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The Try Guys Go Bald

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Text Comments (24307)
webhead 809 (9 hours ago)
Eugene pulls it off
Lauren Xoxo (16 hours ago)
7:59 safia nygard 🧐🧐😮😮
Emil . kalliojarvi (19 hours ago)
Eugene is kunfu teacher
Slowmoe Queen (1 day ago)
Ned looks like a bodyguard in the suit Engune looks like a average bald person in his 20s or a karate person
cypher5_ft_tae tae (1 day ago)
is anyone watching this after seeing zach’s hair restoration surgery video
Kaylen Aldridge (1 day ago)
who else saw Steven 😅😂😂
Felipe (1 day ago)
*BALD BOSS* (8:52)
Felipe (1 day ago)
This asian guy looked like Chinese mafia when he was bald...
I got a hair loss commercial watching this lol
Lauryn Carter (2 days ago)
Eugene looks the best (obviously) Then Keith Then Zach Then Ned Im actually surprised by my order in some sort
L S (2 days ago)
Wow they gave Ned the same awful long hair as the old man makeover
Kyle 0928 (2 days ago)
Steven from Worth It! 5:29!!
StreetDreamzTT (2 days ago)
Eugene looks bad ass.
Admiral_Cats (4 days ago)
This so different
Zach looks like Bernie Kropp from the incredibles
maggiejinyou (4 days ago)
No offense guys but: Keith: egg Eugene: monk Zach and Ned: crazy scientist grandpas
chicken noodle soup (4 days ago)
At the end Zach seems so okay with his hair loss and now its three years later and hes getting hair restoration sugery
Ninjas Hyper (4 days ago)
Ned said my GRANDPA lost hair like ye... same
phiasart (5 days ago)
0:00-0:05 my cat eating a treat in the bathtub then when he sees take out the cat shampoo.
mongo mongo (5 days ago)
we can split the atom but we can't cure this ifliction
Kevin Bascombe (5 days ago)
S Carneal (6 days ago)
6:17 “Don’t deserve me at my worst can’t handle me at my best.” 😂
Minty Love (6 days ago)
Anyone hate the fact that a lot of other people at the office were being SO rude about them loosing hair, calling them scary and horrific, like hun please, who cares if they’re bald? Don’t be rude about it
Is eugene that old 😱
Gooblyful (6 days ago)
Summary: a LOT of people (and at Buzzfeed, I am shocked just how many) are judgemental dogs so shave it, or wear it and own it, it's your body and you deserve respect and kindness. Screw that crappy, frankly borderline bullying attitude from anyone!!!!
Madyson Strose (6 days ago)
Eugene looks like vin diesel
Blueberry Peridot (7 days ago)
Hmmm our boi Z looked like a knock off danny devito
Aidan Animations (7 days ago)
3:03 one punch man theme plays
Dog Lover (7 days ago)
Keith looks like Ian from Alvin and the Chipmunks
Chris Aivazian (7 days ago)
I actually have alopecia and I have had it since I was six and I finally shaved my head bald and let me tell you, it’s not an easy adjustment. I have been called names, to my face and behind my back, but you get used to it.
Ray W (7 days ago)
Naimah2237 (8 days ago)
The worst part was when they took the layer off, that was terrifying
Sophie Deitmar (8 days ago)
Ned lowkey looks like Tom Wlaschiha
jus jon (9 days ago)
If they didn't add the hair on Ned, I think he would look decent.
poodi poo (9 days ago)
Both eugene and keith look decent because even without their hair their face is still pretty much proportionate
Betty Bxtch (10 days ago)
why does Eugene actually look like my dad 😂
True Gacha (10 days ago)
I’ve been watching four men have hair for years, and here I am, horrified that they’re wearing bald caps. And here we have to random buzzfeed workers that are actually bald that in my eyes, look pretty hot without hair.
Moargana (10 days ago)
Keith looks like esam (professional smash bros player) like a lot when he’s bald
chris.hincapi (10 days ago)
I would never go bald cause I have a scar in the back of my head from when I got stitches when I was 5
Tshepiso Ramaswe (10 days ago)
Bald people who own it are so attractive ✊
Tara Ewing (11 days ago)
7:57 SAFIA
Vicente Alvarez (11 days ago)
Saitama is that you
Anne Fletcher (11 days ago)
Eugene looks like some type of guy that would train a class of martial arts
Wonder Wonan (11 days ago)
I got a hair loss commercial while watching this... 😂
AriLove2989 _ (12 days ago)
Eugene has eyebrows? 😂😂😂
Amandi Jay (12 days ago)
i feel like the office was a bit rude
FUN FAIR TV (13 days ago)
My dad is bald so what
mfofendy (13 days ago)
Lol five F bombs and no bleeps? Love it
Pandapink Cute (14 days ago)
When Keith took off his glasses he looked like my moms foot doctor
Elise Bonner (14 days ago)
Keith that is not a mole that's a cyst I think. Hit up doctor pimple Popper
XxXZoeyxXx _ (15 days ago)
I got an ad for hair loss while watching this video
Ariana_GATCHA _QUEEN (15 days ago)
Omg is no one talking about 1.Safyia’s still at buzzfeed and 2.DEVIN HAS LONG HAIR!😐😶😏
Nicol Jo (15 days ago)
Keith actually looks quiet good
Central Comedy (15 days ago)
Eugene looks like a action figure
Jubernack (16 days ago)
Why does he look cool still? Lol
Alex (17 days ago)
Mate im 18 and have worse hair loss than all them
YVNG XL (17 days ago)
"can we do a selfie?" *casually pulls wig off making my jaw drop"
Deanna Hughes (17 days ago)
My first initial thought when I saw the bald Eugene was ONE PUUUNNNCHH😂 But then again he still looks goodddd
Frieda Premo (17 days ago)
Frieda Premo (15 days ago)
He’s just too beautiful 😔
Kim Tran (15 days ago)
Why Eugene, why!?
Kim Tran (15 days ago)
Frieda Premo we all no that’s impossible
Pearl Denham (18 days ago)
This shoulde be called try guys turn. In. To Jojo siwa pht
bikkie09 (18 days ago)
*-The bald guys-*
Makko Chan (18 days ago)
Ok but Zach actually don't look bad
sad very (18 days ago)
Nobody: Jumpscares at games: 0:04
ARMY CH (18 days ago)
Byd fardhanisa (18 days ago)
I cant stop replaying the first 3 secs into this vid, i just..
Ella Graham10 (18 days ago)
Zach looks like the guy from the polar express
cathy Stout (19 days ago)
Eugene looks like a monk!! And honestly it doesn't look bad
vale _chan (19 days ago)
1:52 literally was loking at His hair then to his eyes😂
Oddball Kitten (19 days ago)
Eugene looks like a monk
Ashley Hilliard (19 days ago)
Ok love a bald head on a man and Eugene is freakin sexy...
Highqualityduck (19 days ago)
3:12 he looks like a really bad lyric rapper
James Valen (20 days ago)
Zach: I just don’t wanna lose my hair Keith: I don’t want people to see my mole Ned: I DONT WANT TO LOSE MY WIFE Eugene: I DONT WANT TO LOSE MYSELF
that one weird kid _ (20 days ago)
Lol Eugene looks the youngest and is the oldest and Zach looks the oldest and is the youngest lol
Hulu Juju (20 days ago)
Two things 1. The try guys with Becky was so cute 2. At the end, when it shows Zach texting his family, I love how it’s, "A glimpse into the future," from his dad; "Nooooooo," from Stephi; but then from his grandma it just says, "Still a knockout!"
GräfinVonHohenembs (20 days ago)
Ned looks like a hobbit. lol
Itz_ Daya (20 days ago)
If you're wondering, Yes Eugene still remains 👌👌
3:14 if what I say is racist plz say it because he is Korean + bald = Korean monk
Natsu Dragneel (22 days ago)
Adding the hair made it worse 😅 Besides they look fine without hair
iamseh _ (22 days ago)
Eugene looks hot with or without hair, period.
Ella (22 days ago)
2:54 Keith looks like Santino Rice from Rupauls drag race
DisIsMriam xOx (22 days ago)
6:49 shes so cute xD ❤
MemeScoper (23 days ago)
Eugene be lookin like One punch man
Royston Playz (23 days ago)
Why does Eugene looks like one punch man tho???😐
Ashlesha Shrestha (23 days ago)
Ashlesha Shrestha (23 days ago)
Ashlesha Shrestha (23 days ago)
Chloe Rene (23 days ago)
why do they all actually look good?!
Marley Khan (23 days ago)
Eugene looks tougher
Unicorn Boss lady (23 days ago)
The girl in 5:55 looks like the lady that in a Restaurant that was. Screaming because this was a service dog.
el piraña loco (23 days ago)
He is like wismichu
Ushio-chan (23 days ago)
The first thing i thought when i saw zach was for some reason dani devito
Bronwen Alvah (23 days ago)
Of course Eugene is still hot he'll always be hot
lolzCookie (23 days ago)
Everyone looked fine
lolzCookie (23 days ago)
Eugene looks much younger than 30. He actually doesn't look bad bold
Kassandra Haines (24 days ago)
Didn’t even know that she wore a wig! Scared me! lol but she looks amazing!!
Enginerd108 (24 days ago)
So, Eugene is saying, if they don’t like the way I look, fuk ‘em? So, Eugene, I hate your bald head, and I have extra room in my bed.
Serena Rutz (24 days ago)
That's was sad how the only two people in the office that complimented the Try Guys were the only two bald people in there. Everyone else just made them feel more insecure about how they look. Smh...
Maja Bentinger (25 days ago)
Zachs before vs after photos. Before: I like being alive After: TAKE ME NOW
justin kwong (25 days ago)
Eugene looks like avatar

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