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7 Care Tips for Green Iguanas | Pet Reptiles

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Text Comments (352)
K Fields (2 months ago)
2:11 Green Iguana: I'm out of here!
Hey There (4 months ago)
can I literally have this in the house without a cage
SpaceRunt (5 months ago)
Erik Lindberg (6 months ago)
Dont get a green iguanna
Xorn (9 months ago)
I had a male Green Iguana for 24 years and I guess there are exceptions. I handled him near daily. He had free roam inside and a custom 20x5x5 cage outside (I live in Florida). He was exceptionally mellow for a male and didn't care how I handled him. He was actually far more trouble when he was younger. That being said, almost no one else could handle him. He would avoid being held and not leave his cage. When I'd come to the cage he'd leave his perch and come right to me. It was very obvious he was my Iguana as the temperament described here was how he treated everyone but me. Never bit me, never wiped me after age 2 or so and I managed to keep his tail fully intact. I'm proud of how I raised him, how he turned out, stayed beautiful till the end and I'll miss him.
Jose A. Araujo (9 months ago)
The fact that they named the Cuban iguana “Castro” 😂
The KFC Dragon (9 months ago)
Chao Yang (9 months ago)
I just realized he probably named him Castro after the previous dictator of Cuba...Fidel Castro
Mike Strozier (9 months ago)
Lol to bad you aren't friends with the little green guy he wouldn't be so angry
Andy Hernandez (11 months ago)
Where can i get a rock iguana I've bern looking for one for about 2 years now online and i cant find any .
James Rad (1 year ago)
Mine wip me around my neck.
lil beancan (1 year ago)
I will be getting a iguana soon I'm not sure what kind but I hope it's a rock iguana
Chris S (1 year ago)
A lot of this information is false I own 2 adult male iguanas and they would much rather crawl up your leg and beg for food. Lmao and that isn't a Cuban rock that's a Grand Camen 😂
Castro 😂😂
Greyden Tipping (1 year ago)
Any website recommendations to buying a green iguana 3-4 foot?
Wear Montgomery (1 year ago)
@missingcentstm.ihadstwoirmire? @goigleplus
jarjarfun guy (1 year ago)
I had a female that we would just leave the enclosure open, and wake up with her sleeping on our chests. It was also funny when she would mess with the cats.
WhippingsadnessTwT (1 year ago)
my iguana is very nice to me
LiL Toxic (1 year ago)
Try to get an iguana like a week after they hatch, handle them everyday, let them have space.
LiL Toxic (1 year ago)
Who else saw the thumbnail and was like...that's not a green iguana?!?
President Togekiss (1 year ago)
Well, I live in Brazil, so the climate is no issue.
Where can we buy rock and green iguvan online? Help me friends
Funkee Apex (1 year ago)
I remember my mom had 1 it got like 2 1/2 feet long. Go rid of it cause it was to much.
Dusterslayer24 (1 year ago)
I can keep them outside because I live in Florida
jmanvengeance (1 year ago)
7 tips? only tip he gave me was dont get a green one which i already have so good to know
Mrlion 23 (1 year ago)
Mine is fat
Nateo greato reptiles (1 year ago)
Are rock iguanas aggressive to other lizards
Alex Weiss (1 year ago)
Great tips. I just got two iguanas, one red and one green iguana yesterday.
AlreadyWon (1 year ago)
How are they doing?
Zsolt Szabo (1 year ago)
Rock iguana is the best
Lekeia Banks (1 year ago)
He's smiling ❤❤❤❤❤
Ayden Schwartz (1 year ago)
Mine does hit me with its tail, he pees on me.
sam bccl (1 year ago)
Where... Where are the tips....
MOD Overkill (1 year ago)
Can someone help me with a website that sells Cuban Rock Iguanas, I've been across the web far and wide looking for a reliable, updated, and stocked website that sells Cuban Rock Iguanas. Any sort of direction helps
Charlie Yang (1 year ago)
Care tips for green iguanas. Don't get a green iguana. Stick with your bearded dragons.
Bella (1 year ago)
If love to own both. ;) can't as of now because I have enough reptiles as it is.
Alexander Magana (1 year ago)
Where can I get a rock iguana ???
Man (1 year ago)
Fam I had an iguana for two years using none of what he said and she loved me. Then one day my step father left the door open and she ran away.😫😩😤
Purkz670 (2 years ago)
Really? I had a wild iguana for 3 days and he was just the nicest being alive...
Autumn S (2 years ago)
Can we talk about how he named the Cuban rock iguana Castro
Chao Yang (2 years ago)
Do a video on Castro
LifeLikeSage (2 years ago)
Ya you better run... 2:10
Paleozoic Productions (2 years ago)
"Rock Iguanas truly Rock" why
yes, I want a Rock Iguana. I had 2 greens in the past, but Rock's look way more badass and are terrestrial.
Gavin Wells (2 years ago)
Did anyone get the whole the Cuban iguana was named Castro joke or was it just me
Gillian Watkins (2 years ago)
Love the Cuban one's name😂
Tide Pod (2 years ago)
I want the rock iguana it looks like godzilla and name it godzilla and make a small city made of paper😊
Catherine Gesel (2 years ago)
is a rhino iguana a good pet?
Jon Douglas (2 years ago)
How would-a free roaming rock iguana get along with other pets, such as my cat? (out of curiosity)
steve ritchie (2 years ago)
I don't care
phillip percell (2 years ago)
for everyone who wants a green iguana when it gets 2 to 3 years its going to turn on u
Chao Yang (2 years ago)
The rock iguana is it for beginners
Chao Yang (2 years ago)
Are they for begginers
David Smith (2 years ago)
Video title: Care For Green Iguanas Jungle Bob: "DO NOT GET ONE OF THESE, THEY WILL TURN ON YOU!!!"
Shelia Estes (2 years ago)
what do they eat
David Smith (2 years ago)
lol. The Green one's reaction when the Rock one showed-up. Like he saw his big brother approach him.
Lightning Elemental (2 years ago)
Why is he named after an evil brutal Cuban dictator
Oscar Holland (2 years ago)
I subbed for this stuff, but then my homepage got overloaded with weird How to videos about kissing and such, unsubbed!
Cavalry Unit (2 years ago)
2:37 when he said they make great pets the iguana slowly turned to the camera like "are you sure about that?"
yung snow (2 years ago)
Thank you 😊 i have used these they are great 👍 check out my iguana at my channel
Maui (2 years ago)
castro is so cute
AndieLovesWolves (2 years ago)
How do I build a house for her outside if she can't live in a tank I just got Otis today she's three feet
Alex Rivera (2 years ago)
Andii Lee nust got mine today 😏
KrysPKreme (2 years ago)
Andii Lee you build a very large enclosure in your home with supplies from home Depot, lowes, Menards, etc....
Anas Sharif (2 years ago)
8CROSSES (2 years ago)
Castro looked high af
Sybil Eleanor Trevant (2 years ago)
castro! xD omg he does look like and sound like Caputo!
Ben Saf (2 years ago)
I actually got to meet Castro. He is really tame and loves Goliath worms
Ayden Van Fossen (2 years ago)
Ben Saf I read that and thought you were talking about Fidel Castro until you said he loves works
Green Iguanas not really hard to tame. Iguana my number one favorite pet reptile. They make great pets if do your research first
Tilikum Studios (2 years ago)
Rock iguana : roar! Green iguana : I'm out of here!
Trung Nguyen (2 years ago)
I don't know if I'm thinking too much but think about it. A CUBAN rock iguana named CASTRO. 😏
Bangtan Pink (2 years ago)
fidel castro
Rebecca Steinberg (2 years ago)
Its nice to see Caputo take a break from running Litchfield to indulge in his passion for animals
Hannah Simpson (1 year ago)
Hellen (2 years ago)
lmao i knew he reminded me of someone!!!
Kelly Lewis (3 years ago)
I really want an iguana
Cativeiro Selvagem (3 years ago)
where can I buy a rock iguana
I GN (3 years ago)
How long does a Cuban Rock Iguana live?
hawk wing 104 (3 years ago)
my green iguana doesn't bite and he is good
Dark Sev. (3 years ago)
Once again, trying to think of something clever to say.
Chase Phillips (3 years ago)
yeah man i got a blue iguana and I was looking for some info on blues because I heard they are very different attitude wise than green iguanas and red iguanas
Neat Line (3 years ago)
To all you haters jungle Bob is a great person I met him
Dyan Riaz (3 years ago)
Can you post a video of two iguanas mating. My mom censored all of the other websites
Oscar Martinez (3 years ago)
wait, so you can potty train them?
Kathy McKenney (1 year ago)
Rock iguanas
SomeThingElseYT (3 years ago)
Rock iguana: sup lil man Green iguana: aaaaawww hhheell naww!! I OWE THAT FOOL MONEY!
Nameless 18 (7 months ago)
SomeThingElseYT lmaao
corsc krxss (11 months ago)
Awww frick i love ur channel !!!!!!!! do u hv an iguana????? i luv u soo much❤️🧡❤️💜😢😤
Spenf Boulagwai (1 year ago)
SomeThingElseYT mmm hello
streaky wolf3d (1 year ago)
SomeThingElseYT I know your YouTube channel keep up with your drawing
Vonn Gomez Gordon (3 years ago)
My baby lived to be 6 he just wonders around the house and sleeps on my pillow i love him so much he died from natural causes
Vonn Gomez Gordon (2 years ago)
He was already full grown when we got him no one ever knew his real age so since we had him for 6 years
BumtheMustardMan (2 years ago)
No he didn't, they should live at the very least 12 years.
IRonikz_ Pro (3 years ago)
JohnHali (3 years ago)
did he say 6 feet long!?!?
Taliyah Ali (3 years ago)
2:10 "IM OUT NIGGAZZ!!!'
Rivaldo (3 years ago)
where can i get rock iguanas in indonesia?
Rivaldo (3 years ago)
+Flying Turtle only asu in my backyard
Flying Turtle (3 years ago)
in your backyard
Reza (3 years ago)
yeah you 2
Rivaldo (3 years ago)
+Reza Kavoussi nice name dude lol
Reza (3 years ago)
hmmmmm reza????
Soundwave 84 (2 years ago)
I'm very thankful for my iguana! she is so gentle and friendly!! also she is scared of frogs, toads and dogs.
Facundo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
김기범 I have a female and she is aggressive sometimes
my female iguana is more agressive than the male
김기범 (3 years ago)
the reason your iguana is not aggresive is because shes a female
Pillowtalk ___ (3 years ago)
she's really cute 0.0
Soundwave 84 (3 years ago)
+TheReaper 666 she is a greenish, brownish, orange.
Cheyenne Mariee (3 years ago)
I really want one
TAMMY PIPICZ (3 years ago)
We have had ares for 15 years now he is supper sweat.We feed only veg and fruit hes in a 10×10 by 8' high cage with a little pool a little tub thats goes to our septic he goes potty in A 6×6 by 2' high insulated house with heat and sun lamp And branches to climb on Love him his name is jojo I just wonder how long they live for But please read up before you get one mine is 6 foot long and I didnt now that and if you dont grow the tank with it they get very upset you have to do this to keep them calm.
Ingrid Chen (2 years ago)
+Bella Holman it depends what type of iguana rock iguanas live for 60 to 75 years
Up to 25 on average but they have been recorded up To 47
Kirbyzilla (3 years ago)
Thank you soooo mucchhhhhh i was going to get a green iguana but i fell in love with The rock iguana!!!!
awww I'm planning on get one iguana but I think rock iguanas are illegal in my country :$ I can only get green iguanas
B Ecks (3 years ago)
Green iguanas are amazing i have 1 name bowser and she is luckily a female and is so nice but male arent that bad either you just have to be with him so he is used to you let me tell those whips hurt
Hell yeah (3 years ago)
See this is what most people don't understand. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to take care of these guys. And if you're not up to the task, just simply don't buy one. You're just doing more harm than good for these beautiful creatures.
Jon Bjork (3 years ago)
You have great advise. I thank you for your video.
Nina C. (3 years ago)
i really want one where could i get it
Nina C. (3 years ago)
how much are Cuban rock iguanas
WolfWoot (3 years ago)
are there any downsides to rock iguanas? are they still a bit territorial or no?
MaQuGo119 (3 years ago)
They are delicious.
Ghosty wun (3 years ago)
Castro is so cute and docile. LOL i want one now
xXCumXXsuacexXXX (3 years ago)
so rock iguanas is not aggressive
Mr Panzerfust (3 years ago)
xXCumXXsuacexXXX (3 years ago)
i love how all lizards look so chill
Jessica Pike (3 years ago)
that little green one booked it hahahahahaha
Jovani Borrego (3 years ago)
this isn't tips its bashing greens if u take the time like he did with the rock iguana they're fine all iguanas have potential to b assholes not just greens

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