk after losing lane. This is freakin normal
Steven Nashington (1 year ago)
it was 2-0 how is that game over? LOl doublelift watched it and he even said the game wasnt over and there was no reason to int. LOL this is why you're still bronze because u think the games over after ur team gives 1st blood
KH3 TERA AQW3D (1 year ago)
That was a game they could obviously win. I don't support him inting and going afk ofcourse. But when you are in a game where everyone is losing and they have so much push might as well get the game over with
mrisk (1 year ago)
ori carried that sh*t LIKE A BOSS
antonio (1 year ago)
Jojo's bizarre aventure:V
Fallen Asleep (1 year ago)
2:27 that was almost the sickest play LOL
anxiety (1 year ago)
i miss the old rain man, where i would wake up in the morning and watch a rain man video, then start the day. The rain man we all loved was a challenger teemo who solo carried and wasn't toxic. We want u back trm
YGT So-Cal (1 year ago)
Who the fuck is the rain man, youre on bronzefrescos channel, friend
Lit Fire (1 year ago)
season 1 vs season 7. really
anxiety (1 year ago)
CeciN'est PasUnePipe i just miss when he didn't go "i int or they int, some ones inting" i want the "honor man" back where he didn't have to worry about hiding his ign
Mighty Shadow (1 year ago)
Justin Villa (1 year ago)
thats what happens when u get banned lol
MuffinKnight (1 year ago)
Holy shit max E second on Tryn
He plays in high elo, against teams with balanced damage. This team is pretty much full ad making w max better.
W reduces enemy ad and they got a lot of that, the slow also goes up. You're obviously just a wannabe-know-it-better. Maxing e doesn't do shit against such a mobile team.
Darth Sesh (1 year ago)
SixStepReact lmao you are probably shit
101ified (1 year ago)
antyszambruje Split pushing e is better for wave clear and escape. Fighting multiple enemies e is better for chasing (the w slow isn't as good as an e gap closer since you one shot squishies anyways). Chasing with e is better since you one shot squishies. If you were chasing a tank, w would be better.
Mathias Tougaard (1 year ago)
Boxer Pete maxes E second, might be best tryndamere player in the world.
Lol its 7 AM and you upload videos
ttotherev (1 year ago)
I'm enjoying you being less toxic.
Fr3akyBeelie (1 year ago)
Domas Domas You will think different when you stop being a 12 year old spoiled brat.
Domas Domas (1 year ago)
ttotherev stfu toxic is better
Zero (1 year ago)
that ori lmao
OrangeYankee -LoL (1 year ago)
That vlad was trying to get his empowered q off which would of healed him for a ton. That gragas just played that super well and went in on him once it wore off.
Timo Reiss (1 year ago)
Derek Bunker the q even ran out, and what the fuck the gragas just took the kill that was walking at him. If you call that a great gragas play your probably lvl 20
VoyShare (1 year ago)
you deserve that you inting piece of shit
bigtech1842 (1 year ago)
bigtech1842 (1 year ago)
lmao you must live a sad life... you and ori alike. Go cry somewhere else
DimiGamingHD (1 year ago)
smurfing btw haHAA
Solyom is amazing (1 year ago)
Nc plays 😻😻
Yung Nigg (1 year ago)
Hehe xd

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